• Save The Wick
    Middlewick Ranges (The Wick) have never been built on. Their extensive - and nationally declining - grassland and other habitats support protected birds and nationally scarce species including beetles, butterflies, moths, bats, snakes, lizards, mammals and plants. Local people - mainly from council estates - have walked The Wick for leisure, research and relaxation for 100 years or more.
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  • Save Dorset Dorset Drive (East and West) Local Green Space Designation
    Local Green Space is a precious resource, they sustain Bio-diversity, enhance recreation and wellbeing, and help mitigate against the effects of climate change. The Local Green Space at Dorset Drive enhances the setting and character of this close to Town Centre estate, it's loss would be to both residents of the estate and the Town overall.
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  • Make bus fares fair!
    When local residents take an Uber rather than the bus, because it’s cheaper, something has gone catastrophically wrong with the public transport system. First Buses are cherry picking the profitable routes and ratcheting up the fares on them, leaving the local authority to find alternatives for the less profitable routes. This is profiteering from the public, not public transport! In environmentally uncertain times, the government should be doing all it can to encourage people to use mass public transport. Unfortunately, privatised public transport is having the opposite effect. London mayor, Sadiq Khan has changed this in his city, so all residents and visitors can cross London for less than we pay to get from the suburbs to the centre of Oldham. See article at: https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/05/oldham-greater-manchester-bus-riders-tire-high-fares-unreliable-service
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  • Save Birmingham Vision
    Service users says: "This is awful news. Birmingham vision has been providing fantastic services to people with sight loss in Birmingham and is the only remaining centrally based Sight loss organisation." " I have enjoyed all of the social activities and all of the sporting opportunities that were made possible by them and if it wasn’t for him, I would never have had the opportunity to go driving, walk out onto Villa Park twice, take part in activities such as foot golf and cricket and the  The fact that he brought me out of the social isolation I was in before I signed up as a service user back in 2016 My thanks also goes out to the wonderful person who put on wonderful social events during the last three summers and kept the pub night going for everyone to enjoy and this was a great social hub as I had met people there who I’m still communicating with now and I’m sure that they will use their social and independence skills to go out and enjoy life. When I first read this post, the first thing came to my mind was that there will be a lot of empty days in the new decade and this will hit home during the summer months as without the great service that Birmingham vision provides, there will be very little opportunity to enjoy the events that I have mentioned in my post and this is a great shame because Thomas Pocklington have buried the people that it once encouraged to flourish and be confident and independent and I can’t imagine life without the services of Birmingham vision and the company of their excellent staff." "This is truly heartbreaking! I volunteered once with the pub quiz and really saw what great work you do. What is to become of all the social isolation that this might bring? I can't really understand how such an important group is not worthy of funding. Just sad." "I'm GUTTED! This is so sad Birmingham Vision work so hard and have helped me and so many other Visually impaired people to deal with living with sight loss. I have made lots of friends through all the events that have been organised . They have made me not feel so isolated. I feel for all the staff that have worked so hard. I am going to miss this group so much!!" "I am totally shocked to hear this sad news! Without Birmingham Vision I would not have the confidence I have today. The wonderful staff have shown us that being visually impaired doesn't mean we have to feel isolated. I too have made some great friendships through the groups, and days out that the hard working staff have arranged for us. Thank you so much for your hard work. ❤" "I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed getting to know every single person every single member of staff you are all amazing Birmingham Vision chose my life and helped me so much and made good friends with all the staff and many of the service users I have gained lots of confidence and getting out and about and everyone has as well we will all miss you as you are all lovely people and being in your company is always a great pleasure". "OMFG! Are you freakin' kidding me? WHY is it not worth the funding? This group has given me a social life, provided opportunities to visit places & most importantly make new friends including all the staff. It is OUR little community, don't we have a say?"
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  • Canterbury Wincheap Park & Ride Solution
    The council owned ex-Homebase site is already part car park. The large empty pre-existing warehouse should be remodelled into a multi-storey car park, easily providing as much capacity as Whitefriars. The current park and ride can remain in place and the Homebase site would serve as an overflow, with a bus stop outside. We should be protecting all our green spaces, not destroying them. As the Homebase site is already in existence, it would be sensible to utilise it for this purpose. Maynard Road car park could also be incorporated into the park and ride scheme.
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  • Make Headley Road zebra crossing safer!
