• Renew Uber Licence
    It's important for the 3.5million Londerners whom rely on Uber as their preferred mode of transport. Not to mention the 40,000 Uber drivers whom rely on this income.
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    Created by Ian Teeney
  • Call on Scotrail to publish cancellations
    Cancellations and significant lateness (CASL) is not a regulated measure in Scotland like elsewhere in the UK. Instead companies like Scotrail cite PPM - trains arriving within 5 minutes of their scheduled time. What this doesn't reveal is the transport routes in Scotland blighted by cancelled trains or missed stops which is more inconvenient to passengers than a train 5 minutes late. The CASL statistic would highlight: Cancellations at origin Cancellations en route Change of origination station Failure to stop at a scheduled station Significantly late trains (late by 30 mins or more)
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    Created by Yvonne Finlayson Picture
  • Road side danger
    Huge lorries, now using our A routes, are a constant worry simply size and the overgrowth has there body of the vehicle over the centre line. The growth of county hedges have not been cut or maintained ever, I know of several A routes that have never been maintained in fifty years. It is the responsibility of land owners and the highway maintainence to keep our routes safe.
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  • Lidl Store Mercia Road Gloucester
    There is already a Lidl store within a 5 minute drive of the proposed new development. The new development will potentially create more traffic in an already congested area.
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  • Put Back the X64 Bus Route
    I no longer have a bus that will take me to the QE hospital, or to my GP. This is crazy.
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    Created by Jess Shapero
  • Scotland's Railways into Public ownership.
    To have quality transport in Rails is better for environment, and if cheaper could be accessible by many, the fairs at moment are far to expensive. and the Journey times are far to long, shorter train times investment in our rails and trains better tracks faster times. and more quality of trains from central Scotland right up to the North of Scotland, better facilities at rail stations too.
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  • Save our lollipop man for Sutton Manor Primary
    Our school is on a very busy road with links to the motorway and link road near by. Traffic seem to use this road a lot as a short to these routes. I feel our children will be in danger and many fatalities will occur? If we lose him .
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  • Resembles a race track
    Number one it's important for the safety of loacals using the footpath or cycle track, secondly every eveneing it's like living next door to a race track.
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    Created by Kimberley Wyatt
  • Lifetime driving ban
    There have been a number of court cases involving motorists using their vehicle as an offensive weapon. Not least the recent case of Justine Henshaw-Bryan who chased cyclist Damien Doughty through Stoke Newington, North London, and attempting to run him over sending him flying into a tree (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-39876692). Ruth Cadbury, Labour MP for Brentford and Isleworth and co-chair of the All Party Parlimentary Cycling Group (APPCG), recently highlighted the issue of there being a perceived idea that "...there is a ‘right to drive’, when it is clearly a privilege" and that this perception "...is taking precedence over the right to safety on our roads for everyone." Those drivers who have, through their own actions, demonstrated that they cannot be trusted behind the wheel of a vehicle should not be allowed ever to drive.
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    Created by Glenn Comiskey
  • Say No to 8am-8pm Parking Excess
    Parking enforcement will have a field day - but residents, visitors, parents doing the school drop, faith groups and businesses will lose out. This 365 days a year of severe parking control is a money making venture by the council. Broad Green is over-built and this is causing congestion - the council is penalising residents when it is to blame.
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  • Register "legal owner" and "registered keeper" on V5C log book
    When you buy a second hand vehicle you have no way of knowing whether the "registered keeper" is legally entitled to sell the vehicle. If you buy it and the "legal owner" disputes the sale you would have to give it back to the legal owner and lose your money paid. This would also stop the taking back of vehicles bought as "gifts" by the legal owner and given to the registered keeper. This has happened to my son, his dad bought him a car, and registered my son as the "registered keeper". They then fell out and the dad transferred the car into his own name as the "registered keeper", claiming that he was the "legal owner", then sold the car. Unbelievably, the dvla say this is allowed. The V5C document requesting the transfer was not signed by my son (the registered keeper) even though the document states that the registered keeper "must" sign. Apparently, the V5C wasn't signed at all! This isn't "fair" so by changing the V5C, prospective buyers and registered keepers will know where they stand as far as "ownership" is concerned.
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    Created by Lissa Newton
  • Take away the bus stop.
    Is Important because it will save cost like looking for scooters won't be necessary. Thank you and can do without taxis.
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