• Disband all Mounted Units from Police Scotland
    Horses are strong and powerful animals that take years of training or “breaking in” to tame. Like any animal they are never 100% under control and nor should they be. The use of horses within the police force as a means of “crowd control” has and never will be acceptable. The unpredictability of an animal so large amidst crowds is reckless at best. For the safety of the animal and the general public we advocate for the liberation of all animals from public service and demand the Scottish Government start by reviewing the use of horses within the police force.
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    Created by Jonny Holtz
  • Ban the sale of animals on social media
    Animals are not commodities to be used to 'make an extra bit on the side' Although Facebook have renewed guidelines about selling animals, it is still rife on many popular selling sites and community websites. Selling animals in this way encourages impulse and casual purchases. Checks are not necessarily made on potential owners meaning animals can be subjected to inappropriate ownership or unsuitable conditions for their needs. The temptation of an 'easy sell' encourages 'hobby breeding' while rescue centres are full to bursting with animals needing homes. Social media and selling sites provide disreputable breeders with a means to reach the wider public who may not be informed or aware of the risk involved. There is no justifiable reason to sell an animal on a selling site. Rescue centres exist for the very purpose of helping people re-home unwanted pets or surprise litters. Professional breeders can sell through official websites. Please sign this petition to try and stop animals being sold in this casual and dangerous way. Thank you
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    Created by Ruth Hall
  • Save the horses field on hever road
    The horses on hever road have been there over 50 years , now it’s all being sectioned off with sharp metal fencing the horses are scared and unsettled . We need to come together as a community and speak up to save them and the field that they belong in from any unsightly changes. Many family’s have, do, and will enjoy spending time down this natural beauty spot petting and feeding the horses. Why change such a beautiful place?
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    Created by Nicole Pavitt
  • Keep animal welfare charities afloat during the coronavirus crisis
    Govt help has been announced for some charities but appears not to offer any support to animal rescue charities. This despite the fact that much of their work comes from statutory agencies asking for help to take on animals left behind by domestic tragedies of all sorts. In the light of lots of misinformation recently, many animals will be abandoned at this time in addition to the normal intake of dumped, abused and lost animals. The animals in their care now risk being euthanised if they are forced to close, and the future impact on animals needing care will be huge if many centres are forced to close. I have adopted many dogs from rescue places over the years, and their impact on mental and physical wellbeing is well researched. Dedicated staff and volunteers make this possible, and they deserve support.
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    Created by Diane Collingwood
  • Save Jess the Cat
    Jess would leave a huge hole if she left our community in Leek, this is her home she is part of so many people’s life. Jess would also be confused, stressed and potentially unhappy, she knows and loves the entrance of Morrison’s in Leek.
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    Created by Kate Laurance
  • Stop precious forests being destroyed to make chocolate
    Precious forests teeming with life are cleared so palm oil can be produced. This is used in a range of products, including chocolate. This has a devastating effect on the environment and it can harm endangered species, such as orangutans. Palm oil production damages some of the world’s most precious forests, destroying the habitat of already endangered species like the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino.
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  • Protect the fox
    This is extremely important as the fox is one of very few of our native species not currently protected under this act and the animal welfare act. Below is an article highlighting the importance again.. 'RED FOX The long-term index for Red Fox has reached a new low, with the trend showing a decline of 42% between 1996 and 2017 across the UK as a whole. Both the 10- and five-year trends show declines, of 28% and 25% respectively. For countries and regions reaching the reporting threshold, Red Fox shows declines across the board' As taken from The Breeding Birds Survey 2018 https://www.bto.org/sites/default/files/bbs-report-2018.pdf
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    Created by Jay Leadbetter
  • Save our mature trees and wildlife
    If we lose the trees on this land we lose the living entities that filter pollutants keeping our air cleaner and soak up the tons of CO2 that contributes to Climate Change. WBC has agreed there is a Climate Change emergency and this must be taken into consideration. Animals like foxes, bats and owls will be disturbed and made homeless as a result. If we win, the trees carry on filtering our air, the community keeps the value of its majestic tree stock and its green buffer zone and the animals have shelter and food. There is only a short window to get signatures, but every little helps. We care about our mature trees. It is the last real tract of green belt in the area for our health and well-being and for wildlife to exist. Please help us save our trees by signing our petition. Thank you.
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    Created by Susie Dodd
  • Stop Dog Farming in Wales
    The BBC programme Wales Investigates has highlighted the cruelty and unacceptable squalid conditions at dogs farms in Wales. They operate with no care for the animals and concentrate purely on profits (most of which is not declared). By signing this petition you are petitioning the Welsh Government to put a total ban on dog farming in Wales. Which will prevent uncared for dogs with disease and other health issues being sold to new owners who then have to pay, in some cases, thousands of pounds in vet bills.
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    Created by Tim Rickards
  • Freecycle Stop allowing people to advertise animals for free
    I have started this petition today as I am fed up of seeing people advertising giving their animals away for free on freecycle.org Animals that you are responsible for should be treated as a family member not as an object you can just dispose of. Members on freecycle do not know who each other are, who are they to know and a judge a person on meeting. How are they to know what that person is going to do to the animal once they receive them or worse what will they USE them for? In conclusion they do not care in alot of cases as long as they have got rid. Obviously doing a quick post on freecycle is alot less effort than going to a rescue centre. If you no longer want an animal make the efforts to take them to a rescue shelter or centre, it is the RIGHT THING TO DO and the safest thing to do for the animals. I have a personal experience with freecycle I would like to share with you: Last year I saw an offer for baby chicks, 10 of them ( live chicks ) they were being advertised as "freezer food"....LIVE CHICKS. So I responded to this and said I would have them. I collected them, sweet little things they were, all male. The farmer seemed genuinely disappointed that I was giving them forever homes, I took them to Green Acres animal rescue which is in Pembrokeshire Wales. For those of you who don't know, male chicks are seen as useless in animal agriculture as they cannot lay eggs and they are not sold for meat, so they are culled pretty much the day they are born. Please help animals by signing my petition. Much love Gina
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    Created by Gina Donoghue Picture
  • Hedgehog Signs To Alert Drivers to Slow Down.
    The hedgehog population is in severe decline and cars are one of the biggest causes of injury and death. Drivers need to be made aware to look out at certain times mostly dawn and dusk and to SLOW DOWN. To spread awareness is important and hedgehogs are most vulnerable when they are coming out of hibernation and also when the mum's leave the babies to get food. Often they don't return to their young as they have been killed or injured by cars hence the poor little ones die or go out alone and usually starve to death. Many people and drivers are not aware of this and even if one person notices the sign then that is a good thing. These are beautiful and funny little creatures who have enough to battle with. I have become passionate about the hedgehog as I have them regularly visit my garden. I have sadly also witnessed dead ones on the road. I have also become involved as a Hedgehog Champion and want to do my bit in trying to help these delightful creatures that one day we may not be so lucky to have anymore.
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    Created by Donna Merchant
  • Public Inquiry into Bovine Tb and the current policy to cull badgers.
    The current badger cull policy is inhumane, ineffective, financially unsustainable and can't possibly succeed in its goal to reduce bovine TB in cattle. It's bad for badgers, cattle, farmers and the public.
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    Created by Anne Brummer Picture