• Keep brexit-mixed marriages together.
    Partners in brexit-mixed marriages don't know if their family will be torn apart by political horse-trading. The stress of not knowing what the future holds for them is unneccesary. Giving them dual citizenship is an humane solution and is the easiest thing to set up. It avoids creating special categories, procedures and measures to administer.
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  • David Attenborough on twenty pound note
    We need to recognise David Attenborough before he leaves the world
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  • Challenge the touch taboo and encourage safe touch in schools and care settings
    Affective touch is a powerful medium for conveying empathy between people, for example when acknowledging that a child is highly successful, anxious or upset. A large body of recent neurobiological and psychological research clearly demonstrates that affective touch activates a crucial nerve system in the skin of all mammals that defends against stress and promotes feelings of well-being. A lack of touch is linked to less ability to cope. Safe touch also promotes discussion about what is not safe or wanted by other people.
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  • Make Jermain Defoe and Bradley Lowery Sports Personality of the Year 2017
    For once a footballer has stood up and been a proper role model for kids and shown them how to behave. Awarding Jermain wouldn't just be for him but an award to show that being a good, decent person in a money orientated game is the best way to be. Thank you Jermain Defoe.
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  • Awards For LFB at Grenfell Tower
    The LFB faced an unimaginable tragedy on arrival on that night, as residents were running out to safety, the brave firefighters were running in and saved countless residents. It is only right and proper that these firefighters should be recognised for going above and beyond the call of duty
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  • Save our lollipop man for Sutton Manor Primary
    Our school is on a very busy road with links to the motorway and link road near by. Traffic seem to use this road a lot as a short to these routes. I feel our children will be in danger and many fatalities will occur? If we lose him .
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  • Make Bonham Road Resident only Parking
    Having parents park their car on any bit of space/ pavement they find is dangerous, accidents are occuring it's making it even more difficult to cross the road to get to the school. Children and adults that walk to school are almost getting knocked down by the people pulling up on to the pavements. It makes the road much too busy and puts people at risk.
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  • Fishing matches
    Because nothing is been done at the pond for the children any more like it used to.
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  • Help keep Worksop alive. Don't close Marks and Sparks and any more shops that still, open
    Many people still want to shop locally and it is still a good place to meet others and promotes communiy life. It supports uk manufacturers and is better environmentally,if we shop nearby. It also encourages pride in our town when shops are open and being used
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  • Dave Kennedy for mbe
    This man has gone from drop out alcoholic to helping those in need and trying to get his project up and running and as a charity
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  • Save Our College in Todmorden
    We don't need another large supermarket in our town We need to support our local market and independent shops We have the spirit, skills and ingenuity to run the college as our own training centre and community hub
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    This charity is well respected and loved by the people of Stockport for its' invaluable help in raising funds for local charity. 'Formal objection' from TV giant Sky seeks to switch off major Stockport charity event The company does not want Roughleys Bike Show taking place outside its contact centre Mega-rich TV giant Sky will try and prevent one of Stockport ’s major charity events going ahead, protesting that it will affect the employee smoking area – on a bank holiday. Roughleys Bike Show has taken place in the town centre since 2000, annually attracting thousands of visitors and raising up to £10,000 for worthy causes.
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