    There has been an increase in dangerous driving and speeding on Headley Road, Liphook which has resulted in a number of serious incidents on the zebra crossing near Liphook Infants and Junior School. The crossing is a key route for families travelling to school. The children, families and adults of all abilities who use this crossing perceive this to be a significant risk. Recently people have been hospitalised as a result of drivers not stopping. The community is seeing an increase in 'near misses' during school commuter times and throughout the day. The increase in dangerous driving and speeding could lead to more injuries or even fatalities. Before this happens, the community want to see this crossing improved and the policing of behaviours/speeding to be increased significantly. Whilst we appreciate that this issue is an increasing concern for all residents regarding the arterial roads of Liphook, the zebra crossing, Headley Road, is the main concern of this petition.
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  • Network Rail to give a basic education and understanding of dangers of the Railway
    I think this is of vital importance because children from primary school right through to secondary school need a basic understanding and education of the dangers of a railway line after the death of the poor boy who sadly died on the railway line at Bedford Road Bootle Liverpool. This will give our children the understanding that they need to know that Merseyside and further afield operates on a third rail system which has 750v DC running through the line if you come in contact with this it will kill you instantly.
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  • Save the Hev's Happy Hounds PlayPark
    The PlayPark provides an invaluable resource to local dog walkers, dog trainers and dog owners. It enables dogs who are otherwise not allowed off lead for various reasons to run free in a safe and secure environment. We know that our users often visit other local businesses too.
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  • Clamp down on racism in football
    As last night's Bulgaria vs England football match showed, racism in the sport is still rife in Europe. People were captured on TV making monkey chants and Nazi salutes towards black players. The racist abuse was so bad that the game had to be stopped twice in the opening 40 minutes. The current Uefa penalties are completely unacceptable and do not deter racists. Issuing financial fines, anti racism posters and partly closing stadiums simply does not work. It's time Uefa got tough.
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  • End sanctioned benefit poverty
    People can lose their homes, children, their basic need for food and water, their dignity, sanity, and the will to even live. People who have experienced sanctioned benefits are stripped of any income and any supporting housing payments leaving the person destitute and possibly homeless, all before any investigative outcome is made and before any guilty or innocent verdict. People have a basic right to food and water , human beings should not be forced to live in destitution due to an "investigation", its penalisising ,its degenerating and its damn right unethical
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  • Mandatory BSL teaching in schools
    This is not only important but in keeping with The BSL Act (2015) which in my eyes has not managed to make any real impact on the exclusion of D/deaf children in particular or to keep them in mainstream schools. The removal of children from the mainstream classroom for 1-1 teaching defeats the purpose of the child remaining in mainstream education. Mandatory teaching of BSL for all children in Scotland will allow everyone to have a basic knowledge and the ability to communicate efficiently with any D/deaf children removing stigma while allowing for full inclusion. The presence of a persons skilled in BSL in the school would also allow for mainstream learning to take place and the lessons to be interpreted by that individual or by the teacher him/herself. Unfortunately in Scotland, BSL is such a hard subject to study- there is one university course but entry without any BSL knowledge would be very hard and to learn BSL anywhere else you need to fund it yourself and it is not cheap. I was lucky enough to learn a very basic amount of BSL in primary school due to a Deaf Student in my class. This stayed with me and after 5 years of ‘vocational’ night school which I had to pay for I have a degree in BSL and work in the colleges interpreting lessons and work for D/deaf students. This method of study is not even available at all in the west of Scotland just now and limited elsewhere as there is no providers left, mostly all going bust due to lack of students being able to afford the courses and the lack of funding from the government. If we can give our kids a basic knowledge in primary school and the choice to learn the first few professional levels in high school we set them up for life and if they chose so, a career in BSL. Surely this is as much appropriate as french or German. We are setting ourselves up for a crisis in 5/10 years when we have no interpreters due to no ability to train. Please support me in my fight for inclusion.
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  • Change Chichester District Council Meeting Times
    All Chichester District Council meetings are held during the day making it impossible for working people or people with day time commitments to attend Council Meetings. 95% of the District and Borough Councils in England and Wales hold evening or late afternoon meetings. Chichester District Council is one of only a very few of over 200 second tier councils to hold all meetings during the day. Day time meetings make it very hard for working District Councillors to attend Council meetings to fulfil the roles for which their communities duly elected them. This also affects Parish Councillors and residents who work and need to attend meetings at Chichester District Council.
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