• Stop the Closure of South West Community Hospitals
    It's being recommended that four cottage hospitals - Dartmouth, Paignton, Ashburton and Bovey Tracey - in South Devon are to close. At a time when there is a shortage of hospital beds and lack of alternative care arrangements for patients ready for discharge from major hospitals in the South West this decision is perverse and needs to be challenged
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    Created by David Millar
  • Protect trade union secondments at Portsmouth City Council
    Portsmouth City Council is proposing to slash the funding for trade union secondments, funds which release trade union representatives from their day jobs in order to represent members, offer guidance and negotiate on behalf of all Council staff. Portsmouth City Council is legally obliged to pay trade union reps for the time they spend representing the workforce, but properly funded secondments simplify arranging time off and cover. By slashing secondment funding the Council will increase costs, create long delays in resolving workplace issues and expose themselves to legal challenges. The trade unions themselves have offered to negotiate with the Council and put forward their own suggestions for reducing costs but these were rejected. It is a false economy as by removing from the budget the relatively small costs of providing the secondments, the Council will increase its overall expenditure. They will be exposed to costly Employment Tribunal and personal injury claims which would otherwise have been prevented through the guidance and involvement of seconded representatives; statutory formal procedures will take longer to complete as the Council fails to find trade union stewards available to participate; collective agreements formed by employer and trade unions on behalf of the staff, which benefit both the Council and the employees, will not be reached as trade union representatives are unlikely to be easily released by their local manager to work on these or get their existing work covered in their absence. At a time of unprecedented job losses in the public sector the Council wants to remove the protection, reassurance and independent advice that Council staff receive from their trade unions. Portsmouth City Council is one of the largest employers in the city, it needs it seconded trade union representatives to function. By signing this petition you can show your support for the Portsmouth City Council staff and their elected trade union representatives and help us fight this politically motivated attack by the Council.
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    Created by Portsmouth City Council UNISON,UNITE,GMB
  • Say No to 8am-8pm Parking Excess
    Parking enforcement will have a field day - but residents, visitors, parents doing the school drop, faith groups and businesses will lose out. This 365 days a year of severe parking control is a money making venture by the council. Broad Green is over-built and this is causing congestion - the council is penalising residents when it is to blame.
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    Created by Theloisproject Womenshealth
  • Shock, Horror! Are footballers being forced to leave UK?
    It is unjust. Only certain people are receiving warning letter of removal. Has Nigel Farage's wife received a letter? Has Nick Clegg's wife received a letter? Has Boris Johnson ( born in New York) received a letter? Have the non-British footballers received letters? These letters are divisive and instill a sense of insecurity. We object to the intimidation and callousness of the Home Office to use people in this way. We deplore the indecisiveness of the Prime Minister and her abusive use of people as pawns in the Brexit negotiations.
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    Created by judy thurlow
  • Put the pension age for men back to 65
    Its important because doing hard graft at 65 is bad enough never mind 70... Manual workers shouldn't be made to work till their 70 its a disgrace. Sit behind a desk yes... but digging roads, on roofs etc is a disgrace. They have worked long enough at 65!!
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    Created by Julie Usher
  • get rid of the tv licence once and for all
    It would save people money,freeview should mean just that-free
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    Created by Leanna Barnard
  • Don't fine street-sitters
    - Why kick a man when he is down? - I know from direct experience that money given to John, a street-sitter, was spent on food. We have become friends. Maybe sometimes money given can be misspent but let's give people the benefit of the doubt. Glass half full ...Better to take the risk of being foolish rather than cynical. - 'There, but for the Grace of God, go I'. I have met men who have held responsible well-paid jobs and then been reduced to street-sitting by adverse circumstances such as marital violence, debt etc. Street-sitters remind us of the fragility of our lives.
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    Created by roger sawtell
  • No fines for homeless in Northampton
    It targets vulnerable people and fines them when they are clearly not in a position to pay. It criminalises people who are already at a low ebb and already face considerable challenges in getting their lives back on track. It is a waste of taxpayers' money chasing people with no money through the judicial system for money that they cannot afford.
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    Created by Simon Starkey
  • WASPI Against Women's state pension inequality
    Many retirement lives in the 60+ age group have been ruined by the fast introduction of these changes and many retired couples have not had the chance to plan ahead for the changes. I am a man of 70 and retired. My wife has just turned 60 but now has to work until she is 67 before we can both retire together with the state pension that we have both contributed to throughout our lives. This is not what we had planned for as the rules have been changed without sufficient notice. Many older women from this age group now have to continue working far beyond the years that they have planned and saved for.
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    Created by Graham Baker
  • Fairer Transport Deal for Rawdon Residents
    1.The areas in and around Rawdon have no hopper bus, unlike the neighbouring areas of Yeadon, Guiseley and Horsforth. 2. The area along Town Street, Rawdon has NO public transport provision for residents needing to access Rawdon New Road Side, their only GP surgery and pharmacy, Rawdon Community Library, Micklefield Park and other local amenities. This results in no transport for residents living in that area being denied public transport to the sole Post Office on Town Street, Rawdon St Peters Primary School and Rawdon Parish Church or the local football and cricket clubs. The bus route 97, via Horsforth, West Park and Headingley, does not provide access to Horsforth New Road Side, Kirkstall, Burley or a more direct route into Leeds City Centre. 3. Due to the length and congestion of the 97 bus route, there are often delays in the service, with passengers waiting between 30 - 60 minutes at times. 4. There are neither bus shelters nor seats for passengers between the crossroads at the top of Harrogate Road, Yeadon and Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth on the 97 route towards Leeds. 6.Many local residents complain about these problems. There is a need to consider providing an alternative route, allowing direct access to Leeds via the purpose-built Kirkstall Corridor. This could possibly be solved by re-routing the 33A route from Rawdon Crematorium, up Layton Lane, along Town Street, Larkfield Road, Batter Lane then joining the current route on Harrogate Road. This would still leave the 33 and 757 bus routes to provide transport to passengers on New Road Side, Rawdon.
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    Created by Diana AlSaadi
  • Daytime Social Provision for Adults with Disabilities
    Young people with disabilities need to maintain their skills and their mental health into their adult lives. They are vulnerable adults and need to be able to access safe places and maintain social contact with their friends. My daughter doesn't understand why she is no longer seeing her friends at college. She can no longer do the unpaid work she had been doing for a number of years because of a medical condition. She is has no routine and no focus in her life for 6 days a week. I am a pensioner with health problems and unable to consistently take her to places where she can meet others and anyway there is no daytime place where she can find activities to keep her meaningfully occupied. One day a week she attends a local drama group run by a charity and her whole life revolves around this one activity.
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    Created by pat budd
  • Urinary Tract Infections tested for and prescribed for by a pharmacist instead of a GP.
    It saves the patient the hassle of waiting for an appointment or call back from the GP for a prescription of antibiotics. This would also save the NHS the cost and time of a GP testing and prescribing for a UTI. Many who have suffered a UTI before know and understand the symptoms but can end up painfully waiting to be treated. Balancing work, family commitments and your health can be difficult and is made more difficult when worrying about missing the call back from the GP or making sure you get your prescription into the pharmacy before closing. A UTI can be very debilitating and this could be dramatically improved by allowing patients antibiotic prescription treatment over the counter.
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    Created by Leah Hewerdine