• Use marble instead of granite on all military headstones
    Give or war heros a lasting memorial worthy of the sacrifice they have made
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    Created by Stuart Gibson
  • Reducing the road speed of v5 Milton Keynes
    Because my cat and so many others have been killed on this road by cars
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    Created by Nicola Cobley
  • Stop Gambling sites emailing and messaging people
    It is tempting people who would not normally seek out gambling establishments to start what could lead to an addiction.
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    Created by Angie Macmillan
  • Bassingbourn Skate Park
    Many boys hang about on bikes around the streets and this will stop that.
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    Created by George Bergin
  • Challenge the touch taboo and encourage safe touch in schools and care settings
    Affective touch is a powerful medium for conveying empathy between people, for example when acknowledging that a child is highly successful, anxious or upset. A large body of recent neurobiological and psychological research clearly demonstrates that affective touch activates a crucial nerve system in the skin of all mammals that defends against stress and promotes feelings of well-being. A lack of touch is linked to less ability to cope. Safe touch also promotes discussion about what is not safe or wanted by other people.
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    Created by Sean Cameron
  • Make Jermain Defoe and Bradley Lowery Sports Personality of the Year 2017
    For once a footballer has stood up and been a proper role model for kids and shown them how to behave. Awarding Jermain wouldn't just be for him but an award to show that being a good, decent person in a money orientated game is the best way to be. Thank you Jermain Defoe.
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    Created by Reuben Thorne
  • Restore Francois' sole position in Sat Stores
    Moral has dropped between staff members located permanently in both Satallite stores. Restoring Francois will increase moral!
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    Created by Vishnu Ladwa
  • Asthmatic inhalers
    Why do asthmatics have to pay for their inhalers and diabetics get enselling free
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    Created by Dave Stuart
  • Stop UK food industry using plastic food packaging
    The amount of plastic being used is clogging up the oceans and putting its sea creatures in danger. We've seen the horrific stories of sea turtles being suffocated by plastic bags and fish with bits of plastic and beaches strewn with bottles, toys, lighters and straws. These materials take hundreds of years to break down. We can't go on like this. It has to stop.
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    Created by Lorraine Churchill
  • Save Burton Hospital Stop the Derby Takeover
    Earlier this year, leaked documents have revealed that Derby Teaching Hospital Trust will merge with Burton Hospital Trust The documents reveal that such a merger could have wide ranging implications on clinical areas including: Cancer and Stroke Care Orthopaedics Radiology Acute Medicine   The documents show that some services could be lost from Burton and moved to Derby* We have the following concerns Concerns over loss of services at Burton Hospital Threats to staffs jobs, terms and conditions A lack of transparency in the process. Proposals to increase levels of privatisation Further pressure to remaining Hospital services in Burton and Derby
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    Created by William Walker
  • Affinity Sutton's Water Cap
    We feel that our families are being unfairly penalised. The children that live here have a communal garden and one of the activities that is enjoyed by ALL the children young and old is the use of paddling pools. The capping of the external taps means we are unable to water our garden plants, unable to provide water for the dogs that use the garden and we are unable to allow the children to cool off in the hot weather. This is important as we are paying communal water charges but have no access to communal water. We were not consulted or given fair warning of the taps being capped. We have been repeatedly ignored by our landlord. We as a community have been told we are not allowed to use paddling pools or have water fights in our communal garden and feel this is unacceptable. This petition is a way for all tenants in rented properties to show how important it is for landlords to listen to residents on issues that impact their lives.
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    Created by Shaunnie Groom
  • Norman Bettison
    To show that people in high profile jobs cannot get away with anything
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    Created by Keith Bourne