• Stop anonymously funded organisations being given air-time
    Many so-called 'independent' organisations are funded by companies or individuals with their own specific financial, social or political agendas, and exist largely to promulgate those opinions. Giving air-time to them legitimises sometimes extreme or scientifically unsound views, and has no place in a true democracy.
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    Created by Colin Harrison
  • Stop politicians working in the main stream media
    It is important to prevent the Propaganda of lies to the people with their influence as politicians. You have weekly shows by Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg tarnishing democracy with lies and at the same time representing us in Europe or Parliament.
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    Created by Peddlat Otell
  • Ban the use of national emblems in political campaigns
    These are emotive symbols of national identity that should not be used by any individual political party as they may falsely suggest that one party is more patriotic than other parties.
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    Created by Helen Sissons
  • Regulatory body for MPs
    I believe that the country is sick and tired of MPs lying and misrepresenting their way into power. MPs can get away with lies (as evidenced by the recent collapse of the Johnson case) with no rebuke. It is time for a General Politicians Council to be founded.
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    Created by Peter Neville
  • Increase the fines for breaking electoral law
    We're now facing one of the most important elections in the UK’s history. And yet it’s still far too easy for millionaire donors and political parties to break the laws that keep our democracy fair - and get away with a mere slap on the wrist. You can be fined more for touting tickets at a football match than you can for subverting British democracy, with the maximum fine only £20,000. This is often a fraction of the money that parties are spending on elections. There needs to be a stronger incentive to follow the law. The Electoral Commission, whose job it is to police the rules that keep elections fair, have asked for the power to impose much bigger fines on those who break the law during elections. But so far, our political leaders have refused. More of us need to sign the petition so we can pile the pressure on our political leaders to change this law before we’re faced with another election. Will you join us and sign the petition today? We know the extent of election abuses thanks to investigations by us at openDemocracy and other journalists at the Guardian, Channel 4, Byline and elsewhere. Please consider signing up to hear more about the important work we do.
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    Created by Adam Ramsay openDemocracy Picture
    Politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are currently using the media for their own unchallenged propaganda. While every opportunity should be made available for politicians to be scrutinised over their policies and beliefs these should be in the form of balanced interviews and not their own partial shows or columns.
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    Created by John Speller
  • Boris Johnson must put on an exhibition of the wooden buses he has made.
    Boris is potentially our next Prime Minister. He claims that to relax he makes things out of wooden boxes and crates. The people have a right to see these sculptures and witness his artistry.
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    Created by Esmerelda Giggleswick
  • We want a General Election
    Because we are being handed a Prime Minister who has not been properly elected (again).
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    Created by Chris Ogden
  • Voting Fraud
    Our voting system is no longer fit for purpose and open to fraud, in particular postal voting, which should only be an option for our elderly, disabled and those who can prove they are unable to get to a polling station. Sir Eric Pickles' investigation and report in 2016 should be reviewed. Compulsory ID's, strict vetting in election campaigns and vote counters should also be considered. This issue must be addressed in order to prevent fraud and get true election results.
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    Created by Pam Julian
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    Created by Rebecca Wilczek
  • Call a general election
    This is extremely important because of the amount of people suffering due to the way the conservatives have governed. Businesses are suffering our economy is suffering and our image to the world has been damaged beyond belief. Britain is not acting like a democracy the conservatives are guilty of allowing foreign states to interfere in our rights to a fair vote
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    Created by Mark Lewis
  • Don't imprison British volunteers in Rojava
    Brits are being banned from travelling to Rojava under the Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Act, even though the UK is part of the International Coalition against ISIS, which relied on Rojava throughout its campaign. 8 British heroes, including Anna Campbell, lost their lives volunteering with YPG & YPJ in the fight against jihadi terrorism. The bravery and sacrifice of these volunteers should be honoured. Far from being an ISIS stronghold, Rojava is a beacon of women’s resistance against the oppressive jihadist mentality, and a grassroots, direct-democratic alternative to the brutal regimes which rule elsewhere in the Middle East. This law must be scrapped, so British volunteers can keep joining the struggle to eradicate ISIS' mentality, without facing ten-year jail sentences. Fighting for a better world is not a crime!
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    Created by Matthew Broomfield