• Save the Barbican Estate from harmful redevelopment
    The Barbican, described by Queen Elizabeth as "one of the modern wonders of the world" is an internationally famous icon of the Brutalist architectural style and a utopian ideal for city living. The City of London School for Girls has expanded piecemeal over the last 50 years, each time encroaching on the grounds and architectural features of the Estate, compromising the vision of the architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. These latest proposals, if approved, would inflict major harm on this global cultural asset, by obscuring the double-height piloti, adding large new structures which will be visible across the Estate and removing a stunning Grade II* listed vista in the Estate’s 50th year.
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    Created by Andy Hawkins
  • Please change our unused park...
    It's a waste of space, lots of younger children live near there and no one uses it... It only has bars and gym/training equipment, none of which any children use and could be dangerous if they try... Please, please change it into a park local children can use and enjoy...
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    Created by Nicola Pizzey
  • Prohibition of Verge and Pavement Parking (Traffic Regulation Order)TRO
    The residents on Ashland have had issues with people parking their cars inconsiderately for a long time now. This causes problems to people who are either with pushchairs or have to use mobility aids to gain access to the pathways around the estate estate leaving them vulnerable to be hit by a car when they have to go on the road to pass a car parked illegally. We also have a huge issue whenever there are football matches or other events on at the stadium MK, where people park on footpath‘s, blocking people‘s driveways or on the corner of roads and verges. This is becoming dangerous and there have been so many near misses to the most vulnerable who live on our estate. Pavements are not designed to have cars half or fully parked on, this will eventually cause the pavements to break and potholes appear. The estate has been built with adequate parking. Parking in a footpath is illegal either half or fully is illegal. So we are requesting that the council put in the regulation to stop this issue. So we can live in a safe estate.
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    Created by Francesca Hill
  • Save Osler Street Park from being built on.
    Osler Street Park is an extremely important and well used green space and play area provision for our local community. It is well used by all local residents including students, families, teenagers and young children. It is a well designed, safe space with easy access and will not be able to just be replaced. The play park and Multi Use Games Area provide an important leisure and recreation site which children and adults alike can use to exercise and socialise for free, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle. The surrounding green space (including trees) is an extremely valuable green site and open space which should be protected. It also provides recreational and exercise opportunities and helps to contribute towards cleaner air for our community. The local community do not want this precious space taken away from us. We believe that any development or building on this site goes directly against the policy for promoting and enhancing a green infrastructure network in the City (TP7) which is detailed in the Birmingham Development plan.
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    Created by Alison Read
  • Parking Permit Street
    We are not able to park are cars out side our houses and having to walk up to 2 miles just to get to our cars and even park up to 2 miles away from our homes
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    Created by John marshall
  • Keep the Elm Avenue Stadium as a Sports Ground for local people
    The Stadium at Elm Avenue should not be destroyed by property development as it is an sports area of rich historic significance for the people of Newark. In the past, the land has been passed over to local government ownership with a view to it remaining as a sports area for local people. There is little free-access or low-cost sports space in this town and this precious yet currently underused space is in demand. There are football teams and other local people who are keen to use this space but it has been governed in such a way that they could not afford to use it and so it has little use at present. This is a terrible shame as we need to encourage more grass-roots sport. If the Stadium space is built on, the local people will lose yet another area of green. As Newark is an area low social mobility and multiple studies have shown links between access to green-space and economic well-being, the local government should be doing everything in its power to protect any remaining green-space. In addition green areas are needed now more than ever to mitigate against climate change. Instead of removing urban green space, we need to protect and improve it, for example by adding further trees to the entrance to the site and thereby supplementing the few that exist already. Help us to first protect and then maintain this urban green area for current and future generations of Newark to enjoy.
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    Created by Esther Cropper
  • Help us save two historic buildings in Newton Le Willows
    The restoration works will save the manor house, which was built in 1774, and barn which dates back to the 1600s and will deliver a further 10 apartments. The listed buildings have lain empty for decades and have fallen into an advanced state of disrepair, and this is the last opportunity to save the buildings, which are described by Historic England as being “not only of local significance but of national importance.” It will also provide much needed family homes for the local area.
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  • Cuckoo Hill, Bures: Retrospective planning permission should not be granted for new applications
    A developer has knowingly built 6 houses in breach of planning permission. In July 2018 an application for retrospective planning permission was refused by the Planning Committee. Work has continued on site and now 3 new applications for retrospective planning permission for Plots 1-4 have been submitted. The developer has ignored local concerns, intimidated residents and run rough shod over neighbours by continuing to build houses both higher than approved and closer to neighbours. The new properties dominate the skyline and overshadow original houses and gardens intruding on residents’ privacy. We ask Babergh District Council Planning Committee to stick to the decision made in 2018 and refuse retrospective planning permission for the site. East Anglian Daily Times (2/4/19): https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/residents-concern-over-new-planning-applications-for-controversial-homes-in-suffolk-village-1-5973413 Suffolk Free Press (4/4/19): https://www.suffolkfreepress.co.uk/news/revised-plans-for-controversial-housing-site-in-bures-reignite-concerns-9066380/ JAMES CARTLIDGE MP speaking in the House of Commons housing debate about Cuckoo Hill. PARLIAMENTLIVE.TV (16/5/18) https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/ac3cf88f-3a45-457b-81db-b9376d996dd5?in=18:28:47&out=19:00:00 ITV News Anglia (16/5/18): www.itv.com/news/anglia/2018-05-15/community-claims-planning-system-run-by-developers-in-suffolk-housing-row/
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  • Stop the demolition of Old Coach House
    This is important as it’s a historical building yet they want to build and demolish it. We will lose our heritage. This is the only piece which have inspired many people over the years.
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    Travelodge wants to build a 70 bedroom Hotel in Bude, Cornwall. However we already have enough accommodation for visitors, Premier Inn, Indpendent Hotels, B&B's, Caravan Parks and Holiday Homes! How many more do we need? It will increase traffic, create an eyesore, and take business away from the current accommodation places in Bude. Yes it will create jobs, but loads more jobs will be lost when independent hotels who employ more staff are closed down! If you love Bude, you would sign. Sign, before it's too late...
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    Created by People Of Bude
  • Save Donkeystone Brewery Tap
    The brewery tap is a crucial part of a modern day brewery business. It is used to promote the brewery’s products and increases brand awareness in a very competitive market. It also provides a great community space for local families, walkers and tourists to meet and socialise in a comfortable friendly environment. Your valued support will help us to carry on our good work supporting local charities including Saddleworth Round Table, Oldham Mountain Rescue, Oldham Foodbank and many more. It will also help us to carry on our work in helping to promote and showcase other great local businesses and events such as Cotton Clouds Festival, Oldham Comic Con, Common Ilke, Suki’s Wardrobe, Little Deerhill, Mann’s Wharf, Saddleworth Distillery and Little Saddleworth Pie Company.
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  • Save the historic black bull stairfoot barnsley
    It's our heritage, our local history.
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