• Reverse the Changes to St Benedicts Street Norwich
    St Benedicts is Primarily a Retail Street, Footfall is now DEAD, No Traffic = No Customers = no business. Retail Jobs will be lost, There was no real Consultation with Retailers or Residents. This is a Working Retail Street, The access to which has been restricted by Al Fresco Dining areas which will remain unused for next 8 months. During this time, with Parking and unrestricted access back in place, the majority of Independent businesses on the street could trade effectively, secure jobs & help re start the economy.
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    Created by Mark Hedge
  • Make Goudhurst a safer village to live in
    At the moment families that wish to walk to school are not able to because the A262 is unsafe to cross and cars speed along this stretch of the road.
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    Created by Goudhurst Traffic Action Group GTAG Picture
  • Fourways Pedestrian Crossing - Chalford
    Each day over 100 children cross twice at this crossing, which is just metres away from a straight run of road where nearly half of the vehicles regularly recorded exceed the speed limit.
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    Created by Anna Brooker
  • Knock down and replace public toilets outside Turnpike Lane Station
    Outside Turnpike Lane Station in Haringey N8 0DU, there are absolutely appalling public toilets. We are two sixteen year olds who have been living in haringey our whole lives, we live just around the corner from these toilets and they have been completely unusable for years despite multiple promises of improvement. It's not uncommon to see people urinating publicly outside the toilets and they are also highly unsafe especially for women and girls like ourselves. They are also inaccessible for people with disabilities. Crimes relating to drug use and theft have been recorded there. They are, quite frankly, disgusting and need to be replaced with toilets inside the station that are safer and more hygienic. The need for more safe public toilets in London is a very real and significant issue that everyone in our area and the rest of London faces and Turnpike Lane should set an example for what accessible, hygienic public toilets should look like. This is an issue that's been voiced and ignored for years and at this point there needs to be real change. Removing these appalling toilets will greatly improve the appearance and environment of the area and replacing them with toilets that are actually usable will have a major positive impact on the local community and people using the tube station and buses like us and our peers.
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    Created by Eleanor Neilson
  • Stop the new dual carriageway in Sheffield
    A new dual carriageway is being proposed, to run from Park Square to Granville Square, behind the station through Sheaf Valley Park. It is part of a £1.5 billion scheme to develop the Sheaf Valley area of the city centre. City planners have had the gall to proclaim that this will help meet our climate targets! Although the aims for pedestrianised streets and better public transport to the front of the station are laudable, to say that a new road will reduce emissions is laughable. The carbon footprint of the building plans will be humungous. The construction industry accounts for an incredible 36% of worldwide energy usage, and 40% of our CO2 emissions. Swopping the tram tracks for dual carriageway behind the station and vice versa in front of the station will be massively expensive in terms of money, carbon emissions and disruption to the public, but will give no real improvement to the transport system. Demolishing the relatively new Cross Turner Street car park, only to rebuild it at Granville Square, is wasteful not only in money but in the carbon already embodied in the building. Any big transport plan should encourage drivers to opt for less polluting means of transport, be it tram, bus, train, bike or walking. This plan will encourage drivers to drive more. Residents in Park Hill and Norfolk Park will be faced with the pollution and noise from the new road. Sheffield Station is one of the most polluted places in the country, especially for Nitrogen Dioxide as the diesel fumes from the trains and taxis combine with the road traffic. NO2 is responsible for increasing lung problems, asthma, cancer and stillbirths. Moving the road may transfer some of this pollution away from the front of the station, but it will be closer to the residents of Park Hill and Norfolk Park. A sensible solution would stop the pollution, not move it from one place to another. The new road will cut deep into Sheaf Valley Park, presumably taking out many of the trees that have been planted in recent years. It will ruin the Amphitheatre, as the road will be so close to it that audiences will no longer be able to hear the performers. Now the survival of theatres is seriously threatened, this outdoor performing space should be greatly valued. Open-air performances are far safer than in the theatres. The scheme is being proposed to accommodate the hugely destructive HS2 project. This is set to destroy 108 ancient woodlands and almost 700 wildlife sites. As well as costing the UK taxpayer well over £200 billion, the high-speed rail project is causing extensive and irreversible damage to the environment and will be a vast new source of carbon emissions for at least the next 120 years. The money would be far better spent on improving local transport, making it sensible for commuters to leave their cars at home. Don’t let HS2 ruin Sheaf Valley Park. References Plans http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/documents/s38895/Midland%20Station%20Development%20Framework%20Summary.pdf The construction industry accounts for an incredible 36% of worldwide energy usage, and 40% of CO2 emissions. https://www.british-assessment.co.uk/insights/what-is-sustainable-construction-and-why-is-it-important/ Recycle and reuse buildings to curb climate change, the report insists https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2020/02/recyle-and-reuse-buildings-to-curb-climate-change-report-insists/ Government Committee on the Medical effects of Air Pollutants https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/411756/COMEAP_The_evidence_for_the_effects_of_nitrogen_dioxide.pdf. Amphitheatre https://twitter.com/FOSVPSheffield/status/757253987175428096 HS2 Rebellion https://hs2rebellion.earth/ Stop HS2 http://stophs2.org/facts Cabinet Minutes (see point 18) http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/documents/s40542/Minutes%2018032020%20Cabinet.pdf
