• Russell Brand for mayor
    Russell please stand as a candidate for London Mayor. Politics should not be about the least worst option. You have been vilified for saying "don't vote", please give us someone to vote for. It is time to break the mould. Politics has become an exercise in artificially creating difference between a narrow range of options and of generating fear in voters, rather than generating opportunity for the bulk of the electorate. In London you stand a good chance of getting elected, but either way, votes for you would send a strong message: our democracy should be about caring for / about the majority, not appeasing them.
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    Created by peter Semler
  • BBC - Allow Non Religious People on Radio 4 Thought For The Day
    The BBC is supposed to be fair and impartial for all. It is by virtue of its charter supposed to offer balanced broadcasts that educate, entertain and inform. It is not supposed to assert or allow ideas to be asserted without evidence or without such ideas being discussed. With the possible exception of Party Political Broadcasts. The program slot is not called Religious Thought For The Day, it is called Thought For The Day. This is a discriminatory practice and now that we have more non-religious people in the UK than religious, is totally undemocratic. The BBC is a tax payer funded organisation not a private one and should not be able to practice such active discrimination. There are many non religious speakers and philosophers who could offer a non-religious TFtD. No other spokesperson is allowed to come on to the flagship Radio 4 Today program and say anything they want without the narrative being challenged or questioned except TFtD.
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    Created by Bill Green
  • Don't Bury Dartington Under Concrete
    Whilst Dartington Hall Trust care for their historic estate and undertake many worthwhile arts and social projects, they are going against the wishes of almost all the people that they share the parish with. Their stated aims of 'social justice ' and'sustainability' are being ignored locally. We challenge DHT to LIVE YOUR VALUES in Dartington Parish - and not to sell our countryside for cash. Once their proposals are included in our district's plan, our village will be surrounded by houses and destroyed forever.
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    Created by Trudy Turrell Picture
  • Save The Yorkshire Lass in Knaresborough
    The Yorkshire Lass has previously been a thriving and highly valued community asset, and is still much loved and missed by the local community. A website set up to raise awareness of this campaign (www.yorkshirelassknaresborough.com) had over 1,000 views in just the first 2-days, and several comments from well wishers and supporters have been posted on the site. The Yorkshire Lass is a unique and much-loved landmark building on a landmark site, within the Green Belt, Knaresborough Conservation area, and the Nidd Gorge Special Landscape Area. Steeped in history, we believe it should be protected and added to the Harrogate Borough Council Assets of Community Value register. We propose that – in accordance with the Harrogate Borough Council ‘Assets of community value guidance notes’ - it is realistic to think that within five years the building can be brought back into a use that furthers the social interests and wellbeing of the local community. We have a specific vision for this and we have identified direct opportunities and started to define practical strategies to realise this vision. We propose that a social & community space is needed on this landmark site 'for the benefit of many', not privately owned residential accommodation 'for the enjoyment of few'. The Yorkshire Lass has enormous potential to generate increased footfall, tourism and income for Knaresborough, as well as community spirit by the bucket-load. Located on a such a prominent site, for many it’s the first thing they see as they come to Knaresborough and it needs to fill those shoes as something that epitomises the magic and wonder of the town and all the wonderful things it has to offer. It needs to be a facility that welcomes visitors in the right way, and something that locals can be part of, use, and be proud of. Not some soulless private housing development for the enjoyment of just a tiny number of people. The latter would make the site totally disconnected from the environment and community. That would be a very sad loss for Knaresborough, and one we feel many would regret and mourn for a long time. By applying to register the Yorkshire Lass as a ‘community asset’, and opposing the current planning application, we aim to prevent demolition. We then hope to buy the time and opportunity to formulate a detailed plan, capital investment strategy, and business model that demonstrates an achievable and sustainable alternative for this ‘local treasure’. Ultimately our goal is to do justice to the Yorkshire Lass legacy and deliver a thriving pub and community hub back to the people of Knaresborough.
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    Created by Rachel Auty
  • Keep full editorial control in Scotland
    Editorial control of Scottish newspapers should reside in Scotland to ensure that these editors are well placed to understand the views and perspectives of the Scottish People and can therefore reflect this in the news items articulated in items or issues presented.
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    Created by Robert Macfarlane
  • Readings Elvis to open the christmas ice rink
    Readings " ELVIS " is a legend and has more talent than Joey Essex and we in Reading deserve somebody with iconic status within the Reading area
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    Created by Mark Winterbourne Picture
  • How about MPs actually being local to the area they represent?
    Only 49% of current MPs were born in the area they represent and very slightly more (51%) completed their secondary schooling in their constituency. In England those born within their constituency stands at just 43%. There are many MPs elected via a so-called "safe-seat" who have had nothing to do with the people and the area they seek to represent. We should all be represented in parliament by someone who has solid links with the people and place he/she purports to speak for. Clearly many people leave their town of birth to live elsewhere, and politicians are no different. However, a minimum residency ruling would help create a better understanding by our MPs of the needs and concerns of local people and therefore a more repesentative parliament.
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    Created by Richard Winston
  • Protect our childrens right to play
    This is important as all children have the right to play locally to their homes in safe areas. It is important to their well-being and development . It also has a positive Influence on the quality of lives for local families. Local residents have opposed this development and the council still wish to allow the development. We need as many people as possible to back this campaign to protect this play area and show the councils and mp's that as a nation we will not stand for over development of our cities and our children's right to play in safe areas to be taken away to line the pockets of greedy property developers.
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    Created by Emma Cooper
  • Consult with residents and users of its Leisure Centres before outsourcing them
    The Council are close to entering into a contract to outsource the running of all of the borough’s leisure centres. We are very concerned about the secrecy surrounding this process and the lack of consultation which has taken place. Requests to Councillors for information have been met by statements that the information is “commercially sensitive’. This information is crucial so that residents and users can understand what is being planned. We challenge the refusal to answer our reasonable questions. We request that, if necessary, the Council seeks the agreement of the preferred bidder to waive any restrictions on the release of information which is stated to be “commercially sensitive”. it is impossible to know what the outcomes may be. I have therefore posted a petition on the RBWM website- please see link below- and would be most grateful for your support by signing it and encouraging any other residents you know to do the same. This matter is urgent. We understand that the Council may make a decision committing to sign the contract before the end of October 2014, so we welcome your support now. NB when you do sign up you’ll get an email and you need to click on the link they send so as to activate your signature!
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    Created by Frances Hickman
  • Stop the EDL bleeding Rotherham dry!
    Each of these demonstrations is not only causing distress and fear of harm to Rotherham residents and damage to property, not only costing the local authority and residents thousands of pounds in policing each time, but they are also putting local businesses at genuine risk of financial ruin. With some business holders stating that they are risk of folding it's time over due that the local authority took some action to protect the local population and economy.
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    Created by Liam Carey
  • Ladbrokes
    Without our brave Services we would not be here and Ladbrookes are being very disrespectful.
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    Created by Marie Freemantle Picture
  • Get Petition Against Mike Read Removed
    For the Importance of freedom of speech this kind of petition is not conducive to modern day Britain, it is restrictive and at most Insulting to peoples Intelligence and sense of fun. Will Richard McKenzie next be asking UB40 to be banned from performing in Public just because Ally Campbell is singing also in the Afro-Caribbean style?
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    Created by Gerry Gee