• Save Barmouth post office back counters .
    It's important for the town not everyone does on line banking.
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  • STOP car parking charges in Dingwall
    Car Parking charges will kill off Dingwall High Street altogether. Please show your support for this cause by signing our petition and sending the letter below to all 4 of our Councillors elected to represent Dingwall. You will find their email addresses below. Thank you. Email template: Dear Councillors elected to represent the Dingwall & Seaforth Ward, I am writing to ask you to reverse Highland Council's decision to introduce car parking charges in the Dingwall south car park. Whilst car parking charges may help other towns across the region, Dingwall does not currently have parking or congestion problems. Therefore, these new charges will be seen as a barrier and are likely to deter locals and visitors from doing their shopping in the town and consequently disadvantage its small businesses. One of the best things about Dingwall is the FREE parking available. The council should be doing more to support local businesses and not hamper them. I urge you to help protect Dingwall and reverse the decision to introduce car parking charges. Finally, please update me on what action you have taken to achieve the above. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours Sincerely, Name: Address: Please cut and paste above then send to: graham.mackenzie.cllr@highland.gov.uk alister.mackinnon.cllr@highland.gov.uk angela.maclean.cllr@highland.gov.uk margaret.paterson.cllr@highland.gov.uk
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  • Soft drinks jackets on bottles
    I was told today by one soft drinks company, (who I contacted for information about their products’ jackets), that they didn’t have that information to hand. They then phoned me back, to say, “it’s entirely recyclable”. Well, if it is, surely that info should be added to the jackets. I was also told, by the same person, that, just as I wouldn’t recycle a baked beans tin without washing it first, their drinks’ jackets should be removed BEFORE recycling their plastic bottles. What? A simple line of text on the jacket about its material would suffice. Lucozade Rubens Suntory LTD, Britvic and others need to be more transparent. It’s vital for consumers to not only be aware of their drink’s contents, but also what the entire packaging is made of, for recycling purposes and to make an informed choice. Companies should declare precisely which material the jackets are made from, giving consumers the information needed when selecting a drink. In this age of environmental awareness and increased environment responsibility, consumers require to be better informed. We have a moral and ethical right to know if the jackets are entirely safe to recycle, (and, conversely, if they are potentially damaging to the environment and wildlife). And ... if we’re supposed to peel off the jackets and recycle the bottle and jacket separately, then this needs to be stated on the jacket. It certainly should not be a matter of guess work, assuming because the plastic bottle is recyclable, then the jacket must be too!
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  • Less plastic in Somerset's supermarkets
    Single-use plastic water bottles are polluting our environment as they are non-biodegradable. Studies have also shown that traces of plastic are found in the liquids they hold, which has the potential to be damaging to human health. Reusable bottles and cups can last a lifetime and save people money in the long-run. There are many alternative materials to plastic packaging that are biodegradable and just as effective.
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  • Amazon to reduce paper/plastic packaging
    As we are already aware we live in a world that over pollutes and are wasteful. Its important to the generations that are coming up behind us that we leave a legacy, but big companies must lead by example. When i order small items, I continuously receive these in big boxes and lots of plastic packaging. This is completely unnecessary.
