• Making Wordpress and Social Media Accountable to UK Parliament
    This petition is very important for the Internet age because these Firms engage in a dictatorial fashion to deny their users the opportunity to voice their legitimate concerns to the United Kingdom authorities for legal redress to be implemented in terms of compensation and damages awarded to the users when they suffer at the hands of these companies through the process of interacting with the particular Social Media concerned.
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  • Ban firework sales to the public
    How many children, adults and animals every year are injured by fireworks. How much does it cost our already overstretched NHS? Many animals are hurt and terrified of the noise. No matter how safe people are, accidents happen! Follow Sainsburys and stop selling them to the public.
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  • Petition to Protect Blog Owners from Negative SEO Attacks
    The Problem: Negative SEO is the practice of using Google’s penalty system to attack your search competitors. It’s an unethical practice that’s against Google’s webmaster guidelines, but thousands of attacks take place every day, putting the search rankings of innocent bloggers at risk. Negative SEO is only possible thanks to Google’s penalty system. Competitors can use the penalties to ‘attack’ their opposition by manipulating the backlinks going to their opposition’s domain in order to land them a penalty. This is a terrible practice that needs to stop, and the responsibility falls onto Google to stop it. The Solution: Google needs to better protect ethical website owners and bloggers from negative SEO by changing their algorithm. Web owners shouldn’t be penalized for black hat SEO carried out by their competitors. If Google can’t sufficiently distinguish intentional black hat link building from fake negative SEO attacks, they should cease handing out SEO penalties for them immediately. Website owners will then be able to rest easy knowing that their ranking potential on the SERPs can’t be sabotaged by their competitors. Website owners can find out more about how to better rank for their target keywords on https://smashdigital.com/onpage.
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  • New Asda Employee Contract
    Asda are trying to sack good people whom have given a lot for the company over the years. If they don't sign the new contact they will be sacked. The new contract consists of no paid breaks and will be expected to work hours that staff can't do due to family etc.
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    Created by Gary Ballard
  • Get BBC to make their new BBC Sounds App compatible with older devices
    BBC Should be accessible to all fee paying licence payers
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    The new BBC Sounds app is appalling: clunky, badly designed, poorly laid out and missing several important features that made iPlayer a pleasure to use. We didn’t ask for it and we don’t want it! Reinstate BBC iPlayer for radio now!
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    Created by Thomas Raven
  • Ban short selling shares.
    This practice creates an environment where it benefits a few wealthy people if a company goes bust that leaves many worse off.
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  • Thomas Cook
    I was employed with Thomas Cook and in a blink of an eye it was gone. We had no warning about what was about to happen. We have been treated appallingly. Whole families have lost their household income in one day we deserve answers. We have given our best to our employers don’t we deserve the best in return.
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    Created by Debbie Prior
  • Thomas Cook’s bosses should pay back their bonuses
    When travel company Thomas Cook collapsed, thousands of jobs were lost and families were stranded on holiday, desperate to get home. Our taxes ended up paying for the clean-up. But the bosses in charge at Thomas Cook walked away with millions of pounds in bonuses. It’s not right. Now the government is considering making them return the money, and stripping them of the right to run companies again. It would be a huge step forward in holding big business to account. Forcing Thomas Cook’s bosses to pay back their money won’t bring our jobs or holidays back. But it could send a message - you can’t walk away while the public clears up your mess. It could make other bosses think twice before taking risks with our jobs and savings. By signing the petition, together we can create a wave of public outrage - it could tip the government into cracking down properly on businesses who cause a mess and walk away.
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    Created by Debbie Prior
  • Stop the Chocolate tub waste
    Because we have a climate emergency and plastic waste is a major problem. These used to be in mental tins and still can be bought in metal tins if you search but most are produced in an ocean of cheap useless plastic tubs that will be thrown away .
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  • BBC red button
    For deaf, those who do not do computers or smart phones the BBC red button gives instant written news any time.
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    Created by Tim Evans
  • Do away with Holiday Single supplements
    I have been campainging for years and have been interviewed locally By Hereford and Worcester local radio, had positive responses from Newspapers and contacted Rip Off Britain. I have been asked in the past to pay extra but refuse to do so. Tour operators are just as guilty as they are complicit in allowing this practice to continue.
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    Created by Neil Scott