• Homes fit for Heroes - And for everyone else too!
    Every Thursday, people have been clapping for our keyworkers, whilst many of those very keyworkers (and so many others) are living in insecure, expensive, overcrowded accommodation and/or commuting unreasonable distances. We don't need any more luxury apartments, over-priced rabbit hutches or safety deposit boxes suitable only for rich investors; many existing properties remain empty and unused. We need homes fit for the community. Homes that are not out of reach to those who need them. Our creaking infrastructure is falling behind; even basic utilities like water and sewage services are already struggling to cope as it is. Barnet needs developments that put the environment and the supporting infrastructure at the heart of planning. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Going forwards, we need these developments to be: • Built in a manner that is worthy of those who need them, worthy of our community and befitting of the collective knowledge that we have in this day and age • Modern, sustainable and environmentally-sound safe, warm, insulated homes • Eco-villages with sufficient outside space. • Accompanied by supporting infrastructure (roads, schools, nurseries, healthcare, sewage etc) • Desirable for downsizers • Accessible for disabled and mobility impaired • Affordable. Really, truly affordable, so that our friends, families, neighbours & keyworkers are no longer displaced to towns along the A1 and beyond, or forced into overcrowded or or temporary accommodation • Communities we want to live in. Our community! The solution to the housing crisis is not to just build more and more “units”, no matter how many times developers & politicians tell us that is the case. We want to see developments which solve problems, not create them. Our local community seem to be constantly firefighting against ill thought out, profit motivated developments. These developments will scar or enhance the community for many, many years going forward. We want to make the right choices. However, the choices we would make as a community are blocked by existing legislation and housing targets; major reform is required. Politicians & developers may say it's impossible or 'unviable'. But as we can see from the emergency legislation passed during the current COVID crisis, anything is possible, so long as the political will is there. We have a vision for the community we live in, a vision that enhances Barnet rather than damaging it. A vision that is worthy & deserving of the people of this community. Our community. It is time to build homes for need, not for greed; and to put people before profit. Thank you. Please also sign up to the following statement, which is more specific to the New Barnet Gas Works Development plans, but sits alongside this petition: https://forms.gle/wBX7HnM4cFgU2FS3A
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    Created by philippa whitecross
  • Stop demolition of Olive Morris House during lockdown
    On behalf of Olive Morris House Residents: Lambeth Council, through Muse developments, has this morning (Monday 20th April 2020) begun demolition work on the council building Olive Morris House on Brixton Hill. Local residents were told on Friday 17th April, giving us just 2 days-notice. The demolition was supposed to happen two years ago, and is part of the council’s ongoing ‘New Town Hall’ project - it is not essential safety work. Whilst the demolition will happen at some point, we feel pressing ahead with it during the unprecedented Covid-19 global pandemic is reckless. Lambeth has one of the highest Covid-19 infection rates in London and the country. Continuing with the works at this time risks the health, well-being and quality of life of us as local residents, but also of the whole borough and of the demolition workers. Residents have no choice but to stay at home in line with the government guidelines during lockdown with demolition works on our doorstep. Many of us are older and in the high-risk category for Covid-19 risk: noise and dust from this major demolition project will be unsettling. Many of us are already unable to leave our houses, but now we may also be unable to open our windows or for those of us that have them, use our gardens. The impact on mental health and well-being, especially for the most vulnerable residents is an extreme concern. There will be no option for respite or escape from the demolition as we can't leave our homes under lockdown. Many of us are working from home and schooling our children and these works add unnecessary pressure and stress. When the New Town Hall development was in earlier stages, the developer supported people to work elsewhere when the build was taking place. This is not possible in lockdown. It is not right for these works to proceed when everyone is being reminded of their duty to think about others, stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. Economic concerns are being put in front of the health, well-being and lives of Lambeth residents – we need this to change.
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    Created by Robbie Titmarsh
  • Save Christchurch Hospital Chapel
    It is important that the Chapel remains in site or re-built near to the new Macmillan Unit as it is used by many people. Please support my objection to the demolition of the Chapel, and the proposed replacement prayer room.
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    Created by Matthew Clifton
  • Support Sutherland Space Station against legal action by Wildlands
    I have run the SPUR support group since the Sutherland Space Port Project took roots. I have started this petition because this is extremely important for the future of our area. We have a massive problem with depopulation in Sutherland & Caithness . The real difficulty lies with lack of full time nonseasonal jobs to keep the young in the North. So the promise of up to 40 jobs created by this Space Port will be fantastic, especially if it attracts young professionals with families !! . It also will give autonomy to the local area with money to spend as we wish. Projects we would never be able to afford as things stand now, unless it was on Wildlands agenda!! The links to be set up between the SSP & schools & colleges - universities will be great for any children with interests in science . But most of all i absolutely believe that we should not be so heavily influenced by one land owner. In that unless the project suits his agenda he will throw his fortune behind a court case to stop it with no regard to local opinion or regard to best interest for our community . This is our home we should have the final say not an absentee land owner !! For generations Highlanders have been told what to do by rich land owners THIS HAS TO STOP we must take a stand . The SSP must go ahead for future generations & for those that have always wanted to come home !! So please, put your name to this petition & show the government & Mr Polvsen that we support the SSP.
