• Legalise Dogs Access to Shops
    Dogs are comfort companions and a part of the family for many so deserve to be treated accordingly
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    Created by Joanne Croxford
  • Come on Salfordians. A last attempt to tempt investors to revamp the Gas works
    There is growing Concern by a lot of Salfordians that this iconic cast-iron structures that many generations have grown up with will no longer be there!. There are many great examples around the UK of how they have been redeveloped into housing, public and community usage. In a sympathetic and artistic eye pleasing manner. Like the one in the photograph. In alot of Salfordians eyes they should be saved and redeveloped instead of just being demolished so the land can be built on for another high rised apartment block, in Salford So come on SALFORD, too many of our historic landmarks have been demolished to build high rise unaffordable apartment blocks , we need to join together and hopefully stop this from happening before its too late as this is a historic sites. This great historic landmark need to be saved for all of Salford to admire for generations to come.
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    Created by Katrina Bell Picture
  • Save Our Arches - Guardians of the Arches
    Network Rail are selling the entire estate of railway arches and public land to a private investor by end August 2018. In advance of this sale, small businesses are being crippled by impossible rent demands and we need your urgent help to petition Chris Grayling to stop this sale, save our Arches and safeguard our small businesses across the UK. We must act now, once the sale takes place the public land will be gone and it will be too late.
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    Created by Eleni Jones
  • Stop excessive use of plastic toys on magazines for children
    Aside from creating clutter around our homes, it's just another example of wasteful plastic filling up our world that we don't need and promotes a wasteful culture. The magazines themselves are creative and fun and the plastic toys they use are marketing ploys to make children nag their parents for them. The toys are obviously cheap and flimsy and rarely last long for playing. Most of these plastic toys will just end up in our bins, our landfill and clogging up the oceans. The magazines are good enough without having the cheap toys tacked onto them. Redan Publishing aren't the only children's magazine to do this but they publish popular ones such as Peppa Pig and CBeebies. Hopefully by targeting them we can create interest and public pressure to challenge the assumption that children's magazines need cheap plastic toys to sell.
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    Created by Rosemary Bird-Hawkins
  • Stop financially penalising disabled parents
    The children are required to buy a ticket simply because the parent is entitled to a government bus pass (offering free travel for the parent with some reimbursement for the bus company from the government for it's use) due to their disability. There are strict criteria to get a pass and it is supposed to be part of opening up opportunity for those living with disability. If the parent is simply having to pay a child fare instead of their own there is only a 30% reduction in cost instead of the 100% policy intended. It is discriminatory to be charging disabled parents a fare that a parent with no disability would not have to pay. It risks isolating disabled people further and marginalising their children who often already have many disadvantages in life. I am only able to work part time due to my health needs so we along with many others have financial difficulties as a family. Many people with disability depend upon the buses far more than those who are able bodied as they may be unable to safely drive or be mobile over short distances. I myself am dependent upon bus use to get to the shops to buy food, get to GP and hospital appointments as well as taking my daughter to baby and toddler groups. My daughter is an integral part of my life, I have very little support to care for her and I am scared that a reduction in my ability to be mobile due to unfair charges will impact on the life I am able to offer her.
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    Created by Rosie Smith
  • Demand Walkers Produce Fully Recyclable Packaging Before 2025
    I contacted Walkers regarding this, to which they replied that they’re “working tirelessly to tackle waste challenges and are committed to 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging by 2025”. But as they already have compostable packs made from potato skins and discards, why will it take another 7 years to produce recyclable packs? The Walkers factory in Leicester produce 7,000,000 packets of crisps every DAY and sell 60,000,000 every WEEK! That’s over 20 BILLION crisp packets that will go to landfill before their target date of 2025. This is simply unacceptable.
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    Created by Emma Ho-Shing Picture
  • Force manufacturers to list ALL ingredients and a nutritional table on alcohol beverages
    This is incredibly important for consumers so that they can make an informed decision on whether drinking alcohol is something that they would like to do. At present we have no idea what they're putting in alcoholic drinks.
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    Created by Russell Bishop Picture
  • Pensions before Dividends
    The corporations are not doing the ethical thing by looking after their workers before shareholders. Examples, BHS, Carillion. At present Sainsbury' has given out £1.4B in dividends to it shareholders over last five years but the pension is running at a £974M deficit.
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    Created by Anthony O'Donnell
  • Display Carbohydrate value on front of all food packaging
    ALL carbs end up as sugar in our blood. To concentrate solely on 'sugars' (traffic-lighting) is misleading (and in some cases cruel) to many who strive for a healthy diet for themselves and their families. Clearly showing total carbs will help diabetics avoid serious complications. It may even guide the food industry to make ever better changes to prepared food. There is a growing low-carb movement (not just diabetics) as people are becoming aware of the links to weight management and other significant health benefits. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the UK (I am reg blind as a result of diabetes retinopathy) and reading the carb value can be difficult enough (even for those with great vision) as the writing is often so tiny. In most cases I end up taking a picture so I can then zoom in. This is very frustrating.
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    Created by Emily Mackay Picture
  • Boots to pay staff in London the London Living Wage
    I have spoken to many Boots UK staff, who are all struggling to pay their bills from month to month. I think it is awful that members of staff who work 37.5 hours a week, are in a position where they are struggling to pay basic bills. Some even have to go to food banks to support their families. This needs to change. Staff members who currently work in London get approximately £3000 less than the London living wage a year. Based on the 2016-2017 Government figures for social housing in London, this equals to around 26 weeks rent. This is half a year's rent that staff are having to find by making cuts to their already tight budgets.
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    Created by Jenny Foster
  • Save M&S Newmarket
    It is vital the store remains because many elderly people without access or an understanding of modern technology live in the town and for them this is one of their main suppliers of basic groceries like bread and milk. When I was younger, my grandmother would buy me my favourite treats from M&S; therefore it too holds a special place in my heart. This is why it is so important the store must remain open!
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    Created by Nasir Rahman
  • Get serious about recycling.
    When it comes to re-cycling, Gedling Borough Council rates a poor 260th out of 350 English local authorities. Gedling re-cycles only 36.7% of its domestic waste compared to the national average of 45.2%. Gedling’s announcement that it intends to be a ‘Plastic Clever Council’ is welcome but has to be seen in the context of its recent closure of 6 local ‘bring’ recycling sites and the earlier cancellation of its commercial recycling collection service.
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    Created by Mark Glover