• The need for a Bus Service
    There is currently no service between Llandeilo and Cross Hands. Residents along the A476 cannot get to these major business/shopping areas and businesses do not have the benefit of their custom. The A476 is shortly to become a trunk road, the only one without a bus service. Many people do not have access to Cars and need public transport. One day, this may be you !!
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  • Time to take back our buses!
    First Glasgow are selling up. After axing routes and ripping off passengers for years, First Bus are putting their whole Glasgow business up for sale. There’s a perfect buyer just waiting to take over: the public. New powers in the Transport Bill allow councils to own and operate bus services. These will let Glasgow City Council buy the rights to operate buses in the interests of passengers, not profit - like Edinburgh's Lothian Buses. Bus services in our city have been inadequate for far too long. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to take back our buses and build a better public transport system for everyone in our city. Please sign the petition to tell Glasgow City Council to get our buses back! ------------------------------------- Strathclyde’s Buses have been privately-owned by First Glasgow since they bought out the company in 1996. In the last two decades, with First in charge, we have seen routes cut, communities abandoned, and fare prices soar so a single is now £2.40. Meanwhile in Edinburgh, where Lothian Buses have always remained in public ownership they have a comprehensive, reliable and affordable service, with a cleaner fleet and growing passenger numbers. A single fare is just £1.70. Our city needs these assets back in public ownership, so that we can properly plan and integrate our public transport network to reach all corners of our city region, and reduce fares. If everyone can get around easily, affordably, reliably and sustainably it will help expand our city’s economy, address inequality and social isolation, reduce congestion and toxic air pollution, and cut carbon emissions. Sign and share this petition if you want Glasgow City Council to help us take back our buses! Re-municipalising Bus Services (bringing them back into local public ownership) helps improve services AND saves money. Read all the evidence here: https://www.transportforqualityoflife.com/u/files/160314_Building_a_World-class_Bus_System_extended%20summary%20report_FINAL4_for_web.pdf Read about our campaign and the new powers coming in the Scottish Transport Bill: 12 June 2019 ‘A great step forward’: Campaigners welcome move to let councils set up bus services. https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/14352/great-step-forward-campaigners-welcome-move-let-councils-set-bus-services Read about First's plans to sell up: 30 May 2019 ‘FirstGroup confirms sale of UK bus division to focus on US business’ https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/30/firstgroup-to-sell-greyhound-as-it-bows-to-activist-investors Read the sad story of how we lost our buses in 1996: 10 May 1996 ‘Takeover nets bus workers pounds 35,000’ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/takeover-nets-bus-workers-pounds-35000-1346448.html
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  • Proposed changes to Goodwill Junction
    Link to Harrow Council website on views https://consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/junctionimprovementproposals/consultationHome The council wishes to put restrictions on the right turn from Uxbridge road/Harrow view turning right restricting residents to be able to reach their homes. The issues with the right turn restrictions are noted below: 1. The council has noted that alternative routes can be used. The council has not performed a traffic displacement impact and the effects it will have on other roads. This should have been done prior to the proposals being sent out. 2. The proposal aims to displace traffic on to side road, this will affect residents within Cunningham Avenue, Bolton Road, Pinner view which already have a lot of traffic and are narrow increasing the risk of accidents. The other road affected which has been suggested by council is Headstone Lane which has Junior School i.e. Pinner Park Infant and Junior school, increasing traffic on that road with children crossing the road at peak times will increase the safety risk to parents and children which the council may have not considered. By displacing traffic to narrow roads with nursery and junior schools in the area, the proposal is increasing the risk. Please note that residents in North Harrow have young families and this should be taken priority. 3. Further the displaced traffic which may use Headstone Lane will than cross via Priory Lane a narrow road with cars on both side increasing traffic as the arterial junction has been restricted. 4. The council proposal of not having right turn will only increase traffic ahead on cunningham avenue as drivers will try turn right on the Bolton road, cunningham Avenue which already has traffic. Due to narrow road on Harrow view with 2 to 3 cars it will cause a backlog of traffic that the new junction was proposing to improve. Note that drivers will not be able to turn right until the side road is clear creating a bottle neck. 5. The increased traffic and displacement will increase pollution on the road as it will take between 5-10 minutes to get to residents home. An example would be resident staying in Victor Road, the resident will have to drive across to Cunningham avenue, turn right to Pinner view than turn to Headstone Gardens to be able to reach his home. There is a significant environmental impact as a result. 6. The council proposal sent out only covered limited residents when a number of residents in Parkside Way, Priory Way, Manor Way are affected.
