• Relight the Royal Border Bridge
    The Royal Border Bridge has not only served as a crucial transportation link but has also been an iconic landmark that enhances the beauty of our community. Unfortunately, the current lack of lighting diminishes its visual impact and deprives both locals and visitors of the full splendor this historic bridge has to offer. By relighting the Royal Border Bridge, we aim to revive the spirit of our town, attract tourism, and foster a sense of pride among residents. Additionally, the enhanced visibility during nighttime will contribute to the overall safety and security of the area. We believe that the relighting of the Royal Border Bridge is not just a restoration of lights but an investment in our community's future. We urge the relevant authorities to consider this petition seriously and allocate the necessary resources to illuminate this iconic structure once more.
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    Created by Dylan Mansfield
  • Petition for Improved Living Conditions and Rent Reduction at Joseph Stones House
    Students are facing financial struggles and feel exploited by Unite Students in Joseph Stones accommodation. Considering the substantial amount we are paying, the return on our investment appears to be disproportionately low. This raises questions about the allocation of our funds and prompts us to inquire where exactly our money is being utilised.
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    Created by Ruben Vince-Cherian
  • Stop reckless gambling firms
    The Gambling Commission, the industry regulator, has the power to remove operating licenses for serious failures but has not done so with a large company, preferring toothless, easily payable fines. Multi-billion-pound gambling operators see fines as a cost of business and can carry on without the need to change. But these failures are causing deaths, with up to 496 people taking their lives every year after becoming addicted to gambling. One Gamesys customer was recommended new games and promotions after losing £10,000. They've been fined just £6m for serious failures, despite their parent company Bally’s having an annual turnover of close to £2bn. The big gambling firms will never change their ways unless forced to. If they knew they could be shut down, they would be forced to behave better. It's time to let the Gambling Commission know that they must revoke licenses for serious failures to help stop the deaths.
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  • Save NHS dentistry and make it fit for the 21st century
    I’m Tom Thayer, a hospital consultant. I treat patients left with horrifying mouth injuries after trying to pull out their own teeth out. Everyone who needs an NHS dentist should be able to get an appointment. But overstretched and underfunded, there are now fewer and fewer NHS dentists available. A recent survey found nine out of ten practices are no longer taking on new NHS patients. The Government’s own figures shows that 12 million people are unable to get NHS dental treatment. While nearly half our kids are no longer getting regular NHS check-ups. The Government has just announced a new plan that's meant to encourage dentists to see new patients. But the money they've offered to fund it is less than half what's already being scraped out of dentists' budgets, and dentists like me can see straight away that it's not good enough - it won't stop dentists leaving the workforce or help the millions who can't get care. Dentistry isn’t a nice to have, or an optional extra. The oral health gap between rich and poor is widening. Tooth decay remains the no 1 reasons a child will end up in hospital. Day in, day out my colleagues are seeing scenes that belong in the Victorian era. Simply because they can’t get an NHS appointment. None of this is inevitable. This is a wealthy 21st-century nation. This is all the result of choices made in Westminster. Rishi Sunak ran for the leadership on a promise to “restore NHS dentistry”. His ministers have set out big ambitions but offered little more than sticking plasters. Join me, The British Dental Association and The Mirror in telling him that deeds need to match words.
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    Created by Tom Thayer, The BDA and The Mirror Picture
  • Stop the building of houses on the Lido grounds.
    Our infrastructure on Newlands and Clipstone are stretched to the limit.
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    Created by Sid Walker
  • Stop the closure of Michael Woods Cafe
    We need to protect the jobs of brilliant people and keep the quality of service top tier by providing good food and refreshments to families at the low cost they have always been.
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    Created by Jade Mcelwee
  • Stop Old Chester Road being used as a shortcut / cut through. Making a safer Village for residents.
    Old Chester Rd is currently not a through route due to building works closing off a section of the road. It has been noted by residents how this has improved the safety of our rds as predominantly only residents are now using it. The Lidl / New Medical Centres / Scout hut / Village Hall / Car Park will attract additional visitors and worsen the traffic on our local road and we propose that vehicular access be prohibited after the entrance to the new car park to prevent this. It would not affect the pending Lidl as the plans indicate a pedestrian only access from Old Chester Rd. Given the aged population overall for Old Chester Rd, this does not seem reasonable. Environmental noise levels, pollution, rd crossing risks without crossings all make this proposal preferential to ensure that Great Sutton Village remains a village environment. Implementation of the 20mph speed limit has had zero impact and cars flying down the road are disruptive to sleep and put people and animals at risk. Having 2 access routes and no through access would also increase the safety of businesses and residence on Old Chester Rd, making it less likely that armed robbery attempts would be made given the reduced access to escape.
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    Created by Sally Morris
  • Say NO to £1,200 Bridgwater Town Councillor Pay Decision
    The recent decisions by Bridgwater Labour Town Councillors not only burden residents with a 164% council tax increase, costing each of us at least an extra £120 annually but also see them awarding themselves a comfortable £1,200 pay annual pay. This self-serving move creates a stark contrast – while they insulate themselves from the financial impact, hardworking residents bear the brunt. Joining this campaign for change is vital because it's about fairness, accountability, and ensuring that our elected representatives prioritise the community's well-being. No one should be shielded from the consequences of their own decisions, especially when it directly affects the wallets of those they're meant to represent.
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    Created by Diogo Rodrigues
  • Pot holes in Crewe
    Crewe Cheshire East
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    Created by Linda Cooper
  • Gamblers awareness month
    Gambling ruins lives. Families are torn apart, people commit suicide, loose jobs and their homes, some end up in prison.
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    Created by Kerry Melvin
  • Suffolk to allow pets to ride on buses
    This will bring well-being for people who cannot travel with their pets. Will bring more people to visit town Center and other places in and around Suffolk. Pets are FAMILY, not animals.
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    Created by James C
  • Force Credit Card Companies to Limit Pay-at-Pump Reserve Amounts and Reversal Period
    The current regulation is not fair and reasonable as the onus is then on the customer to have to raise the issue with the card issuer and/or then complain to the Financial Ombudsman. Once again a supposedly independent body takes the side of financial institutions.
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    Created by Kevin Lovelady