• Stop Thanet District Council Selling all our Historic buildings
    Just look back at what Thanet District has already sold off. At this rate three will be none of our historic buildings left Enough is Enough
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    Created by JOHN FINNEGAN
  • Change prepaid utility meter rates
    The poorest in our society are being penalised for paying in advance, this is outragous
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    Created by elizabeth Paterson
  • Help get Black and ethnic minority people to safety from Ukrainian borders
    People have a right to safety and signing this petition could help effect real change in many lives.
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    Created by Norrisa Gayle
  • Reduce Fuel Tax and Duty to Counteract the Rising Cost of Living
    We need to unite and fight to be heard as one given that we are all now being streched to unreasonable levels, particularly where assistance to ease the pain (tax and duty) exist.
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    Created by Marios Michaelides
    It is impossible to pay this sort of increase, a lot of rural dwellers are older people on pensions. Mine and most people's pensions are not being increased. This will mean a lot of cold pensioners having to choose between eating or heating!
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    Created by David Wilson
  • Supporting UK hospitality and Ukraine Refugees
    Support in numbers attracts attention and reaches the required threshold to be considered by the UK government.
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    Created by Lea Gee
  • Allow Split domiciliary social care between two houses as part of care packages
    Domiciliary social care is restricted to one main property and does not allow the care package to be shared between two carers so only one person can look after elderly or disabled person in their home rather than two carers sharing the responsibility, stress, pressure that comes with caring.
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    Created by Debra Waghorn
  • Festoon lights along Margate seafront Kent
    It's important for the people of Margate, it's part of our seaside traditions and heritage and would be helpful for tourism for the town after years in the doldrums. Most people want these lights kept - visitors businesses and residents alike.
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    Created by Brian Smith stewart
  • Sign this Petition and Strike a Blow for Democracy and the Climate
    There are about a billion cars on the world’s roads. If most other countries took our lead and similarly reduced their own speed limits to 50 mph, it would not only bind them together in the fight against totalitarianism, it would strike fear in Putin’s heart and reduce worldwide carbon emissions by an estimated 4.6 billion tons per annum. This would give us some space and time to save the world.
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    Created by Mike Joslin
  • Save Clydebank Independent Resource Centre
    This amazing service is having to close down after 32 years due to a lack of funding. In this time, they have helped locals with debt issues & claiming benefits, welfare advice & filling out all sorts of forms. They have helped recover about £7 million for local residents. They struggled on during Covid - seen clients face-to-face & in these uncertain times are needed more than ever. West Dunbartonshire Council have always helped fund the centre, but are no longer going to do so.
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    Created by Jackie McTaggart
  • Wessex Roundabout Crossing Campaign
    This roundabout is crossed by many pedestrians and cyclists in order to get to school, work and to access shopping and leisure facilities. It has become increasingly busy and dangerous to cross here, where there are currently no controlled crossings: a pedestrian crossing is urgently needed, as proven by a recent Council traffic survey. Our children have been sworn and shouted at when trying to cross on their way to school - very intimidating when you're just 12 years old. A local lady contacted us recently to say she was nearly run over when trying to cross that road to get to work on the Granby estate. Parents who drive their children to school past the roundabout report how vulnerable people are when trying to cross there. The Council has a duty of care to provide safe routes to school; a controlled crossing MUST be installed as quickly as possible, before any accidents resulting in serious injury or even death occur.
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    Created by Denise Harris
  • Asylum for Russian soldiers surrendering in Ukraine
    This is important as stopping the war in Ukraine and the loss of innocent life is critical for peace in Europe. Offering asylum to surrendered Russian soldiers is uniquely both a peaceful act, will speed up stopping Russian aggression and shows to both the Ukrainian and Russian people that we care, and are prepared to make sacrifices.
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    Created by Gareth Selby