• Back Britain’s Coaches
    The coach industry provides over 42,000 jobs and provides £6 billion pounds towards the economy. A 75% reduction in bus passengers and the curtailment of holidays, private hire contract work and other services has left operators without work. We are asking the government for industry support for the unique position that we are in. We are an industry that supports the education system,support for virtually every passenger emergency (rail replacement/ airline diverts) as well as day excursions and holidays. Without financial aid from the government, many operators will go out of business. When restrictions are finally lifted, a substantial part of the national transport infrastructure may be lost if operators are not supported. Further info: http://www.movingforwardtogether.uk/covid-19-latest-news/
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  • Save lives with more fixed traffic speed cameras
    Especially after Covid 19 more cyclists and walkers are wanting to continue to use their local roads safely. Sadly on the national news recently yet another cyclist was killed by two hit and run drivers who were speeding. The number of deaths from speeding and reckless driving seems to be ever on the increase in our cities and countryside, along with the amount of traffic on our roads. Unfortunately all the revenue that used to go to Councils from their local speed cameras is now collected by central government and there is no ring fenced funding for new fixed speed cameras. For example in South Yorkshire, local councils and the Police have to share funding and make impossible decisions about whether to use funding for more police officers\other essential services, or fund a new speed camera somewhere. Years ago Councils used to be able to keep the revenue raised by from their fixed speed cameras, to help cover the costs of installing new local speed cameras (as well as helping to fund other traffic calming measures). By allowing local councils to once again keep the revenue from their local cameras, , it means funding can be ring fenced and spent locally. This means that our local communities might once again get the chance to save lives from speeding and reckless driving, through having new speed cameras put in place, where they are sorely needed.
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  • Open MP's Financial Interests Bill
    To make MP's voting and intentions transparent. Day to day lobbying happens behind closed doors in meetings without free press via phone calls etc.. One of the best indicators of where a politicians intentions are lye with how they behave with their own money.
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    Black rock lave net fishery is the last lave net fishery in wales and the last on the Severn estuary. A tradition dating back 100's of years. Over the past 25 years the fishermen & others have promoted this as a tourism /heritage site ,inviting folk to interact and watch the fishing. The fishery has led the way in accepting a salmon fish limit of 5 per month for the group during the 3 month season but typically over the past 25 years only catch an average of 6 for the entire season This sustains the fishery. This agreement was facilitated by the Welsh assembly government in 2008 Natural Resources wales will if not stopped impose further restrictions which will undermine and destroy the future of the fishery
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  • Ensure Ashford’s pedestrians & cyclists can travel safely after the coronavirus lockdown
    One of the only positive side effects to the coronavirus crisis has been the massive reduction in car traffic and improvements to our air quality. People have also been rediscovering their enjoyment of travelling by foot or bike instead of car and enjoying the massively reduced traffic noise across town. The government are predicting a huge increase in personal car use once we exit lockdown due to continued social distancing measures, reduced public transport capacity and people seeking to avoid cramped rail and bus carriages. As such, ministers have announced emergency funding for local authorities to implement temporary measures such as pop up bike lanes, wider pavements, safer junctions and cycle and bus-only transport corridors. It is critical that as we start to plan for life after lockdown Ashford residents get a fair share of these safety and lifestyle improvements as well as those living in bigger cities. As awful as the coronavirus outbreak has been we must seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to collectively improve our local environment and well-being. Alongside being an important temporary social distancing measure, infrastructure changes for the expected surge in walking and cycling over the next few months also provide a valuable opportunity to reduce non-essential car use and assess how permanent active travel arrangements could benefit our town in the long run. Ashford’s urban areas are compact, ideal for walking and cycling. It is estimated that around 40% of urban journeys in the UK are less than 2 miles. Sadly, in spite of this and decades of redevelopment, Ashford has been allowed to grow into a car centric town and is dominated by dual carriageways and under connected out of town developments. Now is the perfect opportunity for change. Let’s move forward not backwards and ensure the legacy of this tragedy is a positive one and that we do not simply return to same old car-choked Ashford. Benefits of reduced car reliance in Ashford could include: - Safer streets - Cleaner air - Healthier citizens - Reduced healthcare costs - More pleasant public spaces - Improved perception of the town as a destination for visitors - Clearer roads and faster journeys for busses and those reliant on cars such as the sick or elderly.
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  • Nursing NMC subscription
    At a time when the NHS is under immense strain a simple expression of gratitude would show that they are indeed appreciated.
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  • Public Finance for Essential COVID Symptom Study
    By collecting symptom data in real time, with the help of a small percentage of the UK population using a phone app, this research project is already helping us to understand how the virus spreads, who is at risk and to correct some otherwise vague statistics about the pandemic in this country. A spokesperson from the NHS has said, "We are grateful to the innovative developers of the COVID Symptom Study app. The app is supporting the NHS and Government to manage the COVID-19 crisis.” This research was started by people who could see that it was needed and that they had the knowledge to do it. They had to begin with their own resources and have attracted support from charity, yet the work is of national and international importance. We are already benefitting from the results but benefits could be so much more if we can give it national support. https://covid.joinzoe.com/about
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  • Create a National Day of Remembrance for frontline Covid 19 workers
    We need a fixed annual day to remember these people, from many nationalities, who have / are supporting our UK NHS and associated health services. In particular, an opportunity of remembrance for the very many professionals who have lost their lives in their selfless fight against the Covid 19 Pandemic. We owe them all supreme gratitude for their dedication, in the face of supreme hazards to themselves.
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  • No more cars in Richmond Park - Except blue badge owners to use car-parks
    For our health, for the bio-diversity, for our security, for Environmental issues, for the animals living in this Park, for the Eco-system, and much more! . It is about time that we change this, and for good.
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  • Protect the River Lambourn, one of only 4 chalk streams in the world accorded SSSI and SAC status
    The River Lambourn is one of only 4 chalk streams in the world accorded the highest protection of SSSI and SAC status. We cannot create any more. It is far more important to protect this river than a small piece of greenbelt. Developer, local residents, experts and those supporting our environment want this to happen. There is significant justification for an exception to be made in this case to the planning guidance. There is only one chance to protect the river.
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  • #goodbyeviberzshow
    because we think we deserve a goodbye after everything we have done for them an we need to say our final goodbyes
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