• Opposing the introduction of 'public spaces order dog control'
    The Welsh Government (2015) household survey states that 47% of households have a pet with 62% of those owning a dog, which was by far the most popular animal. This is a very large community that could be negatively impacted by the proposed changes. The Animal Welfare Act supports dogs requirement for exercising off leads for their health and wellbeing. The proposed restrictions disadvantage those with mobility issues, lack of access to transport or financial hardship from accessing green spaces for their dogs needs. The health benefits of dog ownership and walking are well documented which should be incentivized not deterred. One recent study by The University of Lincoln and Glasgow Caledonian University found that dog owners over the age of 65 get an average of 22 more minutes of walking a day than those without one. BUPA (2017) reported dog walkers have: lower stress and depression levels; lower incidence of type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer; lower cholesterol and blood pressure; lower body mass index; improved sleeping; and better community connectedness. https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt6wq5k0 There is a cost to accessing a lot of recreational activities and dog walking has been accessible for many. According to research by American Express (2016) British dog owners estimate they spend an average of £1,252 annually on their pet, equating to over £10.64bn across the country as a whole. Dog ownership is a boost to the local economy further with their patronage to the ever popular and increasing dog friendly cafes.
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  • Reuse of domestic plastic bottles
    These bottles are typically sturdy enough to be used many times and reusing a bottle ten times would reduce plastic consumption and waste by 90%. It would reduce transportation and consumer prices. The retail technology is readily available and the public are highly motivated to adopt such initiatives.
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  • Sir Gareth Southgate
    Because he made england feel proud again
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  • We won’t pay for Trump to play golf
    Many people in the UK work hard to pay their taxes to ensure that education, health and policing are funded. We have already suffered many years of austerity and the money is needed by the British people. And anyway paying for foreign presidents to play golf on their private courses - in the hope that we get a good trade deal - is what we call corruption in other countries . So let’s not let that happen here. Please add your name in support
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  • Outlaw all non recyclable plastics
    By 2050 plastic pollution in our oceans is set to outnumber fish !, we are killing the planet and it’s resources of which we rely , it’s sheer madness this is still going on when we now know so much about our environment and our effect on it, we need to act now, not faze these problems out over decades, it will be too late, we have the technology to replace plastic with biodegradable alternatives but businesses benefitting from plastic production don’t want this to happen as It effects their profits which they see as more important than the damage being dealt to the planet , a planet you and I need to survive, we are poisoning nature beyond the point of no return, leaving our grandchildren a broken, unrecognisable world all in the name of greed.. please, it has to stop NOW not later, let us as a country set the president, be the game changers in environmental protection.
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  • Speak up for Fordingbridge's natural, recreational resources!
    To promote/maintain the mental and physical health and wellbeing of local residents and visitors; To retain the rural nature of this town and its views of importance; To safeguard the tranquility of this particular area for existing and future residents; To protect the wonderful natural landcapes and rich biodiversity of this area; To continue to provide wild open spaces, where local children and adolescents can experience and connect with nature (which is also linked with improved childhood mental health and wellbeing, similarly to adults); For the District Council to take the lead and set new nationwide standards, by truly putting biodiveristy and health & wellbeing, at the heart of their local planning decisions. Can I please suggest that everyone read the plan, spread the word and also make their own individual representations via the official response form on NFDC website: http://www.newforest.gov.uk/localplan2016 Then.email it to: localplan2016@nfdc.gov.uk Or post it to: Policy and Plans Team, New Forest District Council, Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7PA. By 12/08/2018. This area is used widely by a lot of residents, who may not live directly by the proposed sites and therefore may not have received correspondence from the NFDC about the plans...so please spread the word far and wide so.we can send a united response to the NFDC that calls for some reasonable changes to the proposed Local Plan!
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  • No Trump visit to the UK until all the migrant children in the US are reunited with their parents
    No child should be separated from its parent without very good reason. To do so simply because they are seeking asylum is grotesque. It is estimated that 10,000 children have been separated from their parents and many parents do not know where their children are being held. This is US Government inflicted child abuse and must be stopped. President Trump's visit to the UK provides us with a unique opportunity to voice our disapproval about the policy and the absolute need to reunite those children with their parents. Please lets make a stand for those children.
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  • HandsoffHandsworth
    The academisation of schools affects the lives of our school children and teaching staff. The academy chain will benefit the CEO and their inflated salaries. Autonomy and local control NOT a profiteering chain.
