• 'Claw back' all money paid to 'legal professionals' in the Prosecution of the Sub-Postmasters
    The Court of Appeal held that the prosecution of sub-post masters by Post Office Limited between 2003 and 2013 was an abuse of process and an “affront to justice”. This affront to justice was wielded by a body of self regulated 'legal professionals', funded by the Public Purse. A legal professional has a duty to recognise and be transparent where there is a clear shortfall in evidence. Equally, a Judge is duty bound to inquire if something was stolen, where did it go? This is to ensure that an intangible, i.e.: a number in a database correlates with something real and tangible. We would expect to recover in excess of £300,000,000, which would be usefully employed in assisting all of those harmed, to re-build their lives. Real Justice for all.
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    Created by ian swinglehurst
  • Resident parking on terrier close.
    Keeping the street safe and prevent damage to cars and pavements!
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    Created by Kieran Lawson
  • Adequate Bike Storage for the Eric & Treby Estates
    Cycling is a low-cost way of getting around London. It is important to ensure that cycling is as accessible as possible. Many people also use cycling as a source of income, as delivery riders for the likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo. For people who make a living from cycling, having access to secure bike storage means securing their livelihood. Cycling is also by far the most sustainable form of transport. Given the challenges we are facing with the climate, it is important that the barriers to sustainable changes are reduced as much as possible.
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    Created by Tom Fox
  • Install a safe crossing at West End, Brasted
    As you may have noticed, the lack of a pedestrian crossing at the bottom of our road poses a serious risk to the safety of pedestrians, including children going to the school bus stop, elderly individuals, dog walkers going over to the rec and families. With the increasing traffic flow in our area, crossing the road has become increasingly hazardous, especially during peak hours. To address this issue and ensure the safety of all residents, I am proposing the installation of a safe pedestrian crossing at the bottom of our road. This will not only enhance the safety of pedestrians but also contribute to the overall well-being of our community. Protect our children getting to school safely as well as families and dog walkers accessing the recreation park safely and protect our Village from speeding drivers and HGV’s entering the village. We have the right to live in a safe village. If you share our commitment to pedestrian safety and would like to support this initiative, please sign the online petition below. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your support in making our neighbourhood a safer place for everyone.
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    Created by Steve Shippey
    NHS dentistry is broken and we need a plan to fix it. 12 million people are unable to get NHS dental treatment, nearly half our kids are no longer getting checkups, and DIY dentistry is becoming commonplace. We're struggling to get these services, but incredibly the Government have announced a hike in NHS dental charges from 1 April 2024. This hike is a slap in the face for hard-pressed families. It won’t put a penny in to bring NHS dentistry back from the brink - and the Government is asking the public to pay more for less of a service. Instead of hiking NHS fees, it’s time the government to come up with a proper plan to fund NHS dentistry for all.
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    Created by The British Dental Association and The Mirror
  • Give us Respect for Pie’n’Mash
    It’s time we stood up and talked with pride about our traditional food - and there’s nothing more Cockney than Pie’n’Mash. Whether you have a connection with the culture of ‘non-posh Londoners’ (either first generation, or through your parents, grandparents, and beyond), or just support the need to maintain traditions and local cultures, or just love some proper grub, this is the first step for the UK to celebrate a unique part of our history. Pie’n’Mash has a long history but it ain’t a thing of the past. - this Protected Status – giving it the equal footing it deserves with other foods like Cornish Pasties or Bramley apple pies – would be a great way to show its continued importance to Cockneys, new and old, to the UK as whole, and boost its global recognition. The traditional Pie’n’Mash dish consists of a savoury pie filled with minced beef, mashed potatoes, served with a parsley liquor, which can also be accompanied by stewed or jellied eels. Although each pie shop has their own recipes and customs for making their pies, mash, and liquor, the protected status will serve to protect the traditional methods used and mark the cultural importance of the dish. So, stick your name on the petition and make sure the Government hears loud and clear that it’s time to give respect for Cockney cuisine!
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    Created by Andy Green
  • Ban The Guarantor Requirement for qualifying Renters for people who can and do pay their rent
    This seems to be a huge problem at the moment for people of all walks of life. If you join this campaign and sign the petition we could together make a change so people can more easily find a home to live in. The more people who sign, the better..Especially if they are being forced to, as I and many others are right now. Sign this petition to get the Government to change this awful and unattainable for some, requirement for a Guarantor and upfront costs, which we don't all have, in order to have a roof over our heads. People are being forced to find new homes in too short a space of time ordered out in 2 months time by our Landlords..and fighting for homes to rent with hundreds or more of other people in a 'comperition'. Let's get this changed.
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    Created by Lyndyloo Dwyer
  • Petition to Question the Rate of the Service Charge Paid at Somerset Hall, N17, London
    The importance of addressing these concerns and implementing necessary changes cannot be overstated. As residents, we have a vested interest in the maintenance and improvement of our living environment, as it directly impacts our quality of life and the value of our properties. Neglecting essential services such as pest control, refuse disposal, and security measures not only compromises our safety and well-being but also undermines the appeal and marketability of Somerset Hall as a desirable place to live. Immediate action is crucial to restore residents' confidence in the management of our estate and to ensure that our financial contributions are being utilized effectively to enhance our collective living standards. Failure to address these issues promptly risks exacerbating existing frustrations and could lead to long-term consequences for the reputation and viability of Somerset Hall as a thriving residential community.
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    Created by Sarah Blake
  • Build a school crossing on Comer Road
    Traffic is so busy at rush hours and so fast. There are lots of very young children crossing with parents every day and also older children on their own. It needs to be made safer before an accident happens.
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    Created by Russell Hancock
  • Brook Valley Gardens: NO to L&Q's extortionate increase of service charges
    The management company at Brook Valley Gardens, High Barnet - L&Q, intends to increase the service charges by 40-50% as of 1 April 2024. The intention was announced with letters to the residents dated 12 February 2024. The proposed increase of 40-50% is almost 10 times higher that the 5.4% Consumer Price Index inflation measured by the National Statistics for the year till January 2024. Such an increase is completely unjustified and will put additional pressure on the budgets of all families living here, which have already been suffering from the recent inflation processes in the UK. What is more, such a disproportionate increase of the service charges will make all properties extremely difficult to sell - this on a property market that is already slow and difficult. In addition, no representative of L&Q property management attended the Annual General Meeting in February 2024 and as a result all questions from the residents remained without any answer. We, the residents of Brook Valley Gardens should make our voices heard and should make L&Q understand that the budgets and wellbeing of our families matter. Let us make an effort to stop the 40-50% increase of the service charges.
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    Created by Ivaylo Ivanov
  • It's time to regulate over inflated concert ticket prices.
    I think most people will agree that even a basic/standard ticket is too expensive and ticket prices need to be regulated immediately.
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    Created by Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Regular Bowel Screening (FITT kit) for men from the age of 60
    Too many men lose their fitness and lives before their time, when they feel that they have so much more to contribute.
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    Created by Ceri Davies