• Strip Sir Christopher Chope of his title
    Sir Christopher Chope has repeatedly blocked legislation intended to protect the lives and rights of young women. Today, he killed legislation intended to protect young women at risk of female genital mutilation. He does not represent British society and should not be entitled to influence British politics.
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    Created by Paul Alexei
  • Ban opaquely funded 'Think Tanks' from the BBC
    If Brexit has shown one thing, it is that we need truth and honesty in British political life and national media reporting. Allowing opaquely funded 'Think Tanks' similar time on air,and equivalence,to well respected politically independent analysts,is a travesty of honest public service broadcasting. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jul/30/labour-calls-for-inquiry-into-iea-thinktank-over-cash-for-access-claims The IEA is an opaquely funded free-market lobbyist organisation with a title that suggests otherwise. It sounds like an open and honest organisation, like the well respected and politically independent Institute for Fiscal Studies; but the IEA is one of the most opaquely funded organisations in Europe,and essentially campaigns for extreme forms of laissez faire economics with complete opposition to state intervention. The IEA has been caught taking US cash for access to British government ministers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-45006969/iea-think-tank-responds-to-cash-for-access-claim The IEA also has links to climate change denial organisations : https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/sep/02/nigel-lawson-climate-sceptic-organisation-funders This excellent article from July 2018 by George Monbiot really does summarise why this petition is necessary in the fight for truth and honesty in both politics and the media: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jul/18/dark-money-democracy-political-crisis-institute-economic-affairs
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    Created by Stephen Parkinson
  • Defend Universal Credit in Public
    Yes Clackmannanshire and other local groups have been campaigning to highlight the injustices of UC and the increase in poverty created by this policy. To date our local MP will not meet with his constituents, we want to be able to have an open and public dialogue with him about why he should be challenging this Policy and sticking up for his constituents needs in London. We have been excluded from meetings, had no response to our emails and been dismissed by him in the local press. We need to make our case more robust and seek the support of the general public to pressurise him into coming out the shadows and facing the people of Clackmannanshire in a neutral public forum. IE A local public meeting with a neutral Chair.
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    Created by Chick Hosie
  • Save Everton Library
    It is important for our City that we no longer allow buildings to either crumble or be burned down, as the last two listed buildings have found their fate. In my view we have lost too many of our buildings that have represented the skyline of our City.
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    Created by Lawrence Kenwright
  • Cycle helmets to be Compulsory while on a pedal bike
    My son has just lost a school friend in a tragic road accident this week whilst he was cycling to school Tuesday morning. A car and Tyler collided and he sadly sustained fatal injuries, sadly a helmet was not worn. This MUST stop. On spot fines or confiscate cycles if a helmet is not wore by the cyclist. Helmets should be the norm, to make it less trendy for these teenagers to go without one. Everyone will be in the same boat so it becomes less of a stigma.
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    Created by Charlotte Harrison
  • Implement the EU Anti tax avoidance package in the UK regardless of the Brexit outcome
    Our public services are underfunded, if the wealthy and multinational corporations were forced to pay their fair share of tax, many issues that our public services are facing due to a lack of funds can be resolved.
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    Created by George Psaila
  • Rein in CEO pay and link it to employees in their company
    CEO pay is too high and has grown so much quicker that their employees. FTSE 100 CEOs are now paid: • 165 times more than a nurse. • 140 times more than a teacher. • 132 times more than a police officer. I want CEO total pay capped to a 60 times ratio of the lowest paid in the company. If they want a pay rise everyone in their company should get one.
