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    Created by Libby Fleming
  • Keep our Train Guards
    Not only will removing the position of train guard cost many jobs, it endangers the passengers.
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    Created by Tan Stanton-Britton
  • Biggleswade station disabled access
    Please sign this petition to raise further awareness of the problems faced.
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    Created by Robert Lamb
    Public transport is a major part of peoples lives, it allows old people, students to visit their friends, to do shopping, and allow people to go on days out. Currently, the last bus from Blackburn Bus Station is 19:00 with NO SERVICE at any time on a Sunday or bank holidays. This is affecting people who used to use the bus on a Sunday and nighttime and particularly on the run up to Christmas when Blackburn market opens the last few Sundays before Christmas.
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    Created by Alex Davies
  • Stop the speeding
    Cars have been speeding round these streets at break neck speed something needs to be done before someone is killed
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    Created by Lucy Savage
  • Reinstate a railway station in Forfar
    We are a commuter Town between Dundee and Aberdeen with a growing population, we need better links to the outside world to help the local economy flourish !
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    Created by Alan Leslie
    The closure is not popular and against the wishes and needs of many people. Tfl acting for own needs not residents and people who rely on the 23.
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    Created by Jan Spencer
  • School Bus for Hatfield and Dunsville
    Are our children second class citizens ? 2 school buses are currently avalible, one for Kirk Sandall and one for Barnby Dun, These buses park at the school and even have old signage for Hatfield bus which no longer runs a service. Why not Hatfield and Dunsville ? Our children have to wait for a normal public transport bus, This can take up to an hour to get home, Its only 2 miles away . These public buses dont always stop, and only let a few children on at any time due to being full. Its not good enough and I feel its not safe, some children can wait for as many as 4 buses or more to get on one. It's not safe to walk home because of the open country side from Edenthorpe to Dunsville. Would you want your child to walk home in open country side? As a parent Im very nervous when my child has to use public transport. You dont know what bus they can eventually get on and when they will get home. Many people have raised concerns about the public buses. Now we need people listen to us and take action to make our children feel safe while traveling home.
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    Created by martin presley
  • Renew Uber Licence
    It's important for the 3.5million Londerners whom rely on Uber as their preferred mode of transport. Not to mention the 40,000 Uber drivers whom rely on this income.
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    Created by Ian Teeney
  • Call on Scotrail to publish cancellations
    Cancellations and significant lateness (CASL) is not a regulated measure in Scotland like elsewhere in the UK. Instead companies like Scotrail cite PPM - trains arriving within 5 minutes of their scheduled time. What this doesn't reveal is the transport routes in Scotland blighted by cancelled trains or missed stops which is more inconvenient to passengers than a train 5 minutes late. The CASL statistic would highlight: Cancellations at origin Cancellations en route Change of origination station Failure to stop at a scheduled station Significantly late trains (late by 30 mins or more)
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    Created by Yvonne Finlayson
  • Road side danger
    Huge lorries, now using our A routes, are a constant worry simply size and the overgrowth has there body of the vehicle over the centre line. The growth of county hedges have not been cut or maintained ever, I know of several A routes that have never been maintained in fifty years. It is the responsibility of land owners and the highway maintainence to keep our routes safe.
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    Created by Elizabeth Jarvis
  • Lidl Store Mercia Road Gloucester
    There is already a Lidl store within a 5 minute drive of the proposed new development. The new development will potentially create more traffic in an already congested area.
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    Created by Jason Draper