• 20mph in all residential areas
    Despite Covid 19 being a devastating virus for many, the resulting lockdown has brought us some very significant benefits: - less traffic meant that walking and cycling became much safer and more pleasant activities for all of us - we got out into our communities, met our neighbours and talked to each other - we were more active and got fitter (well some of us did!) - many people enjoyed a slower, less frenetic pace of life - it was brilliant for the environment and we loved hearing the birds and seeing more of nature. As lockdown is eased and we are encouraged to get back in our cars (or continue walking or cycling), the roads are getting much, much busier and increasingly unpleasant for pedestrians and cyclists. Brighton and Hove Council rolled out 20mph zones from 2013 and boy what a positive difference it makes! Over and above the less tangible experience of 'this is a much nicer place to be a pedestrian, cyclist, resident... a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents study showed that at 20mph there was a 2.5% chance of pedestrians being fatally injured, compared to a 20% chance at 30mph. And a Department for Transport paper on setting local speed limits reports that on urban roads with low average traffic speeds, any 1mph reduction in average speed can reduce the frequency of collision frequency by around 6%. We know that returning to the old normal is not sustainable for all of the reasons above, and this is a wonderful opportunity for a really positive change. Thank you.
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    Created by Lorna Thomas
  • Make all Electric bikes liable for insurance from day of purchase
    So many people and property getting injured and damaged ,
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    Created by Bryan Jones
  • Make Cycling in Sudbury, Suffolk Safe for Everybody : )
    Getting around Sudbury by bicycle is ill thought out and dangerous and dare we say it a local leadership embarrassment AND NOW IS THE TIME TO FIX IT. While councillor consensus seems obsessed with appeasing motorists by keeping free parking (for votes) little if any urban planning consideration is given to how to get around Sudbury by bike. It is particularly dangerous around the one way system where if it isn't traffic volume then callous driver ignorance FRIGHTENS people away from getting around town by bike - which means more cars on roads. By signing this petition you will give Councillors the confidence to think outside the metal box with 4 wheels. This campaign is now topical due to Westminster's Covid 19 £2bn boost for Cycle Lanes. Just £50-£100k could transform cycling in Sudbury town centre through the creation of safe routes. LET'S DO IT !!
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  • Back Britain’s Coaches
    The coach industry provides over 42,000 jobs and provides £6 billion pounds towards the economy. A 75% reduction in bus passengers and the curtailment of holidays, private hire contract work and other services has left operators without work. We are asking the government for industry support for the unique position that we are in. We are an industry that supports the education system,support for virtually every passenger emergency (rail replacement/ airline diverts) as well as day excursions and holidays. Without financial aid from the government, many operators will go out of business. When restrictions are finally lifted, a substantial part of the national transport infrastructure may be lost if operators are not supported. Further info: http://www.movingforwardtogether.uk/covid-19-latest-news/
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    Created by Debbie Cleaveley
  • Save lives with more fixed traffic speed cameras
    Especially after Covid 19 more cyclists and walkers are wanting to continue to use their local roads safely. Sadly on the national news recently yet another cyclist was killed by two hit and run drivers who were speeding. The number of deaths from speeding and reckless driving seems to be ever on the increase in our cities and countryside, along with the amount of traffic on our roads. Unfortunately all the revenue that used to go to Councils from their local speed cameras is now collected by central government and there is no ring fenced funding for new fixed speed cameras. For example in South Yorkshire, local councils and the Police have to share funding and make impossible decisions about whether to use funding for more police officers\other essential services, or fund a new speed camera somewhere. Years ago Councils used to be able to keep the revenue raised by from their fixed speed cameras, to help cover the costs of installing new local speed cameras (as well as helping to fund other traffic calming measures). By allowing local councils to once again keep the revenue from their local cameras, , it means funding can be ring fenced and spent locally. This means that our local communities might once again get the chance to save lives from speeding and reckless driving, through having new speed cameras put in place, where they are sorely needed.
