• Zebra Crossing King Street Winterton
    There is no crossing facilities at all other than several speed bump crossing zones on earlsgate, with several in place on the same road. The lower end of the village has no crossing provision at all. All children utilise the church on a daily basis, plus there are vulnerable adults in the village that would gain some independence if they could cross the road safely to get to the shops.
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    Created by Pen Billam
  • Stop the government from spending 500 million on a new passport design.
    With the nhs crumbling around us and the number of people on the streets with nowhere to live...... it's stupidity of the highest order to spend 500 million on cosmetically redesigning a passport which works fine as it is
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    Created by Simon Price
  • Crown Green Bowling
    Crowngreen bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone from the young and into old age. No other sport offers this sort of comradship and excersise for this length of time. Sex doesn't entrer into it as ladies are equally welcome to enjoy this sport. The enjoyment of this sport is widespread but it is becoming under threat from Bradford in particular.
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    Created by Edward J Pells
  • Give PC Keith Palmer the George Cross for Valour posthumously
    This policeman gave his life to stop terror it will be a sign we honour his sacrifice and that terror has no place in our lives and proof we are not afraid.
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    Created by Claire Baker
  • Fighting for the rights of people living in supported accommodation
    This is important because the living standards are unsafe for young people and parents to live in. It is also singling out the residents living at the properties giving them next to no connection to their families and friends
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    Created by Stephanie Miller
  • Fair Funding for ALL schools
    Because under the new formula schools will lose hundreds of thousands of pounds, equivalent to losing 3 teachers in primary schools and 6 teachers in secondary schools.
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    Created by Clare Sutton
  • Why is there no Media coverage for WASPI demo's
    We need to raise awareness of the unfair way women in their fifties have been treated over the raising of their State Pension age with little or no notice. This has severely impacted on women born in the fifties ho have been robbed of their pensions . We are disappointed there is no media coverage
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    Created by Sandra Bryant
  • Firmus Energy- We Cannot Afford a 12.2% Increase in Domestic Gas Prices
    Fuel poverty is a major issue in Northern Ireland. People are already having to choose if they should ' heat or eat.' This extraordinary price hike will make it impossible for people to heat their homes, dry their clothes and wash their children. Those worst affected will be low income families and those caring for elderly relatives or the disabled. Firmus is the main supplier of energy to those in social housing. Firmus say that they have no choice but to pass on to the customers the increases they have had to pay on the global gas markets. This is untrue. While gas prices spiked last year, they have continued to fall since.Gas prices on international markets are now similar to the prices large companies paid in February 2016.Prior to this point gas prices had been in almost continual decline for approximately 3 years. No one has received a 12.2% pay rise, there has been no similar increase to pensions and benefits. People simply cannot afford to pay this higher tariff. I cannot afford to heat my home. Please sign this petition asking for Firmus Energy to reconsider their price increases. We appreciate that that they must set their prices with profit in mind but to increase the cost to customers by 12.2% is not only unfair but is also morally wrong.
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    Created by Davy Mcauley
  • Dave Kennedy for mbe
    This man has gone from drop out alcoholic to helping those in need and trying to get his project up and running and as a charity
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    Created by Steve Windsor
  • More NHS mental health hospitals need opening, not closing.
    When you're at a time where you're mentally distressed, to the point you need to be in hospital, knowing where you are plays a bigger role than you'd think. If you know you're up the road from your house, or a short bus ride away, it gives you peace of mind. You know you're family and friends will be able to visit you, and bring you things you might need. It also means you can have effective home leave before being discharged. Now imagine, you're being sent 100miles away from your home, to a place where you probably don't know anyone. What if no one in your family drives? You become alone and isolated, at a time where being around people who love you matters more than anything; but you're all alone instead. There are kids being sent far away! Some as young as 12. If you're far away, and you are in a unit where you can't use your mobile, how are you meant to stay in contact with friends? What if you're in that hospital for months? Having no familiarity makes you sink even lower. It is essential that more is done to improve the current bed crisis.
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    Created by Sarah Bajor
  • Save the animals at southlakes zoo
    the animals are being neglected very badly indeed and they need saving from such harm
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    Created by Wendy Wright
    https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/public38/images/public-only.gif Scotland has many issues that require immediate concentrated attention to avoid disaster. SNP's obsession with separation has already led to a total neglect of the Administration's duty of care to this country. As education, poverty, fiscal policy and deficit, NHS and policing have reached totally unacceptable levels, it is time to tackle these matters and stop the failure to govern competently. A further divisive referendum is completely inappropriate.
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    Created by Hamish Bryson