• Save The Animal Rescue Unit (Surrey Fire and Rescue)
    The removal of the Animal Rescue Unit by Surrey Fire and Rescue will jeopardise their chance of survival if needing a specialist rescue. Looking at the unofficial fire rescue Facebook page it seems as though at least one animal a week is rescued by the unit. Without them horses and other farm animals will be left stuck in a ditch, leaving the owner no choice but to call a vet who has no equipment to perform a rescue. Animals live with us and work alongside us. Animals enrich our lives and provide us with resources. We need to nurture, protect and cherish the animals in our communities. We don't know when Surrey Fire & Rescue plan to close the unit down but we are calling all pet owners, horse riders, farmers, and animal lovers throughout Surrey to recognise the value of a highly-trained, specialist Animal Rescue team in Surrey!
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    Created by Emma Warren-Brown
  • Stop the lion and tiger tug-of-war 'attraction'
    Dartmoor zoo are selling tickets for £15 each to have a tug-of-war with a captive lion or a tiger. It's cruel and shows a total lack of respect for these beautiful majestic wild animals. It feels like we're going backwards, the zoo is acting more like a circus rather than somewhere that really cares about the health and safety of the endangered animals in their captivity. The zoo claims it's to give the animals intellectual exercise and fun, but it comes across as putting profits before the animal's welfare. There are plenty of ways that experienced professionals can care for the rare animals, without turning them in to a novelty play thing for tourists.
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    Created by Sue Dally
  • Stop shooting birds for sport
    So many birds are left injured and cruelly die a slow death, our wildlife should be left in peace, not just for the few who want to persecute them in the name of sport.
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    Created by Theresa Lawrence
  • Enclosed Dog Exercise Area, West End Park
    Many dog owners are unable to let their dogs off lead, a good example is my Labrador who is not yet great at recall. An enclosed space would allow for more exercise without the worry of them running off, eating things they shouldn't, getting injured/lost, as well as not bothering other park users such as fishermen or people who may have dog phobias. We have some great open spaces in the local area but few that provide this. The picture above shows two possible sites, though only suggestions!
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    Created by Katie Thompson
  • Stop Puppy vivisection Farm
    No animal should endure pain, especially those who are bred purely to be used for experiments.
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    Created by Jayne Curno Gregory
  • Prevent Animal Abusers from keeping animals
    This is important because animal abusers who have inflicted terrible cruelty on animals, by allowing animals to starve, or by hitting dogs for instance, are currently allowed to have animals in the future, just so that they can continue their cruelty. It is morally wrong, tragic and must be stopped! Animals do not have a voice and cannot speak to defend themselves, and it is our moral duty to speak up for the animals that we love and cherish.
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    Created by Aled Turner
  • Keep our dogs safe, Wittering wants a dog park!
    It seems as though we have alot of walks around wittering and it's the perfect place for your pup to be...however, if your dog escapes, if you let them off lead and they chase an animal or get distracted, we are faced with the fear or loosing them to the A1 or a47. Not only this but not all dogs can come off lead, not all pups can be off lead straight away. We need a place to safely train them, to safely let them run and play with other pups.
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    Created by Jade Brooks Picture
  • Dog fouling
    It's very dangerous for everyone specially for children. Children's can fall into it. I think the council needs to buy and put cameras up in the area to catch them dog owners for not picking up there dog mess.
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    Created by Victoria Belcher
  • Save our Swifts
    Swifts numbers have declined across the UK by 53% between 1995 and 2016. By incorporating a Swift brick in all new houses we can save these beautiful birds. On fine summer evenings Swifts gather in "low flying screaming parties" as they chase each other around the buildings where they nest. Because they rely on eating insects, Swifts can only live in the UK for a short period in summer when insects are plentiful. Swifts migrate south to Africa in August and return to us in the following May. Let's make sure we continue to have Swifts every summer. Photo: Action for Swifts - Model S swift box
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    Created by Norman Pasley
  • Button's Law Bitterant needed in antifreeze
    Antifreeze is a commonly used product in cars, especially in the winter; unfortunately it also has a very sweet smell that attracts cats, dogs and wildlife, if this is ingested it causes organ failure and certain death. I have in the past 5 years lost 6 cats to Ethylene Glycol which is a compound found in Antifreeze, coolant and windscreen wash. There needs to be some legislation put into place to have a Bitterant added so it will act as a deterrent to domestic and wild animals. Anyone who owns a cat or dog and has lost them to such a tragic and painful death will understand just how heartbreaking it is to watch happen, knowing there is nothing they can do beyond having their beloved pet humanely euthanized. In turn any wild animal such as foxes or badgers that ingest a carcass that has been infected with such a chemical, is also at risk of dying in the same way; which leads to a vicious cycle.
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    Created by Tami Jenkins
  • Cheshire Police - Prosecute Illegal Hunters!
    Hunting wild animals with dogs is a cruel blood sport and has no place in a civilized society. Terrified animals are chased for miles then ripped apart by a pack of dogs, this is regularly happening in Cheshire. Cheshire Constabulary has never successfully prosecuted anyone for illegal hunting. Cheshire Constabulary has passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service only once in the last three years.
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  • For the sake of Nature and People... protect our street trees now!
    We are losing our street/urban trees at an alarming rate. Yet these trees are vitally important to making our urban spaces pleasant and tolerable. Trees in our urban communities have a number of environmental, social and ecological benefits: * Are vital for improving air quality by the production of oxygen and the absorbtion of air pollution. * Controls flooding by intercepting and soaking up rainfall. * Contribute to reducing climate change. * Helping to reduce noise pollution. * Provides vital food and habitat for our struggling wildlife. * Provide shade and cooling during summer heat waves. We understand that local government is under great financial pressure so we need to send a message to our Councillors that our street/urban trees are a priority for local people.
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    Created by Robert Curtis and Barry Action for Nature Picture