• Do the deed, clear the weed
    Weed has grown in the Round Pond of Hyde park to a level that is both unsightly and makes model yachting in the pond impossible. Model yachting provides a much needed outlet for keen sailors to practice their sport in central London. This accessible sport allows the less able bodied and wealthy of all ages, genders and ethnicities to find diversion and pleasure on the water. The loss of the pond as a sailing venue is extremely disappointing to participants and the multitude of spectators alike. Little effort is required to restore joy to so many lives.
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    Created by George Tetley
  • Get hidden sugars out of our food!
    Many foods in super markets contain hidden sugars when explicitly saying they are unsweetened. For example some Supermarket unsweetened Almond Milk contains Maltodextrin which has a higher Glycemic Index than Golden Syrup. However it doesn't end there. Nearly every processed deli-meat has Dextrose in it. And doesn't end there either. Nearly every food item in supermarkets these days contains hidden sugars. The result is more people becoming obese even when trying to eat a healthy diet. The nation is suffering from a fatty liver epidemic that is creating type 2 diabetics and the thing is this can be avoided if people are educated via correct labelling to make the right choices. Some people are resisting. There are those who eat a Ketogenic, Carnivore or Vegan diet who stay clear from any additives but unknowingly also fall victim time to time by misleading advertising. Health professionals such as Dr David Unwin are shouting through the roof tops about the diabetics epidemic but the real scream comes from liver. Urgent action needs to be taken and it will only happen when enough people call the supermarkets out on polluting the nations health.
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    Created by Brent Cooper Picture
  • 10,000 Trees Planted in Newport's Beechwood Park
    This is important because we as a species, need to act together to fight against climate change, the biggest challenge the world has ever faced. We need to act together against this as communities and as a human race. One thing to we can do to fight against this is the plantation of trees. Beechwood park is a local park in Newport that has a lot of space for trees to be planted. We need to take this moment to plant more trees against this major threat! This park can be one of many to plant trees and ensure that it's doing its best to fight climate change.
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  • Ban payday lenders from charging more than 30% apr
    Often the most vulnerable in our society have little means of resources to help them, so turn to payday lenders just to survive, or to get them out of debt which very quickly leaves them in a cycle of revolving debt. Payday lenders are taking advantage of this and charging exploitative rates of interest ie 1300% sending people into spiralling debt
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    Created by Samantha Newey
  • Petition the government to plant the tree target they promised.
    The percentage of woodland cover in the UK remains at 13 per cent, with 10 per cent in England, 15 per cent in Wales, 19 per cent in Scotland and 8 per cent in Northern Ireland. The tree planting is increasingly important in the fight against climate change, with around 9.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere by Scottish forests.
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  • Proposed changes to Goodwill Junction
    Link to Harrow Council website on views https://consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/junctionimprovementproposals/consultationHome The council wishes to put restrictions on the right turn from Uxbridge road/Harrow view turning right restricting residents to be able to reach their homes. The issues with the right turn restrictions are noted below: 1. The council has noted that alternative routes can be used. The council has not performed a traffic displacement impact and the effects it will have on other roads. This should have been done prior to the proposals being sent out. 2. The proposal aims to displace traffic on to side road, this will affect residents within Cunningham Avenue, Bolton Road, Pinner view which already have a lot of traffic and are narrow increasing the risk of accidents. The other road affected which has been suggested by council is Headstone Lane which has Junior School i.e. Pinner Park Infant and Junior school, increasing traffic on that road with children crossing the road at peak times will increase the safety risk to parents and children which the council may have not considered. By displacing traffic to narrow roads with nursery and junior schools in the area, the proposal is increasing the risk. Please note that residents in North Harrow have young families and this should be taken priority. 3. Further the displaced traffic which may use Headstone Lane will than cross via Priory Lane a narrow road with cars on both side increasing traffic as the arterial junction has been restricted. 4. The council proposal of not having right turn will only increase traffic ahead on cunningham avenue as drivers will try turn right on the Bolton road, cunningham Avenue which already has traffic. Due to narrow road on Harrow view with 2 to 3 cars it will cause a backlog of traffic that the new junction was proposing to improve. Note that drivers will not be able to turn right until the side road is clear creating a bottle neck. 5. The increased traffic and displacement will increase pollution on the road as it will take between 5-10 minutes to get to residents home. An example would be resident staying in Victor Road, the resident will have to drive across to Cunningham avenue, turn right to Pinner view than turn to Headstone Gardens to be able to reach his home. There is a significant environmental impact as a result. 6. The council proposal sent out only covered limited residents when a number of residents in Parkside Way, Priory Way, Manor Way are affected.
