• P&G make FAIRY Liquid harmless to aquatic life.
    Thousands of litres of this stuff ends up in waterways worldwide. It can't be a good thing!
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  • Make it law to report killing a cat
    Edna just 16 months old was killed in a hit and run accident, she was hit at such a force it caused fatal head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, If it wasn’t for 2 kind ladies passing by and stopping she would of been left at the roadside, at 8am outside a primary school.
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  • Do not repeal the fox hunting ban
    In a modern, civilised society, there is no place for this grotesque and cruel pastime. Foxing hunting has been banned in England and Wales since 2004. But Jeremy Hunt one of the candidates to become the new Prime Minister has said he'd offer MPs a free vote on lifting the ban on fox hunting if he thought there was a chance of it winning. This is a barbaric and outdated activity that should stay where it belongs - in the past. We have a choice in this life, we can be kind, or we can be cruel. I think the choice is easy...
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  • Save Kentish Town Farm
    The farm is an inner city oasis where children learn about animal welfare, healthy food production and care in the community. Children with disabilities can ride horses under fantastic supervision; donkey rides are also available; the rare breed pigs are a delight; the geese and chickens roam free; the sheep are shorn yearly teaching children where wool comes from and Al the rescue tortoise is a popular attraction!
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    Created by Alison Charlton
  • Ban Trophy Hunting
    South African safari operators are targeting the UK to promote holidays where tourists can hunt down and shoot captive-bred lions in fenced areas from which there is no escape. The tour companies are booked for the Great British Shooting Show in Birmingham next February, which describes “the dark continent of Africa” as “the ultimate hunting safari experience”. One of the exhibitors, Umlilo Safaris, offers packages including lion trophy hunts “in fenced areas”. Another, Legelela Safaris, offers giraffe hunts for $3,000 and baboons for $200. Prices for elephants, rhinos, lions and leopards are available on request. The safari firms are capitalising on a rise in trophy hunting by British big-game hunters. We need to shut the show down as it promotes hunting, and we need to ban purveyors of hunting in all forms.
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  • Tread lightly Waitrose - ditch bee harming weedkillers
    The bee population is essential to us all. The use of bee harming pesticides needs to stop.
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    The cost of vet's bills in the UK have been steadily on the increase in recent years and have now reached an all time high. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported that in 2018 pet insurance claims had increased by 5% from the previous year, with an average claim being £793. This is clear evidence of the high level of fees, as most insurance policies only pay-out a proportion of the total bill. These prices are simply not affordable for a huge proportion of pet owners. If prices continue to rise at this rate, the risk is that responsible animal lovers will make the decision not to replace their beloved pets when they take their final journey to the "Rainbow Bridge". This means there is a risk of increased numbers of stray cats and dogs in the UK, who will be euthanised. Vets need to review their pricing structure in order to make good pet health accessible to all.
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    Planets dying, sort it out folks
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  • Keep our Manchester Dog Hotel Kennel Free
    No license is currently available that fits what we do. We are asking that the council either create us a dog hotel license, where dogs don't need to be kept isolated in kennels, that we can apply for, or find us exempt from needing a license until they come up with one applicable. Trying to pigeon hole us into one that doesn't fit is unfair and against the pioneering culture of amazing Manchester. We opened the first dog creche in 2007 - Daycare 4 Dogs. It has grown and lead the way with daycares now being the norm. 3.5 years ago we extended our service to a much needed home from home holiday hotel care for dogs. It has operated successfully since and once again we are trail blazing, we are certain others will follow suit as word spreads and this is a good thing. New laws came into affect Oct 2018 which tried to regulate the kennel and pet sitting industry but as hotel care isn't yet a thing we fall outside of the 2 licences available (kennels or dog boarding in your own home). We have been running the hotel, where the dogs live in a home from home environment with the staff and their friends, where they are safe and happy with usual comforts of TV, fire, couches, any a choice of any kind of dog bed. We have had no incidents in the hundreds of dogs we have looked after every day, week, month over the past 3.5 years of the hotel operating. It's most certainly the best a pet can get. We are passionate about dog care and our Daycare 4 Dogs runs to fund our Dogs 4 Rescue CIC, the UK's first free running dog rescue (separate location). The rescue doesn't require a license because we do not make a profit but it operates group care for dogs in the same way. This is not a welfare issue - we offer the highest standards possible the only issue here is that the new laws have been put in place without realising that we run a completely different operation for the betterment of all dogs and customers. Our customers are in uproar and many would never go away again as they just wouldn't leave their dogs in a kennel whether here or anywhere else. There is a huge lack of decent pet care services and things need to move with the times. Many of our customers are now made up of the over 1000 dogs that have come through our Dogs 4 Rescue who have had some horrific times in kennels prior and for whom kennelling would be detrimental to all the work that has gone into rehabilitating. When we opened the first daycare 2007 there had been none previously and so there were no licenses for it;12 years later the government comes up with one but, by this point, we have moved onto the next stage of pet care, always exceeding expectations and designing everything for the welfare of the dog in mind. We are determined to campaign against our closure and the immovable is that we won't kennel our dogs. We are proud to be the industry leader and set the highest bar for others to follow, it's unfair to the dogs and customers that we are being penalised because the legislation doesn't allow for it and so we urge the council to amend the legislation or determine us exempt. We are not trying to flout the law in fact we would welcome a hotel license and always strive to exceed expectations. We want to work with the council to allow us to continue to provide our incredible service of which we are so proud.
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  • Close Clydach Vale Puppy Farm
    This is important for the animals and birds. They are kept for breeding for financial gain, the owner has no licence and the dogs and puppies are not microchipped. About 10 Jack Russell Terriers live outside in small filthy pens with 'slops' to eat and are rarely let out to run around. There are 3 small indoor pens in a tin hut each with a whelping box. There is no bedding or blankets, no toys, just sawdust. The puppies have little human contact and are not socialised, some are sold at 6 weeks old. Rabbits and guinea pigs live in small hutches on inches of their own waste and no run or grass. Doves are kept in a hutch as are wild magpies that have been caught. None of the animals can display their natural behaviour birds should fly, rabbits should run, puppies should be loved and well taken care of, they should not be taken away from their mums so young. They look frightened and bewildered when they are carried away. It is heart breaking watching them being taken away so young
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  • Change legal definition of Vegan for products.
    To make clear that to vegans that cares about animal welfare, whether products have been tested on animals.
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  • Save Southampton Bees
    Glyphosate has according to recent studies been linked to the death of bees. It weakens their gut bacteria making them more susceptible to disease leading to a higher bee mortality rate. A weedkiller containing glyphosate has also been found be a jury in Los Angeles to have been a substantial factor in a man getting cancer. Globally there are more honey bees than any other pollinating insects. They are vital to pollinate the food that we eat to surivive. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/roundup-weed-killer-cancer-bayer-ag-edwin-hardeman-a8830861.html https://www.newsweek.com/bee-death-scientists-warn-common-weed-killer-harming-honey-bees-1137103
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