• Help people pay service charges
    People have lost jobs and live in flats managed by companies who charge annual service charge over £2,000. When people become unemployed and cannot pay, they are taken to court and could lose their home. This is unacceptable and the government need to provide financial help to pay these charges by way of grants. The local councils only help with discretionary housing payments for people who rent. I own my property and cannot get help to pay my service charges even though I'm now unemployed. Home owners such as myself need help to pay their service charge and they need it now.
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    Created by Rosemary Self
  • Make the best use of derelict library space for all of our residents.
    Walsden Library has now been closed down following years of neglect. We want to ensure that the land is developed into something positive that could reduce flooding, have a positive impact on mental health and well-being, and promote the beauty of our village. The community garden would provide a place for young children to learn how to grow plants and a pleasant place for all residents to spend time in. This would provide a beautiful and welcoming entry into Calderdale. This space could also offer a lifeline to save the bee’s within Calderdale by building a bee hotel. This petition is independent from all party affiliations and is made on behalf of Walsden Neighbourhood Watch for the interests of the community.
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    Created by Matthew Doyle
  • Year 12 Education
    It is important to the wellbeing of all of us that we still have time to ourselves, time to exercise and spend time with our families. this is currently impossible and education should never be put above mental health.
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    Created by Kate Simpson
  • Save Swanage Ambulance Car
    We understand that the Swanage based Ambulance Car could be withdrawn in June. We were shocked to hear that there were plans to withdraw the Car on April 1st. Following Councillors meeting with the Ambulance Trust and lobbying Dorset Council Health Scrutiny, and the Town Council writing to the Ambulance Trust and the Clinical Commissioning Group, we were told the car would remain for two months, and the situation would be reviewed in June. We had previously understood that under the Clinical Services Review ambulance resources allocated to Swanage would actually be increased. We must keep the Swanage Ambulance Car and our excellent Paramedics. The Car is a Rapid Response Vehicle - a fast car - based at Swanage, and covering Purbeck. Unlike the regular Swanage Ambulance, which can be outside Purbeck all day, the Car does not take patients to hospital, and the agreement was that the Car would remain in Purbeck, unless there was a major emergency. Therefore, as well being part of our Ambulance resources, this fast Car is much more likely to get to us quickly in an emergency. The Car supports the health of Swanage and Purbeck residents, and, crucially, helps save our lives. We’ve been told that Ambulance resources at Wareham have increased. However, there may not be an Ambulance in Wareham (or in Purbeck) at the time one is needed in Swanage and villages, and, in any case, it’s impossible to get from Wareham to Swanage in 8 minutes, which is the target time for a category 1 (imminent danger of death) emergency. The Ambulance Car was first allocated to Swanage as compensation for the overnight closure of the Swanage Cottage Hospital Minor Injuries Unit, back in 2008. There was recognition at that time that it was a long way to Poole from Swanage, and there needed to be overnight support here. Under the Clinical Services Review, emergency care will no longer be provided at Poole, and we will have even further to travel to access A&E, Maternity and Children’s care. The Swanage and Purbeck Ambulance Car + Paramedic: i) provides a rapid response (as nearer and faster) to save life in emergency pending arrival of the ambulance Ii) treats the 50% of patients who do not need to go to hospital at the scene, avoiding unnecessary journeys to Poole, and protecting hospital resources Iii) provides a replacement service when the Swanage Minor Injuries Unit is closed (8pm - 8am). iv) supports Purbeck GP home visits, helping to ensure that these are covered. Indeed we believe that the Purbeck GP’s are open to looking at making a contribution towards retaining the Ambulance Car. It is a matter of life and death for us to retain this essential service. /Users/Mel1/Desktop/Swange Amb Car.jpg
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    This is important because essential workers and people who are risking their lives and saving lives are the people who are significant for making the world go round and progress. Without these people we are doomed. These people give us their all and we are not giving them enough!!!! It should be a human right for somebody who risks their life to have a high pay. Or at least a higher pay!!!
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    Created by Kiara Rage Picture
  • To make all unpaid carers Key Workers.
    Unpaid carers never have a day off also work more than 40 hours per week. We do it because we care.
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    Created by Chris Renforth
  • Fix the food voucher system so no child goes hungry
    Almost a fifth of UK homes with children are going hungry in lockdown. Families who usually get free schools have been promised government help while schools are closed but the reality is a litany of missed payments and problems with vouchers. It’s not good enough. As a single parent who uses the voucher scheme I have personally experienced the issues with the food voucher system. Multiple times I've been waiting for sometimes an hour or more just for the voucher website to crash. We only received the first voucher 5 weeks into lockdown, that's 5 weeks of struggling to give my child decent food. My child is just one of 1.3million who rely on these vouchers and it's just not fair. With the pandemic, it's harder to get out and shop, harder to get to a food bank if you need to, so these vouchers are a lifeline for families that need them. Experts like the Food Foundation are calling out the government for not doing enough. Children deserve to have food on the table. Together we can make sure no child goes hungry during this crisis.
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    Created by Ella Chandler
  • Beyond this crisis no one recognized as a key worker should be paid less than the living wage
    Because for to long we have allowed them to be taken for granted.
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    Created by Neil Tansley Picture
  • NHS Day.
    While the whole country now recognises the horrifying danger of COVID-19, we have all come to rely on the astounding courage and fortitude of our National Health Service to respond to its continuing effects. From paramedics and ancillary staff, to nurses and doctors, this extraordinary assembly has selflessly turned up for work, risked their lives for us, and in over a hundred cases, died for us. We now have the opportunity, on July 5th, the day of the inauguration of the NHS in 1948, to institute a National NHS Day, to be celebrated in perpetuity, to recognise our debt, and to join hands with our health workers on whose determination we all depend. Lets get this done, together.
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    Created by Phil Gingell
  • Protect all staff returning to work
    The UK Government’s draft plans to reopen our workplaces safely after the lockdown are being criticised for not going far enough. The Government are planning to issue guidelines to employers, but more needs to be done. In particular: 1. Forcing business to make risk assessments of workplaces public 2. Properly holding businesses to account to protect staff There isn’t long before the Government will set their plans in stone. Add your name to the petition now to ensure we can return to work confident that we will be kept safe.
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  • Make the NHS and social care one system.
    Covid-19 has shown the problems we have with our social care system as it is. A country can be judged by how it treats it's older population. Not only is social care often inadequate, but many are staying in hospital blocking beds as there is not the support available in the community.
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  • Re-flower our Roadsides
    Environmental diversity and preventing the decline and destruction of nature is crucial right now, and not tomorrow. We urgently need strong policy and guidance from the County Council to to prevent the ongoing decline and disappearance of native species. It was great that South Glos donated so many sapling trees last Autumn, but very few landowners were willing to plant them. The willingness to leave grass verges to flower has met with even less enthusiasm. We need strong leadership and sanctions to give nature a chance. The way the natural environment is managed needs strong guidance from those who have the power to make this change.
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    Created by Joy de Berker Picture