• Parking Permit Street
    We are not able to park are cars out side our houses and having to walk up to 2 miles just to get to our cars and even park up to 2 miles away from our homes
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    Created by John marshall
  • Keep the Elm Avenue Stadium as a Sports Ground for local people
    The Stadium at Elm Avenue should not be destroyed by property development as it is an sports area of rich historic significance for the people of Newark. In the past, the land has been passed over to local government ownership with a view to it remaining as a sports area for local people. There is little free-access or low-cost sports space in this town and this precious yet currently underused space is in demand. There are football teams and other local people who are keen to use this space but it has been governed in such a way that they could not afford to use it and so it has little use at present. This is a terrible shame as we need to encourage more grass-roots sport. If the Stadium space is built on, the local people will lose yet another area of green. As Newark is an area low social mobility and multiple studies have shown links between access to green-space and economic well-being, the local government should be doing everything in its power to protect any remaining green-space. In addition green areas are needed now more than ever to mitigate against climate change. Instead of removing urban green space, we need to protect and improve it, for example by adding further trees to the entrance to the site and thereby supplementing the few that exist already. Help us to first protect and then maintain this urban green area for current and future generations of Newark to enjoy.
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    Created by Esther Cropper
  • Help us save two historic buildings in Newton Le Willows
    The restoration works will save the manor house, which was built in 1774, and barn which dates back to the 1600s and will deliver a further 10 apartments. The listed buildings have lain empty for decades and have fallen into an advanced state of disrepair, and this is the last opportunity to save the buildings, which are described by Historic England as being “not only of local significance but of national importance.” It will also provide much needed family homes for the local area.
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  • Cuckoo Hill, Bures: Retrospective planning permission should not be granted for new applications
    A developer has knowingly built 6 houses in breach of planning permission. In July 2018 an application for retrospective planning permission was refused by the Planning Committee. Work has continued on site and now 3 new applications for retrospective planning permission for Plots 1-4 have been submitted. The developer has ignored local concerns, intimidated residents and run rough shod over neighbours by continuing to build houses both higher than approved and closer to neighbours. The new properties dominate the skyline and overshadow original houses and gardens intruding on residents’ privacy. We ask Babergh District Council Planning Committee to stick to the decision made in 2018 and refuse retrospective planning permission for the site. East Anglian Daily Times (2/4/19): https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/residents-concern-over-new-planning-applications-for-controversial-homes-in-suffolk-village-1-5973413 Suffolk Free Press (4/4/19): https://www.suffolkfreepress.co.uk/news/revised-plans-for-controversial-housing-site-in-bures-reignite-concerns-9066380/ JAMES CARTLIDGE MP speaking in the House of Commons housing debate about Cuckoo Hill. PARLIAMENTLIVE.TV (16/5/18) https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/ac3cf88f-3a45-457b-81db-b9376d996dd5?in=18:28:47&out=19:00:00 ITV News Anglia (16/5/18): www.itv.com/news/anglia/2018-05-15/community-claims-planning-system-run-by-developers-in-suffolk-housing-row/
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  • Stop the demolition of Old Coach House
    This is important as it’s a historical building yet they want to build and demolish it. We will lose our heritage. This is the only piece which have inspired many people over the years.
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    Travelodge wants to build a 70 bedroom Hotel in Bude, Cornwall. However we already have enough accommodation for visitors, Premier Inn, Indpendent Hotels, B&B's, Caravan Parks and Holiday Homes! How many more do we need? It will increase traffic, create an eyesore, and take business away from the current accommodation places in Bude. Yes it will create jobs, but loads more jobs will be lost when independent hotels who employ more staff are closed down! If you love Bude, you would sign. Sign, before it's too late...
