• Samira Ahmed to be the new Chair of BBC Question Time
    A new chair is needed for BBC Question Time that is in tune with the 21st Century, who is politically neutral and who helps to represent the modern audience. There are already many white, rich, political-establishment-minded men working for the BBC - they are hardly under-represented. Samira Ahmed has 2 awards for journalism, 28 years in the broadcast news biz, including 11 at Channel 4 News, is currently presenting Newswatch BBC & BBC Front Row and is an honorary fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford. She is well qualified to present BBC Question Time.
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  • Introduce Payment Plans for Young Person's Travel Passes in Kent
    Since 2013, the price of a Young Person's Travel Pass in Kent has risen by 480%. A family with two children at secondary school are looking at spending £580 per year and many more families are struggling to meet this cost. We call on Kent County Council to introduce more flexible payment opportunities to help students and parents budget around these price rises. We are also asking Kent County Council to review the cost of travel for those students in full-time education between the ages of 16 and 19. The cost of travel can put many off furthering their studies and we call on KCC to review all travel pass costs for those in education in the county.
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  • Sack Christopher Chope
    It is common decency against a lurid, obscene practises that should be outlawed.
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  • Protect Free Speech Online!
    The EU Copyright Directive is a proposed new law that could destroy the internet as we know it, allowing big companies to control what we see and do online. It would mean that every website would have to introduce “upload filters” that automatically block material it thinks has been illegally copied. The filters are meant to block copyrighted music, films or text, but filters struggle to tell what legal uses really are. Online commentary, reviews, art, and internet memes could all be censored automatically. This would stifle freedom of expression and speech online - everyones content would be targeted from individuals posting on facebook or writing on their own blog, to small charities speaking out against big businesses and graphic designers creating art. It is far too high a cost for enforcing copyright. We have a chance to stop this in its track. Sign the petition and add your voice to the growing wave of UK and EU residents opposing this threat to free speech online.
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  • Statue of Aneurin Bevan in the houses of parliament
    Aneurin Bevan is an iconic figure in British Politics. He epitomised socialism and all it stood for. He was a passionate man who cared for everyone especially the working class, those living in poverty.Aneurin Bevan was one of the most important ministers of the post-war Labour government and the chief architect of the National Health Service. He richly deserves his place in parliament.
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  • Information Commissioner open consultation
    The ICO refuse to enforce the law on behalf of the individual and refuse to investigate no matter how blatantly obvious the offence has been undertaken. The benefit of the doubt is always given to the data controller. Section 173 of the new act claims to institute a criminal offence "to alter, deface, block, erase, destroy or conceal information with the intention of preventing disclosure of all or part of the information that the person making the request would have been entitled to receive." This is lifted from section 77 of the existing FOIA 2000 which in the 18 years it has been law has NEVER been implemented by the ICO. Complaints sent to the ICO languish in a 3-4 month queue for attention and if at any point in that timeline the data controller does release any information the ICO deems it to be a matter of slow compliance rather than a criminal offence. The ICO does however have fixed penalties against data controllers for non payment of ICO fees and the data controller cannot be allowed to pay later than specified. It is our data and yet the organisation responsible for protecting our rights simply will not do so unless the breach makes the news in some spectacular fashion. My father died I believe as a result of Corporate Manslaughter and the Police who failed to take action to prevent his death have so far refused to comply with my subject access request and FOIA requests and the ICO simply refuse to investigate or take action. Please if you can find the time tell the ICO that their attitude is unacceptable and require a change.
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    North Lanarkshire Council intend to close the plant nursery in September 2018. This would be a great loss for the whole of North Lanarkshire, and would mean putting plant containers, bedding and floral displays out to tender to the private sector. Also, this would put an end to job placements and horticulture in this area, as well as the loss of visitors in Coatbridge. The nursery has over 100 years of service within this authority, and is used by several vulnerable groups, who would no longer have access to the support they get here. We recommend the council steps in to stop this closure and keeps the complex open to the public and available to the community. More than 1300 people have already supported our campaign by signing the petition available in the cafe at Drumpellier Country Park, please sign this petition to show the strength of support in the community for retaining this service.
