• Give Des O Connor a Knighthood, He deserves it !.
    I feel it's very important to recognise real entertainers like Dec whom have entertained families for literally decades on both stage and screen. Please sign Thank you Aaron Howlett
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    Created by Aaron Howlett
  • I call for A vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt I ask he resigns immediately
    Because he is responsible as health minister for systematically underfunding and under resourcing the NHS and alienating the doctors and nurses he serves. We would like to register a vote of no confidence.
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    Created by Kim Emmett
  • Hands Off Our Ystradgynlais Youth Club
    This Youth Club serves a community that is already blighted by economic deprivation. In addition it houses parts of much needed Social Services functions that assist some of our most vulnerable citizens. Furthermore, we do not believe that this closure is in line with the spirit of The Future Generations Act.
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    Created by Lisa PhillipswasRapado
  • Fund Fun 4 All
    Fun for all is an exciting project for the family which organises trips and fun activities for families living in Redbridge with a disabled child aged 0-18 years. A small charge is made for the activities but it is often a fraction of the full cost. Some of the trips offered are Theme Parks, London, Ice Skating, Swimming, Zoo & More. Without this service many families wouldn't be able to do these activities as they wouldn't feel confident taking a child with special need out in public.
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    Created by Bianca Spencer
  • Airport Drinking Water
    Cut down on plastic
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    Created by Rendel Hatch
  • Resume flight to Freetown
    It's important because it link the two city together, boost tourism another development between the two countries.
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    Created by Foday Dumbuya
  • Parents of 7 Years Brit born children should be given nationality
    This will give parents peace of mind, stability and save hard earned money for the future of their children or utilising that money in other productive use.
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    Created by Tariq Babar
  • Solar Panels for all
    Because solar energy is an important part of trying to reduce greenhouse gases. If it’s standard, it gets cheaper to produce and costs go down.
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    Created by Elizabeth Ruane
  • Save our bank branch
    This is important because not every one has the internet, and even those that have sometimes have problems resolving them. This Government is suppose to be interested in promoting communities and protecting jobs Bank of Scotland will be making around 800 people redundant.
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    Created by William Gosnold
  • MRI scans in Scotland for Occular Melanoma Sufferers
    This is important to me personally as my son is one of the people suffering from this illness and he has already lost the site in one of his eyes, so I feel I must do anything I can to end this scandalous situation.
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    Created by Sam Torrance
  • Force Living Wage Foundation to make service providers try and get real living wage for staff
    As it stands, if an Accredited Living Wage Service Provider gets their contract renewed without a competitive bid, they are under no obligation to try and get their staff the real living wage. This means a company can get accredited and some staff could be forced to wait an unlimited amount of years before the company will try and get them the real living wage. The service provider gets good PR out of being accredited, yet they can have hundreds or even thousands of staff on min wage and not even make the effort to try and end what the Living Wage Foundation call poverty wages.
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    Created by David Scott
  • Family, Child and Travel Rights.
    The reason the Home Office gives for denying access to the UK to Foreign Nationals married to British Citizens is to avoid paying them Welfare, but, in prohibiting family's from reuniting in the UK they have created single parent family's that are much more likely to be dependant on Welfare, and, they have caused the family members great upset making them more likely to be dependant on Welfare, and, by forcing applicants to apply for work they have no experience of, that is above their pay scale, they remain out of work and on Welfare. Also, as 47% of UK workers do not earn £18,600, and, 70% of all Family Visa applications fail, and, the very high cost of a Visa, and, the quantity of the application forms are so numerous you need to pay a lawyer thousands of pounds to file them, the HC-194 Immigration Law, for nearly half the UK Labour Market, approxamatly 15,000,000 people, is no more than a Travel Ban probably meeting targets. This 'Ban' segregates foreigners from the UK, devides and destroys familys, seperates children from their parents causing them great upset even trauma, and traps adults and children in War Zones and Third World Countries putting their lives in danger. The HC-194 Immigration Law needs to be repealed.
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    Created by Mark Burrows