• Reinstate the train line between Kings Lynn and Norwich
    The roads in Norfolk are getting ever more crowded leading to long delays for commuters, frequent traffic jams, increasing air pollution and road traffic accidents. A regular train service will help reduce motorised road traffic, and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution; it will enable more people to use bicycles at either end of their train commute which in turn will improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress levels and result in greater productivity by enabling working en route and reduced travel time. A trainline will improve connectivity between Norwich and towns in West Norfolk such as Swaffham, Downham Market and Kings Lynn, making it accessible to many more people, not just to those with cars - giving a much needed boost to the region's economy.
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    Created by Pallavi Devulapalli
  • Safe crossing for the South Downs Way over A273 at Pyecombe
    This is a very busy dangerous road, often vehicles vastly exceed the 50mph speed limit, the visibility is poor (more so in Summer with added foliage) and it is unlit. It is unsafe to cross as a lone adult, let alone when with children and animals. I have been sworn at, swerved at and beeped whilst trying to cross. There cannot be a fatality before safety measures are installed. The South Downs Way is part of a important 100 mile route through the South Down National Park used by walkers, runners, Scouts, students doing the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, riders of both bicycles and horses, and many local users. Pyecombe is a small village trapped between the Downs to the North, the A27 dual carriageway to the West, and the A273 to the East (which feeds directly onto the dual carriageway contributing to the higher speeds). Being able to move without a car is increasingly difficult as this narrow route gets ever busier. It is possibly the most dangerous crossing point in the whole length of the South Downs Way, with no other viable crossing options in the vicinity. Something must be done before someone is injured, or worse.
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  • To limit the extent of bus fare increases on Humber Fastcat
    Many users are low income or apprentices that have this as the only means of travel
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  • Resolve Bus Shelter situation outside Gym, Gosforth High Street
    Up to 90 buses per hour use Gosforth High Street. Passengers have put up with no shelter for over two years outside the Gym. The current situation is confusing, with two obsolete bus shelters either side of the current bus stop. Passengers often get wet through to the skin whilst waiting for a bus. Others shelter in the obsolete shelters and have to run for the bus. Some don’t get there in time.
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    Created by Peter Lovatt
  • Limit local bus drivers’ working hours (Rowan’s Law)
    Seven-year old Rowan Fitzgerald was travelling back on the X18 bus having watched his beloved Coventry City FC play when the bus he was travelling in crashed into a shop in Coventry City Centre. The crash killed the seven-year-old from Leamington Spa, as well as 76-year-old Dora Hancox from Nuneaton. Many, many more could have been killed or seriously injured were it not for the swift, brave actions of a local man. The fact that the driver had been driving 70+ hour weeks for 3 weeks leading up to the crash was undoubtedly the critical factor that led to this accident and on the day of the incident he agreed voluntarily to work a further 8-10 hour shift. He was 77 years old. However, this is presently entirely legal under British law, as local bus drivers are not subject to the same working hour regulations as long-distance bus drivers or lorry drivers. This tragedy could have been avoided, potentially, if driving hours for local bus drivers were capped at 56 hours a week, and no more than 90 hours over any two consecutive weeks, as it already is for long distance bus drivers and HGV drivers. It is imperative that we do everything we can to help protect people using buses, as well as pedestrians in our town and city centres – two more lives cannot be lost the next time a bus driver is asked to work too many hours than is safe or an individual driver chooses to work excessive hours.
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  • We want the number 28 bus and Dave to stay!
    Lots of people use it, young, old and in between. It goes to the hospital at one end, school at the other and people who don’t have cars need to get there. It’s a happy service and we would not like to get a grumpy driver. We were very nervous about starting big school but it has made our journey much easier.
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    Created by Sammi Moorfield
  • Electric Cars Shouldn't cost any more than Petrol Cars
    Why should the public bear the cost of pollution? The Government is being fined to breaching pollution laws , the cost of the fines could help pay for economical electric cars. Reducing carbon pollution will not just help save the planet but will save many lives from the toxic diesel & petrol emissions. The Government is not doing enough to tackle pollution.
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  • Scot Rail timetable Disadvantaging Areas North of Dundee
    Individuals who do not have their own transport have had opportunities to work in towns and cities reduced. Individuals with transport have had the option to help reduce their carbon footprint seriously limited as direct rail travel is not available at peak times.
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    Created by Shereen Kenyon
  • Give people more time to pay the Mersey Gateway Bridge toll
    Some people don’t have access to a bank account. Some people may rely on paying by Payzone and may have to wait for nearby shops to be open before being able to pay. Some people may have disabilities and find using the automated system a problem. Some people may not have internet access. Some people may be elderly and find it hard to deal with technology, and may struggle to pay so quickly. Many people end up with penalty charge notices simply because they forget to pay their toll, and most of those people have been using the Runcorn Bridge for a long time and are used to it being free. Giving people 7 days to pay their toll will help those who find it hard to pay more time, and stop Merseyflow from being perceived as highway robbers from the millions of pounds they collect in charges. This one simple action would improve the public perception of this organisation, help thousands of law abiding citizens from making a simple mistake, whilst still routing out those intent on taking advantage of the system. Please support this petition and force Merseyflow to change their attitude towards the public they serve. Thank you.
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    After being involved in an accident recently and gaining whiplash from it, thankful only whiplash but someone could have been in a worse state than myself all because buses don't have seatbelts, some go down the motorways at the national speed limit without having belts for the passengers. I think we should make it law because normally on the way to college we have secondary school children as well as college and elderly. We need to act on it now as it becomes more apparent that buses can be involved in accidents on the road.
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    Created by Amelia Norton
  • Make Tuttles Lane 30mph
    Over the past few years there has been an increase in the volume of traffic along Tuttles Lane, mainly due to the new housing that has been built in Wymondham and the expansion of Robert Kett, Ashleigh and Browick Road schools to full primary schools. More people are crossing Tuttles Lane near the Melton Road junction to access the "Paws For Play" dog walking field and pedestrians have commented that it no longer feels safe to walk along Tuttles Lane, particularly during the rush hour when the volume of traffic is at its greatest. Local drivers have observed that it has become more difficult and dangerous to negotiate the junctions with Barnham Broom Road, Melton Road and Hewitts Lane and some residents struggle to safely exit their driveways. The time has come to reduce the existing speed limit of 40mph along Tuttles Lane down to 30mph. Part of the road has already been reduced to 30mph (the section from the Garden Centre to the Waitrose roundabout) and we believe that making the speed limit 30mph along the entire road will be safer for everyone. We therefore ask Norfolk County Council to respect the wishes of the residents of Wymondham and make Tuttles Lane a 30mph speed limit road.
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  • Install roundabout at dangerous junction
    This is a dangerous and time consuming junction to negotiate from the Warminster direction. Also- the slip road to turn onto A362 towards Warminster is too small.
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