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  • Create a Fair and Compassionate UK Immigration Policy
    If your dream was to live in another country, what would you hope that country would say if you asked to stay? How would you hope to be treated by that country’s laws, when you applied to remain there? You might reply “With respect, fairness and dignity. I’d like to be given a fair chance of success”. Well, this is the dream of many foreign nationals, who apply for U.K.: - Work Permits and Visas, - Asylum or Refuge Status, - Residency and - Citizenship. Do we treat these people as we’d hope to be treated? Our Goverment can Recreate a UK Immigration Policy which our grandchildren will not look upon with shame, but with pride, as they live within the consequences of our choices.
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  • Highland Council Pension Fund: Stop Funding War Crimes
    Highland Council Pension Fund currently holds £5.4 million of shares in US arms company, General Dynamics, manufacturer and supplier of the MK-82 1000-lb and MK-84 2000-lb bombs that were used with such devastating effect by Israel against the people of Gaza during ‘Operation Protective Edge’ in 2014. Because of their ‘wide area effect’, the use of these weapons was condemned by the UN Human Rights Council as violating ‘the prohibition of indiscriminate attacks’; more thn 2,000 people, including at least 500 children, were killed as a consequence of the bombing of one of the world’s most densely populated areas. Highland Council Pensions Fund acquisitions are subject to explicit 'social, environmental and ethical considerations'. It is the duty of public institutions to uphold international law and human rights norms, and it is completely unacceptable that, through its pension fund, Highland Council should finance their ongoing violation! It’s time for Highland Council to examine its conscience, put its principles into practice and follow its own guidelines on ethical investment by divesting itself of its shares in General Dynamics.
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  • End Unfair Evictions - abolish section 21
    Right now families in rented homes can be kicked out with just two months notice - without any valid reason. Some end up sharing a single room in temporary accommodation while others have to move miles away from their children's schools. It’s unfair and its perfectly legal England is one of the only countries in Europe that allows people to be evicted without private landlords having to give a reason. The threat of being kicked out without doing anything wrong causes insecurity and stress for millions of familes, and makes people suffering shoddy housing scared to complain. The Scottish government has already acted to protect private tenants by restricting no-fault evictions there. Right now, the government is looking at how they can make renting more secure in England. They could change the law, so people who rent can only be evicted if there's a valid reason. It'd mean millions of families will have the security of knowing they won’t be forced to move at a moments notice. We call on the UK government to give renters in England stability and certainty in their homes by abolishing Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988.
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  • Glasgow City Coucil: Sell the Rolls Royce and profit the city!
    The City is on it's knees! From homeless in the street to the appauling condition of the roads, meanwhile the Lord Provost is driving a £235,000 with a very prestigious private plate on; "G 0". This 6.6 litre vehicle achieves 6mpg! Not to mention the insurance costs!
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  • Save Scottish Borders School Libraries!
    School Librarians are a critical part of any school’s professional staff. Their skills are needed now more than ever. With vast online resources there is no shortage of sources of information. However, the more important skill is now understanding and evaluating these sources. Pupils need to learn how to sort out fact from fake. This decision will prevent pupils from reaching their full potential. Librarians have professional skills that support children of all abilities to learn. Replacing essential staff with the unpaid labour of pupils is an absolute disgrace. Scottish Borders Council should hang their heads in shame. Follow the story: Pressure grows on education officials over school library plans http://www.bordertelegraph.com/news/16272089.Pressure_grows_on_education_officials_over_school_library_plans/ Scottish Borders Council slammed for using pupils as library staff says it will teach them leadership http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16271266.Scots_council_slammed_for_using_pupils_as_library_staff_says_it_will_teach_them_leadership/ Playground pressure mounts on council to reverse school library cuts https://www.peeblesshirenews.com/news/17233450.playground-pressure-mounts-on-council-to-reverse-school-library-cuts/
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