The festival is celebrated annually in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in June, by eating dogmeat and lychees. About 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are consumed during the 10 days of the festival. This number has decreased to 1,000 in 2015. This festival needs to end. At least one thousand dogs are murdered brutally every year for simply sport. It's disgusting to kill any animal in general but dogs are pets! The sweetest pets you'll ever meet! This is disgusting and could easily be lived without. Not to mention they don't even know what's happening. These innocent dogs just want to help and love and are instead being sold, hunted, tortured, killed and eaten. This has to end. If you want this to end also then please sign this petition! It's a sick "festival" That really says a lot about the people living in these cities.
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  • Voluntary Ban on Garden Centre Sale of Metaldehyde Slug Pellets.
    In December 2018, Michael Gove, as Secretary of State for DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs banned the sale of metaldehyde slug pellets after 30 June 2019. After this date they should have vanished from garden centre shelves. Wildlife campaigners, who recognise the harm done to hedgehogs by slug pellets, were overjoyed. Philip Tavener of Chiltern Farm Chemicals, manufacturer of metaldehyde slug pellets, took the legal action to bring Mr Gove’s decision before the High Court. The High court has ruled on a technicality, that Mr Gove's actions were unlawful, and has overturned DEFRA's decision. This means that the sale of metaldehyde slug pellets is once again legal and wildlife, in particular the hedgehog population, is once again at risk. There is no need for these pellets to be used in gardens. There are safer, ferric phosphate pellets and biological controls in the form of nematode worms watered into the soil.
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  • Hog highways
    There is a 95% decline in the hedgehog population due to loss in part to bring able to access food, we need to act now to save these wonderful iconic creatures.
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  • Ban the import, fishing, purchase and sale of Shark/Shark Fins in the UK.
    According to many conservative estimates from multiple sources, 100,000,000 sharks are slaughtered for their fins every year. That’s roughly 274,000 sharks a day. That's nearly double the population of the UK - Dying every year. We need regulations now, to protect these species imperil. Fishermen will hack the fins off living sharks and simply throw the rest of their bodies overboard, allowing them to bleed to death. Sinking fin-less, slowly to the bottom of the sea. Shark finning is a wasteful, barbaric practice, but it also has a devastating impact on our oceans. The use of these atrocious practices in the name of archaic traditions and cultures, must stop. How are we to grow as a species if we continue to act like our poorly educated predecessors. We have no excuse.
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  • P&G make FAIRY Liquid harmless to aquatic life.
    Thousands of litres of this stuff ends up in waterways worldwide. It can't be a good thing!
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  • Make it law to report killing a cat
    Edna just 16 months old was killed in a hit and run accident, she was hit at such a force it caused fatal head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, If it wasn’t for 2 kind ladies passing by and stopping she would of been left at the roadside, at 8am outside a primary school.
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  • Do not repeal the fox hunting ban
    In a modern, civilised society, there is no place for this grotesque and cruel pastime. Foxing hunting has been banned in England and Wales since 2004. But Jeremy Hunt one of the candidates to become the new Prime Minister has said he'd offer MPs a free vote on lifting the ban on fox hunting if he thought there was a chance of it winning. This is a barbaric and outdated activity that should stay where it belongs - in the past. We have a choice in this life, we can be kind, or we can be cruel. I think the choice is easy...
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  • Save Kentish Town Farm
    The farm is an inner city oasis where children learn about animal welfare, healthy food production and care in the community. Children with disabilities can ride horses under fantastic supervision; donkey rides are also available; the rare breed pigs are a delight; the geese and chickens roam free; the sheep are shorn yearly teaching children where wool comes from and Al the rescue tortoise is a popular attraction!
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  • Ban Trophy Hunting
    South African safari operators are targeting the UK to promote holidays where tourists can hunt down and shoot captive-bred lions in fenced areas from which there is no escape. The tour companies are booked for the Great British Shooting Show in Birmingham next February, which describes “the dark continent of Africa” as “the ultimate hunting safari experience”. One of the exhibitors, Umlilo Safaris, offers packages including lion trophy hunts “in fenced areas”. Another, Legelela Safaris, offers giraffe hunts for $3,000 and baboons for $200. Prices for elephants, rhinos, lions and leopards are available on request. The safari firms are capitalising on a rise in trophy hunting by British big-game hunters. We need to shut the show down as it promotes hunting, and we need to ban purveyors of hunting in all forms.
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  • Tread lightly Waitrose - ditch bee harming weedkillers
    The bee population is essential to us all. The use of bee harming pesticides needs to stop.
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    The cost of vet's bills in the UK have been steadily on the increase in recent years and have now reached an all time high. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported that in 2018 pet insurance claims had increased by 5% from the previous year, with an average claim being £793. This is clear evidence of the high level of fees, as most insurance policies only pay-out a proportion of the total bill. These prices are simply not affordable for a huge proportion of pet owners. If prices continue to rise at this rate, the risk is that responsible animal lovers will make the decision not to replace their beloved pets when they take their final journey to the "Rainbow Bridge". This means there is a risk of increased numbers of stray cats and dogs in the UK, who will be euthanised. Vets need to review their pricing structure in order to make good pet health accessible to all.
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    Planets dying, sort it out folks
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