• raise minimum wage for younger people to the minimum wage for 25 year old
    everybody should be equal no matter how old they are or what they look like or anything so why is the a minimum wage for younger people
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    Created by Reece Tott
  • Cancel Government contract awarded to Storm Technologies
    The following is the statement made to staff prior to GE2017 ....."If by any chance The Labour Party win, we'll have to rethink a few things here. So if you value your job, vote Conservatives. Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win." John Brooker. Storm Technologies +44 (0)1923 80 10 80 The Boulevard Blackmoor Lane Croxley Business Park Watford Hertfordshire WD18 8YW United Kingdom
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    Created by Deena Chance
  • Bring back the Brocante
    The greater business community of Glastonbury gains a badly needed increase in revenue due to the Glastonbury Brocante Fair. Local hotels, B&B's, retailers, pubs, cafes, craft makers and artists all benefit from the huge influx of visitors to the fair. The loss of this fair will have a negative financial effect on the whole Town and the Mendip region beyond. The majority of traders at the fair are from this local community. Glastonbury Town Council has a responsibility to restore this fair.
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    Created by Ian Pirrie
  • London living wage for all Tate staff
    Fairness in pay and security in employment are key to preventing stress and anxiety and make society as a whole a better place.
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    Created by Christine Ullmann
  • A living wage for all adults not just the over 25s
    All working adults deserve equal pay for doing the same work. An 18 year old is and adult and has the same out goings and expenses to live as a 25 year old but is currently discriminated against purely on their age. It's not right or fair and every wor king adult deserves to be paid a wage that they can afford to live on.
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    Created by John Haines
  • Bring back scrubs for maternity staff working 12.5 hrs on a 24/7 heated unit
    Consideration of staff health & wellbeing Reduction of lower mental functioning Reduction of subsequent mistakes Reduction of heat exhaustion & sickness http://www.safetyandhealthmagazine.com/articles/effects-of-heat-stress-on-workers-2
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    Created by Ruth Rayner
  • Jes Staley Must Go
    The integrity of the whistle blowing system of the Financial Services Industry has been jeopardised by his actions. It is simply outrageous that someone in his position can even claim he did not know any better. I work as a customer service rep and even I know the identity of a whistleblower must not be compromised. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/10/barclays-boss-jes-staley-may-lose-bonus-over-bid-to-expose-whistleblower
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    Created by Kevin Murray
  • Part-Time Salaries for Part-Time MPs
    For most people in the UK, a full time job is a 35-42 hour per week position, and to get a full time salary it is expected that this work is completed. However, we clearly have MPs undertaking additional work that means that it is impossible that they are fulfilling the hours required to justify a full time MPs salary. With wages stagnating, 0 hour contracts becoming a reality for thousands of workers, increasing budget cuts and a recent rise in the annual salary of MPs, it is unjustifiable that so many are abdicating their duties, and subcontracting their workload to their staff and interns (also paid for by the tax payer). We need a full audit of the time MPs spend undertaking their roles vs. other commercial enterprises in order to relieve the tax burden on many millions of UK citizens. If an MP cannot demonstrate that they are committing full time hours to their role, they should be paid, pro-rata, based on the hours they can justify.
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    Created by Ben Fellows
  • Repeal the 2017 rise in small business rates for High Street independants
    It's a statistical fact that the MAJOR employers in the UK are small businesses. The High Street creates not only job opportunities for shop workers, but for support services such as delivery drivers, window cleaners, waste companies etc. On a human level, they also help to keep towns alive and to maintain a sense of community. The latest hike in business rates that have seen some shopkeepers rates rise by 200% is probably the last straw for many. So add this to the income tax, VAT, rising rents, fuel and staff costs, staff N.I contributions and Local Authorities making it increasingly difficult for shoppers to park etc. and you may start to get the picture. the hike in business rates may well be the last straw for many small independents. So what will become of our High streets? If the government does not help the independents, the people that make your shopping trip more interesting and diverse, then we will end up with rows of chains who are run by faceless profiteers who have no understanding nor interest in local communities. Remember, with every High Street shop that closes goes jobs, personal service and the very soul of a local community. Please sign this petition and get something done for the little guys.
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    Created by Wendy Scott
  • Prevent Employers From Recouping Costs From Sick/Injured Workers.
    There is a climate of fear and insecurity in all areas of employment this, opportunistic, cynical attempt to off-set costs will add to that. Furthermore, workers should not be given a double penalty: lost wages plus the burden of paying for cover while they are sick. No businesses should feel this is an acceptable response. This is a chance for the government to demonstrate a modicum of support for struggling workers.
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    Created by Anthony Dowling
  • Stop the cuts to education
    The education our children receive has a huge influence on their future chances in life but the Government plan to change the funding formula to schools. The Education Policy Institute says the impact of “large real terms per pupil cuts of between 6% and 11% by 2019-20” amounts to an average loss of £74,000 per primary and £291,000 per secondary school. The EPI add: “It equates to, on average, the loss of almost two teachers across all primary schools and six teachers across all secondary schools.” School buses and extra curricular activities may also be impacted and parents may be asked to take up the slack, impacting poorer and remote communities most. The Government cannot be allowed to gamble with our children's future. Please sign and share this petition to put pressure on the Education Secretary.
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    Created by Barry Turnbull
  • Save The Whitechapel Bell Foundry
    Our history is being constantly destroyed in the East End. This building must be saved.
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    Created by Eleanor Leverington