• Bringing Back the Railway in Bordon
    Bordon has next to no transport links other than using ones own vehicles. So many new houses have now been built that the already busy A325 is now substantially overcrowded. There are no additional jobs here as the Army have left and they provided many jobs, therefore people who live here, in most cases, have to leave the area for work. Also the local hospital is no longer here, plus there are very few shopping facilities other than takeaways and a couple of supermarkets. This ever expanding community which is fast becoming a dormitory town is in dire need of transport so people can commute to other parts of the country to work, shop and get to hospital without having to use their cars. Parking is one of the bigger issues as the new builds only provide 1.5 parking spaces to four bedroomed houses. Needless to say most households have two or more cars. If the railway were to be put in place, many households would be able to manage with one car and possibly, if bus links were provide to the station, do without a car altogether.
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    Created by Lynda Skinner
  • Make the Stapeley Garden footpath crossing safe
    The footpath has been reopened with no traffic controls - it leads onto a busy A road from a concealed entrance onto a bend in the road - many children will use this footpath to get to the local primary and secondary schools and without better warnings and traffic controls this could be a very dangerous crossing, basically it could be a tragedy accident waiting to happen
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    Created by Anna Burns
  • Reduce the speed limit on the A518 (Stafford to Newport)
    There is clear and indisputable evidence that reducing the speed limit is an effective way of reducing the speed of traffic. This is proven by numerous studies and is supported by real-world data. It is also a proven fact that slower speeds result in fewer collisions. This is the whole purpose for the existence of Speed Limits. The Department for Transport DfT recently commissioned a review which concluded "...with a particular emphasis on single carriageways in the countryside, a 10mph decrease in speed limits could produce a 30% reduction in deaths on these roads.". The time for weak excuses and inactivity is over. It is time for action.
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    Created by George Meowgler
  • Save lives - support campaign for cycle/pedestrian route along Redbourn road
    The Government is encouraging more of us to find safer ways to travel in the light of the impact of Covid 19. Cycling, walking, running all enable us to avoid public transport.  This petition, launched by the Active in Redbourn community group, calls on Hertfordshire County Council to create a long-awaited safe cycling, walking and running route between Redbourn and St Albans This major highway route for travel between St Albans to Redbourn (formerly the A5) has become downgraded from a “trunk” road over the years but traffic flow has increased. It has become an extremely hazardous, often dangerous road over the last few years and has led to several cycling fatalities. Despite this it is still used by hundreds of cyclists a week be it as individuals or riding as a club or part of a group. A “ footpath” is in existence but poorly maintained and not inviting for cyclists, walkers or runners to utilise this route (though it is currently only a pedestrian path in its current form). A safe shared space for cycling, walking and running would connect the much used Nickey Line which currently links Hemel Hempstead to Harpenden, along with many existing routes through St Albans, then onwards other parts of the county Many families and residents of Redbourn and the surrounding areas would love to have the option of a safe, environmentally friendly and easily accessible route to St Albans for work or leisure. Equally St Albans residents would benefit from a safely made trip to Redbourn to enjoy the village common, pubs and destinations like the Redbournbury Mill, thereby sustaining the Redbourn's facilities and improving their health. The cost of one fatality is nearing the £2 million mark, the probable cost of providing a safe, maintained pathway would become cost effective and “ pay for itself” in a couple of years. It is possible to ride to St Albans via Harpenden but is around twice the distance and consists of a much more challenging route, prohibiting large groups of people wishing to travel sustainably. A route following the old A5 (Watling Street) has no significant hills and easily navigable passing the Ver Valley and other rural landmarks. Please support our campaign to make this safe route a reality by signing our petition.
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    Created by Simon Barnes
  • Call for Resident Parking Zone in residential roads adjacent to The High Street, Newmarket
    Residents will and are being unfairly ticketed by parking enforcement officers, especially given people are still working from home
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    Created by Craig Warren
  • Arbroath dual carriageway
    Because the council budget cannot adequately provide current services so why spend money on something that is unnecessary
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    Created by Tom Brown
  • Open Wantage and Grove station now
    With the area building over 6000 new houses in a decade the transport links need to be updated asap. The business case is there, the roads into the station are still there, so build the platforms and infrastructure so that the residents can start using it and take the pressure off the roads please
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    Created by Peter Kirby-Harris
  • Speed on Queens Park Road, Brighton.