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    We must reduce the amount this chemical is used because of the wildlife and nature impact. The bees are unable to live around this chemical and the plants it's used on. Bees are in serious decline and need our support. Tests support it is carcinogenic to humans too, can be linked to cancer, liver and kidney damage, diabetes. There are many other means available online to give ideas for how to replace this chemical and rid the streets from weeds. We managed before this came along and we have a moral duty to manage now, for the bees and insects, and human wellbeing.
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  • Recycle food waste in Plymouth
    In the UK the average family throws away 22% of their weekly shop, which is worth £700 per year. Food waste is really, really bad for the environment. It takes a land mass larger than China to grow the food each year that is ultimately never eaten – all to produce food that we then just throw away. In addition, food that is never eaten accounts for 25% of all fresh water consumption globally. Not only are all of the resources that went into creating the uneaten food wasted (land, water, labour, energy, manufacturing, packaging, etc), but when food waste goes to landfill, which is where the vast majority of it ends up, it decomposes without access to oxygen and creates methane, which is 23x more deadly than carbon dioxide. Every which way you look at it food waste is a major culprit in destroying our planet, and in fact if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the USA. So, the bad news is we are half the problem. But the good news is….. this means we can be half the solution! Ref: https://olioex.com/food-waste/the-problem-of-food-waste/
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  • Save the Michael Sobell Hospice.
    Forty one years ago Michael Sobell had a vision. A vision of a hospice where people would be able to spend the last few days of their life with all the staff and facilities that were needed to hand, in an environment that was as pleasant as possible. An environment with beautiful plants growing indoors as well as in the peaceful, tranquil gardens, a calming aquarium, and an aviary where colourful, birds flit from branch to branch and sing. An environment far removed from the usual, purely functional, antiseptic hospital ward, and a level of 24 hour care far more effective than that which could ever be provided at home. In 1977 Michael Sobell was moved enough to donate £1 million of his own money so that his vision could be achieved. A building was erected which provided an environment that was as homely as possible, friendly, and even inspirational, but a building with an expected life span of only 20 years. It has been tended and cared for by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers for 41 years. But now here we are and the inevitable day has finally arrived and the building needs to be demolished, and yet there is no plan in place to allow this much appreciated facility to continue. “Care in the community” undoubtedly has its benefits, but the phrase often seems to be used in a cynical way to slash costs and justify closing facilities. But it is totally inappropriate and unacceptable for end-of-life care. We are in danger of letting down not only Michael Sobell, the inpatients, and their families, but also the trustees, staff, and volunteers who have tended and cared for the hospice all these years - not to mention all those who have sacrificed their time, and risen to many a challenge, to raise funds in support. We must not lose sight of Michael Sobell's vision; the NHS needs to demonstrate that it still has a heart and soul. Otherwise we will just end up where we started 41 years ago. We cannot allow hospices to be closed up and down the country. We must not short-change all those people for whom the cards of life played out badly. This issue should be of NATIONWIDE CONCEN, we cannot stand by and allow the humanity to be taken out of decisions that effect us all, no matter what the financial pressures might be. Now is the time to mobilise public opinion while the powers that control the NHS contemplate how best to use their £20bn “birthday present.” We need to petition East and North Herts NHS Trust and make our feelings known before a decision is made that wipes the Michael Sobell Hospice off the face of the earth for ever. The NHS would then lose the ability to provide the sort of care for end-of-life patients that the community works so hard to support. It stands to lose the services of the dedicated people that tend the gardens, and look after the aviary and aquarium, and all the people that strive to raise funds to provide all manner of small comforts for the inpatients. The NHS stands on the brink of losing the additional funding generated by the Charity that supports the hospice which allows its limited resources to go that little bit further. But most importantly we need to show the NHS the strength of public opinion before it makes an irreversible decision that will deny many of our loved-ones access to the final demonstration of our community’s love and compassion that is offered by our hospices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxoOXs6i9gI ANY VIEWS EXPRESSED HERE ARE MY OWN AND OTHER PARTIES MAY WISH TO EXPRESS DIFFERENT VIEWS! The Board of Trustees of the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity have announced that they have set up an Advisory working group as part of their “listening and engagement” exercise. In order to help them in their desire to “spread a wide net to capture not only local views but also consider the national picture for palliative and end of life care’”, we have compiled a short survey. To complete it copy and paste the following link into your browser. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2VX8ZMJ You are also able to find the SURVEY on the newly created Save My Safe Haven website: www.savemsh.co.uk where we will be posting the results. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try and complete the SURVEY in time for the meeting the Michael Sobell House Charity has planned for later on in August. Any questions please email us at survey@savemsh.co.uk
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