• Justice for Shahzad and Shama
    Justice for Shahzad and Shama On 4th November 2014, a Christian couple Shahzad Masih (26 yrs) and Shama Bibi (24 yrs) were beaten, tortured and burned alive in the fiery furnace of a brick kiln -while those baying for their blood screamed praises to Allah. The incident occurred after Muslim accusers led by Muslim landowner Yousaf Gujjar alleged Shama had burnt the Koran. He then sent men to three mosques in neighbouring towns, while he tried to coerce money out of the couple who he had locked in a room on his land. Eventually in response to local Mosques preaching hatred over their loud speakers, a mob of over 300 Muslims gathered outside the locked room. They climbed the roof of the building and entered through the straw roof. They then beat the couple with sharp and hard implements, stripped them naked while they goaded them and finally burnt then alive in the kiln - when they could no longer stand due to their fractured bones. Until Pakistan reforms their ways more Christians and other minorities will meet a similar fate. This is not acceptable in the 21st Century or any other century. Petition by Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association Read more here: http://www.britishpakistanichristians.co.uk/blog/christian-couple-burnt-alive-in-brick-kiln-after-alleged-blasphemy The BPCA have initiated a benevolent fund for the family of Shahzad and Shama, if you would like to contribute, please follow this link: http://www.britishpakistanichristians.co.uk/blog/protest-in-kasur-on-9th-november If you are in the UK please join our protest outside 10 Downing Street, from 11am on Saturday 22nd November 2014. http://www.britishpakistanichristians.co.uk/blog/evangelical-christians-call-on-westminster-to-take-action-against-pakistan-for-summary-execution-of-
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  • Reverse privatisation of pathology services at Guy's and St Thomas and King's College Hospital's
    For the last 5 years, pathology services at Guy's and St Thomas and King's College Hospital's have been managed by Viapath, a for-profit company formed between SERCO and the two hospital Trusts. Since the takeover by Viapath, the service has been plagued by problems; chronic understaffing, inability to recruit and retain, reduced training, closure of vital services and massive financial losses. Now the remaining NHS staff in the service face being transferred out of the NHS on the 1st January 2015. We oppose the transfer of staff and believe that to guarantee a quality and safe service for patients, the staff should remain part of the NHS, and all pathology services should be brought back into the NHS. The alternative is a the running down of a vital service for patients, and the loss of highly skilled and experienced staff. SERCO is a company notorious for poor services, bad employment practices and is being investigated for defrauding the government on other outsourcing contracts. Their involvement in the NHS can only jeopardise patient safety and damage the hospital’s reputation.
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  • Work Assessment contract - USA Company Maximus
    In June 2001- The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that two MAXIMUS employees filed discrimination complaints against the company. The employees stated that MAXIMUS is so lacking in diversity that the companies minority employees referred to it as "White Castle". July 2007- MAXIMUS settled a lawsuit brought against it by the United States government for involvement in falsifying Medicaid claims for $30.5 million. September 2011- MAXIMUS INC. was sued by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for disability discrimination for failure to promote a female employee because it regarded her as disabled. MAXIMUS settled the lawsuit in August 2012. Is this really the right company to take over from ATOS to assess ill and disabled people for their ability to work.
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  • recognition and pay for carers
    i have been a carer since 1993 with very little recognition or reward is time for this to change as the 6.5 million carers save the government 120 billion per year this Government will have saved 600 billion by the election by denying carers what all other workers have. its time that changed for good
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  • HMRC to resume talks / negotiations with PCS
    Three weeks in to a four-week programme of detailed, and so far productive, negotiations intended to resolve the four-month HMRC jobs and staffing campaign was ended by the employer on 29 October. HMRC decided to walk away from negotiations. We feel their determination to marginalise PCS clearly trumps their willingness to settle this dispute for the good of the job holders. We need to be involved in negotiations to achieve best deal for our members.
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  • Reduce MP Wages as Austerity Measure
    We didn't cause the financial crisis, the bankers did and our politicians decided to bail them out without asking us for our opinion on it first. They should therefore make some sacrifice too. The current basic MP salary is £67,000 and a cabinet minister earns around £135,000. This is between 3 and 6 times the average salary of the population and coupled with their generous expenses package, this makes them very comfortable indeed; the rest of us are suffering with low pay increases and rising living costs. Share the pain with us, as you are elected representatives of us; or are you all just in for yourselves and what you can get out of it?
