• Carbon neutral new homes
    We are facing an enormous climate crisis and should be ensuring that new buildings are climate neutral, in addition with the unprecedented rise in the cost of carbon fuels climate neutral buildings can help homeowners and businesses' to reduce their fuel bills.
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    Created by Philip Needham
  • Ban ALL calls for violence on Facebook
    To permit any form of incitement to violence is extremely dangerous. To enable expressions of outrage is a valuable service that acts as a 'safety valve' in times of trouble. To extend that service to enable incitement to violence is a dangerous declaration that acts as a match to a powder keg.
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    Created by Ron Tocknell
  • Kenyngton Manor Park upgrade
    We are fundraising through YourFundSurrey and local Cil funds. To do this, we need community engagement to show support for the project. Feedback from the community research so far shows a real need for a park facility to suit all ages, but more importantly, a need for engagement with the community around any plans. Joining together to improve our local environment will create a sense of ownership, develop and strengthen our community spirit and build relationships between people of all generations. The park has a problem with local youths misusing the park and causing antisocial behaviour. As part of our project, we want to promote the importance of communities working together, looking after and valuing the space and taking pride in it. We aim to include local schools and youth groups in plans to include, rather than exclude them.
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    Created by Hazel Osborn
  • Parliamentary candidates and current current employees are to have no sexual offences
    Parliament has over 100 people serving with previous sexual offences, It doesn't equate to any punishment,and leads to distrust of Parliament
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    Created by Lynne Farrell
  • Put speed humps on plain roundabout, Oxford
    Sadly after recent accident on this plain roundabout where the person died, immediate action is required to avoid further accidents
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    Created by Amir Steve Ali
  • Keep Funding ZOE
    The Zoe App has provided a representative picture of not just symptoms but a map of new and existing Covid19 strains and the hotspots. Health of a nation is fundamental and this service has been excellent. Continued support for whole person health that is not wholly central government such Zoe needs you and HMG to put finances in place to continue the work and perhaps see better health understanding and action across the country. Having an understanding of your health needs from physical to emotional improves the outcomes for all.
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    Created by Ian Hickey
    We need to clean up our planet before it is too late. Our seas, rivers, landfill sites and overseas forests are full of our waste plastic. If we keep manufacturing more new plastic this problem will continue to grow. At what point do we look at it and say " STOP, THIS IS ENOUGH NOW!"? If we stop the manufacturing of new plastic, and only utilise what we already have (115 years of plastic manufacturing!), we can encourage recycling and the reclamation of the plastic already dumped. We don't want to be without plastic, it has many uses. But we do not need more of it polluting our world. Lets reclaim and reuse that which we already have.
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    Created by Elaine Chatwin
  • Hydrogen plants to save earth
    To save the planet from fossil fuels
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    Created by William Webb
  • Solar panels on all buildings
    This helps to increase our renewable energy sources and decrease reliance on fossil fuels
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    Created by Brian Matkin
  • All school kids should be on a school bus
    Public transport can get way too packed and dangerous. It's also better for the environment.
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    Created by Aaron Fiford
  • Lift the Ban on Skateboarding in Kettering
    The current ban unfairly discriminates against skateboarders. The ban was poorly thought out in order to fix an issue that didn't and doesn't exist. Furthermore the signage for the ban - which is in two very small locations within the town centre - has been placed incorrectly all over the town, effectively banning the hobby from the entire town. Skateboarding is an eviromently friendly means of transport and has recently become an Olympic sport. The ban is unfair and needs to be lifted
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    Created by Clark Mitchell
  • Paul Simpson. Keys to Carlisle
    After years...decades of football sadness Paul Simpson has brought great joy and hope to the area
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    Created by Stephen Dunn