• Vet fees
    Many people find that they are faced with horrendous bills at vets and the choice is either accept it or euthanasia of their beloved pet as they cannot afford the treatment.many pets would be saved if the vets bills are lower.
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    Created by Michael Parkinson
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  • Freecycle Stop allowing people to advertise animals for free
    I have started this petition today as I am fed up of seeing people advertising giving their animals away for free on freecycle.org Animals that you are responsible for should be treated as a family member not as an object you can just dispose of. Members on freecycle do not know who each other are, who are they to know and a judge a person on meeting. How are they to know what that person is going to do to the animal once they receive them or worse what will they USE them for? In conclusion they do not care in alot of cases as long as they have got rid. Obviously doing a quick post on freecycle is alot less effort than going to a rescue centre. If you no longer want an animal make the efforts to take them to a rescue shelter or centre, it is the RIGHT THING TO DO and the safest thing to do for the animals. I have a personal experience with freecycle I would like to share with you: Last year I saw an offer for baby chicks, 10 of them ( live chicks ) they were being advertised as "freezer food"....LIVE CHICKS. So I responded to this and said I would have them. I collected them, sweet little things they were, all male. The farmer seemed genuinely disappointed that I was giving them forever homes, I took them to Green Acres animal rescue which is in Pembrokeshire Wales. For those of you who don't know, male chicks are seen as useless in animal agriculture as they cannot lay eggs and they are not sold for meat, so they are culled pretty much the day they are born. Please help animals by signing my petition. Much love Gina
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    Created by Gina Donoghue Picture
  • Hedgehog Signs To Alert Drivers to Slow Down.
    The hedgehog population is in severe decline and cars are one of the biggest causes of injury and death. Drivers need to be made aware to look out at certain times mostly dawn and dusk and to SLOW DOWN. To spread awareness is important and hedgehogs are most vulnerable when they are coming out of hibernation and also when the mum's leave the babies to get food. Often they don't return to their young as they have been killed or injured by cars hence the poor little ones die or go out alone and usually starve to death. Many people and drivers are not aware of this and even if one person notices the sign then that is a good thing. These are beautiful and funny little creatures who have enough to battle with. I have become passionate about the hedgehog as I have them regularly visit my garden. I have sadly also witnessed dead ones on the road. I have also become involved as a Hedgehog Champion and want to do my bit in trying to help these delightful creatures that one day we may not be so lucky to have anymore.
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  • Public Inquiry into Bovine Tb and the current policy to cull badgers.
    The current badger cull policy is inhumane, ineffective, financially unsustainable and can't possibly succeed in its goal to reduce bovine TB in cattle. It's bad for badgers, cattle, farmers and the public.
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    Created by Anne Brummer Picture
  • STOP if you hit a cat
    The current law states that you must stop if you hit a dog but not a cat. Cats are loved by their owners just as much and should be treated the same. Many cats are left to die at the roadside instead of receiving the help that could save their lives. If reported to the owner or vet, many lives will be saved and changing the law would be a vital step in doing so. Please sign and share this petition. Thank you.
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    Created by Fraser Allison
    One demand in UK animal protection law states that animals must be inspected thoroughly at least once a day. Just imagine the daily task of trying to inspect the well-being of 10 thousand ducks, together in one shed. Impossible! Since the 1990s numerous examples of investigative filming in factory farms show sick and crippled animals left to suffer and die, unnoticed, in overcrowded and filthy conditions. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION NOW!
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    Created by Factory Farming is illegal
  • Trophy hunting
    It is important for this to be stopped for the obvious reason that our wildlife must be protected and not destroyed to satisfy the sickening killing for pleasure.
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    Created by David Woolacott
  • Rescue Skeletal elephant From Sri Lankan Parade
    “Sri Lankan authorities must stop allowing such atrocious cruelty and send this poor elephant to a reputable sanctuary where she can be assessed by veterinarians and, if treatment is viable, live out her remaining years in peace,” she said. "No one sees the tears in her eyes, injured by the bright lights that decorate her mask, no one sees her difficulty to step as her legs are short shackled while she walks. "For a ceremony, all have the right to belief as long as that belief does not disturb or harm another. How can we call this a blessing, or something holy, if we make other lives to suffer?"
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    Created by Richard Poppleton
  • Ban fox hunting/trail hunting from public land.
    Despite annual correspondence to the three hunts in Co Durham saying no hunting allowed on public land to the three fox hunts in Co Durham hunting continues. On public land and footpath nature reserves , even blocking the entrance to a car park with 4x4’ s. I have witnessed a woman pushing a pushchair with a child in it , through the riders as they waited for hounds to search a small wood for any foxes lurking there. Hunting is a dangerous sport, not just to the hunted animal but to the pedestrian who gets in their way. Hounds have been seen crossing a railway line. Last season a hunt entered Wingate Nature reserve despite a large orange notice saying dogs must be under control so not to disturb nesting birds.
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    Created by Marjorie Embling
  • Reinstate the ban of Metaldehyde Slug pellets
    These slug pellets are responsible for killing Hedgehogs, Birds, Dogs, Cats and many other animals that have ingested the dead slugs that have been killed by these pellets. An example of the consequences of the use of these slug pellets can be found here. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/please-stop-putting-down-slug-16505226?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar These are innocent victims from the use of these pellets, and this type of toxin should not be used if it kills other innocent wildlife that comes in contact with these pellets. The animals, hedgehogs birds etc. suffer an agonising death as this toxin causes liver and kidney failure, it attacks the nervous system and other vital organs. I myself have had to euthanise hedgehogs that have been brought into our care suffering this poison, of which is distressing as they cannot be treated. The Right Hon Michael Gove former Environment Minister banned the use of these slug pellets, which following a successful legal challenge by Chiltern Farm Chemicals has now been overruled. Much of the British Wildlife is endangered now, with hedgehog numbers diminished to under a million. It is estimated that between 5 and 10 years the British Hedgehog will become extinct. I do not understand why anyone would want to kill the gardner’s best friend an animal that eats much of the pests that cause harm and damage to arable crops and gardens. Metaldehyde is extremely toxic and is extremely harmful to other animals apart from slugs and snails. Morally a toxin that kills slugs and snails without harming other animals should only be used. Metaldehyde is a toxin that has been around for 40 + years now. Surely now there are more up to date methods of keeping slugs and snails away from crops and gardens. It also is possible that Metaldehyde is responsible for the drastically diminishing population of hedgehogs although nothing has been proven, but statistics also indicate a rapid decline of hedgehogs over the last 40 years.
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  • Re-instate the ban on slug pellets that was overturned following legal challenges
    Well, once upon a time, not long ago, slug pellets (or Metaldehyde) was at long last banned by Defra. Hoorah I hear you say and then some people got offended and somehow got the ban overturned. Slug pellets kill all manner of our endangered critters included the much loved hedgehog and as much of our wildlife is threatened, endangered and on critical lists, we need to turn this around NOW. So, please, for future generations to enjoy our lovely beasties, please sign this very important petition. Thank you.
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    Created by Jo Havilland Picture