• Ban Russia from Swift Banking
    Ukraine gave up all their nuclear weapons in exchange for guarantees by Russia, the US and the UK to respect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Given Russia's actions it is now up to the UK, and the US to protect them - with the help of all the world's leaders. Putin has shown that the sanctions enforced up to now lack bite. This is more likely to help the Ukrainian people.
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    Created by Katherine Brownlee
  • #SaveHampshireServices - Stop critical funding to older people's community schemes from being cut
    Our new report shows that from the £240,000 that we receive via HCC Community Grants, we are able to save the public purse at least £312,418 every year – at least £72,000 per year more than we receive in total from the grants. Not only this, but the savings to older people’s lives are even greater. Following a survey of the older people who access our services and activities in Hampshire we found: • 57% felt that activities and services that they engaged with help to reduce their feelings of isolation and loneliness. • 86% who took part in exercise classes (such as strength and balance groups, cheerleading and tai chi) felt that the services improved their physical fitness. • 16% of service users (325 of 2,300) said that accessing services and activities provided by the Community Grants delayed them needing to access social care services in 2021 • 1 in ten (244 of 2,300) service users told us that these services reduced their need to access health services as a result of ill health. We need your support to stop these life-saving grants from being cut so we can keep enabling older people in Hampshire to live later life well, please add your voice to the campaign and sign the petition below. You can help to share this petition on social media using the hashtag #SaveHampshireServices If you would like to add your views to Hampshire County Council’s consultation directly please visit the HCC website at: https://www.hants.gov.uk/AHC-consultation Read our full report here: https://mha.org.uk/savehampshireservices
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  • Save Bermondsey Carnival
    Open Letter from Southwark Park Association 1869 Dear Cllr. Kieron Williams, We are a well-established, open and democratic voluntary group committed to the promotion of Southwark Park for the benefit of the community. We are shocked to know that Southwark Council has decided to defund the annual Bermondsey Carnival. It seems responsibility for our landmark local event, with origins going back to 1901, is to be put aside, without any communication or consultation with the public. For years the free to attend Carnival has bought people of all ages and backgrounds together for a day of enjoyment and relaxation, without interfering with people’s access to their park. It has been especially important to those who live within the immediate area – over 64,000 people, a fifth of the borough’s population, of whom some 14,000 (22%) are economically disadvantaged. Without a dedicated budget from the Council the future of the Carnival is in doubt. Reinstatement of £35,000 would cost about 54p a head of the local population, or a tiny 0.4% of the Council’s overall Environment and Leisure budget of £88m. As we come out of the pandemic, giving some certainty around funding for the organisers of the much-loved Carnival makes financial and social sense. We call upon the Council to urgently reconsider its decision. If you share our concern about the threat to the future of the Bermondsey Carnival please sign this online petition to the Leader of Southwark Council.
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    Created by Patrick Kingwell
  • Liverpool City Council Scrap the £40 Green Bin Tax
    This extra payment on top of maximum increase that you will impose in Council Tax (2.99%) will lead to the most vulnerable in our city being affected alongside the £20 per week Universal Credit cut and the fact that electricity and gas bills for a typical household will go up by £693 a year in April. All these combined will create a 'Perfect Storm' of people suffering more financial hardship. The worry is will the Labour led council then impose a Blue Bin Tax? Or a Purple Bin Tax? When will the line be drawn? Please Stop And Scrap The Green Bin Tax.
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    Created by Kevin Robinson-Hale
  • Keep Tatnam Road Open
    To enable free flow of traffic to continue in the surrounding roads and streets.
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    Created by M Johnson
  • Stockport Council - Stop Using Glyphosate Pesticides!