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    Created by Sadik Al-Hassan
  • Pull pension funds from fossil fuels
    If it is wrong to wreck the climate, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage. We believe that governments that serve the public good should cut their ties to the fossil fuel industry. MPs must show leadership on climate change by responsible investment and transition to a clean economy. Find out more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5T-YhjpNnE#action=share
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    Created by Sarah Greenfield Clark
  • Divest Parliament from Fossil Fuels
    There is currently a campaign asking MPs to pledge to support the divestment of Parliament from fossil fuels.This has already happened in the Irish Parliament and has had a massive effect in changing public opinion and making them aware of the devastating effect that the fossil fuel industry has on the environment. If only 20% of the proven fossil fuel reserves are burned, we will not be able to keep within the UN's target of 1.5 degree temperature rise, and any more than this will cause catastrophic and irreversible climate change. This makes the drive towards fracking utterly non-sensical, as fracking is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Divestment from fossil fuels is an essential component of limiting climate change, because we cannot afford to be investing in such a damaging industry. Just 100 companies, many of which are fossil fuel companies, contribute 71% of carbon emissions worldwide. I am asking you please to sign the parliamentary pledge at the earliest opportunity. It will send an important message to other MPs if you do so. If you are not prepared to sign it, I would like to know the reasons why you do not share the view that this is an essential step in the process towards limiting climate change.
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    Created by Honey Smith
  • Reform to constitution regarding MP's retaining seat after leaving a party
    With the current system, which allows the defecting MP to be disingenuous to the election system (leaving dishonourable people the opportunity to take advantage of the popularity of a political party to ‘ride the wave’ into a MP seat for the sole intention of gaining officer for themselves rather than delivering that parties representation as promised in the election contract, and go AGAINST the will of those who elected the MP by breaking manifesto promises in any way they chose without repercussion ) and a betrayal to the voters. There are many people who vote not for their local candidate (as there is a good chance that the local electorate will not even know their candidate), but vote instead as support for a political party that shares their values (the party which is clearly labelled on the ballot paper when they put their cross in the box to vote), or even the party leader, and these people's vote should not be dismissed at the whim of the MP after election!
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    Created by Tim Longson Picture
  • ‘Weekly Payment Now’ on Universal Credit
    The current design of Universal Credit is one of the evils of our age. The design of Universal Credit was supposed to make it easier for people on benefits to move into employment. A key feature is that it is paid monthly and wraps all benefits into one payment including rent. There is a huge problem with paying benefits monthly. Because of the often chaotic nature of the finances of people on benefits, most poor people run out of money long before the month end. The result is that children go hungry for days, even weeks at a time and food banks proliferate. Moreover paying claimants the money needed for their rent, which they are supposed to pass on is folly. 73% of Universal Credit claimants are now in arrears on their rent, this is causing real strain on housing associations. Basically housing associations and landlords have become the lender of last resort to those on Universal Credit. But there is a sensible quick fix that will make Universal Credit work. It is repackaging an old idea. Pass a law that anyone in employment paid under £20,000 pa has the right to be paid weekly. Admittedly that will cause a short term cash flow issue for many employers. But that could easily be overcome if the Government lent every employer the right amount of money to move people to weekly pay. They already know all this information due to the HMRC real time submissions that employers are obliged to make to HMRC any time any payment is made to any employee. It would be dead simple to work out exactly the cash flow shortfall an employer would face, this could be advanced as a Tax and NI Credit and it could be repaid over an agreed period again by an adjustment to the amount of Tax and NI an employer has to make. Then simply, pay Universal Credit weekly and pay any rent element direct to the housing association or landlord. Then insist that ATMs and point of sale equipment in the supermarkets use fingerprint recognition technology and give access to benefit accounts using the ID God has given us all. At a stoke of legislation this would reduce the problem of running out of money for too long. Basically claimants are likely to be able to budget better on a weekly basis and if they make a mistake like drinking too much it only impacts their family for a week and not a whole month. So join me in asking Parliament to pass legislation to achieve this. It is so simple and sensible that it is quite remarkable that it has never been suggested. Adrian Hill
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    Created by Adrian Hill
  • Private Litter Police DO NOT HELP US
    The current litter policy used by LCC is not fit for purpose the only thing it is doing is assisting a private company in making lots of cash and fast. The very small amount of funds that are kept by Leeds Council is only 24% at its highest and this money does not go back to helping the community and even if it did it amounts to nothing. We want Leeds to be a clean City but we DO NOT want Leeds to be a City people DO NOT want to visit because of the way Authority's treat people.
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    Created by Marti Blagborough