• Mobile phone companies to stop overcharging customers after contracts end.
    After completion of the contract Mobile phone customers continue to pay for a phone they already own. That’s unfair.
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    Created by Joseph Yamumo
  • Access to digital banking
    It is important because many, like me, either do not have a mobile phone, or do not receive a mobile signal. Some banks, such as Nationwide, have solved the problem by supplying customers with a debit card and card reader. HMRC use my land line in order to send me an access code. Sainsbury's have written to me to say, effectively, tough titty, if you don't like it take your business elsewhere! I live in a rural area, and our access to banks is diminishing daily. Digital banking is the future, and the first signs are appearing that this might disappear too, especially for those of us who live in rural areas.
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    Created by Colin Davies
  • UK Gov should protect its citizens from large company shyster practices
    Because UK citizens are being duped by some unscrupulous big companies that offer discounts for subsequent purchases without disclosing to their customers the consequences of accepting the discount. For example Hermes will offer a discount to welcome you as a new customer but they do not say that if you apply for the discount you will have to give your bank details to a third party who will take £15 from your account each month and make you a member of a club which claims to give you discounts or money back for other card purchasers. Many people claim to have no knowledge of signing up to a club and do not realise that every month money has been taken out of their account and when they do it is not always easy to cancel. Make our elected MPs stamp out these practices and ensure that companies make it clear to their customers the consequences of customers accepting any offer. There are many stories on the internet about people losing money which you only search for when you have fallen for the same trick.
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    Created by Sandra lloyd
  • Make Flaming Hot Monster Munch Vegan
    Hot Wotsits are vegan so why can't monster munch be vegan? I'm not even vegan but vegans deserve spicy feet shaped crisps.
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    Created by Dan Ormston
  • Let Us Keep O'Neills Ilford Open til 2am On Fridays
    This might seem silly to some but to most of us O'Neills Ilford is a little place of freedom away from the normal 9-5 grind of life. We are a wholesome family customers, dj, bar staff and door staff combined and closing the doors early on such an establishment will kill the pub entirely. Some of us are new here, some have been coming 10-20+ years and yet we all come together as a whole. 18 year olds are mixing with 50 year olds singing, dancing and enjoying everything that the pub gives. Please help us get our friendly little pub to stay open like it should. O'Neills is the heart of Ilford and with all the trouble there has been around the local area it's nice to have a place to go where you feel safe but also welcome around strangers.
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    Created by Lauren Featherstone Picture
  • Save British Steel Scunthorpe
    Yet again the forgotten North has suffered at the hands of the, turn the other cheek, Tory government. Even though Scunthorpe British Steel was making a profit, the company has gone into liquidation today. The government have used excuse after excuse to avoid investing £30 million to save the site. Scunthorpe has been linked to steel for 150 years. Since Victorian times, Scunthorpe played a major role in the industrial revolution. In 1964 weekly production of steel trebled to 9000 tonnes. It played a major part in wartime weapons and vehicle production. In 1988 it was fully privatised, facing the prospect of being undercut by cheap steel from countries such as China. Britain's steel has been renowned for its quality and supply in everything from shipbuilding to railway lines. But cheap imports were favoured above quality, causing a detrimental effect on Scunthorpe's productivity. In Scunthorpe, to lose this major site will result in the creation of a ghost town. Poverty will rise and this government won't prevent this decimation. Yet they happily bail out banks, whose loss was created by greedy bonuses. These men and women have already took pay cuts to save the plant, yet this goes unnoticed. They don't deserve this disgraceful repeat of history. I implore this government to Save Our Steel NOW!
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    Created by W D Kempton Picture
  • Can UBER please pay its UK taxes
    We need all internet companies to start paying UK taxes so we can have a decent public services eg ‘NHS’ . This needs to be debated in Parliament so I need over 100,000 signatures. Please can you signed this . Thank you for your support.
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    Created by Garret Lynch
  • Put star the tv show on Netflix.
    All star fans want it back.
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    Created by Rebekah Millard
  • Provide us with the super fast broadband that we are paying for.
    Residents are paying full price for broadband and are consistently delivered below average speeds and line faults. We are receiving a sub standard service which is not only effecting our home life but many businesses too.
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    Created by emma winter
  • Stop Plastic packaging at Aldi
    There is now indisputable proof that plastic has and is continuing to damage the environment. Aldi customers want to feel good when they shop for food, and know they are not adding to this global catastrophe. Only 9% of plastic has EVER been recycled. In the last ten years more plastic has been produced than in the last 50 years!
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    Created by Tara Meeks Picture
  • Ban company phoenixing
    Phoenixing is destroying small businesses that can not afford to lose money. The people that close a business and reopen the exact same business are literally laughing all the way to the bank... with zero repercussions. This is an example of a phoenixing company https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/anger-winter-funland-opens-event-15531718
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  • Allow tattoos in cabin Crew
    This is a big thing to me as I want to be cabin crew as a child but I got a scar covered with a tattoo on my hand and most airlines don’t allow tattoos at all which I think is unfair as considering it isn’t hurtful.
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    Created by Alfie Turner