• Stop the Mersey Tunnel fast tag increase
    It will impact on peoples jobs, incomes and sets communities against one another
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    Created by Justin Madders MP
  • Increase pedestrian and cyclist safely on the A38 footpath between Lee Mill and Ivybridge, Devon
    There have been fatal collisions between pedestrians and vehicles on this particular stretch of road in the past. Just this month (April 2019) a car came off the A38 onto the pedestrian walkway. There are frequent car accidents along this stretch of road as evidence by the additional collision on 17.04.2019. It is a regularly used footpath for both pedestrians, cyclists and school children. The footpath is extremely narrow in places. There are particular areas of the footpath which are extremely close to fast moving traffic (70mph) with no protective barrier should cars diverge off the road or bicycles slip into oncoming traffic. The slip road from Lee Mill onto the A38 in the Exeter direction is of particular concern as if traffic is unable to filter onto the often heavily congested A38 there is a risk they will drive onto the pedestrian footpath as there is no protective barrier in situ. The footpath is pitch black at night time making it unsafe for pedestrian walking. This stretch of road has a bus stop which requires passengers to disembark along it.
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    Created by Caroline Packer Picture
  • Highways Department to take preventative action to preserve St Michaels Lane Canal Bridge BLS
    This is the 200th anniversary of the canal, which is to be celebrated this year. The bridge needs to be repaired for this, but steps need to be taken to prevent this damage happening again.
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    Created by Philip Wilson
  • Pedestrian Crossing Sullivan Road Brighton HIll
    The road is very busy particularly in the area of the Brighton Hill Centre. The sight lines are poor with stationary buses and a blind corner. Cars regularly exceed the speed limit. There are high numbers of vulnerable people crossing the road. Elderly and unwell people cross to access medical facilities, children and young people cross to access two local schools and there is significant footfall to local shops. Often the only way to cross is to rely on the goodwill of drivers. When buses are stationary cars cannot see pedestrians crossing and vis-versa. Do not wait until a child is injured or worse before improving road safety here.
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    Created by Basingstoke Labour Councillors Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council
  • 20mph zone for Cromer Road School
    This is important for the safety of pupils attending Cromer Road School, and for parents, staff and local residents. We consider that these measures are urgently required in order to protect the safety of our children. A resident’s cat lost its leg after being hit by a speeding vehicle on Shaftesbury Avenue. It does not bear thinking about this happening to a small child, and there have recently been some near misses along Cromer Road after school. There is also a problem with Lorries persistently getting stuck on the narrow roads, causing log-jams and damaging parked vehicles. The Cromer Road one-way system includes: Cromer Road, Shaftesbury Avenue and Bulwer Road (to the east of Plantagenet Road), New Barnet, EN5
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    Created by philippa whitecross
  • Apply Congestion/Pollution Charges to Blackcab-users
    60% of all lethal car NOx in London is emitted by blackcabs. Blackcabs are up to 30 times more polluting than equivalent private cars! [1] As even ambulances have to pay the mayor's pollution charge, then really toxic black cabs should not be exempted from paying it. They are a public health emergency on our streets. 40% of all cars in central London are blackcabs. [2] Yet they only carry 1% of all trips in London. [3] They are the most inefficient use of precious road-space. Empty London blackcabs drive 230 million miles every year, looking for paying customers. [4] Emergency vehicles and people trying to get to work, school & shops are blocked daily by black cab jams, yet the mayor allows cabbies to drive empty in bus lanes for free. The Mayor must impose congestion and pollution charges on London’s largest source of vehicular pollution and congestion. New York has imposed a congestion charge on cab-users rather than cabbies and that is what we want – a £5 per trip congestion charge for all cab-users. Blackcab pollution is carcinogenic and damages the lungs of our kids for life. Even the new Electric Cabs emit 70% of the particulates of non-electric cabs. Blackcabs are not public-transport. They are expensive privately chauffeured vehicles for hire. For the sake of the lives of those using buses, walking and cycling, we need to radically reduce unnecessary blackcab usage in London. We need cleaner and far fewer cabs. Those with disabilities would be exempted from the cabuser congestion charge, which we also want applied to minicab users. This petition is hosted by Stop Killing Cyclists. Please sign & share widely on your social media. Yes We Can! Thank you! ___ Notes: 1. Stat on blackcabs emitting up to 30 times more lethal NOx than equivalent car & 60% of all car NOx in London is from the Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/black-cabs-taxis-air-pollution-london-research-true-icct-a8688141.html 2. Stat on Blackcabs making up 40% of cars in cczone is in Travel In London Report 9 Table 6.6 Pg 187 http://content.tfl.gov.uk/travel-in-london-report-9.pdf (Taxis make up 20% of total traffic, Private hire vehicles 12% and private cars 18% - so taxis make up 40% of car traffic) 3. Blackcabs making up just 1% of all trips is from the TfL Report Travel in London Report 10. Page 22 http://content.tfl.gov.uk/travel-in-london-report-10.pdf (taxis make up 400k of the 27.1 million trips) 4. Approx 23,000 black cabs, drive an average of 20,000 miles each and approx 50% of that is without passengers http://content.tfl.gov.uk/taxi-and-phv-demographic-stats.pdf https://www.insuretaxi.com/2016/08/taxi-driver-survey-2016/ https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/any-answers/dead-mileage-percentage
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    Created by Donnachadh McCarthy Picture
  • Electric school buses
    To greatly reduce traffic in rush hour, reduce emissions by reducing traffic. To serve the community (during school hours) in rural areas and the elderly in the city (route via hospitals , doctors, post offices, swimming pools).
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    Created by philip harris-jones
  • Promote British lorry drivers.
    Our British lorry drivers are dwindling at an alarming rate and the shortage is becoming a national concern. Lorries are the life blood of the countries demand for consumption. The transport of goods is vital for the survival of all of us. We're all responsible for this as we're all consumers. In fact the only reason for lorries on our roads is us... All of us. With a career change I am now a dry powder tanker driver. I financed this myself which cost thousands. And was having a discussion with a family Man who was not happy in his present career. I suggested to him, why not an HGV driver. His reply was an anxious "I would love that, but however, I have neither time or the finances to do this". I spoke with a mother of a school leaver who suggested they had not heard or thought of this option. We desperately need to get the backing of the government, industry and hauliers to promote the finance, career promotion and training of new British HGV drivers.
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    Created by Andrew Shaw-Dickenson
  • Extend Arriva Bus Route 31 to Beaconsfield
    Congestion between Beaconsfield and Penn is worsening and this large gap in the market needs to be filled. On such a busy road like the B474 it is surprising there isn't a regular service bus route.
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    Created by Jack Gannan
  • Review preparations for dealing with a nuclear convoy accident in Cumbria
    Nuclear warheads are regularly transported in convoys on public roads to and from the atomic weapon factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield, and RNAD Coulport on Loch Long, where the weapons are stored and loaded onto Trident submarines. A nuclear warhead contains radioactive material and high explosive and this poses serious questions about public safety. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 requires Category 1 Responders (including Local Authorities) to conduct a risk assessment of potential threats and to keep the public informed. According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) document, Local Authority and Emergency Services Information (LAESI) Edition 10, if there was a serious accident the MoD would look after the nuclear weapon, but Local Authorities, Emergency Services and the Health Service would be responsible for potentially contaminated casualties, evacuating people nearby and advising many more to stay indoors. We want Cumbria County Council to openly review how prepared the civil authorities are and inform the public about their findings. Then the people of Cumbria can decide whether this transport poses an unacceptable risk.
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    Created by Philip Gilligan
  • More stringent drone rules
    Ensures that people are not misusing drones for the wrong reasons and tougher regulations are needed to ensure drones do not breach privacy rules and cause disruption to major uk infrastructure systems. By stating stringent rules for sellers of drones whether online or in a shop this will ensure that the wrong people do not misuse drones. This has been seen in the recent issue with aircraft and breaches of privacy from people misusing drones.
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    Created by kuda diro
  • Reinstate free disabled parking at Guildford railway station
    The regular trips with my daughter to Great Ormond Street Hospital just got even more expensive. Free disabled parking has been scrapped. There are no hourly rates and no concessions. It costs £15 to park. Disabled people have a daily struggle to get to places. APCOA now manage car parking for National Rail at Guildford Station and the car parking at these venues for disabled blue badge holders is no longer free. This is causing disabled people not only financial issues but is massively impacting on their day to day stress levels. I've just started this petition and would be really grateful if you could take the time to sign it. Thanks so much.
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