• Open Northampton SWEP
    Up to 30 individuals are still sleeping rough every night across Northampton. The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol which gets them indoors overnight is meant to be activated when the temperature is predicted to drop below 0 for 3 consecutive nights by the Met. Office. This has been the case and is getting worse but nothing has yet been done. Northampton SWEP is notoriously late and slow in opening every year, which is simply not good enough, people are at the risk of severe illness, even death while others sit in the warm discussing options. Winter didn't sneak up on us and take us by surprise, so why unlike other areas is Northampton never prepared? Activate SWEP before we loose lives to the cold.
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  • Allow Anyone To Access Period Products Through Food Banks
    There are many people who are above the threshold to recieve food bank vouchers yet still experience period poverty. This can happen for many reasons. Covid19 highlighted this issue as domestic abuse is more prevalent during lockdown than ever. Financial abuse occurs within the home & often means those who are vulnerable and a victim of such go without period products.
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  • Make Rob Burrow BBC sports personality of the year
    To show dedication and support to him and his family. Also prove rugby is much loved by many and we are one big family. This man deserves that award he is fighting hard It will also show the importance against the fight against motor neuron disease
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  • 20 is plenty! - Reduce the speed limit on Douglas Avenue to 20-mph
    The Deaf Academy moved to Exmouth in 2020, but has been making a strong community impact since it first started fundraising to move the beautiful coastal town. Since our first planning application we have had strong support from local and regional councillors and the Exmouth community for re-purposing the old Rolle College site as a different educational establishment. We love our new home, but we fear our safety due to the speed of cars on Douglas Avenue. Douglas Avenue has very difficult crossing spots, with blind corners on both bends making it difficult to cross safely, especially for students who have mobility issues, or who have Multi-sensory impairment (MSI). Around 16% of the students at the Deaf Academy have multi-sensory impairments. This means their mobility, sight, hearing and the way they process information is severely impacted. Children with MSI take longer to process information. They do not see or hear cars as clearly as hearing children do. They may not recognise what speed a car is travelling. In addition to this, 31 students stay in the residential accommodation at the Deaf Academy. These students regularly use Douglas Avenue in the evenings, weekends and when visiting their partnered colleges. It’s apparent that the road is utilised by deaf students regularly, and it is essential that student safety is an absolute priority. Assistant Principal of Care, James Heaver said: “Douglas Avenue can be very dangerous, especially in the winter when it is difficult to see vehicles in the dark early evenings. We like to encourage our students to be independent. We want them to feel safe and confident within Exmouth and to be able to travel around the community without fearing for their lives. I believe a 20-mph speed limit will ensure drivers are more aware of the risks surrounding the area and will encourage them to slow down.” Research shows that reducing the speed on roads dramatically reduces the severity of collisions and encourages more people to walk and cycle. We hope to make Douglas Avenue a safe road for all pedestrians and cyclists. Not only would a 20-mph speed limit contribute to a safer environment, it would also help reduce pollution in our area. Why is this important? The current speed limit poses a real threat to child safety and quality of life of all the children who attend the Deaf Academy and the residents in the area. Unlike hearing children, deaf children and young people cannot clearly identify cars in the distance or around corners through sound. With two blind corners on both sides of the Academy, on Douglas Avenue, this means children have to rely on sight and trust that the public are driving slowly in the area. Clear 20mph signs, will ensure drivers are aware of our school and our students. It will help us feel safe in Exmouth. By lowering the speed limit to 20mph, you’re saving children and young people’s lives. About the Deaf Academy Founded in 1826, the Deaf Academy provides a school, Further Education College and residential care for Deaf young people aged 5-25, and currently has 50 students. In September 2020, the Deaf Academy opened the doors of its new home in the vibrant seaside town of Exmouth. The Deaf Academy specialises in providing education in a language-rich environment of both British Sign Language, and English for deaf children and young people with special educational needs. This campaign is led by The Deaf Academy Student Council Press Enquiries Please contact Ieeke Green-Roberts, Marketing & Communication Coordinator [email protected]
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  • Speed bumps on Talbot Road
    So many cars racing up and down the road. So dangerous, especially as two schools behind it. The big issue is the lower end , near Halfords up to Post Office. Have support from community support officer who is concerned also. I've told Tameside council in numerous occasions, but they said until a petition was done or a child was run over and killed (their words not mine!) Nothing would be done about it. Let's not let it be the latter! Please sign and help your community
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  • Bonus for care workers in England
    Care workers alongside the NHS have been a vital support network for people in their homes. We’ve supported the NHS when service users have needed to leave hospital but still needed care in their own homes. It’s been tough on us working and maintaining a safe and Covid free working environment for all. We deserve recognition as much as the wonderful care workers in Wales and Scotland.