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    Created by Pat Charles
  • Ensure Ashford’s pedestrians & cyclists can travel safely after the coronavirus lockdown
    One of the only positive side effects to the coronavirus crisis has been the massive reduction in car traffic and improvements to our air quality. People have also been rediscovering their enjoyment of travelling by foot or bike instead of car and enjoying the massively reduced traffic noise across town. The government are predicting a huge increase in personal car use once we exit lockdown due to continued social distancing measures, reduced public transport capacity and people seeking to avoid cramped rail and bus carriages. As such, ministers have announced emergency funding for local authorities to implement temporary measures such as pop up bike lanes, wider pavements, safer junctions and cycle and bus-only transport corridors. It is critical that as we start to plan for life after lockdown Ashford residents get a fair share of these safety and lifestyle improvements as well as those living in bigger cities. As awful as the coronavirus outbreak has been we must seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to collectively improve our local environment and well-being. Alongside being an important temporary social distancing measure, infrastructure changes for the expected surge in walking and cycling over the next few months also provide a valuable opportunity to reduce non-essential car use and assess how permanent active travel arrangements could benefit our town in the long run. Ashford’s urban areas are compact, ideal for walking and cycling. It is estimated that around 40% of urban journeys in the UK are less than 2 miles. Sadly, in spite of this and decades of redevelopment, Ashford has been allowed to grow into a car centric town and is dominated by dual carriageways and under connected out of town developments. Now is the perfect opportunity for change. Let’s move forward not backwards and ensure the legacy of this tragedy is a positive one and that we do not simply return to same old car-choked Ashford. Benefits of reduced car reliance in Ashford could include: - Safer streets - Cleaner air - Healthier citizens - Reduced healthcare costs - More pleasant public spaces - Improved perception of the town as a destination for visitors - Clearer roads and faster journeys for busses and those reliant on cars such as the sick or elderly.
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  • Abolish Match Funding for Path Projects
    This requirement can prevent children, pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists and others from being able to move around safely in their local area due to a lack of infrastructure. Essential path upgrades and new paths cannot be constructed as only 50% of the cost is provided by the funder. The remaining 50% must be match funded and has to be found by other means which are often unavailable or don’t exist at all. This is a massive obstacle to enabling sustainable travel in Scotland.
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    Created by Anna Church
  • Address the school traffic issue in Lytchett Matravers
    Lytchett Matravers is a beautiful village with a strong community. There have been concerns for many years now regarding parking in Wareham Roads and the surrounding smaller roads during school run times. Many residents have complained to the council, to the police and to local councillors but no action has been taken. During school runs, many parents travel into the village to collect and pick up their children. Their parking options are very limited and sadly, a minority of parents choose to park without consideration to residents and other road users. It is routine to find school run cars parked over nearby junctions, on the pavements and blocking dropped kerbs. Drivers are unable to see oncoming traffic when driving in and out of Wareham Road putting themselves and pedestrians at risk. The amount of congestion around junctions means that traffic flow is severely restricted. It is not uncommon for it to take 15 minutes or more to navigate past the school on Wareham Road safely. This situation could be easily improved by simply putting double yellow lines around the corners of junctions off Wareham Road in the vicinity of the school. This could be enforced with traffic wardens as and when required. The situation is now so dangerous, we feel it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident in this area. We call on Dorset County Council to take positive action and fulfil their duty of care to the residents, parents and children.
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    Created by Fay Sweeting
  • Increase speed limit of e-bikes to 20mph
    Currently, all e-bikes have a restricted speed limit of 15.5mph. This means that, once the user travels at a speed greater than 15.5mph, the electric motor cuts out and ceases to assist the user. We say that increasing the limit to 20mph would have the following positive effects: - journeys (typically for commuting) would be cut shorter - e-bikes would become a more attractive alternative mode of transport (as opposed to using public transport or private vehicles) - the purchasing of e-bikes would be more worthwhile. 20 is plenty. It remains a safe speed to travel and cuts journeys shorter. It would massively aid the e-bike revolution in the UK, as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to increased use of public transport (the cost of which increases every year). Many employers operate Cycle to Work schemes, but several are deterred by the current 15.5mph limit and sheer cost of the bike. Raising the limit by just 4.5mph would make the purchase of such products more attractive and deliver better value for money. Please click on this link to find out more: https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/the-ebike-revolution-needs-speed-to-succeed-a4142851.html Let's make a success of the e-bike revolution. Thank you for considering this petition.
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  • No Airline bailouts without customer refunds
    Airlines at first offered cash refunds to customers whose flights have had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus. But now they are going back on that promise and offering vouchers instead. There is obviously collusion as they have all announced this action together. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/apr/22/big-uk-airlines-and-travel-firms-denying-refunds-which-coronavirus https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52370158 At the same time, they are all applying for enormous levels of public funding to prop up their businesses during the lockdown. Sign the petition to demand that the government withhold public subsidies of the airlines until they honour their legal obligations to customers.
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    Created by Graeme Smith
  • Keep Manchester Metro Going for key workers
    We need this as key workers need to be able to travel to work.
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    Created by Laurence Wyche
  • Slow Wrexham road down
    To save people and pets from being hurt from people speeding and over taking in a built up residential area which is meant to be a 30mph
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    Created by rebecca collins