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    Created by People Of Bude
  • Save Donkeystone Brewery Tap
    The brewery tap is a crucial part of a modern day brewery business. It is used to promote the brewery’s products and increases brand awareness in a very competitive market. It also provides a great community space for local families, walkers and tourists to meet and socialise in a comfortable friendly environment. Your valued support will help us to carry on our good work supporting local charities including Saddleworth Round Table, Oldham Mountain Rescue, Oldham Foodbank and many more. It will also help us to carry on our work in helping to promote and showcase other great local businesses and events such as Cotton Clouds Festival, Oldham Comic Con, Common Ilke, Suki’s Wardrobe, Little Deerhill, Mann’s Wharf, Saddleworth Distillery and Little Saddleworth Pie Company.
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  • Save the historic black bull stairfoot barnsley
    It's our heritage, our local history.
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  • Keep North Acton Playing Fields for the Community!
    1) North Acton Playing Fields are designated as Public Open Space on the Ealing Policies Map and fall within the definition of a ‘Local Park’ in the London Plan. 2) North Acton Playing Fields are the nearest open space to the considerable developments c15,000 persons in and around Gypsy Corner. Many developers have sited the Playing Fields in their applications referring to the Ealing Green Space Strategy 2012-2022. 3) LBE has asked the Gypsy Corner/North Acton developers to provide Section 106 monies in excess of £500,000 to be spent on the playing fields. 4) The current artificial football pitch (originally 2 hard tennis courts) and remaining tennis courts are now privately managed; the tennis courts are rarely available to the public. 5) The plans to re-site the popular cricket pitch will not allow enough space for a game and be sited dangerously close to the children’s playground. 6) Gating off the South East Corner of the park will prevent walkers and runners (distance markers in situ) using popular paths and accessing park from south-east corner. 7) Increase in noise and light pollution especially late at night for residents near to football pitches. 8) Increase in air pollution from increase in traffic – Gypsy Corner already known to be a dangerously high. 9) Pavilion with changing rooms and café already available in park – no need for additional buildings. 10) Two large artificial sports pitches will be a hazard to dogs, wildlife and their habitats; and possibly human health. They will also affect the ecology of the area. These artificial grass facilities are also creating wastes which will never biodegrade. 11) The proposals are against the original purpose for which the park was purchased, as stated in the Covenant dated 7/9/1911. Finally, these proposals include a permanent loss of recreational playing fields. This could well have an enormous impact on the local community’s mental well-being and physical health. There will minimal space left for relaxation and recreational use and limited sports facilities available to the whole community.
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  • Apologise for Trump course
    In 2008 members of Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Government were involved in granting a planning application which was submitted by the Trump Organisation for the development of a golf course on the Menie estate. The council supported the destruction of an irreplaceable nature conservation site on the basis of unlikely and exaggerated promises of jobs and investment which have never materialised. They then refused to rule out using its powers of compulsory purchase to obtain residents' homes on behalf of Mr Trump, causing great distress. Approval of this controversial application must now be regarded as regrettable from the vantage point of the last couple of years. We deserve an apology. This would require to be not just a token gesture but more of a promise that lessons will have to be learnt from this sad episode.