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  • Petition to remove no left turn restriction on Withycombe Road and Inner Park Road Southfields SW19
    It doesn't prevent people using this route, it just diverts traffic further down Wimbledon Park Side and into the roads where gas servicing road works are taking place. This is creating gridlocked traffic in residential roads, which were previously quiet, as the roads are mostly single lane due to the resident's parked cars. The knock-on effect of this is causing much heavier traffic along the A3 and routes leading into Wimbledon, Putney and Wandsworth. Due to this, people are now trying to access Wimbledon via earlier A3 exits and this has created gridlocked traffic at Coombe Lane and surrounding residential roads also. Scrap this terrible idea.
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  • People are not pests
    The signatories of this petition wish to register our disgust at Southern Rail treating people begging at stations as pests. These people have slipped through the widening cracks of our society through bad luck and deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion, not as a nuisance. We demand an apology from Southern Rail and the immediate removal of all “Security” notices telling people not to encourage begging by giving money.
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  • Later trains to Berwick-upon-Tweed
    Berwick-upon-Tweed is situated almost exactly half way between Edinburgh and Newcastle. The absence of a later train service causes great inconvenience for Berwick residents, those living in the wider area, commuters and those making day trips to places such as Edinburgh, Newcastle and York, those travelling for business purposes, attending sports events, concerts, personal appointments, visiting family etc etc. It also has a negative impact on tourism and the local economy. For example, Berwick would be a good option for people to stay who wish to take in the Edinburgh Festival if it was not for the timing of the last train back. Berwick is a train journey of around 45 minutes to both Edinburgh and Newcastle and should be promoted much more as a “Commuter Town” (with the knock on benefits) but this potential is not realised because of the timings of the last trains. Berwick is also seeking to get major funding, through the Borderlands Growth Initiative, for a new theatre and conference centre and this needs to be accompanied and supported with later trains to maximise the benefits. The advantages are significant and wide-ranging from what would seem a relatively simple and achievable measure. Later trains stopping at Berwick is something that the government should insist on when awarding franchises to the train operators.
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  • New Bridge South 0f Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    The River Tyne has no crossing points between Newcastle and the Tyne Tunnel at Jarrow. For an area the size of Tyneside this is a ridiculous state of affairs. I suspect this could be to maintain a flow of tolls into the Tyne Tunnel. However 7 miles of Tyneside is cut off from the other side, this is unacceptable. People have to either commute to Newcastle to cross or go through the expensive Tyne Tunnel. Sunderland have just completed a fantastic new bridge the Northern Spire at less than half the cost of the second Tyne Tunnel. A bridge would ease the congestion and pollution caused at the Tyne Bridge. Please support this campaign so we can make an overdue change for the better for the people of Tyneside!
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  • Implement 7.5 Tonne Weight Limit & 20 MPH Maximum Speed Restriction
    A reduction in unnecessary HGV traffic through a very congested village centre will reduce the likelihood of a serious / fatal accident and / or damage to roadside buildings and infrastructure. (A650 bypass is a safe alternative route) A 20 mph speed limit would also reduce the likelihood of a serious / fatal vehicle or pedestrian collision. Restricted parking, lack of speed management and poor visibility creates a huge hazard to village traffic and pedestrians when exiting the Co-op, Town Street and roadside parking spaces. Reducing vehicle speeds and restricting HGV numbers / access will allow members of the public / children / pensioners to negotiate the pedestrian crossing with greater confidence & improved safety. Vehicles will be able to park, pull up or unload safely in the village centre (including deliveries) to the benefit of all local shops and amenities.