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    Created by Inqilab Kassam
  • Big Children's changing facilities in public toilets
    • Keep carers and vulnerable child/adult free from infection. • Dignity! • Hygiene. • I'm disgusted we even have to ask in 2019!!
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  • plastic overshoes in swimming pools
    Single-use plastic bags have been eliminated in supermarkets and reduced a lot of plastic waste. Single-use plastic overshoes create unnecessary plastic waste that pollutes our environment.
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    Created by Claudia Malitzki-Hastie
  • Crawley Town FC training ground
    Crawley Town FC is loved by many in the Crawley area. The club has been struggling with training facilities for years and has been forced to use unsafe plastic pitches and local school grounds. The current training ground situation is not good enough for the club to progress to the next level. With access to the land at Bewbush, RH11 8WB, Crawley Town FCs success will progress greatly resulting in more opportunities for the residents of Crawley, an increase in the community and more visitors to the Crawley area which will have a positive effect on the local economy. Football often has a huge positive impact on towns and cities and this training ground land is about the longevity and foundation of Crawley Town FC. For these reasons, it will be a massive success for the Crawley community if Crawley Town FC are allowed to use Bewbush as their training ground site.
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    Created by Fraser Sheridan
  • UK victims of terror let down by Government
    Uppermost among the terrifying sensations for a victim of terrorist attack must be the sudden loss of personal control and equally sudden complete vulnerability. How appalling that these are the very feelings with which many victims and certainly their families have to confront when subsequently they need financial support for inquests and court proceedings. There is no governmental provision for them in these situations. Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd has already drawn attention to this situation both inside and outside the House of Commons. He has sponsored an Early Day Motion for Parliamentary attention (link below) He writes : “British citizens who are victims of terrorist atrocities must receive, as a default, the same legal support the state bodies do. “French citizens, for example, if caught up in terrorist attacks, they – and their families – are automatically entitled to state-funded legal representation in court proceedings. “Frankly, the MOJ’s approach to the matter is an insult to all those who have lost loved ones in tragedies such as these. It begs the question; do the French authorities care more about their citizens than we do ours?” [11 June 2019] Stephen Lloyd's Early Day Motion at : https://edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/52897/statefunded-legal-representation-for-victims-of-terrorism
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  • Don’t shut Disabled people out of mainstream education
    “Mainstream is the way, just we need more support in terms of government finance to make sure those people with disabilities are supported... If you have people with disabilities in mainstream schools able bodied people will see that from when they’re young and not find it weird to see a disabled person in their work office and not know how to approach it.“ - Joanne Wacha Our experience of education shapes our entire lives. Inclusion in mainstream society right from the start is essential if Disabled people are going to take our place in society as equal citizens. Non-disabled people need to grow up with Disabled people as friends, classmates and family members if they are to understand that we are part of society and including us is not optional. It’s so important, the UN says all Disabled people have a human right to participate in mainstream education, with children learning in the same school and classroom. But right now government funding cuts mean for many Disabled pupils, including those with special educational needs, attending their local schools has been made impossible. Funding for the support Disabled children need to participate equally, such as one to one support, therapists and specialist equipment, has been hard hit by cuts. More and more Disabled pupils have found themselves shut out from mainstream schools, even pushed out of the education system altogether. If you want to live in a society which values difference, where Disabled people are included as equal citizens, please join our call to make sure inclusive education gets the funding it desperately needs. You can find out more about the campaign here: https://www.allfie.org.uk/campaigns/educate-dont-segregate/
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    Created by Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE)
  • Plant 1.5 billion trees in the UK
    For the sake of our survival, we need bigger investment and urgency from our Government for our country and our planet if we are to make any real difference of avoiding a climate catastrophe. We need 1.5 billion trees to be planted by 2030. 2050 is too late. And any less is inadequate to this widespread huge humanitarian, environmental and climate crisis we all face together.
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