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    Created by Clive Smith
  • Stop KFC Opening Next to a School
    The UK has one of the worst childhood obesity rates in western Europe with Fast food companies one of the main culprits for this increase. Childhood obesity is no joke as it leads to a higher chance of premature death and disability in adulthood and a higher risk of developing cancer, diabetes and heart disease etc. 1. Considering the national campaigning by the Govt and NHS etc to reduce childhood obesity rates which is being cited as a national emergency 2. Allowing KFC one of the worst offenders in terms of unhealthy, highly fattening fast food to build another chain directly opposite a school is a disgusting example of inadequacies in the planning system. The information provided to local residents by LCC prior to the start of the build was woefully inadequate to non existent with most local residents not knowing about the plans until the hoardings had gone up and foundation work had started. Please sign to stop this in its tracks before it has a detrimental effect of the children of south Liverpool 1.https://www.who.int/dietphysicalactivity/childhood_consequences/en/ 2.https://www.theguardian.com/healthcare-network/2017/oct/05/child-obesity-is-a-national-emergency-so-what-is-jeremy-hunt-doing-about-it
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  • Save the Bombetta trailer
    Save Our Trailer! Bombetta London, is proud to be based in Wanstead and grateful to be voted by its customers as an Opentable Dinner's Choice award and reviewed by Time Out as one of the best Italian restaurants in London, and with glowing reviews in GQ Magazine, The Evening Standard as well as featuring in The Good Food Guide for the last 2 years. Buying fish locally from people in Wanstead, such as Kevin the fishmonger, bread from Ronnie who owns The Duke and The Bread Station and a regular feature in silent auctions and raffles to support local schools, we now need local support. The Bombetta Trailer has now been parked up in our own loading bay, not causing anyone any problems since June 2017! Now in these difficult economic times, our small little independent restaurant is being squeezed by the council. Our trailer is under threat and we are calling for the local community to help us by showing their support for our trailer to be parking in our own loading bay. The council are limiting our ability to use the space we lease and it will threaten the commercial viability of the business. The Background: - Station Approach is a privately owned road on which Bombetta London is based, leading from Wanstead High Road to Snaresbrook Station. - There are loading bays in front of the building for the exclusive use of the occupier, us. - We invested heavily to develop the site from an empty shell which had prior to our arrival, remained vacant for some time. This space is directly in front of our restaurant and forms part of our 20 year lease. - The site was awarded a restaurant A3 planning permission and was purpose built with that in mind, with a chimney fume extract point through the centre of the building. Therefore thoughts about the use and practicality of the loading bay, which is in front of the front door, perhaps were lacking. - Our alcohol licence covers any seating in the ‘loading bay area’ and recognises these practical issues. - Initially Bombetta London took on the lease and applied several times to pave the area as the exclusive user of the space, but this was rejected on the grounds that it made the road narrower. Bombetta spent thousands of pounds with various appeals but to no avail, as in addition to utilising the space more effectively, it also would make the area more safe. - Since this time new buildings have been granted planning permission making the road narrow by default anyway, to house a taxi office and initially and laundrette, now a coffee kiosk. - In addition the car spaces opposite the Bombetta London loading bay have been removed, making the public highway wider than the buildings that were approved. - Bombetta London also rents three parking spaces on the road for its staff and customers and for deliveries so that there is no impact on the road. - The council have previously suggested that the trailer prevents emergency vehicles accessing the station, however the restaurant has provided countless photos of emergency vehicles easily accessing the location and provided detailed vehicle sweep flow diagrams at considerable expense that show an emergency vehicle could access the station even when there were parking spaces opposite. - The trailer can be accessed from inside the restaurant meaning that it can be used for people to sit in, adding value to the restaurant and making it safer for people to enjoy alcohol and food in the space permitted and using the space that Bombetta London are leasing more effectively. - The trailer also protects people physically who come in and out of the restaurant space, from traffic that otherwise would be walking directly onto tarmac from the front door with free flowing traffic and is illuminated with lighting within the walls in addition to internal lights which help highlight it to drivers. - Redbridge council last had dialogue with Bombetta London in November 2017 and have only now in March 2019 sent a letter demanding the trailers immediate removal. - In the latest correspondence, that has come out of the blue, there is now a shift away from concentrating on the narrowness of the road and a focus on how the trailer negatively visually affects the site and area. We adamantly disagree with the council that the our trailer parked on our loading bay is aesthetically an eyesore and should be removed on this basis. We decorate it internally with flowers, candles and fairy lights and externally with flowers and rosemary bushes all within the Load Bay area. Once spring there is here to stay, there would be fresh flowers in pots also along the base. We rely heavily on the seating area to generate enough income to survive. We invested all our funds into developing the site, so this coupled with the length of the lease would make re-location challenging. It would also leave another location in Wanstead empty and it would be a challenging location for many businesses to occupy. Our customers seem to love the area, the roof of the trailer slides back in the summer and as it is parked in our loading bay, if it wasn’t the trailer it could be a van still in the space or a roped off area still used for customers but far less safely. If anyone has any influence over the Redbridge planning office or can offer any support, we really hope you’ll help us. We have until the 12th of April to put in an appeal and we are currently thinking about all our options.
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