• state pension age
    Most people now in their 40's have been affected by a state pension age rise from 66 to 67, but now, today, the government wants you to work until you are aged 68. This has been pushed forward years earlier than originally proposed. It was to be implemented in 2044 but will now be implemented between 2037-2039. This will have a direct impact on all UK taxpayers currently aged between 39 and 47 who were born between 06/04/1970 - 05/04/1978 - a total of 6 million people in the UK working population paying taxes and national insurance contributions. People within this bracket have already had their state pension age pushed forward 1 year by this government in it's current tenure which is punishment enough. You should be entitled to retire and enjoy the benefits of retirement at 67 without moving the goalposts. This opportunistic government has not only upped your age before you can claim back for your contributions - now it wants another year from you. I want to see the UK taxpayers protected by applying legislation that only allows one change to retirement age in a persons working age. 1 working career = 1 change not punishment. Please lets get this voted for and debated in Parliament.
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    Created by Col Handley
  • Free University for Medical Students
    It has been announced there is a worrying shortage of Doctors and Nurses to ensure the NHS can continue to operate. Currently we are bringing people from overseas but failing to encourage our own to study Medicine. The cost of going to University is a big ask of anyone thinking of taking up a career that will not reap rewards for many years. For Nurses it is even harder as they will not get to be in the higher paid salary bands of top Surgeons. In return all students must commit once qualified to a minimum of 5 years working within the NHS. This ensures the taxpayers investment in their careers has a satisfactory return and we all see a properly staffed NHS for the future.
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    Created by John Armstrong-Coulson
  • Wipe off the parking ticket fines from NHS staff. And allow free parking for the future.
    NHS staff are vital in the UK. They save lives and shouldn't be penalised for it. There is no justification why they should be charged were they park their car using private car park companies in fines. It's disgusting to think it's actually happening. Needs to be resolved.
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    Created by Ozi Lopez
  • CoStar Target Changes
    We are a company that collects and sells information regarding the commercial real estate industry. As a company in the 21st century, we pride ourselves on being innovators of technology, however, staff are expected to make use of talking on the phone above any other means of communication. The current standard operating procedure values the amount of 90 second calls we make to agents over the information that we collect. How data is collected should not matter, as long as the data (which is what we sell) is collected.
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    Created by Makecostar Greatagain
  • Save spoons in hyde
    This is where people meet up after work or over the weekend meet friends and have a catch up. Everyone knows everyone feels safe no trouable. Family meals and get together will be none of this as it's shuting down. Where are friends and families meant to go now.
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    Created by J Johnson
  • Justice for Brixton Ritzy staff!
    The Ritzy Cinema is one of the iconic landmarks in Brixton, made famous by its promotion of progressive cinema and art. However, since Autumn 2016, Picturehouse has been in dispute with its staff over payment of the Living Wage. For a company that made profits in excess of £83.8 million in 2015 and who attempts to brand Picturehouse as an 'ethical' business, selling Fairtrade products and and hosting independent films, such treatment of staff is unacceptable. It is with great sadness therefore that we are calling for a community boycott of Cineworld and Picturehouse Cinemas until they engage in meaningful dialogue with your staff and their representatives, ensuring decent employment conditions and full recognition of their right to Trade Union representation.
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    Created by James Goodman
  • Call for Nigel Farage to get Brits 'Picking for Britain!'
    It is now widely reported that produce growers in the UK fear that their produce will rot in the field due to lack of seasonal immigrant workforce. Since Nigel's main campaign to get out of the EU was to limit immigration, and the impact that immigration has had on British jobs, it seems only fitting that he should also implore the British to take up the empty jobs that his actions have indirectly freed up. Part of making decisions is to take responsibility for consequences. Brexit rhetoric, uncertainty and economic impact have all led to less seasonal migrant workers this year; it may have not been Nigel's direct aim to free up seasonal work for Brits, but he can bring to bear a campaign of National pride to encourage Brits to actively seek out such jobs to ensure that produce does not rot in the field. Even if Nigel's view is that seasonal fruit picking is ideal for low priced migrant labour, it will take a long time for that workforce to want to return in sufficient quantity to the UK , and that seems largely a consequence of Brexit, and specifically his part in the campaign for it. So the only responsible thing for him to do is to mitigate this, perhaps unintended, consequence by calling people to the fields. Furthermore, it would be a really positive gesture if Nigel could spend his spare time leading by example and working in the fields. Then he could truly say that he had earned his pint by the end of the day.
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    Created by Paul Dalpra
  • Keep Tesco Cardiff Call Centre Open
    Loss of jobs, loss of expertise, more centralisation and globalisation and no concern for local communities
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    Created by Deborah Hutchinson
  • Maximum temperature
    Because there is a minimum but no maximum. We are In pain with the heat
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    Created by Jack Lea
  • To increase fire fighters wages
    This is important for the safety of our country . The fire services should have reasonable pay rises ( they shouldn't have to take on second jobs to earn a decent income) . If you work in a office you can earn 40 to 50 grand a year these people are saving lifes and risking theirs.
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    Created by Charise Alessio
  • Nick Paget-Brown Resination
    The victims and their families deserve to to have a council leader that listens, and more importantly listens to all residents of the council, rich and poor. Additionally as the council leader Nick Paget-Brown has failed in his duty to protect the citizens under his watch, and to provide them with a safe living environment and to have a leader that can "lead" in a crisis to provide a swift response.
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    Created by Samuel Barr
  • raise minimum wage for younger people to the minimum wage for 25 year old
    everybody should be equal no matter how old they are or what they look like or anything so why is the a minimum wage for younger people
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    Created by Reece Tott