• Insist that companies asking for a UK tax-payer funded bailout sign up to a Fair Tax Pledge
    The UK Government is providing a necessary and welcome package of financial measures to workers and business through the Covid-19 crisis – not least via the furlough job retention scheme. However, should financial bailouts be agreed for distinct business sectors, we believe that this should be conditional on a series of responsible tax conduct commitments. Such conditions would further embed responsible tax practices and help maintain a level playing field for business. Across the world, some £400 billion of global corporate profits are shifted annually to tax havens. In the UK, this manifests itself as an annual corporation tax shortfall of some £7 billion. We, the public, call on the UK Government to insist that businesses requesting a tax-payer funded bailout commit to a set of fair tax conditions, as put forward by the Fair Tax Mark in their ‘Fair Tax Lockdown’: 1. Publish a binding tax policy that explicitly shuns tax avoidance and the artificial use of tax havens, and commits to the declaration of profits in the place where their economic substance arises (i.e., no profit-shifting). This policy should be the subject of an annual compliance audit, and be “owned” by a designated board director.  2. Ensure that the consolidated annual profit & loss of the parent company is publicly available, together with details of associated corporation tax payments (total, current and deferred tax). Multinational enterprise should disclose this on a Country-by-Country basis. A current tax reconciliation should be provided, together with a narrative to explain any deviations from the headline tax rate(s). 3. Make clear who the ultimate beneficial owners of the business are, and those with significant control. We believe that these measures are fair, material and proportionate. If a business is not actively involved in tax avoidance, these conditions can quickly and easily be committed to. To find out more about the Fair Tax Lockdown call to action you could visit the Fair Tax Mark website https://fairtaxmark.net/ or follow them at https://twitter.com/FairTaxMark and https://www.facebook.com/FairTaxMark/
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  • abolish pub rents during coronavirus lockdown
    Pub companies have long profited by penalising successful business operators (tenant landlords) by increasing the rents payable to the company if profits are made by an individual renting the premises. It is time that the companies recognised that closing pubs not only penalises the tenant , but also the individuals (customers) who make the premises viable. The sociological impact in certain areas can be devastating to local communities. Inevitably, the pub companies loose out by not making any profit , until their assets are realised by selling off the property. The property may well be sold as a "free house" meaning the new owner does not have to pay premium prices for the product they sell on and this helps to make the business more profitable. (it is with personal experience that I have found I paid a premium of 80% on top of the brewery charges, which goes to the pub company) In order to keep our pubs open it is necessary to provide a rent free period to allow these businesses to remain until the current situation comes to an end. This is Britain, and the "local" pub is an experience revered all over the world. The greed of the companies should not be allowed to destroy the income and lifestyle of those making profit on their behalf, nor destroy the communities which provide those profits.
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  • ask tui to honour all deposits till its safe to travel
    i and many others are about to lose there holiday deposit ,because of covid 19 the balance of my holiday is due 24/04/20 as youcan imagine at this moment in time i am not willing to give tui over £3500 because if the holiday is canceled tui will only refund a travel voucher but if i want a cash refund i will have to wait a year from my date of travel .how can this be fair
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  • Option to give gratuity to supermarket workers
    It is important for any worker whom is putting themselves at risk to help others. Super market workers are working hard in very challenging and unprecedented circumstances to help others so this is a good way to acknowledge that work and say some kind of thank you.
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  • Bring back chips ahoy dairy milk bars in the UK
    As some people may not have been able to taste this amazing chocolate bar
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  • Pay your staff more, Tesco!
    Tesco has had record sales in March, and also just secured a £600m state bailout during coronavirus, and what was their first spending decision? To use it to pay shareholders a dividend. Meanwhile, Tesco supermarket staff have been working tirelessly to restock shelves and serve customers, increasing their exposure to coronavirus and risking their lives. They are earning Tesco a big rise in turnover, and deserve a bonus and raised hourly wages for their efforts. If you can afford to pay your shareholders a bonus, you can afford to raise staff wages, Tesco!!
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  • help for small businesses through coronavirus
    Everyone faces difficulties during the current pandemic, as does the economy. Many enterprises have suffered or closed, especially small and medium ones. Thanks to the government, assistance is currently being provided to enterprises operating in a pandemic, but not everyone can access this support. These are those that are startups or have just opened and have not yet managed to trade. Many of these enterprises even started working without a commercial bank account, and currently banks refuse to issue loans to them because their accounts do not work for more than 30 days. In fact, some banks apologise and ask businesses to return next year. (!!) Thus, the petition says whether the UK government can solve this problem and support startups and small businesses that operate without business bank accounts, have a bank business account for less than 30 days and have no business income.
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  • Virgin holiday refunds
    Its peoples hard earned money. Money that is much needed in this current climate. Virgin Holidays have no right to make people wait 90 days for a refund. They should be a shamed of themselves with whats going on in the world to date.
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  • Price rises
    Because people are trapped indoors and short of finances...especially the self employed..with no chance of government help until June
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  • Stop 3D cakes profiting off the coronavirus.
    Brides and Grooms should not be penalised for a situation out with their control and no decent, honest and empathetic company should be MAKING extra money out of an epidemic that has seen thousands of people lose their lives. I urge you to do the decent thing, as countless other suppliers have, and remove the charge and refund all those who have already paid out of fear of losing their deposits.
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  • Provide unlimited internet access for all on data plans
    To give piece of mind to all users who have limited use data plans & to those without broadband connectivity. This would provide unlimited internet connectivity to family, friends & colleagues during the crisis, enabling all to stay connected without concerns over costs. It would enabe many people now working from home to access the internet fully so they are able to continue to their individual and collective work duties, commitments and responsibilities during these unprecedented and challenging times.
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  • Corona tax relief for small business
    Many small businesses will fail and high unemployment could result.
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