• Open Brighton & Hove's Homeless Night Shelters 365 Days a Year
    This is important to prevent people becoming entrenched in rough sleeping. People find themselves homeless for all sorts of reasons and are entitled to receive safe shelter and professional support immediately. In the first seven months of 2019 alone, 19 deaths of homeless people have been reported in Brighton and Hove. Please sign this petition to put pressure on Brighton and Hove City Council to do more to prevent further deaths.
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    Created by John Hadman
  • SAVE THE TREES on Ely Gardens WD6
    There used to be 6 trees, long ago. They must have been regularly removed to make space for parking. Only three left, one of which was cut last year(2018) without notice or consultation. We’ve acted quickly and managed to save the two still standing. We were told the removal was made in error. We were given an apology and promissed by the Town Mayor last year, that they wont be removed. This year we’ve learned that the council is planning to fell these anyway. Reason given to some residents, are occurance of cracks in one of the house, and the trees are suspected cause. If any of you know the subject/ or is a specialist in the field, you know there is a lot to be done to find the real cause. If they are indeed the real risk/reason for the issue there are many ways around it, including tree root barier, regular heavy tree pruning etc. We questioned it all and ask for answers, but had no information given in response. Therefore we are campaigning to stop the action and save the trees. Oak trees on Ely gardens are over 100 years old. They were here long before these houses were built. They are home to variety of wildlife, including bats, that we have seen. These trees are a positive force to the environment, cleaning our air, providing shade, nest and perching for birds. Councils should do all that it takes to keep those healthy old trees, and should have very strong evidence against them before order for tree felling! These informations should be available to all local residents to assure us that every step has been taken and options explored before making such drastic decision -to cut these amazing trees! Please help us with our petition. We’re too fighting for the principle! The way forward is for a nice habitable breathable less polluted environment, we need our trees, and more should be planted, nurtured and kept for generations to come, not destroyed to make way for more parking spaces. We believe there is a way to have both! Please help us by signing the petition in your support to save these trees. Thank you.
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  • SaveTameValley
    The area is Green Belt The access for large vehicles is via residential streets Air quality Noise pollution Wildlife destruction
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    Created by Adrienne Shaw
  • Sanction America for their cruelty to immigrant children.
    Children have already died in the cages at the southern border. Children are still in cages, even though the US government have been told to do something about it. The children are only supposed to be incarcerated for a maximum of 20 days - this has not been the case. This human caging of children has been going on for over a year, and now the US government want to cage the children (and families) indefinitely. The UK government needs to act and show the rest of the world that President Trump and his administration are cruel and heartless and we, as decent human beings, do not agree with such unfair and ruthless treatment of our fellow men, women and children. Sanction the US and hopefully other decent countries will follow suit.
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    Created by Ian Brooke
  • YouTube messages
    Signing this will allow you to share videos easily and also directly message your contacts within the YouTube app.
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    Created by Oli Oli
  • Make gay marrige legal in northern ireland
    It is important because if people in Northern Ireland love each other, it is disgusting that the government can take away a persons right to be married regardless of their genders. It is a human right to not be discriminated, so why should they be able to take away a human right?
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    Created by p r
  • Trophy hunting
    It is important for this to be stopped for the obvious reason that our wildlife must be protected and not destroyed to satisfy the sickening killing for pleasure.
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    Created by David Woolacott
  • Stop handing out plastic bags for fruit and veg
    It was a great step that you phased out free plastic bags at the tills, but thin plastic bags are still freely available in the fruit and veg isles. They contribute to our consumption and waste of plastic, so, as a matter of principle, they should no longer be used. But matters are made worse, because a considerable number of customers just grab a handful of them when they enter the shop, use as many as they actually need, and leave the remainder in the shopping trolleys, which are then parked outside. All too often the wind then gets hold of these bags, and they end up anywhere around town and country. This is bad for nature and wildlife in any location. But it becomes even worse in coastal towns, such as for instance North Berwick, where the TESCO store is only a few hundred yards away from the sea, and the majority of these bags then end up there and add to the damage of marine wildlife.
