In your own words, this £2,000 payment was to "suitably reward our staff for the transitions they have and continue to make". May we respectively remind you that we are also your staff and we equally contribute and adapt to change. Such a contemptuous approach only serves to undermine our contribution. This would be difficult to accept at any time but on the back of year on year pay cuts, additional unnecessary pension contributions and in the middle of our campaign for fair pay makes it even more disdainful. Non-Operational staff have equally shown continued commitment, flexibility, adaptability and drive over many many years but regardless will not receive this payment. Surely this cannot be right. The importance and value we place on teamwork within the Scottish Prison Service is steeped in history yet it would appear you are now prepared to cast this aside in favour of a divisive, fragmented and financially motivated approach. Inevitably this cannot be good for the long term future of the SPS. We cannot underestimate our strength of feeling and injustice. What we are asking for is simply Fair Pay for All;- Mr Mathieson, it is in your gift to make this happen, your recent actions have clearly shown that you are not constrained by Westminster. Mr McConnel, your early messages showed an acknowledgement of unity, togetherness, shared values and goals. Please don't lose sight of this now.
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  • An end to bullying in public service
    It has become an epidemic. As a trade union rep for the past 24 yrs and the last 20 in local authority I have dealt with many cases of bullying, from Heads in schools or Managers in social services to local government officers.
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  • End the Government’s attacks on unemployed, sick and disabled people
    We consider these measures necessary to alleviate the suffering imposed on some of the poorest members of our society by some of the richest.
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  • Stop attacking union members rights
    Bromley council is embarking on over £70m of cuts in the next four years despite siting on over £100m in reserves and £500m of assets, they are also looking to privatise over 2000 workers. These cuts will devastate the lives of the young, the old, disabled and vulnerable in Bromley and it will mean many more workers will face the misery of pay cuts and redundancy. Never has it been more important for them to have the protection of their unions.
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  • Tell the government to keep their hands off NHS unsociable hours pay.
    NHS staff work a 24/7 job and as a reward for being so flexible with shifts they receive extra pay when they work nights and weekends. Most staff rely on this due to the pay freeze for staff on increment pay. NHS Staff suffer more than those deciding their pay can ever imagine, They are beaten and abused daily, working unsociable hours and 14 hour shifts. They have to pay to park at their workplace and all they want to do is help others. NHS staff spend days such as Christmas and New Year with complete strangers, with their patients and colleagues, helping to save lives. For doing this they get a little bit more money, but the job they do is priceless. Please sign this petition.
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  • Making The Case For Equal Access To Work
    Denying families’ access to economic participation creates poverty traps, social isolation, associated problems and potential expenditure. The business case for providing specialist childcare provision is incontestable. Local governments in the UK stand to save up to ten times their investment. Europe is also failing to exploit the potential of numerous skilled professionals. Childcare provision has proliferated over the last twenty years and the offer of wrap around provision at schools is being celebrated. Families with disabled children would like to participate but sourcing provision is impossible because specialist childcare requires subsidy. Evidence is the gap http://www.edcm.org.uk/media/155556/parliamentary-inquiry-into-childcare-web.pdf
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  • Keep Open Stafford Railway Station's Ticket Office
    Virgin Trains propose a reduction in staff numbers, replacing people with increased ticket machines. Maintaining existing staff numbers will protect jobs for local people. Ticket machines can not deliver the current level of customer service such as reserving seats for frequent travellers with season tickets or identifying the lowest cost ticket for customers.
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  • Gender neutral toilets
    Why are they needed? Gender is more complex than a simple male/female binary. For trans or androgynous people the simple everyday activity of using the toilet may be stressful. If their physical appearance doesn’t fit gender norms they may be challenged when using gendered toilet facilities, which can be very distressing. Obliging someone to use a designated accessible toilet isn’t acceptable, since it is sends the message that they are not a ‘Genuine’ male or female. It is also best to leave accessible toilets available for use by people with disabilities, some of whom may have an unpredictable and urgent need to use the toilet. .
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  • Make Zero Hours Contracts Illegal
    Because people on these contracts have no security. They have no paid holidays, no sick pay, no way of budgeting/planning. If they get no hours, they can't sign on because they are 'employed' Companies are using these contracts to fleece the government, because they know that no matter how low the pay, the government will make up the difference.
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  • Allow Women into Equal Armed Force Positions
    Because women are being told that in this society they are equal, but this law proves they are not. If a women passes the same physical test as a man why should she still not be allowed to join up? When I go on the army website to see what roles I could join up as I see loads of interesting, exiting opportunities yet when I click on all the ones I'm interested in one of the requirements is for me to be male. Well sorry, but thats not going to happen. I want the choice to join up! Many men when questioning feminism (simply gender equality) argue that they are pressured to join up not understanding that women can't. If a women meets the same physical requirements as a man and joins up, how is that any different to a man joining up? Even the US allows women into front line roles! I don't see how some people believe that sexism doesn't exist in the UK...
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  • International organisations to pay a living wage
    To encourage wealthy global organisations to be proud of taking an ethical stance and making this part of their branding, taking a lead in changing the world so that every man, woman and child associated with their supply chains can make a living wage.
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