• Free travel passes for carers and nhs workers during covid19
    They are risking their lives to save thousands of people during this pandemic. The majority of whom are on minimum wage and do not get enough support for such a vital role.
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    Created by Linda Herron
  • Reopen Hubert Grove Footbridge
    Initially the footbridge was due to close last year around August for an inspection by Network Rail.But the work was put off untill a new application was made and the bridge closed in February this year. Once Covid-19 arrived , any work on the bridge or reopening was suspended indefinitely, leaving the bridge closed & the community facing less access to local services. It is important because the footbridge is a vital link for surrounding neighbourhoods to take their children to school, get to work and access shops. Untill Network Rail decide when they intend to start work they should reopen the footbridge instead of closing it indefinitely, leaving locals very much cut off in what are already difficult times.
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    Created by Simon Wilshaw
  • Wandsworth Council - make pedestrians and cyclists a priority on residential streets
    The Coronavirus lockdown has seen a dramatic decline in cars using our roads, but they still get priority. With many of us across Tooting, Putney, Battersea, Clapham and Balham wanting to get out once a day to walk, run or cycle - as permitted by the government, our parks and commons are becoming crowded, and many residents don't have gardens or access to other private outdoor spaces. Paul Martin, the Chief Executive of Wandsworth Council could help to create more space for us to by making residential roads, all those with an existing 20mph limit, in the borough pedestrian priority - so we can walk, run or cycle AND maintain social distancing at the same time. This could be done by following steps that other cities have taken, for example installing temporary planters or barriers in the middle of the streets, temporary cycle lanes to be installed on busier roads with cones to help where pavements are narrow, or putting up signs to inform drivers that pedestrians and cyclists have priority. Other cities from New York, Chicago, and Berlin have already done this, and it would mean that the few cars still using the road would have to slow down for pedestrians in them, not the other way around.
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    Created by Tom Baker Picture
  • Freeze Vehicle Insurance Payments during the UK lockdown
    On the 23rd of March 2020 Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all UK residents must stay at home on a lockdown to protect the NHS amid the growing threat of coronavirus. No doubt this move can last six months or longer that has effected every individual within the UK financially. In this critical time of pandemic individuals and businesses have to continue paying for their vehicle insurance even though they are restricted to drive unless it’s essential. It is unfair that over 33 million policyholders have to pay insurance on vehicles that they cannot drive due to the lockdown. I urge the UK government to step in and support its citizens during this global crisis.
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    Created by Dulal Kamali
  • Refund on school bus passes
    In this worrying time with everyone in financial dificulties due coronavirus, refunds on school bus passes should be enforced to help everyone across the UK. This has already been put in place in Kent.
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    Created by Gema Somacarrera
  • Lothian Buses service 4 to be reinstated to serve Bingham
    Bingham is a local community where people rely on the local bus service to go to the Supermarket for essential shopping, popping to the post office and picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy during the current situation regarding Covid-19. We understand that this is a decision that has not been taken lightly by Lothian Buses but we feel that our community has been cut off with no local bus service to serve the area.
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    Created by Davy Watters
  • BRITS STUCK IN OZ #bringthemhome
    Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Sydney. There are limited hotels to stay in and the only food available is take out. My mother is 70 years old and is classified as a high risk group and the longer she stays in the airport the more likely she is at risk of catching the virus. If she catches the virus in Sydney she will then have to self isolate very far from home and without care as she is travelling alone. Myself and other families just want our loved ones safely home.
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    Created by Sarah Brooke
  • Bring home relatives from Australia
    We have relatives stuck out in Australia who need to come back to the UK. They cannot book flights home as some airlines have closed, please help us and sign this petition to get them home.
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    Created by Clare Cross-Hall
  • Stuck in Ghana - Help us get home
    Hundreds of people are stuck here in Ghana, many have had at least one if not two flights cancelled, for which they have paid extortionate fees. Ghana has closed its airports and airspace, leaving us Brits powerless to get out of the country. The UK government urges us to get home, but how can we do this when the embassy just points us towards their social media pages (which have not been updated for days) and when we cannot get through to our airlines. Until very recently, the FCO did not give any warnings about travel to Ghana, we have tried our best to get home, but our best is not enough and now Mr Raab and his actions are our only hope. We appreciate this is an unprecedented global crisis, but the US has offered repatriation to their citizens who are in Ghana, why can't the UK? As British citizens, we are asking you to please help us.
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    Created by Holly Seglah
  • Stuck in Australia - bring us home
    Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Australia. Other countries have organized repatriation flights to bring them home, such as Peru. Mr Raab had suggested it is up to private enterprise and airlines to organise repatriation flights but all airlines are cancelling their flights. Only route left is Qatar which is costing £7000 per person. For the vast majority, this would have been well beyond their reach. And why is the government leaving it to each individual to find a solution? Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and the country is on lockdown with inter-state travel being closed down so we can’t easily get to key airports. Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to come home!
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    Created by Emma Redman
  • No restrictions on travel passes for the elderly
    Supermarkets have shopping hours for the elderly from 8-9 in the morning but travel passes don’t work until 9am meaning many can not access the shops. Many can not afford this - I met one elderly woman yesterday who told me this exact problem meaning she has to go to the supermarket when it had already been stripped but also when it was much busier and therefore with a higher likelihood of infection. This stress needs removing as these are not normal times.
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    Created by David Shorten
  • Cancel HS2 and divert money to public services and societies struggling financially
    Society is facing a huge threat and all funds should be used to fight this threat and support people who may be struggling financially.
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    Created by John Blewett