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    Created by Christiane Maher
  • BA must respect musicians and replace N'Faly Kouyaté's damaged Kora
    Since posting on social media about his experience, it has become clear that he is not the first musician to encounter muddled and conflicting implementation of policies when boarding BA flights with expensive, delicate and sometimes rare instruments. We call for BA to clarify their policies and publish the so called 'recent change in the law' regarding the transportation of musical instruments in the cabin quoted by their ground staff. We also urge BA to ensure all staff are properly trained to understand the needs of international musicians travelling with specialist instruments and baggage handling crews are taught safe handling procedures. Unless the safety of their instruments is guaranteed, musicians will increasingly avoid using BA flights for international work.
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  • Promote Cycling and build proper bicycle lanes
    Cycling might not be the most popular means of transport in rainy Scotland but the lack of proper bicycle lanes does not help at all. Introducing The Bothy, a new cycling hub for Inverclyde to shelter from the rain was a fantastic start but the only existing bicycle lanes that are safe, are along the Esplanades in Greenock, Gourock and the Battery Park. The bicycle lane from the Esplanade to the Waterfront complex (Cinema, Inverclyde Leisure,Beacon) along Container Way is either non-existent or in very poor condition and also shared with walkers without clear marking. There are no cycling lanes around the town centres (Gourock/Greenock) at all and hardly any provisions to park your bike not even at the fitness centres. The Waterfront Leisure complex has bicycle stands but they are exposed to the rain. The Greenock Sport Centre has no bicycle stands at all. Because of the lack of bicycle lanes I do cycle on the road a lot but it has become more and more dangerous over the years and is unsuitable for younger children. Scotland has some of the worst obesity and public health problems in Europe so the one thing local governments should encourage is for people to get out of their cars and either walk or cycle. There are plenty of campaigns on junk food pricing policies and healthy eating but the provisions to encourage and help people to get out of their cars and on their bikes are very poor. Throughout Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Holland, Germany) cycling has become a major means of transport and governments have responded by providing proper and save bicycle lanes.
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    Created by Martina Franke
  • Replace the Todmorden Bandstand
    There is a misplaced “Save the Bandstand” movement which will rob the park and the younger generation of this town the opportunity to create a usable and functional outdoor space. The town has seen an influx of young artists and musicians over the last few years that has brought a renewed vitality to the town beyond the heritage, semi rural and market town offering of Todmorden. Give these people a space to engage, educate and entertain.
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    Created by Alan Truman
  • No to Flodigarry and Balmaqueen Fish Farms
    Flodigarry and Balmaqueen is situated within the Trotternish peninsula on the Isle of Skye. There are two proposed large scale fish farm developments planned within 1 mile of each other on the east coast of Trotternish This stretch of water is home to many local marine mammals, some of which include dolphins, porpoise, whales, basking sharks and common seals of which there is a colony on Flodigarry Island just 1km away from one of the proposed sites. Otters are residents on this coast and various species of birds nest on the island. Cetaceans, sea mammals, birds and fish will all be intoxicated by the discarded chemical, material and biological waste from the farms, which will also have a serious impact on our seas. There is also a potential for entanglement of birds and marine mammals in the netted compounds of these farms. Pollution through siltation from the proposed farms is worrying causing unnatural and concentrated damage to the seabed and fossil beds of the area. Acoustic Deterrent Devices adds to underwater noise pollutions which is known to cause behavioural problems in marine mammals. They affect various types of cetaceans that are sensitive to the noise and these effects could be fatal. Concerns over smell, particularly with an onshore wind direction, will be unpleasant to not only the local population, but also any visitors, potentially having a negative impact on returning visits, especially when the inevitable salmon deaths occur as seen all too regularly on fish farms around Skye The special qualities and natural beauty this part of the island has to offer does not only aid the wellbeing of residents, but from an economic perspective, this area contributes greatly for the increase in popularity of the Island’s main industry - Tourism. Please help us take a stance and save our waters!
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    Created by Emma Beaton