• Thomas Cook’s bosses should pay back their bonuses
    When travel company Thomas Cook collapsed, thousands of jobs were lost and families were stranded on holiday, desperate to get home. Our taxes ended up paying for the clean-up. But the bosses in charge at Thomas Cook walked away with millions of pounds in bonuses. It’s not right. Now the government is considering making them return the money, and stripping them of the right to run companies again. It would be a huge step forward in holding big business to account. Forcing Thomas Cook’s bosses to pay back their money won’t bring our jobs or holidays back. But it could send a message - you can’t walk away while the public clears up your mess. It could make other bosses think twice before taking risks with our jobs and savings. By signing the petition, together we can create a wave of public outrage - it could tip the government into cracking down properly on businesses who cause a mess and walk away.
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    Created by Debbie Prior
  • Stop the Chocolate tub waste
    Because we have a climate emergency and plastic waste is a major problem. These used to be in mental tins and still can be bought in metal tins if you search but most are produced in an ocean of cheap useless plastic tubs that will be thrown away .
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  • BBC red button
    For deaf, those who do not do computers or smart phones the BBC red button gives instant written news any time.
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    Created by Tim Evans
  • Do away with Holiday Single supplements
    I have been campainging for years and have been interviewed locally By Hereford and Worcester local radio, had positive responses from Newspapers and contacted Rip Off Britain. I have been asked in the past to pay extra but refuse to do so. Tour operators are just as guilty as they are complicit in allowing this practice to continue.
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    Created by Neil Scott
  • Keep Jane the virgin on Netflix
    This is the only way some of us around the world even pay for Netflix and the only way we can access to watch the show. It would be tragic to not be able to watch it anymore.
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    Created by Lacey Kimpolo
  • Instagram needs to stop disabling real accounts and get better customer service support
    Instagram has resorted to algorithms to determine which accounts are disabled/deactivated without actually looking into the issue properly. This has resulted in numerous real accounts including business accounts being closed down by Instagram based on incorrect or false information. The result is loss in business, in investment if you have used their Ad promotions, loss of your pictures/content on Instagram, years of hard work gone in an instant. I have had my account disabled for impersonating someone else which is completely incorrect, in fact I have been the victim of being impersonated and when the fake account was reported, it was still active but mine was disabled instead. Instagram support offers you no contact number, no email, no live chat, no real person to contact to for support at all. They do not care at all if you lose your account. It is extremely difficult to get any help or support despite filling in the forms to appeal many times. Facebook as the parent company of Instagram, need to get better customer support service in place. For such a big company and social media site, they should be able to afford a much better customer service support help center. The robots are not doing their job properly. Please fix this. Please sign this petition to get my account back and for Instagram to get better customer service support. Thank you My disabled Instagram account: @s.n_ruin
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    Created by Haroon Hussain
  • Heinz Soup minus Plastic
    Heinz would be making a tremendous step towards the eradication of single use plastics. Please help us to free our world from some of the plastic that is choking our environment.
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  • YouTube messages
    Signing this will allow you to share videos easily and also directly message your contacts within the YouTube app.
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    Created by Oli Oli
  • Save part of Everton FC stand
    We wish to save a huge part of Everton's history by saving just 20% of our Archibald Leitch, designed stand, which sits on Bullens Road in Walton, Liverpool. The reason for this is that Everton are planning to move to a new stadium, leaving the old stadium to be fully demolished and with it the end of an era. For many years Everton fans have sung from the rooftops of this stand "and if you know your history" and yet we are about to lose it.
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  • Stop Killing Our Town Centre
    Lowestoft is losing shops in its town centre almost weekly. The latest announcement that Tesco is to close its store in London Road North is the last straw. Although the Tesco store closure may be part of a national strategic re-think by Tesco, we know that town centres and high streets up and down the country are having to deal with competition from out-of-town retail parks and online retailers. We also know that footfall in Lowestoft town centre is discouraged by high business rates and the cost of town centre parking. These issues are compounded by cynical leasing practices: as leases come up for renewal, property owners frequently raise the rents making the businesses unsustainable. Property owners are often living in other towns or countries and have no interest or stake in local communities: basically, they are speculators. On top of all this, seaside towns and former fishing ports like Lowestoft are struggling to replace lost industry and livelihoods. People who don't drive are finding it harder and harder to shop. People with disabilities, older people and families are particularly affected by shop closures, especially those on low incomes. Not everyone has access to the Internet, and many of those who do still prefer to shop in store, for the social interaction and company that it gives them. Loneliness is recognised as a significant social problem for many people: especially the elderly and those with mental health issues. Access to local shops helps to combat the isolation of vulnerable people. Lowestoft Town Council, East Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council have all backed 'Climate Emergency' motions. This means in part encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport rather than drive. Retail parks are aimed at car drivers and they do little to build and support a sense of community. Lowestoft now has several retail parks. Town centres are a community link. A vibrant town centre is necessary for the economic regeneration of this town. But it is more than that: it should act as a hub for our community, something that we can build out from, and build a future on.
