• Complete ban on "Barbaric" barbed wire in all fields
    Barbed wire causes so many injuries to innocent animals including wildlife and many dogs out walking with their owners because by the time it is noticed, it has already done the damage, including my own dogs who have needed veterinary treatment because of this. There are plenty of alternatives to this vicious wire so let's stop using this cruel wire doing any more damage.
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  • The restriction of fireworks to organised displays on November 5th only
    Having seen my beautiful Bernese mountain dog collapse and shake with a heart beat pounding out his chest . No matter how much money I spend or what I do , i can not console my boy. It breaks my heart to see this, it’s for days on end because people can set them off whenever they want and what time they want , stress is not good for any human or animal, this affects us all.. Animals die from shock and fear . We are supposed to love and respect nature and our domestic pets not destroy them with fireworks . All I’m asking for is that we respect one another and come to a compromise to save our animals from the torture they go through around November . Please help !
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  • Use only silent fireworks in Scotland
    Small children and animals are being constantly put in a state of fear for weeks at a time due to the careless use and misuse of noisy explosive fireworks. My dogs are trembling with fear every night, others are sharing their stories of similarly terrified pets on facebook and twitter.
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  • Ban Cooked bones for dogs
    Cooked bones sold as treats for dogs are very dangerous and cause intestinal damage which can lead to the death of your animal. To many dogs suffer and many people are not aware if the dangers until it's to late .
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    Created by Diana Weatherill
  • IUCN conservationists face death penalty in Iran
    Five IUCN member conservationists, including members of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), have been charged with ‘corruption on earth’, the highest penalty for which is execution. The five environmentalists from IUCN Member organisation Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) are Niloufar Bayani, Taher Ghadirian, Sepideh Kashani, Houman Jowkar and Morad Tahbaz. Taher Ghadirian and Houman Jowkar are members of the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group; Taher Ghadirian is also a member of the IUCN SSC Bear Specialist Group. They undertake vital conservation work including efforts to conserve the Critically Endangered Asiatic cheetah. "Monitoring and researching species that live in remote landscapes, such as the Asiatic Cheetah, is a challenging task,” said Jon Paul Rodriguez, IUCN Species Survival Commission Chair. “As their numbers have dwindled, Asiatic cheetahs have become elusive, making it difficult for researchers to observe them directly. Novel techniques such as camera traps have proven indispensable in helping researchers gain valuable insights into the status and biology of threatened species worldwide.” The five conservationists had been detained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in January along with four others and charged with espionage. Human rights campaigners and Iran’s government have said the charges against them are unfounded, according to media reports. The four others detained in January are Amir Hossein Khaleqi, member of the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group, of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, Sam Rajabi, AbdolReza Koupayeh, and Kavous Seyed-Emami. Kavous Seyed-Emami died in prison for unknown reasons following his detention. IUCN has called for an independent inquiry into his death. Iran is facing environmental challenges including drought, water scarcity and dust storms, which have led to nationwide protests this year.
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  • Ban Fox Hunting in Scotland
    In the modern age we regard the Roman gladiator games as cruel and barbaric. However, across Scotland each year thousands of people on horseback, accompanied by their hounds, chase a fox for sport, finally shooting it when it finally collapses from exhaustion to be torn apart by dogs. Whether or not we regard foxes to be pests that need controlling, it is time to end this bestial 'sport', a living embodiment of outdated thinking and brutality. Fox hunting is not part of the Scotland we love, because we strive for a peaceful, progressive future.
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  • same law for cats
    i am an animal lover who has recently lost a cat have read so many posts of cats being run over and left in the road by people who have some of the time delibratly run the cat over cats live longer than dogs and a lot of cat owners are very responsible owners cats are nurtured microchipped please lets get a law to protect them
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  • Refuse Permission for Intensive Poultry development on Greenfield Land in North Shropshire
    The proposed development site is not an existing farm, does not include any existing farm or other buildings/ infrastructure and is located on an uninterrupted English greenfield site which makes up part of the national character profile of Shropshire and the United Kingdom. The area is celebrated and enjoyed for its history, beauty, diversity and tranquility. This green corridor, with its multiple heritage assets, listed buildings, ancient woodland, rivers, scheduled ancient monuments, ancient hedgerows, historic villages, battlefield site, foot paths, bridleways and nearby vibrant market town & Shropshire Union Canal, makes up a significant part of Shropshire’s natural and historic environment. Pristine uninterrupted greenfield land should be celebrated, cherished and preserved for many reasons, not least for the future generations to enjoy. Help us protect one of our country's greatest assets by objecting today! The proposed development site poses nine threats to the community, they are: TRAFFIC DANGER- traffic has already reached danger level on our narrow approach roads. The Betton approach is also a school/nursery run and the increased traffic, including HGV and other heavy vehicles, will prove the tipping point in unacceptable risks. STENCH/FLIES - from 2 tonnes/day of excrement, which will carry in the prevailing wind (SW) along Main Road. ENTRAPMENT - For those unfortunate families close to the site, there is no escape. If you are driven to move, who will buy your house? RIVER POLLUTION - Contamination of the river located very close to the site due to surface water run off pollutants. HERITAGE - The proposed development is close/in line of sight to many Listed Properties, ancient woodland and heritage assets, plus, very close to a beautiful bridleway and footpaths. DEVASTATION - Betton is the attractive gateway to Norton, Best Kept Village and Champion of Champions, Britain in Bloom. The spoiling of this beautiful greenfield site will make a mockery of all the outstanding village work over many years. MISSION CREEP - This application is the advance guard for a much bigger plan. One unit of 32,000 birds is scarcely viable. Don’t be deceived by this Trojan Horse – 65% of all egg-laying applications in Shropshire are for expansion of facilities. CONSTRUCTION - Concrete access road, turning circle, barn, feed silo. earth moving, light pollution etc EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS - There are none. Poultry facilities are not labour intensive - they are hen intensive. (32000 hens =1 ½ people). Reasons why this planning proposal should be refused: - Negative visual impact - Air and river ammonia pollution - Odour, flies and noise -Danger from HGVs vehicles/tractors on the roads -Not a diversification for an existing farm -Not being located next to existing farm buildings Please object by 3rd December 2018. You can also write a full objection to Shropshire Council via their website on their online portal quoting: 18/04555/FUL
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  • Ban "Hunt Tourism" in Scotland!
    Scotland is blessed with a diverse range of beautiful and unique wildlife. Often, a lack of natural predators means that grazing animals such as deer and wild goats are subject to culls, which are unfortunate but necessary, and conducted by professionals to limit the suffering of animals. What is unnecessary is the "hunt tourism" industry that encourages "tourists" from around the world, particularly Americans, to visit Scotland for the sole purpose of stalking, torturing and killing our beautiful and unique Scottish wildlife for pleasure. This is not the kind of tourism that we want in our country.
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    It is outrageous that fox hunts are still being allowed to kill and maim foxes in Welsh forests. the last date for killing our foxes on public land occurred 30th December 2018 - just a week ago. Please sign and share this petition to put an end to this cruelty.
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  • Palm oil ingredients to be written in bold
    The production of unsustainable palm oil is causing severe environmental damage around the world.
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  • Buy Long Lasting Poppies And Make A Donation Each Year Instead!
    The disposable ones are virtually indestructible and are finding their way into the sea around the coast of the UK.
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