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  • ONS to start showing the correct number of people unemployed
    We need to know the correct statistics for unemployment, so that the people of the UK know the correct amount of people who truly are unemployed!
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  • Brixham Town Council - advertise for a new Clerk
    On the say-so of just 3 councillors and the silencing of Full Council on the issue, Brixham Town Council is seeking to fill the sudden vacancy of Town Clerk by automatic internal appointment. A town council is the tier of government closest to the residents who pay for it and who pay the salaries of its employees, and as such it should be the most transparent in the use of residents' money. A town council must be above any suspicion of favouritism or cronyism. It is obliged to appoint on merit the best person available to fill the key post of Clerk and if it does not advertise the post it cannot know who is available. It must consider all applicants and carry out a fair, open and transparent appointments procedure. Although this is currently an issue in Brixham, South Devon, the principle applies equally to all town/parish councils throughout the land. NB 9 October: I have now resigned from Brixham Town Council because of this unprincipled act and the culture of cronyism which allowed it..
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  • Expel Atos Health Care worker from BMA
    When you become a doctor or nurse, you sign the hipocratic oath, to serve and protect the poor and vulnerable, and not to exploit them or abuse your medical 'training' (is they had any), to cause pain and distress to the vulnerable! As these Department of Work and Pensions 'doctors and nurses'. have driven hundreds of thousands, to total despair, destitution, starvation, even having to beg for food at Food Banks, and driving some (hundreds), to suicide, I demand that these medical personnel be struck off and expelled from the BMA and Medical Register for the suffering that THEY HAVE caused! These people can also be held accountable, under sections 2 & 4, of the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide!
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  • Living Wage For Dunnes Workers
    The GMB is concerned that despite more than two years of economic growth, working people across the country are still suffering the longest real wage squeeze in over a century. Recently official earnings growth reached its lowest level since records began. GMB is also concerned given the biggest proportion of low-paid, part time workers in Dunnes is women. Official figures shows that earning less than the Living Wage is the norm for women in many parts of the country. With women accounting for almost three-quarters of the country’s six-million part-time workforce, the lack of skilled, decently –paid part-time jobs affects women’s pay and their career prospects far more than it does men. The idea behind the Living Wage is that a person is paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family. Please sign the petition and pass on to others to sign, keep following the facebook page for an update on are attempts to gain recognition for Dunnes workers, in the coming weeks GMB will be launching a Public campaign outside all Dunnes stores for members of the Public to sign all above petition. If you would like some petition sheets sent out to you please contact me on 07808101359. Remember our strength is in our numbers if you have not already join please do so by joining online at www.gmb.org.uk.
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  • Give NHS staff 10% pay rise
    We all need the NHS these people work for little money and gratitude , but without them where would we be !! Please support my campaign . Every day these people help us and our loved ones , what do MPs do ???
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  • Scrap unfair employment tribunal fees
    In July 2013 the government introduced fees for taking an employer to an employment tribunal. Their reasoning behind this was that it would stop people making bogus claims. In reality, all introducing these fees has done is made it financially impossible for the majority of people who have been treated unfairly to take action against their employer. The current fees for taking an employer to an employment tribunal are between £390 and £1200. According to research carried out by Citizens Advice, now only 14% of valid claims are being taken forward to a tribunal and from October 2013 to March 2014 there was a 73% drop in claims on the same period the previous year. Imagine the following: -your employer sacked you because you developed a long term illness or because you were pregnant. -your boss was bullying you because of your sexual orientation, your race or your religion. -you employer stopped paying your wages or stopped you from being able to attend maternity related appointments. All of these thing would be a breach of your employment rights so why should you have to pay to stand up for them? These rights are protected by law so how can it be legal for the government to charge you a fee to take action when these rights have been broken? We need to get these fees scrapped so people can have the ability to stand up for themselves when they have been treated unfairly, otherwise it will just become even easier for employers to treat their employees however they want without any consequences.
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