• Crawley Public Green Energy Initiative
    For a long time the country has - for the most part - relied on fossil fuels to power our houses, businesses and transportation. These fossil fuels are becoming harder and harder to pull from the earth and the effects are devastating. Not to mention the fuels we are now receiving are severely reduced in quality - what is known as "dirty fuel." Our government spends billions in subsidies on the polluting fuel sources, a market that is drastically unsustainable. Crawley is a constantly developing town. The past five years have seen the town move from having thirteen districts to fourteen and the outskirts, once fields and forest land, are now developing communities. It is clear more people are seeing the geographical benefits of the town, nestled between London and Brighton. Not only this, Gatwick Airport offers a variety of jobs and links to myriad destinations around the globe. This is where I see the importance of this initiative. As more and more people move into the area, large-scale developments are taking place. Our carbon footprint is growing, as are the prices we pay for energy. The Public Green Energy Initiative aims to move people away from relying on corporations ownership of our energy so that we, as consumers, are no longer under the threat of dramatically increasing energy prices. Not only would moving to green energy be sustainable for the future, it gives people an opportunity to reduce costs and feed energy back into the grid. This lowers our prices and helps us build a local economy in green energy infrastructure. Gatwick Airport (LGW) has already started its own initiative by changing all of its bulbs to LED's (runway included) and plans to become the worlds first entirely LED lit airport. If the surrounding town of Crawley joins in turning to renewable sources of energy, the town and conjoined airport could become a model for the country. The extra added benefit - if we turn to become a green energy town, there is a huge opportunity for a total change in town, transport and community planning. Bus routes could be added and subsidized by local council in order to reduce the need for cars for small journeys. This means that areas of the town would be more accessible for workers, the elderly and the youth. Cycle routes would be improved and cycle initiatives, such as the cycle to work scheme, could be promoted through local companies. By making the energy public, the public get the vote on where their energy comes from and therefore gain independence and pride in taking part in something large-scale.
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  • Gloucester Recycling is Rubbish
    Waste collection is an area that affects all of us, not just the day to day cleanliness of our city but also our impact on the environment. This failure by Gloucester City Council, and their Contractor Amey, has a wide ranging impact on us as residents. Our environment is unnecessarily impacted by the recycling we sort being placed into landfill due to ineffeciencies and the services we need are degraded by the shortfall in funding due to recycling not being able to be sold. £300,000 is a large part of our council's budget which, with the continued defunding of our local councils from central government, we can not afford. We are chastised if our bins are put out with the lid open but the lack of scrutiny or diligence in the Council's handling of Amey and their contract is frankly mind boggling, it's time for change. For further information on this issue please follow the below links: https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/whistleblower-claims-amey-staff-gloucester-1654289 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-44374816 https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-44469075 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/astonishing-council-meeting-reveals-gloucesters-1640809 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/amey-not-fined-gloucester-city-1031193 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/amey-refutes-those-claims-council-1643663
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  • Don't cut funding for children's school buses
    In September Thetford Academy are cutting funding to Lewis Coaches so that they no longer run the bus service for our children to get to school. I have no other way of getting my 12 year old to and from school. And many other parents are in the same position. Please don't compromise the safety or education of our children.
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  • Petition to force fast food companies to have unsalted fries with all children’s meals
    This is extremely important as adding salt to fries increases the child’s intake and promotes unhealthy eating which can lead to child obesity and other health related issues. It seems ludicrous that as a parent I have to request that my child’s fries are unsalted which usually results in a longer waiting time. These fast food establishments such as McDonald’s and other high street brands which offer children’s meals need to readdress this, the fries should be sold unsalted as a standard, some parents may not realise that you can request unsalted fries, which is backwards as it shouldn’t even be an options on a child’s meal. It’s about time that this changes. Let’s make a stand and push for companies to do everything in their power to be as healthy a success possibly for ourselves and our children. We all enjoy these places as a treat but we should also be confident in these establishments to be doing everything they can to ensure our meals are fresh and as healthy as possible.
