• Regulate Television Competitions
    The reason that this requires some regulation is because it is like the back door to gambling. Viewers are being bombarded with competitions with every programme that independent television companies are broadcasting. The public are being encouraged to spend two pounds per text plus network charges. They do not realise the true cost of multiple entries can impact on their lives, because they are in the majority of cases paying monthly for their phone contracts. For the television companies it is just another way of boosting their profits under the guise of providing a service.
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  • End press abuse
    Hounding and bullying celebrities and ordinary people. Harassing Grenfell Tower survivors. Stoking prejudice and hate against muslims, migrants and refugees. Some newspapers are getting away with ruining lives because the system that’s supposed to hold them to account is run by the very newspaper bosses publishing the stories. But it doesn't have to be like this. An independent regulator - with the power to really hold newspapers to account - could make sure there are real consequences when papers overstep the line. Broadcasters are regulated independently and soon social media companies could be too. Why shouldn’t newspapers be held to the same standard? It’s time to level the playing field. Nobody’s tweets should be more regulated than huge media outlets like The Sun and The Mail.
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  • Simplify self-care and cosmetic ingredient labels
    As consumers, we want to be able to make educated and informed choices about the products we use for our self-care and cosmetics. At present, the ingredient labels are confusing and misleading, due to the complicated scientific language used. Many products available in the British market are filled with harmful chemicals and toxins that given both education and choice, we may not use on our family's bodies. It is extremely difficult to understand the ingredient labels as they are written in complicated scientific terminology. Around 3 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with hormone-receptive breast cancer. Until that time, I had given no consideration to the ingredients in was using on my body or those of my family. But her cancer diagnosis triggered me to investigate the products we were all using on our bodies. I was horrified to discover that some of the ingredients in our trusted household brands were carcinogenic, hormone-disruptive and highly irritant. I am a mum to a blended family of 4 young children. We are conscious about the environment, eat well and stay fit. We do our bit for British society in any way we can. As a conscious mum, I know that there will be many other parents and individuals that given the correct information, would want to ensure they are limiting the dangers that they are exposing themselves to. There are a growing number of natural, harmful-chemical-free alternatives on the market. But with simplified labelling, society can be clear on what goes into a product and make an informed decision about whether they still choose to use that or opt for a safer alternative. There has been a movement in food labelling to highlight the known allergens in ingredient labels. This makes it far easier for consumers to make an informed choice. I am suggesting a similar movement with self-care and cosmetics products, whereby, known harmful chemicals or toxins must be highlighted.
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  • Fair food price labelling
    This is important because people are easily misled into buying the same produce for an increased price, unless they have weighing scales close by, and the time to calculate the true values. It’s just another form of daylight robbery by deception that doesn’t have a place in a developed society.
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  • Legislative Law for the Static Caravan Lodge Holiday Parks Industry,
    To stop the bad practices that have damaged the lives of so many people due to no fault of their own .
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  • Retain the Royal Bank of Scotland heritage and name
    The brand of Royal Bank whilst tarnished by events is far better known, recognised world-wide by all. The Natwest brand on the contrary has less than 40-50 years history and caused many of the problems which tarnished RBS image. The decision has more to do with corporate lobbying and is not reflective of history, heritage or moving forward with pride and passion. The Royal Bank of Canada has not considered such an audacious step and has not suffered from a similar brand identity issue. There are many past employees and customers who will be appalled by this move and when the Natwest joined the RBS family there was a positive welcome by the teams.
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  • Ban gambling advertising on TV
    Gambling is a health hazard it causes misery when it gets out of hand. It wrecks families, destroys futures and can stain your whole life with debt. Advertising influences young people to join in with a click, promises status and quick riches which are not true. The impact on lives is as bad as cigarettes, please ban this unnecessary advertising.
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  • International food chains should offer HALAL choice
    The question of CHOICE should be ever-present. The intention is not to stop them selling BACON but to offer HALAL choices for those whose religion forbids them from consuming PORK or PORK-BASED items.
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  • Make Sky Put Pressure on BT Openreach
    We all use the internet for Facetime, Skype etc to keep in touch with family & friends, or send videos & photos, play online games with friend etc, but to do this, it is the "uploads" speeds that are vitally important. They will advertise fantastic download speeds, but never address the all important upload speeds Sky is dependent on BT Openreach for their networks, but say that they can't do anything to improve the system. Please ask Sky to put pressure on Openreach to upgrade and provide an infrastructure that is fit for purpose in the digital age.
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  • Ban gambling companies from sponsoring football shirts
    If you go to a football match or watch football on TV, there is a high chance you will see a betting company's logo. That’s because the top football clubs in the country have deals with gambling companies, half of premier league teams have betting company logos on their kit. This means millions of fans across the UK and all over the world are being exposed to predatory companies which profit from problem gambling. An estimated 400,000 people in England have a gambling addiction. And it’s ruining lives. The Government and the Football Association should step in and do the right thing: ban any gambling company from sponsoring sponsoring football teams and advertising their brand on football shirts. Italy and Turkey have already banned gambling companies from sponsoring football shirts. Now it’s our turn.
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  • British Gas - Reverse the Minimum Top-up Rise
    “I use a pre-pay meter because I can’t afford a direct debit. £5 may not sound a lot, but when you’re scraping together coppers just to make up the money, it can be the difference between a hot meal and going hungry.” – Daniel, British Gas customer* As anti-poverty campaigners and charities have made clear, this decision will mean that many parents and pensioners on low incomes will have to make a choice between food and fuel; it will mean not being able to cook a hot meal, have a bath or turn the heating on. Those who use top-up meters are often in debt and have insecure incomes, and rely on small top-ups to ration their heating to see themselves through to payday. What's more, research shows that those on pre-pay meters pay hundreds of pounds more in tariffs on average than direct debit customers. This decision will disproportionately affect those who are already struggling to get by. To implement it in the middle of winter, and what is the most financially challenging time of the year for many people, is the height of social irresponsibility. A company which last reported profits of £466 million should not be increasing the burden on its most hard-up customers. We ask that British Gas does the responsible thing and reverses this decision. Preet Gill MP has sent the following letter to British Gas bosses calling for this increase to be reversed. A huge petition, joining her call, could convince them to do the right thing: https://files.38degrees.org.uk/items/files/000/002/709/original/PKG_to_British_Gas_15-01-20.pdf *Name changed for anonymity
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  • Lidl/Aldi for Stornoway
    Because there is very little choice between Coop and Tesco on an ever expanding Island. With tourism being high in the summer months shopping for locals can be a nightmare another couple of shops would help reduce the chaos.
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