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    Created by Scott Coghill
  • Safer crossing between B & M and Lidl
    We are concerned that action is take to prevent accidents at this junction
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    Created by Stephanie Edwards
  • Morning Lane People's Space: Save Hackney Central
    The developer's current proposal includes tower blocks of up to 19 storeys with over 500 housing units, NO council housing and only 20% of the units being "affordable" (such as shared ownership and other forms of housing which are unaffordable to most people in Hackney). The developer is focusing on the commercial and work space in the plan. But as they are behind the disastrous Fashion Hub, we doubt that these will meet local needs. In terms of housing, the overwhelming need in Hackney is for council housing at social rents. We call on Hackney Walk and Hackney Council to ensure that there is a minimum of 50% in any new development on this site. We also call on them to ensure that any development is based on broad and deep consultation with local people so that the development creates the shopping, services, employment opportunities and housing that are useful for them.
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    Created by Save Hackney Central
  • National Planning Policy MUST include the Climate Emergency
    Currenctly the Climate Crisis is specifically EXCLUDED from National Planning Policy. This means that a planning application e,g, an airport expansion, cannot be refused on the basis of its effects on greenhouse gas emissions etc.. Any current refusal on climate grounds can be appealed and waved through.
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    Created by mike chaloner
  • Save The "Donkey Field"
    The site is: Significant within Worcestershire's green infrastructure; Valuable and diverse ecologically; Important and strategic as a wildlife corridor; Historic dating back to medieval times; Key component of Northwick Manor Heritage Trail; Intrinsic to Bevere Conservation Area; The last remaining view of a beautiful landscape; In contravention of National Planning Policy Framework; A flood plain !
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    Created by Mel Allcott
  • Saltaire Oastler road car park management
    The car park is essential for local shops and services to thrive and its management heavily impacts local residents and businesses. After a previous car park firms unsuccessful attempt at management of the Oastler Road car park, we in the local community are keen to have our say in the management a second time around.
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    Created by Mhairi Murdoch
  • Gravel Pitt (NW quadrant) car park additional entrances
    Poor access to the North West Quadrant car park at Derriford Hospital (otherwise known as the Gravel Pitt) is a growing issue. This large and well used car park has only one entrance for cars to gain access into it, as well as requiring swipe access. Each morning from approximately 7.30 and during peak travel times the volume of people trying to gain access to this car park creates so much traffic that cars are queued back and beyond the main Derriford roundabout, due to this cars then end up blocking the roundabout stopping all traffic including non-Derriford staff from accessing adjoining roads and so the whole of the local area starts to become gridlocked with cars all stemming back to the issue of staff queuing to get into the Gravel pit with one access point. Over the last 5 years Gravel Pitt has grown in size however no attempt has been made to create additional entrances for the increase in use of the car park and is now effecting not only the hospital site but the local plymouth community and its commuters. Can I ask that if this issue is a frustration to you and effects your morning commute to please sign this petition. Ann James (Derriford chief exec) and Saba (parking company) have been contacted on this issue. Local councillors have been contacted for their support on this matter. Hopefully this small change can make a difference to the local community.
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    Created by Hanna Williams
    Across the globe and in the UK itself climate catastrophe is upon us. We are witnessing floods in the UK, reduction of productive farmlands, extreme weather events, uncontrollable fires, a rapid decline in plant and animal life in the UK and around the world. On May 16th 2019 the Dorset Council recognised a state of Climate Emergency: “We have an opportunity and an obligation to demonstrate leadership – thinking globally about the implications of climate change and acting locally to help address it in our communities.’’ Many councils and our parliament now recognise a state of Climate Emergency. But invariably business carries on as usual and CO2 is continuing to rise at a terrifying rate. This application, validated by Dorset Council, for drilling a new oil well is a prime example of this inability to grasp the reality we find ourselves in and to act accordingly. We demand that you stand by your stated obligation, show leadership and act locally to prevent the worst ravages of catastrophic climate change. Furthermore, this planning application directly contravenes the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, Feb 2019) which states that “The purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development…meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. The environmental objective includes, “mitigating and adapting to climate change, including moving to a low carbon economy.” Therefore, this application is in direct breach of the NPPF. South Western Energy, Ltd, aspires to produce oil from the proposed well for at least 20 years. The oil would then be trucked with 8 articulated tankers a day from 9:00 to 17:00 to Fawley Oil Refinery, 50 miles away Please sign this petition and tell Dorset Council to abide by the NPPF, and to act on behalf of the environment and future generations. Do not approve this application. We must act now as we are witnessing ecosystems collapsing worldwide. We must get off fossil fuels and move to a low carbon economy. Dorset Council, you as our elected representatives, work for us. We demand that you stand by your own words, and Government policy. Do not hasten us to our own demise. Say NO to South Western Energy and drilling in Puddletown.
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    Created by Karen Wimhurst
  • Northampton Market Square
    NBC has not given the people of Northampton the opportunity to say they do not like the plans put forward in their new consultation on the future of Northampton Market Square and have presented a fait accompli - this petition redresses the balance. Our Market Square is reputedly the largest and oldest enclosed market square in England. It has been in existence since 1235 and has been the centre of town life since then, with many locally and nationally important events taking place there. As such, it should not be changed and those events that took place in the square over its long history commemorated.
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    Created by Mike Ingram