For many years the air monitoring equipment in the centre of Chipping Norton has consistently been reading way above European health levels. It is suggested that the proposed new link road to the planned 1200 houses to the south will alleviate this problem. But the majority of vehicles head north through the centre of town.
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  • Traffic Calming Measures for Drumcross Road / Glenmavis Drive Junction
    The issue is the speed of the cars travelling up the steep hill of Drumcross Road. Many people on Social Media have posted accounts of near misses as they exit Glenmavis Drive onto Drumcross Road. There is a very faded 'SLOW' sign painted onto the hill but it is clearly being ignored by many drivers. Due to the speed of the cars the junction is blind. Exiting without an incident is more a matter of lucky timing than proficient driving. A blind spot traffic mirror to extend the field of view for drivers exiting onto Drumcross Road from Glenmavis Drive would increase safety at this junction.
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  • Open Glasgow Subway normal hours on Sundays
    The Subway provides an affordable, reliable and safe method of transport for a large part of the city of Glasgow - extending this service to normal opening hours on a Sunday would increase access and use of the subway, and make travelling to work on a Sunday for those that work unsociable hours much easier and safer.
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  • Petition to make the roads around Netherfield Primary School safer
    Safety of the children at Netherfield Primary School
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  • Change Leyton underground station to Leyton Orient
    To recognise and mark the cultural importance of leyton Orient to the local community .
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  • Parking permits for Cambridge street Bletchley residents
    As a resident im getting very frustrated with non residents of the street parking outside our homes for hours on end while they wine and dine at voogs Chinese restaurant or Himalayan restaurant and jaflong Indian restaurant. Thus leaving us no where to park. Most of the street have children elderly and disabled residents. If we park outside our home during 8-6 mon-sat we are at risk of receiving a parking ticket outside our own homes.
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  • Safe pedestrian crossing at Victoria Park, Glasgow
    Thousands of school children, families with young children, pensioners and dog walkers regularly use this crossing to access Victoria Park especially at weekends and during morning and evening commutes which are also the busiest times for traffic. The junction itself has a confusing (even for drivers) double roundabout and several split filter lanes which carries a wide range of traffic including busses and lorries to the stadium. Pedestrians have little protection with narrow pedestrian islands at crossing points. As this junction is confusing drivers tend to focus on looking for vehicles and not pedestrians. Having been stuck with a pram and two young children on scooters on the narrow pedestrian island having cars drive past on either side it is extremely intimidating even for adults/parents. In addition to Victoria Park and Victoria Park Nature Trail the crossings here also provide vital pedestrian access to Scotstoun Sports Campus, Fossil Grove, St Paul's Primary School, St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School and Jordanhill School. Planning of this junction has effectively ignored pedestrians and the result is a dangerous and intimidating junction for everyone but particularly children. Glasgow City Council need to urgently rethink this junction for the benefit of everyone - not just those with cars.
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  • Bring back the 6.15pm 98 bus in Colchester Town.
    The representative for First Bus said the bus is being cancelled due to lack of patronage. This is a false statement as I take this bus every day and it is always busy and not just with concessions. Anyone like me, who has no alternative route, will have to wait until 8.10pm to get a bus home. They have not stated clearly anywhere on social media that these changes are happening. I've been telling people MYSELF on the bus each night and they have been shocked and distressed to find out they won't get home till 9pm. They are still running the 98 out of Clacton at 5.30pm, 6.30pm and 7.30pm but not from Colchester. Why? It is not a lack of demand. They have tried to slip these changes through quietly and left their customers desperate for information and no care shown that when the 28th comes round and we literally won't be able to get home... unless we wait 3 HOURS!! They say its tweaking a service to increase punctuality, a 3 hour wait is not punctual, it's outrageous! This cannot be allowed to remain in place. It's not a service it's an utter disgrace.
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  • Protective clothing for motorcycle riding.
    There are so many injuries caused when riders in flimsy gear come off their motorcycle or scooter, which puts extra strain on our NHS and other Emergency Services.
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  • Tram track noise
    It is important for the local residents so that the noise level will reduce and it will be a quieter area as the trams starter at 5am in the morning and finish at 01:30am in the morning, and there is a tram every few minutes through that section of track northbound and southbound 364 days a year.
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  • Great Western Railway - #BringBackTheBuffet
    Great Western Railway (GWR) has started the roll out of its new Intercity Express Trains servicing various routes including long distance ones such London to Penzance and London to South Wales. Despite GWR’s claims that the new trains provide passengers with ‘more space, more comfort’, its actions tell a different story. With a total disregard for the passenger experience, GWR has removed the buffet car from its new trains. On-train buffets provide passengers (who often travelling long journeys) with a proper catering service that has the option of hot meals and can be accessed at their convenience. When the trains were in design, the RMT consistently warned the Government and GWR that the removal of the buffet car would lead to a deterioration in the service for passengers. Despite this, GWR has ploughed ahead and replaced it with a trolley service, which of course can only provide passengers with a much more limited choice. Coupled with passenger concerns about the lack of comfort in the new trains , it is clear that GWR has chosen profit over the passenger experience. This is despite the fact that rail passengers in the UK pay the highest rail fares in Europe. The publically owned LNER franchise, which operates the East Coast mainline, is also introducing a new fleet of the same Intercity Express Trains – however, a key difference is that all of the new LNER trains retain the buffet car. This makes it clear that the lack of a buffet service in the GWR trains is purely down to a lack of will on the part of GWR. The dedicated GWR catering staff rightly recognise that their passengers deserve a proper catering service on the new trains and therefore the RMT is demanding that GWR reinstates the buffet car in all of its Intercity Express Trains without delay. Furthermore, to safeguard the provision of the buffet service on the Greater Western route, the Department for Transport (DfT) must ensure that future franchise contracts specify a requirement for the buffet car. Please sign this petition and share it widely as part of the campaign to #BringBackTheBuffet
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  • Traffic lights for Carley/Thompson road junction in Sunderland.
    Tonight there has been a bad car crash on this awful junction. The lack of lights on this junction leads to daily near misses on an incredibly busy cross roads and it is only time before somebody is killed. It is essential pressure is put on the City Council to install these lights and also to ensure that they are not able to claim that they were unaware of the problems on this junction. If they fail to deal with the issues on this junction they need to be aware that local voters will hold them responsible for their failure to keep local people safe.
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