    Chris Packham the TV presenter is part of an organisation called Wild Justice and last year they raised the issue of glyphosates being used by local authorities in public spaces. Glyphosate (also known as Roundup) is one of the most-used individual pesticides in the world. It is used as a herbicide in agriculture, in public spaces (such as parks but also in the streets) and in private spaces such as gardens. Wild Justice encouraged people to contact their council to find out about the local situation. They provided a template to allow people to submit a Freedom Of Information request. Sustainable Bramhall contacted Stockport Council and the reply is below; Stockport Council is clearly still using glyphosates: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/herbicide_use_requests_for_infor#incoming-1903081 The use of glyphosates is an issue about which many organisations have raised concerns, over time, such as Pesticides Action Network. [1] In March 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’. [2] There is a live debate about glyphosate’s environmental impacts and use in gardens. [3] Glyphosate kills plants that insects and birds depend on for food. The Soil Association reports that research indicates potential impacts in increasing crop diseases, changing the composition and functioning of soil micro-organism species and ecosystems, and recently published studies are showing a negative impact on earthworms. [4] There is also evidence that glyphosates can enter water courses and affect plant life there affecting habitats for other organisms. Recent research also suggests that glyphosate can kill honey bees by affecting their immunity to pathogens. [5] Bees are essential pollinators of plants including crops for food. Please sign our petition to ask Stockport Council to give up on glyphosates. If you still use them at home, perhaps you should give up too, but be careful of how you dispose of them. References: [1] https://www.pan-uk.org/pesticide-free/ [2] https://www.iarc.who.int/featured-news/media-centre-iarc-news-glyphosate/ [3] https://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/glyphosate-debate [4] https://www.soilassociation.org/media/7202/glyphosate-and-soil-health-full-report.pdf [5] https://e360.yale.edu/features/bee-alert-is-a-controversial-herbicide-harming-honeybees For more information about the Wild Justice Campaign see here: https://wildjustice.org.uk/glyphosate/glyphosate-use-by-local-authorities/
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    Kids are having their bikes taken off them for riding where they can, please make it possible to get them a track
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    Created by Donna Appleby
  • Make housebuying transparent and fair!
    The current system favours privileged investors, with cash or large credit potential. SOME Estate Agents have been known to only put properties on the maret after they have informed their privileged clients, with Letting Management contracts, so the Agents will benefit long term, and the Landolords will widen their portfolios. Some go as far as not contacting those making enquiries, with excuses like "too busy" or "Covid". Estate Agencies need to hire lower level Admins to do the initial contact and book viewings as soon as contact is made. Stop the practice of first getting back to those who book mortgage advice, or cash buyers. Young families are struggling to find affordable properties, in the past 24 months the bulk of affordable homes has gone to wealthy individuals - or those intent and skilled at becoming so - to the detriment of the ordinary housebuyer. Rents have been pushed to brutal limits in many areas because the buyers have only one objective: get rich quick!
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  • Inverness hospice for film stars to appear for children wishes
    For the dying children to see famous people as a last wish
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    Created by Mark Cymbalist
  • Ban employers asking job applicants for salary history and current earnings
    According to the Young Women's Trust, 40% of HR managers have said they do not advertise salary details with job adverts. Often this means that salary will be based on the new employee's previous salary. But this perpetuates existing gender and ethnic pay gaps. We can't really try and end gender and ethnic pay inequality without putting an end to this practice. Please help us put an end to this practice.
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    Created by Shoba Haridas
  • Stop proposed increases in electricity and gas prices at peak times
    We all need to sign this petition to stop the proposed increases in electricity and gas prices at peak times. Most of are already shocked at the recent huge price increases in energy. This new increase due in May could force many more people to choose between eating and heating- something no one should have to do. If enough of us sign the government may be forced to rethink this plan.
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    Created by Helen Freeman
  • Governments £200 Debt Scheme for UK
    We need to stand together and prevent the chancellor Rishi Sunak from enforcing the £200 electricity debt. We all have human rights and by enforcing this he is as well as the government breaking them. Our utilities are the highest in Europe by a significant amount, so let’s say NO 2Gether
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    Created by Rhian Thomas