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  • Reduce Single Use Plastic Packaging, particularly on fruit and vegetables
    Plastics are causing appalling damage to life in our oceans and contaminating soils and ecosystems.
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  • Against Low Flying Snowdonia
    To protect the environment, protect animals and livestock from the stress and pollution caused by these aircraft and to promote our area as a clean, peaceful place to visit - something it at present is not. So we are trying to raise awareness to put a stop to the jets screaming overhead at VERY low levels in particular around the Rhydymain / Dolgellau / Bala Lake - areas which are known in MoD terms as the flight corridor/area of LFA7 / MACH loop. They cause emotional stress to sheep and cattle in the region and have been known to cause animals to miscarry and lose their young during birth. This in turn causes a loss of income to the farmers who struggle to earn a living in our region. They cause distress to locals and are a disaster waiting to happen with their highly dangerous ‘practice’ manoeuvres around the mountains, valleys and directly above our villages and have been recorded publicly well below their intended altitudes. An initial amusement to tourists and visitors to our region who often ask how we put up with it and we answer that the RAF have simply ridden roughshod over locals for so long they think they can get away with it. The aircraft noise depreciates the value of property as people often do not want to be treated to this level of noise pollution and rightly so. For the home owner it is a worry as the value of their house is on the decline as a direct result. In short, local people feel that they have been treated as if to be part of an airshow for years and it is time for the gates to close now. We were promised that “...things would be better...” with the closure of RAE Llanbedr which is now in private hands. If anything it has made zero difference and most days it is much worse for us. Join the campaign and help us make the area as peaceful to enjoy as it used to be.
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    Handing over a Public Park to private development and the Ross Bandstand Trust
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  • Bring Back Frida Kahlo's Iconic Lipstick to Help Fund Women in Mexico
    Frida Kahlo was a cultural icon who celebrated her beauty with internationally acclaimed flare. She taught young girls everywhere that despite their disability or background - beauty is for all. Her iconic dark brows and lipstick adorn the walls of the public and elite alike, in her stunning original works or dog-eared printouts, torn from borrowed magazines. Frida made a stand for women everywhere, challenging perceptions of beauty and idealised standards for women, she stood for strength, for justice and for equality. We can't all afford an original piece to honour her memory but what better way to do it than by keeping those ideals alive through the medium of make-up.
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  • We won’t pay for Trump to play golf
    Many people in the UK work hard to pay their taxes to ensure that education, health and policing are funded. We have already suffered many years of austerity and the money is needed by the British people. And anyway paying for foreign presidents to play golf on their private courses - in the hope that we get a good trade deal - is what we call corruption in other countries . So let’s not let that happen here. Please add your name in support
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  • Outlaw all non recyclable plastics
    By 2050 plastic pollution in our oceans is set to outnumber fish !, we are killing the planet and it’s resources of which we rely , it’s sheer madness this is still going on when we now know so much about our environment and our effect on it, we need to act now, not faze these problems out over decades, it will be too late, we have the technology to replace plastic with biodegradable alternatives but businesses benefitting from plastic production don’t want this to happen as It effects their profits which they see as more important than the damage being dealt to the planet , a planet you and I need to survive, we are poisoning nature beyond the point of no return, leaving our grandchildren a broken, unrecognisable world all in the name of greed.. please, it has to stop NOW not later, let us as a country set the president, be the game changers in environmental protection.
