• No to Car Parking Charges in Alsager!
    Car parking charges would be devastating for our already struggling high street, people would choose to shop out of town at places with free parking instead. Visitors would also potentially shorten their stay in town - because of the charges. You can always find a space to park in Alsager - so no need to create extra capacity by charging people so they move on faster. Capacity of car parks is not an issue. Residential streets near to town would also get clogged up with cars parked on street to avoid the charges, meaning residents would find it difficult to park outside their houses. ***AS WELL AS SIGNING THIS PETITION - PLEASE COMPLETE THE CHESHIRE EAST COUNCIL CONSULTATION - FIND IT HERE*** https://surveys.cheshireeast.gov.uk/s/VZTQ7T/?fbclid=IwAR2doSMw5eTPOWdBdk-tKYrJEr0JGaeMADsmJPkRarEuOeG7DLh0XuNeSQc
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    Created by Jo Dale
  • British airways direct to Sylhet, Bangladesh
    In England a huge parts of Bangladeshi from Sylhet. Most of traveler visit Bangladesh every year and all from Sylhet. It is very important British airways think about the issue.
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    Created by Ibrahim Ali khan Picture
  • National road pricing scheme: Scrap the plan to charge motorists per mile driven on Britain's roads
    Considering the minimum wage, it's already difficult to keep up with car expenses: the road tax, MOT, insurance, fuel and repairs. Introducing a further charge will negatively impact peoples lives! So many of us will be affected by this
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    Created by Arsim Mustafaj
  • Close Slip Road from A3 in to South Lane KT3
    South Lane has become a rat run for traffic making a short cut from the A3 to Kingston Road, New Malden. There are no proper traffic calming measures in South Lane; vehicles shoot across the mini roundabouts, rather than circling round them. They tend not to slow down as they approach the roundabouts. South Lane has become a main road for traffic, where it was once a pleasant and safe residential road, it is now a nightmare. There are three schools adjacent to South Lane, Holy Cross, The Study School and Westbury. It is now very difficult crossing the road on South Lane, especially for a parent with a pram and two or three children also in tow or children on their own trying to cross, or for disabled people wanting to cross to get to the local shops, or the elderly who are not able to judge the speed of the cars. Some drivers even 'put their foor down' when they see someone crossing, as though they get a kick out of frightening and intimidating pedestrians. South Lane is no longer a safe road to cross.
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    Created by Olwen Seear
  • Lanarkshire parking charges and permits
    We are in the middle.of a pandemic. People have lost jobs and have very little money. This is not right and it is yet again going to affect the poorest in society.
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    Created by Lesley THORNTON
  • Slow down for Crossmichael
    Speed limit reduction markers are currently set close to the start of the village in both North and South directions. Vehicles entering and leaving the village are travelling at speed right up to the village boundaries. Properties which are just outside the restricted speed zones have little or no street lighting, and verges which are not maintained by the council. Pedestrians walking into the village are very vulnerable, having to walk on the road as there are no footpath provisions. The A713 is used by some very large haulage vehicles, calming the traffic further out from the village boundaries would also reduce some noise and vibration caused by the heavy goods vehicles.
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  • Creech Pothole Watch
    We have also had the recent destruction of our local lanes at Leighton Lane, Easton Lane, Bagborough Lane and Maesdown Hill, affecting the communities of Evercreech, Stoney Stratton, Pylle, Prestleigh, Pilton and beyond. Please also sign my petition below, lets get this issue sorted! In I agree that the state of our communities roads is unacceptable and that Somerset County Council has h failed o maintain and renew our vital B road network, drains and our verges. This has been made even worse since recent works on Prestleigh Hill 1. I therefore urge County to listen to residents and prioritize roads used by local communities and put on place a proper resurfacing plan that will connect villages and value villages as much as our county A roads. 2. A proper plan to make good the damage done in and around the Village of Evercreech through the many road diversions and the unique pressure out on out B road network due to our proximity to two festival sites that attract thousands of vital visitors on roads designed in the age before the modern motorcar. Decent local Roads are vital for Residents, Local Business and Farmers.
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    Created by barry o'leary
  • Put a lid on your kid
    As the government want to encourage more people to cycle, I would like to make cycle helmets compulsory for children, not fashionable I know that ...but 34 years ago my brother cycled up the little street we lived in and toppled off his bike, bumped his head, no speed no injuries to see, but his brain swelled lungs collapsed and a heart attack followed, 7 years old, he was buried 2 weeks later. Helmets didn't exist in normal life then, they do now please make it law
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    Created by Louise Woolridge
  • Deer Park Drive Speed Control Measures
    To improve road safety. There are too many speeding drivers. There have been multiple pet deaths on the road. Concerned about accidents and injuries.
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    Created by Steve Alder
  • Save the Freedom Pass for London Pensioners
    In return for a further bail-out of Transport for London, the government is trying to force the Mayor and Tfl, among other things, to agree to withdraw travel concessions (Freedom Pass) from London's pensioners. That would be devastating for older people who have no car, especially those who live alone. For them, the Freedom Pass is an absolutely vital lifeline; losing it would mean even more isolation than we have already suffered during Lockdown. Being unable to travel into town to meet friends or visit attractions, will have a terrible effect on our mental health - loneliness amongst the elderly is already a major problem, and this would increase hugely, as would the suicide rate - without social contact, life is not worth living! In fact, there is no point in living in the metropolis, if we cannot afford to travel and benefit from its many "free" attractions - its many historic buildings, museums and galleries, parks, concerts in the City churches, etc.,, and even just scenic walks along the Thames! I would move out of London, as would most of my friends, and we are surely not the only ones. London stands to lose much of the senior "spend" in its shops and cafes. The voluntary sector would grind to a halt, as charity shops rely so much on retired people, and the Friends of City Churches would lose most of their Church Watchers (mostly retired) who keep these wonderful buildings open for visitors and tourists to enjoy. If the govt. applies the Pension Credit limit, as they have for the TV licence, that would exclude almost all of us, as the eligibility threshold has not kept pace with inflation (the savings limit is the same as 10 years ago!). It means that the thrifty who have tried to save a little for their retirement and are just managing to scrape by, will suffer the most - after contributing to taxation all their lives! All we are asking is fairness. Travel is not a luxury but a necessity. Other countries subsidise their public transport systems far more generously, with less reliance on fares, so are less affected by the Pandemic. We ask the government not to punish the elderly for something which is not our fault.
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    Created by Judith Howard
  • STOP THE EXPANSION OF THE C CHARGE - reinstate the residents discount
    Millions of people are already struggling after COVID-19, to then bring in the expansion of the C Charging zone will have a huge impact on the daily lives of millions of Londoners. With the existing C Charge zone it effects a small amount of Londoners, but with the expansion it will effect some of the poorest families in the U.K. who are already struggling to make ends meet. To be charged £15 a day to travel to work, for childcare and for day to day essentials is shocking and will force more people to lose employment, companies to fold which will drive thousands of people to the welfare system so it becomes a vicious cycle. The C Charge has already been increased this year during this awful pandemic which in its self is a kick in the teeth, families are at tipping point and this could be the thing that tips them over the edge.
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    Created by Stephen Alford
  • No extention of congestion charging to the suburbs
    It is just too much hardship on Londoners and negates payment of road tax
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    Created by Henry Igbinedion