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  • Say NO to passports being produced anywhere but the UK
    The main reason 1) security a passport is a critical document and should not be made outside the UK 2) if we loose the jobs then the supposed 124 million savings will be wiped out in lost tax, NI, and increased benefits 3) we should be protecting and supporting our industry not giving business to countries that Would not allow that to happen in their country. 4) we are leaving the EU so it's not in our interests to allow another company to have such a hold over our security. 5) Britain has fantastic companies doing great things and if we are to succeed we need to give them every help we can
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  • Stop the plans to develop a Subsidiary Company (SPV) in Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
    This would be privatisation by the back door. The company would be outside the NHS publicly owned and provided structure. It would own all the assets, land and buildings transferred to it. This would not be an acceptable disposal of public assets. At some stage in the future, it will be at risk of an aggressive buyout which will remove all once publicly owned assets building and land transferred with it, into profiteers hands, forever. It would remove the rights of the workforce to NHS terms and conditions after the statutory TUPE date and in any case, in the event of a downturn in revenue or other ‘financial crisis’ scenario and to new employees. It would create a 2 tier workforce as new employees will have less security, terms and conditions, holiday rights, sick pay and no access to NHS pension. This is likely to impact negatively on patient experience if the new workforce is more transient, without the public sector ethos. It’s a VAT scam? Certainly, it’s worrying that many of the SubCo plans seem to emphasise this VAT “gambit”. Gloucestershire, for example, told staff it would save £35m over 10 years through this ruse, whilst the staff savings were merely “unquantifiable”. And the Department of Health has advised against it. But the biggest similar scheme to date, UnitingCare in Cambridgeshire, collapsed spectacularly – and one of the major reasons (according to both NHS England and the National Audit Office reports) was because the NHS signed the contract on the basis of incorrect advice about their VAT position, meaning an unexpected £5m a year was added to the costs and the arrangement collapsed. There has been no consultation to date with members of the public and patients. Privatising cleaning services lead to development of MRSA a study shows. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/314890.php By the time this new move is shown to be a disaster it will be too late. A Special Purpose Vehicle could prove to be a false economy. We are not opposed to change for the better, but we view the input from management consultants and attempts to privatise NHS services and estates, with suspicion. Please explore other options. New research shows use of Management Consultants increase inefficiency. http://www.bmj.com/content/360/bmj.k893. https://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/jonathan-allsop/time-to-halt-nhs-gravy-train-for-management-consultants http://www.bmj.com/content/360/bmj.k893
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  • Cambridge Anlaytica
    This is incredibly important for the freedom of people and democracy around the world. It is difficult enough for people to make a decision of importance based on information which is provided by a Biased and propagandist media. Psychological manipulation and deliberate large scale misinformation is despicable and very dangerous. Why was a Phd professor having been asked to leave Cambridge university return after 3 years in South America , then allowed to continue at Cambridge under his new name of SPECTRE ? It beggars belief. Why was Steve Bannon involved in both BREXIT and the Trump vote Along of course with many others ......
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  • Petition to remove filthy phone boxes from outside Hove Station cafe
    These two phone boxes are being used as toilets and are in an unsightly and smelly state. They are situated outside a pub and a cafe. The cafe staff have resorted to placing milk crates in the booths to deter further abuse of the phone boxes. There is a public pay phone 50 metres away in the station entrance.
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  • Is Your Drinking Water Safe?
    In the USA, glyphosate from Roundup has been found in the water table many miles from where it was applied to the land. This is contrary to the claims of Monsanto who disregard any adverse evidence from independent scientists of the toxicity of Roundup . Following the decision of the EU to renew the license for RoundUp for a further five years it is essential that the water in our reservoirs is routinely analysed and accurate levels of glyphosate ascertained both before and after filtration for two reasons. Firstly to ensure that the filtration system is working efficiently should there be any glyphosate detected in the water source and secondly to have an on- going record of any levels of contamination from "run off" from agricultural land to which Roundup has been applied. At present the Water authorities make their own risk assessment as to whether to test for the levels of glyphosate and AMPA (the breakdown product) . Sadly South West Water , the most expensive provider in the UK, serving Cornwall, Devon, and parts of Somerset and Dorset are upholding their decision NOT to test for this widely used and noxious chemical. Non profit making, Welsh Water by comparison test routinely and accurately for glyphosate and AMPA levels and make the figures freely available. It took four months of investigation to get the answer "No" to the question "Do SWWater test for glyphosate in their water supply?" It is time for legislation to make testing mandatory, followed hopefully by deprivatisation of all water authorities and a return to public ownership.
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  • #StirCrazy: Pret a Manger: free plastic stirrers/stoppers - why?!
    Plastic stirrers/stoppers are used for 4 seconds: they then last 4 centuries. There are alternatives available: metal tea spoons, bamboo, or sustainably-sourced wood, even. The plastic stirrer - this is the most absurd, damaging, pointless single-use plastic available - it should not be so. Don't offer them for free! You will save money, the world's environment and your reputation of being 'natural'. If we really want to potentially toxify our coffee or water with a stirrer, at least make us pay for the pleasure. C'mon - charge us!
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  • More Parking Spaces at Dorking Main Railway Station
    All the surrounding roads are getting clogged up causin road stay issue.
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