• Stop renter evictions during the cost of living crisis!
    My name is Emma. I was evicted using a “no fault” Section 21 eviction along with my seven year old son, because my landlady decided she wanted me out of her property. I was only given only 2 months’ notice to pack up my life and find a new home for me and my son. It was impossible – so I was made homeless by my landlady’s decision. The ‘reason’ for us being evicted? She wanted a friend to move into the property – completely disregarding the fact that this was our home, the stability my son needed and my own poor health. Now, we’re living in temporary social housing. It’s unsuitable for my needs and those of my son but, with rents rising through the roof during this cost of living crisis, it’s impossible for me to find an affordable home in the private rental sector. I don’t want anyone else to experience what we’ve experienced. But this cost of living crisis means more and more renters are being kicked out of their homes as their bills and rents soar. Right now, landlords can raise the rent by hundreds of pounds per month, and the tenant has little option but to accept it. If the tenant tries to negotiate, the landlord can serve a Section 21 which can’t be challenged. If the tenant can’t pay the rent and gets into two months’ arrears or more, the landlord can serve a Section 8 notice which, again, can’t be challenged. This is why I reached out to Generation Rent to start this campaign. The government needs to act now to tackle the cost of living crisis and protect renters who are being forced to choose between staying on top of rent and putting food on the table. To choose between living and merely existing. Only if the government freezes rents and stops these types of evictions will millions of renters finally begin to get some sense of security during this cost of living crisis.
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    Created by Emma Johnson
  • Paint red lines outside schools for the safety of children
    When there are parked vehicles outside schools drivers do not have a clear view of children crossing. You often get children coming out and dashing across the road, like if there is an ice-cream van on the other side. By having red lines and stopping vehicles from parking directly outside you would be able to see children and people more clearly, making it safer.
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    Created by Simon Barnshaw
  • Make school uniforms optional in Scottish Schools
    This is important because children and teenagers are already struggling with anxiety due to the pandemic, personal issues and school. School should be a safe place, where they should feel comfortable to express themselves and generally be comfortable. It should not be a place they fear going are stress too much over.
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    Created by Eilidh MacDonald
  • Affordable Housing for all in the South West
    Key workers are struggling to live near where they work, damaging communities. Communities are falling apart as properties are left vacant in winter months. People's mental health is heavily impacted as they struggle to manage financially
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    Created by Robert Palmer
    The Housing Crisis isn't something that's new, if anything its getting worse. We need your help to be able to pressure the people in power to provide for us and our needs.
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    Created by Ellie-Mae Shelton
    6 years of licensed activities without complaint has proven we offer a popular locally distinctive leisure facility which boosts the local rural economy and conserves a heritage landmark to a high standard. It has also shown the site is safe, helps meet the social needs of existing residents and will support the social integration of new residents from the >3000 NEW houses approved since 2020 - within 5 miles of us but without any new social infrastructure. Leisure use since 2016 has rescued the barn and setting from redundancy and by NYE 2022 we will have welcomed nearly 25,000 guests to Coggeshall from all over the world! PUBLIC leisure activities include LIVE MUSIC, LIVE COMEDY, CIRCUS SKILLS etc and takes place between PRIVATE weddings, milestone parties and corporate events. Stock Street offers unique and varied social facilities to all age groups in an area seeing rapid expansion in communities. Reusing our site for leisure is seen locally as entirely positive. Our role is recognised in Coggeshall Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2021, supported by Coggeshall and Bradwell Parish Councils, both Coggeshall District Councillors, local residents and brings many visitors to Coggeshall and Braintree District – BUT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BRAINTREE DISTRICT COUNCIL. Stock Street is the target of heavy-handed tactics designed to deal with planning offenders where harm is reported by local residents, Parish Councils and District councillors. We have never received any complaints from anybody including Highways. Multiple efforts to address concerns and secure planning approval have been prevented; our valid 2020 application 20/00009/FUL was declined public consultation and our reasonable request to submit a new application in April 2022 was denied by a Council press release on 26 April announcing the start of Enforcement Action. The Council press release has badly damaged our business. During the Appeal we aim to show that D2 Leisure activity is a betterment of the site from heritage, public benefit and safer highway access perspectives when compared with the current B8 storage and distribution use (or any other use).
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    Created by Michael Staines
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    Created by David Streadwick
  • Why is there no governing body on motor track days?
    My son was killed on track due to an inexperienced rider being on track. There needs to be a governing body so this happens to no other family.
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    Created by corrine godfrey
  • Life threatening! Pelican crossing urgently needed on Shaw Road!
    The crossing point just before the bridge between turf lane and edge lane in Royton is an accident waiting to happen. There are no indications for drivers that this is a crossing point and pedestrians cant see traffic coming due to parked cars. A pelican crossing is needed before a serious accident occurs. It would be so easy to prevent a serious accident from occurring if the local council installed a pelican crossing. After several near misses with my children I fear that something serious occurring is inevitable without change.
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    Created by kris Bennett
  • Treat feeder insects better
    Regardless of them being feeder insects, they ate still animals and should be treated with respect. Its disgraceful that they're left to die in a tiny container.
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    Created by Emma Gray
  • Get conversion therapy illegal for transgender people too
    Conversion therapy is an outdated idea and should be illegal. No matter what your gender or sexuality other people should not be allowed to choose for you. As the bill does not include transgender people it appears that they are less important than cisgender people.
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    Created by Floris Tyrrell
  • Paid Bank Holidays for ALL workers
    It is important to be fair to all workers, it shouldn't be down to who you happen to work for. What a boost the extra Bank Holiday would give the nation. Never has it been needed more, to lift the spirit of our workers, families and friends.
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    Created by Helen Richards