• Bring back chips ahoy dairy milk bars in the UK
    As some people may not have been able to taste this amazing chocolate bar
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  • Pay your staff more, Tesco!
    Tesco has had record sales in March, and also just secured a £600m state bailout during coronavirus, and what was their first spending decision? To use it to pay shareholders a dividend. Meanwhile, Tesco supermarket staff have been working tirelessly to restock shelves and serve customers, increasing their exposure to coronavirus and risking their lives. They are earning Tesco a big rise in turnover, and deserve a bonus and raised hourly wages for their efforts. If you can afford to pay your shareholders a bonus, you can afford to raise staff wages, Tesco!!
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    Created by E Griffiths
  • help for small businesses through coronavirus
    Everyone faces difficulties during the current pandemic, as does the economy. Many enterprises have suffered or closed, especially small and medium ones. Thanks to the government, assistance is currently being provided to enterprises operating in a pandemic, but not everyone can access this support. These are those that are startups or have just opened and have not yet managed to trade. Many of these enterprises even started working without a commercial bank account, and currently banks refuse to issue loans to them because their accounts do not work for more than 30 days. In fact, some banks apologise and ask businesses to return next year. (!!) Thus, the petition says whether the UK government can solve this problem and support startups and small businesses that operate without business bank accounts, have a bank business account for less than 30 days and have no business income.
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    Created by Eirini Efthymiadou
  • Virgin holiday refunds
    Its peoples hard earned money. Money that is much needed in this current climate. Virgin Holidays have no right to make people wait 90 days for a refund. They should be a shamed of themselves with whats going on in the world to date.
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  • Price rises
    Because people are trapped indoors and short of finances...especially the self employed..with no chance of government help until June
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  • Stop 3D cakes profiting off the coronavirus.
    Brides and Grooms should not be penalised for a situation out with their control and no decent, honest and empathetic company should be MAKING extra money out of an epidemic that has seen thousands of people lose their lives. I urge you to do the decent thing, as countless other suppliers have, and remove the charge and refund all those who have already paid out of fear of losing their deposits.
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    Created by natalie braithwaite
  • Provide unlimited internet access for all on data plans
    To give piece of mind to all users who have limited use data plans & to those without broadband connectivity. This would provide unlimited internet connectivity to family, friends & colleagues during the crisis, enabling all to stay connected without concerns over costs. It would enabe many people now working from home to access the internet fully so they are able to continue to their individual and collective work duties, commitments and responsibilities during these unprecedented and challenging times.
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    Created by Dean Clarke
  • Corona tax relief for small business
    Many small businesses will fail and high unemployment could result.
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    Created by Oliver Burne
  • Regulate Television Competitions
    The reason that this requires some regulation is because it is like the back door to gambling. Viewers are being bombarded with competitions with every programme that independent television companies are broadcasting. The public are being encouraged to spend two pounds per text plus network charges. They do not realise the true cost of multiple entries can impact on their lives, because they are in the majority of cases paying monthly for their phone contracts. For the television companies it is just another way of boosting their profits under the guise of providing a service.
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  • End press abuse
    Hounding and bullying celebrities and ordinary people. Harassing Grenfell Tower survivors. Stoking prejudice and hate against muslims, migrants and refugees. Some newspapers are getting away with ruining lives because the system that’s supposed to hold them to account is run by the very newspaper bosses publishing the stories. But it doesn't have to be like this. An independent regulator - with the power to really hold newspapers to account - could make sure there are real consequences when papers overstep the line. Broadcasters are regulated independently and soon social media companies could be too. Why shouldn’t newspapers be held to the same standard? It’s time to level the playing field. Nobody’s tweets should be more regulated than huge media outlets like The Sun and The Mail.
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    Created by Hacked Off
  • Simplify self-care and cosmetic ingredient labels
    As consumers, we want to be able to make educated and informed choices about the products we use for our self-care and cosmetics. At present, the ingredient labels are confusing and misleading, due to the complicated scientific language used. Many products available in the British market are filled with harmful chemicals and toxins that given both education and choice, we may not use on our family's bodies. It is extremely difficult to understand the ingredient labels as they are written in complicated scientific terminology. Around 3 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with hormone-receptive breast cancer. Until that time, I had given no consideration to the ingredients in was using on my body or those of my family. But her cancer diagnosis triggered me to investigate the products we were all using on our bodies. I was horrified to discover that some of the ingredients in our trusted household brands were carcinogenic, hormone-disruptive and highly irritant. I am a mum to a blended family of 4 young children. We are conscious about the environment, eat well and stay fit. We do our bit for British society in any way we can. As a conscious mum, I know that there will be many other parents and individuals that given the correct information, would want to ensure they are limiting the dangers that they are exposing themselves to. There are a growing number of natural, harmful-chemical-free alternatives on the market. But with simplified labelling, society can be clear on what goes into a product and make an informed decision about whether they still choose to use that or opt for a safer alternative. There has been a movement in food labelling to highlight the known allergens in ingredient labels. This makes it far easier for consumers to make an informed choice. I am suggesting a similar movement with self-care and cosmetics products, whereby, known harmful chemicals or toxins must be highlighted.
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    Created by natalie elliott
  • Fair food price labelling
    This is important because people are easily misled into buying the same produce for an increased price, unless they have weighing scales close by, and the time to calculate the true values. It’s just another form of daylight robbery by deception that doesn’t have a place in a developed society.
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    Created by Ian Smith