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    Created by Wendy Brooks
  • Don't waste food.Please.
    Because It is wastefull.
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    Created by Michael De-Wynter
  • Cancel VELO Birmingham and West Midlands on 21 June 2020 and do something better
    A big bike ride is a lovely idea but not when it involves a large corporation telling thousands of people that they have to be restricted in their movements for the majority of the day and that there is nothing they can do about it. Velo is proposed for height of the Summer on 28 June 2020, closing 100 miles of roads across the West Midlands for the majority of daylight hours (04.45am - 19.00pm, and with other restrictions from midnight the day before). CSM Sport and Entertainment is a private global company which will charge 19000 Riders between £70 - £120 to take part. Some riders may raise their own sponsorship for charity which is of course, admirable, but it could be argued that cyclists would be better taking part in the many events across the UK where all money raised, including entry fees, goes to charity and doesn’t close roads all day / impose restrictions on others. Sadly this also means that all charity events along the way have to be cancelled at the behest of this corporate giant. What happened last year and why you should be concerned: • Many residents were trapped in their own homes as many closed roads were their only exit and entry points, with no diversion route / alternative available. Some people were trapped in their homes for over 13 hours. Public transport was also suspended for most of the day. • Home help and visiting carers were prevented from delivering food, hydration and medication as part of routine care plans; a vet was refused access to a premises because of road closures, leading to the death of two horses. Many people were prevented from travel to work and some were stranded at Birmingham International Airport and train station and couldn't return home for hours. • Previous proposals for this event have prompted grave concern from local ambulance services and previous events / event routes have been cancelled. • As per previous Velo mass road closures, levels of frustration have resulted in sabotage, with nails and razor blades being put on roads, and people trying to break through barriers, which is a risk to public safety and potentially causes a waste of police time. • In addition to stress anxiety and inconvenience, the Velo event can also have a negative effect on communities, many of which have to shelve their own plans for community events and suspend the operation of small businesses, particularly on the new proposed mid-summer date. Your rights compromised: It is highly unlikely that this event is compliant with the Equality Act 2010 in relation to disability and the denying of physical access for some in and out of their homes and to access services on the day. Signs prior to the event, blocked pavements in some areas for the 2019 event (pictured). Last year's event was not only an unwelcome intrusion to a large amount of people, forced to put up with it, but has been seen by many trapped for the day as an infringement of civil liberties and a danger to health and safety. No one asked communities what they want: Many of you will no doubt have read about this via third-party sources as opposed to being notified or consulted with directly. There has been no consultation with those living along the route, with Velo instead relying on a third party leaflet drop (which in the past missed out many people, who weren't aware of road closures when a Velo event was attempted previously) which tells people that the road will be closed and residents vehicles may be towed away from outside their homes - which is a little harsh for anyone who doesn’t have a driveway. It doesn’t have to be like this: Much of this could be avoided by CSM / Velo working out a route which doesn't trap people in their own homes / only routing past homes where residents have an alternative access road to get in and out as they wish (other than on foot). The benefits and the real cost: The benefits of Velo have mainly been promoted along economic lines, yes there may have been a spike in hotel bookings in Birmingham and Coventry City Centre, but this seems to be totally at the expense of the wellbeing of many people along the route. Velo and your Council’s accountability: Despite being contacted, Velo is remaining silent at the time of writing as per the exact route for 2020, and have stated that they will know in around 5 weeks. Last year despite a request they also failed to make available their evacuation plan for communities that were locked-down for the day. The aim of this petition and who it will be sent to: This petition will be presented to the leaders of Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire and Coventry Councils and Velo itself, to request that the event is cancelled in its current form, as it has been previously in the North, South and Worcester. This petition will also outline the risks and issues associated with this event, should the event be given permission, so that in the event of a serious incident attributed to the road closures, the Councils' involved and CSM / Velo cannot use the excuse that they were unaware of the potential consequences as a defence, should any legal challenges be issued. Please note: The original petition deadline was to sign before 3 February 2020, so that this could be submitted in good time, prior to the event, this has been done but please continue to sign in order to keep the pressure on, and it will be sent again when Velo send notifications out to send a clear message to the authorities that they are not being representative of communities in backing this. It will help if as well as signing the petition, you include additional information when possible, so please use the comments box to record your experiences particularly / effects on health and safety / poor treatment that you have received at the hands of CSM and the Velo event team. And of course, share as widely as you can!
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