• Support clean air for Bath
    We have heard plenty from those unhappy with measures intended to improve air quality. The council needs to know there are also many people who support cleaner air for Bath, even if it does come at the price of some personal cost or inconvenience.
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    Created by Guy Hodgson
  • Secondary school transport in Bath & North East Somerset
    Air pollution, carbon emissions, and congestion are major issues for the local authority. Air pollution causes ill health, and the council is currently obliged to reduce it to legal levels. Carbon dioxide contributes to climate breakdown, whilst congestion costs businesses and individuals money and time, and increases the risk of road traffic accidents. Childhood inactivity is a major cause of ill-health over a lifetime. Many parents are currently forced to drive their children to school due to the inadequacy and expense of school transport in B&NES. Few segregated cycle lanes exist. Bus services do not exist for some routes to school, and are expensive, uncomfortable, and insufficient on many routes, with buses often over-full, and children left behind at stops, and arriving late and miserable for school. WECA must work with B&NES Council, schools and bus companies, to ensure appropriate walking and cycling infrastructure, and bus services exist, to allow safe, independent and active travel to school by all students attending state and private secondary schools in B&NES. Campaign created by Sarah Warren and Joanna Wright
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    Created by Sarah Warren and Joanna Wright
  • Keep Lisnaskea School Bus Depot open
    Education Authority plans to close Lisnaskea School Bus depot as a cost-saving exercise are unacceptable and a threat to OUR children’s health and safety! When Lisnaskea school bus depot is closed (and sold off?), the closest bus depot will be in Enniskillen which will mean school buses will either have to travel there for refueling or refuel in commercial fore courts in Lisnaskea. This will be very wasteful and bad for the environment and will further increase congestion in the county town. Closing the Lisnaskea depot is yet another local service being removed from our villages and towns but there's no reason for this to happen. Once it is closed all the school buses operating from Roslea to Lisbellaw will be based out of Enniskillen. This risks delays of up to one hour in getting replacement buses in event of a winter breakdown - the distance for a spare bus to come out could be more than 22 miles and there's no one on duty to even take a call before 7am. What's more there is no mobile phone coverage east of Lisnaskea so a driver might have to walk a considerable distance, leaving children on an unheated school bus, to the nearest house to use a land-line. If there are delays in getting a school bus to replace one broken down in the cold - not only are children put at risk but parents who rely on school buses being on time could have to arrange childcare at short notice or risk missing work. The uncertainty over bus provision could cause children enrolled to take exams disruption. The last thing the Education Authority appears to be thinking about is the needs of children or their families. But this is not all - the school bus drivers are hugely concerned about the risk of accidents from school buses which are too big to refuel safely at local commercial service stations hitting children or even adults leaving the service station. The Education Authority bus drivers are very concerned about this move. While the EA tell us that it will save money - we don't understand how this could be the case. Sending buses to the Enniskillen depot for refuelling will cost more – the only possible explanation is that EA are looking to sell off Lisnaskea Bus Depot! We are asking that you help the School Bus drivers in their fight to protect the children and keep open Lisnaskea School Bus Depot. Please take the time to sign our petition and share with your friends online.
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    Created by Donal O'Cofaigh Picture
  • Strip Arriva Of The Northern Franchise
    Constant cancellations, delays reduced Weekend services due to strikes
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    Created by Darren Hayward Picture
  • Lower the Speed Limit on the A6 in Westhoughton to 30mph
    The stretch of the A6 between Wingates and Chequerbent roundabout currently has a 40mph speed limit. This is a built up area which in recent years has had a lot more housing built nearby thus making it very busy with school children and families crossing the road at peak traffic times. Remember the advert which stated "at 40 miles an hour, there’s around an 80% chance I’ll die. Hit me at 30 and there’s around an 80% chance I’ll live." In 2016, 2186 children aged 15 or under were injured or killed whilst walking during morning or afternoon peak times. Under Section 6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, our council has the power to make a traffic order reducing speed limits where people live, and where children walk and play. Please sign this petition to ensure that cars are driving at reasonable speeds which allow a much reduced stopping distance and a vastly reduced danger to our children.
