• Make mdma tests free to anybody
    Save lives of young people
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    Created by Daryl Caffrey
    Canvey Island X-ray unit is a lifeline to residents of canvey Island and is urgently needed.not only for our elderly population but but is widely used for all residents
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    Created by david blackwell
  • Charities slammed by HSBC bank charges
    There are so many organisations in the UK, usually run by volunteers, doing so much good in their local communities, and they are struggling to raise funds due to Covid19 restrictions. If they also have to pay fees to banks just to manage their funds, this will have a serious impact on their ability to continue their excellent work. These include local sports clubs, youth groups, food banks, Scout & Guide groups, and so many other charities, both large and small. Banks make enormous profits, and they should do their part in helping charities, not dealing them another blow at this difficult time. Please help this campaign.
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    Created by Patricia Smith
  • People who Live in Flats should be allowed to have a Small Dog
    Because I am certainly Not on my own with regards to this ! There must be hundreds possibly even thousands of people in the same situation as myself ! With a landlord who does not permit them to have a small pet ! Why should a landlord have this much power !! It’s wrong totally unfair
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    Created by Alan Watts
  • Children urgently need NHS dentists!
    If children's parents are unable to afford their dental care then their dental health will suffer, parents will have no choice but to take their children to A&E when they are suffering the results of not having been able to see a dentist. What is the point of children being entitled to free dental if you literally cannot find an NHS dentist able to take them on, with dental practices who are presently under contract with the NHS, citing waiting lists of 2-3 years with no guarantee that by that time they will still be under contract.
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    Created by Jenny Price
  • Ban third party deductions from universal credit
    These deductions are even higher than any court would order any person to pay They must stop now before further damage is done to people just trying to live
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    Created by Spike McNellan
  • Every employee contract is for a minimum of 48 hours even though it may state less
    People need to know what hours they are working. No work-life balance is possible if you can be told to work at the drop of a hat. It is unbearable.
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    Created by Una Key
  • Raise pension payments to the minimum weekly wage of £287
    To ensure all people who have contributed throughout their life will have a decent pension when they retire and not have to live on the bread line.
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    Created by Stef Hargreaves
  • Have you received poor service from Chronomics Covid-19 Testing?
    In these difficult times, we must stand together in doing everything we can to support the ongoing efforts to reduce the spread and the impact of corona virus. And I believe that this includes calling out and distancing ourselves from companies who do not take their responsibilities in this endeavour seriously.
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    Created by Ed Francis
  • Recycle plastic and glass bottles.
    This helps to stop people littering and motivates people to recycle more.
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    Created by Shirl Hicks
  • Cindy Test Portkey
    Because it's fun
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    Created by Cindy Xie
  • 60+ Should they have their Pension if they are unable to work
    People should join me if they are in the same boat as me. Why should we have to wait till we are 67? I can prove I will never be able to work again. I just know there are more people than me....
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    Created by Susan Channing