• Complete and Publish Oakervee Review before the December Election
    The review will allow all the political parties and the public to clearly assess the viability of the HS2 project .The Review has been funded by the taxpayer and we were assured the findings would be made public. Much more importantly is that the Government have allowed HS2 to continue with this destruction of ancient woodlands ,forests and disrupt communities along the route whilst the review is being conducted .This review needs to be completed and a Published before the December election so as to enable all political parties and the public to make informed decisions regarding the HS2 project .
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    Created by Katie Hill
  • New Traffic Order at top of Stoke Hill Stoke Bishop BS9
    This is important as the position as it is, is an accident waiting to happen.
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    Created by Robert Bradshaw
  • Safer crossing on Leytonstone High Road
    Vehicles frequently do not stop here and twice a vehicle has driven over the crossing in front of me, when I have been in the middle of the road with my child. This a route used by children from Davies Lane and George Tomlinson Primary Schools and so it is vital safety is improved here. The crossings we are requesting all have traffic lights to improve safety for pedestrians.
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    Created by Suzanne Veitch
  • Traffic lights needed at narrow bridge, Curbridge
    The speed limit on this section of the A3051 Botley Road by the Horse & Jockey pub at Curbridge, near Botley, Hants is 40 mph. The narrow width of the bridge causes a serious hazard to vehicles when they round the bend approaching it and find an HGV straddling the centre of the bridge. Crossing the bridge for motorists and cyclists using this route has become particularly dangerous. The new development of North Whiteley is partly responsible for a significant increase in the number of the HGV’s using this road. A recent 10 hour tally we carried out showed over 6,704 vehicles plus 263 HGV's used the bridge. We need to bring this to the attention of Hampshire County Council in order that action is taken to prevent a serious accident or worse a fatality.
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    Created by Margaret Holt
  • To address dangerous parking
    For the safety and sanity of local residents; for the safety of parents with prams, wheelchair users and everyday pedestrians... This flouting of traffic laws everyday would not be allowed in other more affluent areas of Bradford.
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    Created by Bradford4Better Making it Happen
  • Reverse TFW decision for 2 hourly services
    Train Services are important to residents and the local economy given the Welsh Government Decision to declare a Climate Emergency. Reducing carbon emissions and investing in the Rail Network is critical to meet carbon emission targets by 2030. This line has increased passenger numbers at each of the stations year on year of up to 20% over the last 5 years and continues to grow.
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    Created by David A Bithell Picture
  • Make bus fares fair!
    When local residents take an Uber rather than the bus, because it’s cheaper, something has gone catastrophically wrong with the public transport system. First Buses are cherry picking the profitable routes and ratcheting up the fares on them, leaving the local authority to find alternatives for the less profitable routes. This is profiteering from the public, not public transport! In environmentally uncertain times, the government should be doing all it can to encourage people to use mass public transport. Unfortunately, privatised public transport is having the opposite effect. London mayor, Sadiq Khan has changed this in his city, so all residents and visitors can cross London for less than we pay to get from the suburbs to the centre of Oldham. See article at: https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/05/oldham-greater-manchester-bus-riders-tire-high-fares-unreliable-service
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  • Make Headley Road zebra crossing safer!
    There has been an increase in dangerous driving and speeding on Headley Road, Liphook which has resulted in a number of serious incidents on the zebra crossing near Liphook Infants and Junior School. The crossing is a key route for families travelling to school. The children, families and adults of all abilities who use this crossing perceive this to be a significant risk. Recently people have been hospitalised as a result of drivers not stopping. The community is seeing an increase in 'near misses' during school commuter times and throughout the day. The increase in dangerous driving and speeding could lead to more injuries or even fatalities. Before this happens, the community want to see this crossing improved and the policing of behaviours/speeding to be increased significantly. Whilst we appreciate that this issue is an increasing concern for all residents regarding the arterial roads of Liphook, the zebra crossing, Headley Road, is the main concern of this petition.
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    Created by Emma Winfield
  • Network Rail to give a basic education and understanding of dangers of the Railway
    I think this is of vital importance because children from primary school right through to secondary school need a basic understanding and education of the dangers of a railway line after the death of the poor boy who sadly died on the railway line at Bedford Road Bootle Liverpool. This will give our children the understanding that they need to know that Merseyside and further afield operates on a third rail system which has 750v DC running through the line if you come in contact with this it will kill you instantly.
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    Created by Elliott Duncan Picture
  • Northern rail gaps danger
    Some one will die. People have fallen down to the tracks including staff and a conductor in 2015. It's a danger stop train company's before it could be you. A simple signature could make a huge difference to safety for a child on a train. Shipley train station is one of the worst.
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    Created by Kyle Caddick
  • Give Bramford's 89 Bus back please.
    Hundreds of people have been isloated and stranded without the bus. Appointments, shopping and socialising is only possible with taxis and an obscure skeleton 'alternative' bus, early morning or two late afternoon that offers a limited route, which doesn't serve the whole village. The carbon footprint of villages has increased immensely and the anxiety for many is crippling. With the expansion of the local primary school and housing, the 89 bus is vital transport from Ipswich and to Needham Stowmarket also.
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    Created by Angela Morgan
  • Amber LED Street Lights for the UK: New tech without the health risks
    The UK government is pressing forward with replacing old High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps with new, solid-state LED lighting. It is clear that technology must go forward, but there are better ways of doing it. Citizens in the UK and other countries have already complained about the invasive aesthetic of bright-white LED lights, and health experts have warned about possible health risks. These lights are interfering with our biology and they WILL affect us. John O'Hagan of Public Health England wanred that high qauntities of blue light can 'cause damage to the retina', and the frequency of these lights can 'result in headaches and migraines'. This is of course, on top of the well-known fact that blue light interrupts our circadian rhythm, leading to sleep problems. However, there is already a credible solution. Many companies already offer PCA (Phosphor Converted Amber) options for road lighting that lowers the lamp colour temperature from a blinding 4000 kelvin down to a warm and comfortable range of 1800-2000-2200 kelvin. This would alleviate a great many problems with the new street lights, while maintaining the economic advantages and energy efficiency of LED technology. Companies that offer Amber LED lights include, but are not limited to: -OSRAM https://www.osram.com/corporate/ -SITECO https://www.siteco.com/en/home?catalogue=uk_en -LUMICAN http://lumican.com/darkskyseries/ -PHILIPS LUMEC https://www.signify.com/en-us/brands/lumec Consider this, and keep our streets safe and warm!
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    Created by Steven Brown