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    Created by Emma Woodworth
  • Protect our children from dirty air in Cardiff
    Air pollution is a public health crisis, with illegal and harmful levels of air pollution across the UK. We need national and local government to act to clean up our air and make our towns and cities a healthier place to live for everyone but especially for babies and children. Air pollution affects us all, from when we are in the womb through to old age. It is linked to premature births and can stunt lung growth in children. Air pollution can trigger heart attacks and strokes, worsens asthma attacks and causes lung cancer. Babies, children and older people are more vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution. We need the Council, with the support of national government, to take urgent action to clean up our air to protect the health of children and babies.
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    Created by Elinor Dixon Picture
  • New Rail Link for the South West
    Without a proper rail link the whole of the South West of England will suffer economically, and socially as business looks elsewhere and people migrate to areas with good transport links to seek work. The South West is a fantastic community that we don't want to see stagnate and end up as a backwater. David Cameron stood on Dawlish Station and said "All options will be considered and a new plan for South West rail links put into place" Three years down the line and nothing new has happened and the track is still being closed by waves and rock falls. It is time to remind Government of their commitments and to stand up for our community, so sign the petition and let's see if people power can achieve some positive action.
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    Created by Michael Arstall
  • Safe School Streets for Sheffield
    School Streets are roads next to schools where traffic is restricted during the times of the day when children are arriving or leaving school. Sheffield has 25 schools in areas of high, sometimes illegal, air pollution. High air pollution levels exacerbate respiratory illnesses like asthma and recent studies have shown that children exposed to high pollution levels have reduced lung capacity that can affect them for the rest of their lives. Sheffield has a clean air strategy that already recognises the need to take action on poor air quality, especially around schools. 20mph and anti-idling initiatives are great but will not make enough of a difference. Edinburgh, Southwark, Hackney and Solihull have already implemented School Streets to protect children from traffic and traffic related pollution at the school gate. School Streets encourages active travel, improves air quality in the classroom, and reduces traffic congestion for everyone.
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    Created by Graham Turnbull Picture
  • Parking Restrictions at Thornes Park, Wakefield
    Many users of the Thornes Park Athletics Stadium and the park itself, regularly need more than 3 hours parking. Both Gymnastics and Bowling sessions run for 3 hours or more, changing and set up time has not been factored in, athletics meets sometimes last all day. The Council is supposed to be encouraging people to have healthy lifestyles and should not put obstacles in their way.
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    Created by Nic Stansby
  • Keep the X68 bus service from Kenilworth to Warwick
    This bus service provides a vital link for visitors to and volunteers and staff at Warwick hospital who live in Kenilworth. Without this service it will be much harder for these people to get to and from the hospital and, if they can afford, it will further increase the number of cars on our local roads.
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    Created by Richard Dickson
  • Oyster 60+ and Freedom Passes
    Under current eligibility criteria you must currently live in a designated London borough in order to apply. This excludes thousands of older people who live in the outskirts of London and use TFL services in their local area, simply because they do not currently live in a designated London borough. As someone who was born in London and has lived in London for over 40 years and now living a few hundred metres the wrong side of the "border", I find this particularly unjust.
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    Created by Christopher Ryan
  • Change the crossing near Bitterne Station (Southampton) to make it safe for pedestrians & cyclists.
    It takes 7 mins to cross as a pedestrian with the lights, so people take risks running across. There's no safe cycle route, but it could be much safer with a few dropped kerbs and some paint. It is monstrous that the proposed Highways England scheme does not take this into account. We need a regular combined pedestrian/cyclist phase over this dangerous junction. Also, eg: - pavement alteration for bikes by derelict hairdresser and opposite for bikes. - crossing point is needed from station across to Athelstan Rd - over just Bitterne Rd West instead of multiple crossings. - traffic calming needed by the concrete blocks on Bullar Rd, as the crossing is often ignored by vehicles. Please join us on 18th Nov: https://www.facebook.com/events/266846273945353/ (or contact us via http://www.southamptoncyclingcampaign.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/ )
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    Created by Lyn Brayshaw Picture