• Transparency of Think Tank Funding
    Many think tanks interviewed or quoted in the news present themselves as independent researchers acting in the interest of the general public, when in fact the opinions and research they put forward serve the interests of a corporate rich and powerful elite.
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    Created by Paul Amundsen
  • UK Parliament to return from summer recess
    The country is facing a crisis. It would seem that the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is intent on forcing through a no deal Brexit which would be disastrous in a number of ways, including: · Serious damage to both the UK economy and to that of our European neighbours. · The potential loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. · The potential shortages of medicines with the potential for people to die. · Potentially hundreds of businesses folding. · Adverse environmental consequences including increased carbon emissions from people increasing trade with non EU countries (in general, much further away). It is clearly much more sensible and environmentally efficient to trade with our near neighbours. Given that we are facing a climate crisis this is particularly important. · Further uncertainty and anxiety for both EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in EU countries. · Subsequent to a no deal, all areas of our relationship with the EU would have to be worked through at a micro rather than a macro level, creating a massive amount of work for both the UK and our European partners. One of the factors potentially making no deal more likely would seem to be the lack of parliamentary time available between now and 31st October. Given the urgency of the situation, I believe that Parliament should be recalled as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for MPs to discuss and agree alternative options. No deal has the potential to be disastrous for the country so every effort needs to be made to avoid this.
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    Created by Adam Stirling
  • Dominic Cummings must face the parliamentary committee to answer questions on the leave campaign
    Mr Cummings was incharge of the worst case of misleading the people of Uk ever, he was the major campigner and director of the leave campaign. This has been shown to have broken electral law and the missused data against GDPR rules. He refused to answer to the commons committee on his actions during the campaign and is in contempt of parliament. He has no respect for either our laws or our parliament and is it i therefore of utmost impotance that he face the parliamentary committee to answer questions re his conduct in the leave campaign
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    Created by Chris Stirk
  • in Support of the Green New Deal in UK
    Because there is a climate and environmental emergency. The government's first responsibility is to protect its people. The UK Government is clearly not doing this in respect to the current climate crisis.. Given the urgency of the situation as described by the IPCC we need to put the climate crisis at the top of the political agenda.
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    Created by Julia Barfield
  • Bring Parliament back to debate Brexit. Time is running out
    This is the biggest single issue in 75 years for the British Government, with less than 90 days, it is not time to going on holiday. The British people deserve focus and this matter deserves all the time it can be given.
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    Created by Laurence Joslin
  • Recall Parliament
    The Government of Boris Johnson is hellbent on inflicting a No Deal Brexit on the British people, despite the 2017 Conservative Party manifesto promising a “smooth and orderly departure” from the EU, and a “deep and special partnership with our friends and allies across Europe”. Parliament needs time to prevent this impending disaster, and so must be recalled immediately.
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    Created by Jeremy Corney
  • Political party funding
    Parliament is there to serve the nation, the whole population, not to further the interests of small sections of society to the exclusion of others. It is not new; many countries such as Germany and Denmark have such a system. It has it faults but it is not open to the kind of abuse that is rife in the UK. It's an old adage but still true "He who pays the piper calls the tune". We must reform this corrupt system.
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    Created by James Phillips
  • 55 percent
    It will end the current difficulty and indecision on Remain/ Brexit debate
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    Created by JASDEV RAI Picture
  • Knife-crime emergency
    On 8 March a teenager was fatally stabbed near where I live. I wrote to the Queen, the prime minister and my MP with 11 specific suggestions for dealing with the emergency including 'spend whatever is necessary because saving lives is more important than reducing the National Debt'. Neither the Queen nor the PM replied to me but I gathered that my letters to them were forwarded to the Home Office. Only my MP replied. Since then I have exchanged numerous letters and emails with officials at Buckingham Palace and the Home Office. It seems to me that none of the people to whom I wrote or emailed, except my MP, actually read my 11 suggestions. Instead I got standard letters telling me government policy, with which I was already familiar. I feel I had wasted my time.
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    Created by Chris Birch
  • Make the BBC truly independent and accountable
    To make much more likely a real variety of points of view available to the general public, rather than the largely Establishment supporting voices we get at the moment, The BBC could be a fantastic broadcasting institution and I passionately want it to be.
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    Created by Paul Meade
  • Brexit Solution
    Hopefully, to get us out of the current Brexit mess.
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    Created by John Crowther
  • Withdraw Policy Exchange's charitable status.
    It is meant to be a non partisan educational charity for the general public. In reality it is a money making and ego boosting scheme for conservative party supporters. One of it’s directors stood as a conservative candidate at the 2015 and 2017 general elections. Others have close ties to the conservative party. Several employees take salaries in excess of £80k – one takes a salary of £150-160k (according to filed accounts for last year). Donations from Just Giving gratefully received, according to the website. Worryingly, Boris Johnson and his newly formed cabinet make policy decisions based on Policy Exchange studies. Ex-employees of fossil fuel and energy companies, for example, produce environmental policy reports for Policy Exchange who then influence government! The charitable status of Policy Exchange should be withdrawn as it does not operate in a non partisan way or in the general public's interest.
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    Created by Jason White