• Replace McDonald's plastic toys with seeds and bee bombs for children to grow
    McDonald's sells over 1 Billion happy meals every year around the world. Included in these are hard plastic toys inside plastic packaging, millions going to landfill every year, especially in the western world. We need to educate our children that this fast, throw away attitude is killing the planet. Teach our children to love, nurture and grow. A packet of seeds and a biodegradable box that doubles as a tray - it's an easy solution to make the Happy Meal truly Happy for all! The environment wins. Bees win. Children's metal health is improved and planting seeds also encourages curiosity for their environment - huge win! Come on McDonalds - make this happen!
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  • Stop Kinder egg flooding us all with plastic toys
    We need to cut back on plastic and reduce plastic pollution which is poisoning our oceans. These eggs are heavy on plastic which gets binned and goes to landfill. Most children lose interest in the ‘toy’ within minutes but the plastic is with us a lot longer!
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  • Say no to Circus Mondao in the Valleys
    Forcing animals to perform in circuses is unethical, outdated and wrong. According to the RSPCA who have fought hard for many years to get the use of wild animals in circuses banned, 97% of the public support the incoming ban. This shows that people do not want circuses that feature animals to be able to perform. As well as wrongly using animals, the staff from this circus have also been known to leave abusive/misogynist comments on animal rights campaigners posts, leaving animal faeces in spots where campaigners stand and are also renowned for littering.
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    Created by Billie-Jade Thomas
  • Stop selling live animals in keychains!
    It is a violation against these creatures. Research shows that these animals are dying very quickly (usually within a week). Animals should not be restricted of their freedom this way. They are living things not fashion accessories!
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    Created by sophie grant
  • Ban the Grand National or make it safer
    "Too many horses are being killed or injured." Sylvia Clelland. More information: The 2019 Grand National meeting at Aintree racecourse, resulted in the death of three horses including one in the main event of the weekend. Despite changes being made to the course for safety over the years far too many horses are dying as a result of racing. Twelve horses have died in the showcase race since 2000. Safety measures could easily be implemented to improve the safety of the Grand National. These include having smaller and fewer fences, fewer participants and a shorter distance.
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  • Dog breeding regulations
    Over the last week or so Wonky Pets Rescue took in around 15 shar peis who were badly treated. The breeder Yuanpei were registered with the kennel club assured breeder programme and had used the peis as a money making programme for years. Yuanpei handed the peis over to the rescue with many needing eyes removing due to not been treated early enough, various skin conditions and bad health. Today Ivan yuanpeis boy had to be put to sleep due to renal failure, this boy had sired hundreds of puppies which could now be effected by this condition. These breeders need to be held accountable with tougher laws and the kennel club should also be held accountable for having breeders like this registered. People see a breeder registered on the assured breeder programme believing checks are carried out.
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    Created by Gareth England
  • Ban the netting of trees and hedgerows
    Netting trees and hedgerows is a cruel and unsustainable practice, leading to the indiscriminate death and suffering of song birds and other birds, including specially protected species. Birds get caught up and tangled in the nets and die a slow death. More and more development companies are resorting to this cruel practice in order to bypass ecologically sustainable building practices, leading to the loss of nesting sites and habitat for birds.
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    Created by Susy Starfield
    The local people take pride in their beaches and love to walk their dogs on them, why should we have to be ruled by what the councils say. I appreciate its important for tourism but its also important to the people who live here, all year round.
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    Created by christopher chick
  • Knight Chris Packham for services to nature
    He deserves broad recognition for his services to nature.
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    Created by David Mains
  • Animal abuse
    Instagram is littered with photos of overfed animals or animals that have been bred for “cuteness” despite it being detrimental to their health. The suffering of animals is being exploited to create revenue for cynical animal accounts. Animals are being fed unnatural foods from chocolate to milkshakes and even cannibalistic meats. Hashtags like #ChonkyCat are used to promote the overfeeding and most people are non the wiser that this amounts to serious animal abuse for human gain. It’s up to Instagram to make sure that animals can’t be used in this way.
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    Created by james Earp
  • Stop the netting of hedgerows, trees and buildings to prevent birds from nesting
    Birds (and animals) are being deprived of important nesting sites, and food sources and are becoming trapped (and killed) in the netting. It is illegal to cut hedgerows during nesting season, so why is this appalling practise apparently legal??
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  • Close down Penwern Puppy Farm
    1 Because the Inspection on the 23rd August 2018 was very damning and it was advised not to give a licence. 2 The Veterinary Report on the 1st October was equally damning quoting dogs with conditions such as:- severely damaged eye, deformed left hind foot, abscess under left ear, rotten teeth, born without left eyeball, bilateral protruding nictitians glands, entropion, ulcer left eye and eyelid infection. This is just a handful of some of the conditions in this hell hole of a place. There are no windows, dogs kept in tiny so called kennels on deep litter straw with liquid (mixture of urine and faeces) trickling out from underneath and under the feed bowls, filthy floor, filthy walls, heat lamps with the wires perilously close to the dogs. water bowls containing green water, very strong stench.
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    Created by Jean Steel