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    Created by Graham Wroe
  • Speed calming measures for Elwick Road (nr Elwick Grove)
    This road goes from 60mph to 30mph from Elwick to Hartlepool. The 30mph speed limit starts quite close to the Elwick Grove estate entrance, and many vehicles do not reduce their speed as they pass the estate. The issue is that vehicles tend to ignore the 30mph limit as they drive past Elwick Grove estate, or indeed speed up in readiness for the 60mph change if they are coming up the hill. There are many families living in Elwick Grove estate, using that road to cross with children for school etc. There is also a risk of a collision where people are exiting the estate with speeding vehicles coming down Elwick Road, not having an opportunity to slow down. This is an accident waiting to happen with some residents already experiencing near misses. We request the council assesses this as a priority and put speed calming measures in place before a serious collision or a pedestrian is knocked down by a speeding vehicle.
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    Created by Louise Donnelly
  • Make it mandatory for taxi drivers to wear a mask
    A taxi is an enclosed space and passengers can be on long journeys with the taxi driver and should therefore wear a mask. My daughter travels in a taxi for 3 hours a day with no social distancing and the driver is not wearing a mask. This needs to change
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    Created by Lyn Godfrey
  • Legalize E Scooters in the UK
    We need to legalize E Scooters in the UK. This will help with lowering the Carbon Footprint to save our planet as they have 0 emissions. It will help our roads have less congestion so we can get from A to B quicker and be less stressed + there will be more space for parking as the cars won't be taking it all anymore. This will make people be happier which is good for the country. Less anger and more peace is always a good thing. I agree there must be some rules put in place but make them legal and then allow us to register them in our name and then if we brake the rule you can charge us accordingly. This will stop the fools from ruining it for the rest of us. So Legalize E Scooters in the UK and allow us get them registered with the DVLA as a Carbon free vehicle
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    Created by Karl Tonndorff
  • Stop limited parking in Main Street alexandria
    Affecting local businesses during challenging times
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    Created by Susan Mathieson
  • To introduce Traffic Calming Measures and Safety along Broad Walk
    We would like the council to urgently introduce effective traffic-calming measures to reduce the risk of another tragic accident and to encourage cycling and walking. For example, by: • Setting up a width restriction or chicane between Corelli Road and Samuel Montagu youth club to slow drivers and deter large vehicles. • Replacing current speed bumps (which are hard to see) with something more visible and effective • Installing 'children crossing' signs, 20mph roundels and vehicle activated speed signs around the Samuel Montagu Youth Centre • Create passing points between Woolacombe Road and Samuel Montagu youth centre to prevent gridlocks from forming • Put down a double yellow line between Rochester Way and the new electric charging points and reinstate the bollards by the entrance to Woolacombe Road.
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    Created by Geraint Thomas
  • Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
    Due to the Corona pandemic, and from April 2020, all forms of practical driving training have been stopped, and the practical examinations have also stopped, and at the same time the certificate of success in the theoretical exam is running out. This should not be borne by individuals, as there is a major pandemic, and the Ministry of Transport must not overburden people, and it must deal with reality and not be literal in applying the rules and instructions because the current circumstances are of an exceptional type. Extend the expiry dates of those who currently hold a valid theory test to after September. This would allow time for those who have rightfully passed this theory to attempt their practical test once the pandemic has eased and society is back to running smoothly. Those who have passed their theory deserve the right to have a driving test. At current, they are unable to do so as the driving tests have been cancelled with no clear answer on when they will start back up again. This will affect many people who have worked hard to pass their theory and be able to sit a driving test.
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    Created by Ghassan ALKHATIB
  • Speed camera
    Children's park , lots of walkers crossing the road and children cycle on the road . People speed up this road too often . Been lots of near misses witnessed!
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    Created by Michaela Lever