    Lots of traffic now use the road as a rat run, since the new layout at Valley Gardens and speeding cars are very evident.
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    Created by Paul Bramhall
  • Support Hull Trains
    Hull Trains has been the main provider of direct train services between Hull and London since 2000, gradually expanding its services and recently investing £60m in new, more reliable rolling stock. Open Access rail operators such as Hull Trains rely solely on ticket revenues in order to run services. Social distancing restrictions on passenger numbers means that restarting services is not viable without the financial support that has allowed franchised rail operators to recommence their services. Open access rail operators still incur costs when their trains are not running. However, they cannot remain commercially viable without running trains. If Hull Trains ceased trading, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire would regress 20 years to having only one daily direct rail service to London. 130 jobs would be lost. Supporting Hull Trains in these exceptional circumstances would help restore capacity and competition to East Coast rail services and aid the economy’s gradual return to normality through the period of social distancing. With Transport for London being provided with at least £1.6bn of Government funding, making it possible to reinstate open access rail services that existed before the COVID-19 lockdown should be a more urgent priority for a Government committed to the Northern Powerhouse than longer term infrastructure plans.
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    Created by Ian Kelly
    So that cyclists can alert pedestrians that someone on a bike is approaching them from behind. Pedestrians have no way of knowing that they are being overtaken until the cyclist is upon them, then it’s too late.A simple ‘ring ring’ would make almost 100% aware that someone is approaching them.Then they would step to one side and allow the impatient biker to pass. It must be made compulsory.
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    Created by Michael McKeown
  • Introduce pop up cycle lanes on Cumbernauld Road
    Glasgow is getting millions of pounds to introduce pop up cycle lanes in response to the Coronavirus lockdown. OnBikes were delighted to work with the council for a pop-up cycle lane on Langdale Street and are calling for the North East to now be included in the next phase of projects. Based on local discussion we would like to Space for Distancing on Cumbernauld Road. During the lockdown we have seen people of all ages and abilities cycling in our communities, enjoying the safety of quieter roads. We need to make sure that this is still possible once traffic starts getting back to normal. Cumbernauld Road is one of the key roads linking communities in the North East, as well as connecting it with the City Centre where many people work. It is the main way to get to parks such as Alexandra Park and the Seven Lochs Wetland Park, places that are proving essential for mental health as people are stuck at home. In August it will also be crucial that children, young people and teachers can cycle safely to school, with Smithycroft and Parkhill Secondaries and Carntyne and St Thomas’ Primaries all nearby. It is a wide four lane road but most of the time only the central lanes are actually used by traffic, with part of the outer two lanes used at various points for parking. By adding pop up cycles lanes to just half a lane on either side, this could be made safer for people cycling without losing any space that is currently used for traffic or parking. The feeling of a narrower road would have the added benefit of stopping some of the speeding which takes place and which is particularly dangerous near to the schools. Glasgow has some of the lowest levels of car ownership in the country. According to the last census, in North East and East Centre wards 55% of households have no car while in Dennistoun ward this is 64%. Despite this there is very little cycle infrastructure in this part of the city, with most being built in the West and the South of the city. This needs to change and introducing Space for Distancing on Cumbernauld Road can be the start of that.
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  • More Secure Cycle Hoop Parking in N17
    Why is this important? Many people now especially need to cycle to work and do school pick up without taking public transport but have no where to store their bikes safely and responsibly. There are many benefits to cycling - environmental, financial, health both physical and mental and just pure enjoyment. I know many more people would cycle but can’t due to: living in a flat - don't have outside space/shed have to carry your bike up/down stairs want to start cycling but can't buy a bike as have no-where to store it or don't have space for all your family's bikes
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    Created by Dannie Price