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  • Reading Street Road speed consultation
    I wish to raise the issue of the speed limit on Reading Street Road, and the increasing problem of motorists seeing the stretch as opportunity to break the law. I have lived on this road for five years and have observed the problem get worse and worse, and I truly believe that there is a risk to life because the current restrictions do not adequately recognise the housing and foot traffic along this route, or sufficiently deter reckless joy-riders. At present, as a motorist turns on to Reading Street Road, they are met by a national speed limit sign within 50 yards - something of an invitation - and before the housing has finished. Ahead is a stretch of straight road which disappears into tree filled hedges, with little visibility. There is a trend amongst some drivers to accelerate aggressively along the stretch of housing, heading in the Margate direction, in order to reach maximum speeds on a stretch that has evidently earned itself a reputation as a good spot to take such risks. In the opposite direction the problem is even worse: motorists accelerate up the stretch towards Broadstairs, often unaware of the housing and junction that await further on. This behaviour puts at risk the safety of: + The residents of the homes on Reading Street Rd, including children who play on the pavements, incl bike riding, scooters and skateboards + Those who walk to and from the allotments, sited just beyond the houses + The large community of walkers and dog walkers, who routinely use the public footpaths in the fields on either sides of the road (and which cross mid way down Reading Street Rd), as well as the less official routes which are long established around the neighbouring fields. + Bike riders, many of whom are children and tourists, and unaware of the dangers + Horse riders, who are commonly on this route, coming from the stables at Elmswood Farm Riding Centre - the majority of whom are children. An accident is waiting to happen and three important changes should be considered: + The change of speed restriction should be moved further down the road, to where the housing and allotments have finished. + The above speed limit should be changed from 60 mph to 40 mph. + A speed camera, or similar, should be installed to tackle those who continue to ignore speed limits and put lives at risk. The similar stretch along Green Lane, which runs almost parallel to Reading Street Road, on the other side of the field, has a 30 mph limit for the entire stretch, despite housing levels being as low. Furthermore, the speed limit is enforced with a speed camera, something that, given the evident circuit that has been adopted by speeding motorists, actually exacerbates the issue of Reading Street Road. Injury, or loss of life, seems highly likely on this stretch of road. This should not be the catalyst for action: the council needs to respond now to protect the public.
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  • BAN Cars being described as "Self-charging" Hybrids
    This is a deliberately misleading description designed to make buyers think it is an electric vehicle. These are NOT electric vehicles, they are internal combustion vehicles with a battery charged from the engine. 100% of the power comes from fossil fuels.
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  • 20mph zone with speed restriction measures for Hollickwood School
    This is important to ensure the safety of pupils attending Hollickwood School, as well as for parents, staff and local residents. We consider these measures to be required urgently to prevent a serious incident. It has been consistently witnessed that cars travel down Sydney Road at unsafe speeds. As they are travelling down a hill cars pick up speed and do not seem to be aware that there is a school and a large number of children and families who cross this road regularly. A residents cat was recently hit and killed by a car and our children have said that they do not want it to be them next. There have been several deaths in the local area due to pedestrian and car collisions, a child was killed by a car not far away in East Finchley just days ago. As a school we are doing everything we can to promote road safety and ensure that all of our children understand how to be safe when travelling and crossing roads. We call upon the Council to do what they can also.
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  • Minimum Wage for HGV Drivers
    Professional Drivers are continually being exploited by Recruitment Agencies, Transport, Haulage and Logistic companies. Professional Drivers should be paid a professional wage for the long hours, stress, health risk, financial aspects within the industry, and the time away from there friends and family. The industry is being swamped by low wage jobs forcing Professional Drivers to live on the bread line, Professional Drivers to leave the industry, and is creating and helping maintain a national shortage of Professional Drivers. The Government needs to act now to safeguard this profession, encourage school leavers and others to choose this industry as a career and help safeguard the economy.
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