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  • Doggy Dustbins
    To keep our street clean
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  • Increase legacy benefits by the same £20 per week given to Universal Credit due to the pandemic
    The government has already raised Universal Credit and working tax credit payments by £20 a week for 12 months, but those on benefits that have not yet been replaced by Universal have not received the same help. Recipients of legacy benefits are often amongst our most vulnerable, including disabled people, carers and people with young families. It is unacceptable that these people have been left facing hardship, just because they happen, through no fault of their own, to be claiming the ‘wrong’ kind of benefit.” Government focus is on appeasing the unprecedented numbers of new claimants for Universal Credit. But in the background, people on legacy benefits have slipped down the list of priorities and been forgotten. This cannot be allowed to continue.
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  • Lee Rowley MP: support the CEE (Climate) Bill for NE Derbyshire
    "We are at a unique stage in our history. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us" - David Attenborough Why do we need this bill? We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis and the UK government simply isn’t doing enough. We know that we are in an emergency, the next 10 years are critical to keeping global temperatures at a safe level, and we want the government to take immediate and urgent action. The Climate and Ecological Emergency bill is an alliance bill that has been written by scientists, lawyers and activists; it has been proposed in parliament by Caroline Lucas MP and is gathering support from a broad range of campaign groups, businesses, charities and individuals. The key points contained in the bill are: * Ensure the UK reduces greenhouse gas emissions in line with its legal obligations to limit global heating to 1.5°C * Protect and restore woodlands, wetlands and the wider natural world * Set up an assembly to involve people from all parts of the UK to develop a strategy to deal with the climate emergency. We need the support of as many MPs as possible from all political parties. Please sign this petition asking Lee Rowley MP to support and vote for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill when it returns to the House of Commons on 12th March 2021 More info and/or join the campaign https://www.ceebill.uk/ The Climate and Ecology Bill https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-01/0172/200172.pdf Contact our MP on this issue - https://members.parliament.uk/member/4652/contact
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  • Support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill
    The government is not on track to meet its commitment to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C. The current Environment Bill is not fit for purpose and the latest 10 point plan announced by Boris Johnson is not even ambitious enough to reach the government’s own climate goals. The CEE Bill offers a viable framework for climate action based on scientific reality and was drafted by an alliance of scientists, academics, lawyers and environmentalists. It was officially published by Parliament on 2 November 2020. The Bill aims to ensure that the UK plays a fair and proper role in limiting global heating to 1.5°C and conserving the natural world by restoring essential ecosystems. A temporary, Citizens Assembly is also proposed by the Bill, in order to assist the UK Government in determining which policies to include in its emergency strategy for reducing emissions and protecting nature. More than 80 MPs from eight political parties are already backing the Bill and five parties - the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, SDLP, Alliance and Greens - now officially support it. The CEE Bill is gaining momentum and the way public opinion is changing about the climate and ecological crisis will determine more than ever, how people vote at the next election. To protect our planet and our future, it is undeniable that we will have to change the way we live. We could delay this until it is too expensive or too late to limit extreme damage and societal breakdown, or we can act now in a well planned manner guided by legislation such as the CEE Bill. How we act right now will define the UK's place in the world for decades to come. The nature of the crisis that we face demands a bold, far-reaching and radical climate and ecological emergency strategy, which will reboot our economy with a just transition to a zero-carbon society living in harmony with a thriving natural world. We implore you to show leadership in this moment of extreme crisis and to back the CEE Bill. The CEE Bill Campaign: https://www.ceebill.uk/ List of MPs supporting the CEE Bill: https://www.ceebill.uk/bill The CEE Bill published by Parliament: https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-01/0172/200172.pdf
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  • Christmas Catering Redundancies
    Catering staff may be outsourced, but the decision to outsource services such as catering, cleaning, security and reception has been entirely at the discretion of LSBU, as has the decision to outsource on conditions that provide inferior sick pay, holiday and remuneration when compared to directly employed staff. LSBU has already intervened to place staff at risk, it is now time to intervene to save jobs before Christmas.
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  • Underground Noise / a priority for the public health
    More than a million of people takes the London Underground every day. Public transport is recommended by the public authorities for ecological and economic reasons, so it should not be an ordeal for the population. While specialists consider that above 85 decibels, hearing health is highly endangered, some parts of the underground lines (Northern line (between Camden and Kentish Town), Jubilee line or Victoria line) reach 100 decibels! In the long term, travellers using these lines are really endangered! As Londoners, we already pay a considerable price for this transport, and it is therefore legitimate that work is being carried out on these noisiest parts of the line. If you don't believe us, we invite you to use these lines more than twice a day and you'll know for sure. We hope that our request will find the right and responsible person. Sincerely
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