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  • Save Strongroom
    Founded by Richard Boote in 1984, Strongroom stands as one of Shoreditch’s longest running establishments, enriching a then-sparse area of London and aiding its evolution into the arts & technological center we know it as today. Built as a single studio out of a disused zip factory, the Strongroom grew organically to become 12 world-class music studios, 6 edit suites, 8 offices and an award-winning Bar & Kitchen, serving the community as a shared gathering point with an open courtyard dense with foliage planted by Richard himself. In recognition of his contributions to the regeneration of Shoreditch, Richard was awarded the Mayor of Hackney’s Businessman of The Year award in 2006, and Strongroom has been nominated for and awarded countless studio accolades in its 30+ years as a commercial facility to the likes of Spice Girls, The Prodigy, Nick Cave, Radiohead, Björk, Depeche Mode and many more. On Strongroom, music producer Ben Baptie says: “Strongroom Studios is where I work from all of my creative output. From the moment I first started working here I realised that this was a special place, and not just for me, but for recording artists too. The cultural relevance of Strongroom is one that cannot be ignored when looking at the musical output in the UK. From the original Jamie Reid artwork to the huge outside area to the characteristics of each studio within the building. This is a place where art is made. It is a creative space. It is not something that can be planned or purposefully created, as, like all great art, it is inspired, refined and a one off. Making records is not an easy or quick thing but Strongroom is a place where you feel comfortable doing that, and that is not to be ignored. It takes so much hard work from so many talented people over a long period of time to make that happen, and with each record made here it's importance only grows.” The application to redevelop a small warehouse space into a six-storey office block estimates a continuous construction period of 18+ months. Dust and debris from any construction operation near a recording studio would be deleterious, but for something on this large a scale along the adjoining wall to the premises the noise and vibration alone could put the studios completely out of business. It would also disastrously impact the communal courtyard, and the final construction cast the amenity into complete shadow. The planning application as submitted can be found here: https://bit.ly/2MFQkHB This development may well lead to the closure of Strongroom Studios, and significantly affect trade for the Strongroom Bar and Kitchen, as well as potentially displacing the 18 other businesses based on site, therefore planning permission should not be granted for the following reasons: 1. As a recording studio, and therefore a noise-sensitive environment, any long period of construction in the vicinity would be detrimental but the proposed 18-months of work along the joining wall would ensure constant loud-level and low-frequency leakage into studios that would be picked up by acoustic instruments and microphones. This would render recording services unusable. 2. The constant loud-level and low-frequency leakage would make critical listening impossible, therefore rendering any mixing services also unsuable. 3. This would not only result in loss of earnings for Strongroom studios but would affect, and almost certainly displace, the many other music companies based onsite in studios and offices. 4. The risk to extremely rare and fragile equipment, such as vintage microphones and recording consoles, is a serious concern. As recording equipment, particularly those in studios sharing a party wall, will be incredibly vulnerable to the structural vibration through the ground and walls of the building. 5. Any continued construction work to a building along the party wall would create huge amounts of sustained noise, constant low frequency vibration, dust and debris into the courtyard and other open areas. Both unattractive and unsafe for dining customers of the Strongroom Bar & Kitchen in the courtyard amenity, this threatens a fundamental attraction of its business. 6. The 6 storey building would throw the sunny, leafy, vibrant courtyard amenity almost completely into shade, leaving a major attraction of the complex to onsite offices, studio residents and Strongroom Bar & Kitchen customers by the wayside. 7. Rising rents and redevelopments of this kind are pushing creative industries out of Shoreditch. Strongroom has fought hard to push back against this trend of gentrification and strive to keep our studio and amenity spaces inviting and affordable for creative companies. 8. It is imperative and part of the stated policy of Hackney that creative industries are an important asset to the development and continuation of cultural growth in the area. Developments such as this will kill culture. 6. As yet there has been no consultation with the applicants on any issues facing Strongroom and no compliance with the Party Wall Act. They are already over 250 letters of objection with Hackney and letters of support will follow from industry organisations as well as further objectors. The purpose of this petition is to widen out the issues and let people have their say. There is a point of philosophy here to be explored which is, to what extent should a development be allowed if it will seriously and deleteriously impact the livelihood and success of a business such as a recording studio which brings not only revenues and employment but also kudos to an area. We feel that the planning application and the process being followed is unjust and we would invite you to record your agreement by signing the petition. Please keep signing and sharing the petition! We will keep you informed of progress throughout. Many thanks The Strongroom Team
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  • Permanent Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Grangemouth
    To liase interact and to be on hand when industry breaches the regulations and to assist and inform both the public and industry as needed in Grangemouth .
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