• Promote Cycling and build proper bicycle lanes
    Cycling might not be the most popular means of transport in rainy Scotland but the lack of proper bicycle lanes does not help at all. Introducing The Bothy, a new cycling hub for Inverclyde to shelter from the rain was a fantastic start but the only existing bicycle lanes that are safe, are along the Esplanades in Greenock, Gourock and the Battery Park. The bicycle lane from the Esplanade to the Waterfront complex (Cinema, Inverclyde Leisure,Beacon) along Container Way is either non-existent or in very poor condition and also shared with walkers without clear marking. There are no cycling lanes around the town centres (Gourock/Greenock) at all and hardly any provisions to park your bike not even at the fitness centres. The Waterfront Leisure complex has bicycle stands but they are exposed to the rain. The Greenock Sport Centre has no bicycle stands at all. Because of the lack of bicycle lanes I do cycle on the road a lot but it has become more and more dangerous over the years and is unsuitable for younger children. Scotland has some of the worst obesity and public health problems in Europe so the one thing local governments should encourage is for people to get out of their cars and either walk or cycle. There are plenty of campaigns on junk food pricing policies and healthy eating but the provisions to encourage and help people to get out of their cars and on their bikes are very poor. Throughout Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Holland, Germany) cycling has become a major means of transport and governments have responded by providing proper and save bicycle lanes.
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    Created by Martina Franke
  • Air conditioning on the Bakerloo Line
    For the comfort of passengers, who are after all paying the same fares as passengers travelling on other tube lines. There are people with health problems, elderly people, children etc, who are particularly vulnerable.
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    Created by Pratibha Graham
  • Tamworth Road (a51) Speed Control
    For the safety of the local population, especially cyclists.
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    Created by Tho Bal
  • Give Bristolians the Bike Infrastructure They Deserve
    Bristol has one of the highest rates or bike usage in the UK, in fact 57,000 walk or cycle to work, the highest in England & Wales. Over a quarter of Bristolians ride a bike at least once a week, let's get those numbers up by improving safety and consideration on the roads. We must ensure there is less traffic wars between cars and bikes by, when it is possible, providing dedicated bike lanes. 80% of Bristolians feel traffic congestion is a major problem, an increased use of bikes would have an immediate effect on car usage, just removing 10% of cars at peak time has a huge effect on traffic flow. In order to meet the Net Zero target for 2030 we should really be pushing to encurage bike uptake. Bicycles are safe, clean, green, convenient and fun, not to mention all the health and social economic benefits, so let's build a city than Bristolians want and so rightly deserve. Thank you, Bristol Citizens
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    Created by Jacob Bryant
  • Keep Britain in the interrail scheme
    Interrail travellers will now have to buy additional tickets in Britain. This will create extra cost and inconvenience fior people travelling from Britain Also impact negatively om tourist industry as will put off tourists coming to Britain on their pass.
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    Created by Cath Bibby
  • Make the Hungerford-Grafton A338 safer
    There has just been yet another (fatal) accident at a junction on this stretch of road (the Sanham Green turning). This road, which many drivers and bikers treat as a 'racetrack' owing to its elevated position and the illusion of it offering a 'clear stretch' with no settlements, is in fact often narrow, winding, with hidden dips, and MANY concealed driveways and junctions, which have been the site of numerous accidents over the years. The Sanham Green junction, and the Bedwyn-Shalbourne and Bedwyn-Oxenwood crossing points, are notoriously difficult junctions which even locals find unsettling due to the speed of traffic approaching on the main road (often in excess of 60mph).
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    Created by Abigail Gayer Picture
  • Leeds transport
    Too much traffic in the city
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    Created by Kristian Fujdiar
  • Safety on the Lymington Road Hampshire border
    This is an accident/fatality waiting to happen. The speed limit is 40mph which is often exceeded. Several times cars have broken through the fenced border of Chewton Glenn. The pathway is extremely narrow at the bend approaching Hobourne site. There is no other way to walk across this boundary from Barton on Sea to Highcliffe. This is now a particular problem as Hobourne is/has closed off the cliff walk access to members of the public.
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    Created by Cheryl Twissell
  • Cyclists
    Save lives and or injury to others.
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    Created by oberan pars
  • Installing battery points in lampposts for vehicle charging
    If London Councils adopted such a plan, there would be a massive boost towards a cleaner urban environment
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    Created by Mehdi Varzi
  • Speed limit in St Mary Cray High Street
    I believe that St Mary Cray High Street poses a danger to pedestrians as well as wild life in the river walk which runs along it. The sleeping police man are not slowing down traffic and measures have to be taken to ensure safety of people using the street. The High street has a primary school, three nurseries, a Park with a playground which means a high number of parents with young children, often toddlers and prams walk along the pavement. This is a dangerous undertaking as the pavement is very narrow in places and drivers speed past pedestrians way above the 20 mile speed limit. I asked one of the bus drivers whether he was aware of this speed limit and he was not. There is a small traffic sign as one turns into the High Street but it is in the round about and barely visible. The traffic on the road has tripled recently as a large number of new houses and flats have been built along the street. Also, drivers use it as a rat run to avoid traffic lights on the main road (A224). When it rains, speeding cars splash dirty water across the pavements with pedestrians having to jump out of the way. Often, rather than slowing down to let oncoming buses pass, drivers go onto the pavement. In short, walking along the High Street pedestrians often endanger their children’s safety.
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  • Build a railway station at Silvertown on Crossrail to serve London City airport
    To connect the station to : Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Central London, East London, Essex, Kent and Heathrow airport (for Connecting flights), Surrey and West London
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