• Save the Craven Arms Recycling Centre
    40,000 people are in the area affected by the proposal.
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    Created by David Gaukroger
  • Gyms in services
    It's very important to keep a fit and balanced healthy life. Parking in services up and down the country with very little access to gyms but plenty of fast foods needs to change.
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    Created by Brendan Rigden
  • 20 mph limit for A205
    People who are going to suffer should join the campaign. The benefits are clear and it will encourage local government to consult.
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    Created by JOLYON BALDWIN
    Last year I realised that it was not enough to avoid using banks that fund arms and tobacco, I must also stop banking with those that collectively make a colossal contribution to funding fossil fuels. So in order to make my minuscule contribution towards pulling us back from the cliff edge of the consequences of the climate crisis, I closed my accounts and opened new ones with non fossil fuel funders. Then, I realised that my tax money goes into a Barclays account. I wrote to HMRC CEO and asked Mr Harra to offer me an alternative ethical bank option. The request was refused but this is the reply: "Our banking contract with Barclays was awarded on 24 March 2015. The current contract expires in March 2025 and we are in the process of re-tendering these services. While we cannot stop interested parties from bidding on this new opportunity, there has been a recent step change in how central government contracts are assessed and awarded. Since 1 January 2021, in addition to assessing the traditional areas of price and service quality, the Social Value Act requires any competitive tender exercise to also explicitly test a bidder’s ability to deliver environmental, social or economic benefits." So come on, sign this petition, and demand an ethical banking option for our taxes: a bank that offers environmental and social benefits equally with economic value. Let's ensure Barclays' contract is not renewed https://press.which.co.uk/whichpressreleases/which-puts-major-high-street-banks-in-red-warning-category-based-on-green-credentials/ https://bank.green https://www.bigissue.com/life/money/triodos-ethical-banking-green-good-money-week/ https://reclaimfinance.org/site/en/2024/02/14/barclays-climate-strategy-greenwashing-and-business-as-usual/
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    Created by Amanda Carter
  • Arsenal Ladies end Il Makiage sponsorship
    There is a worldwide boycott of Israeli products and companies until Israel ends its genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people, over 100,000 people have been killed, injured and maimed, so far. Also the illegal occupation of Palestine must finally end after over 50 years. To be linked with Israel or an Israeli company, at this time, is offensive to many and is highly controversial and insensitive.
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    Created by EastBerkshire PSC
  • Reduce speed on parts of the B197
    Dangerous blind corners and accessing B197 safely
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    Created by kevin Jones
  • Weekly Litter Picking in Wonford
    It is demoralizing to live in such filth.
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    Created by Yvonne Rautenbach
  • Free sanitary pads
    Periods aren't had by choice. It's something we have to struggle with every month and that's even before we've worried about sanitary care. We have the choice taken away from us simply by being women, why should we have to pay for that. Especially when things like condoms are free!
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    Created by Rachel Dyer
  • We demand the government have a public enquiry into WMAS in the Staffordshire Moorlands
    It is important that people sign this petition, as people have already lost their lives, paramedics are put under severe pressure, you might need an ambulance at anytime and if you have to wait hours for one you could die, if you cannot access a defibrillator because they cannot find the number you could die, it’s happened, if you think there is a rapid response vehicle they have been disbanded, Staffordshire had the most volunteers for RRVS until they were wiped out. It’s your life, yours family and friends lives this is really important we deserve better, Mr Marsh CEO is responsible for 5.6 million people 5000 sq miles, if lots of people died in Staffordshire Moorlands it would not affect his targets, he has admitted they will never meet the rural needs, they should they did until he changed the system, it was the best not anymore it’s broken
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    Created by Linda Malyon
  • Save Gravesend/Tilbury Ferry!!!
    Because things that are proven to be beneficial and advantageous to communities should be preserved. We need to stand up for ourselves because those in power do not seem to care
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    Created by Sally Riddle
  • PEACH members say: Make our homes safe and tenancies permanent. Keep our community together.
    Over the last decade, we have participated in hundreds of meetings, investing our time, energy, and money in the fight for our basic rights. We attempted to collaborate with Newham Council by developing our community plan and setting up a co-production Steering Group. We waged a determined battle to rid ourselves of MEARs, the outsourced landlord that charged high rents for living in disrepair. Although we successfully compelled Newham Council to transfer the management back to its own hands, our unsafe living conditions and uncertainty continues. Despite winning investments for our homes following a petition from over 90% of residents, our housing issues persist, as the root causes are often ignored and we are left in the uncertainty and insecurity of temporary tenancies. Our physical and mental health has suffered from the stress of insecure tenancies, living in unsafe homes and the closure of community spaces and high streets. Many among us, including our children, have been left disabled or chronically ill due to these living conditions. Each morning brings the uncertainty of receiving a letter that could uproot us and place us in another temporary property outside the area. We face the threat of eviction if we refuse these offers and want to stay in our homes and community. Given these exceptional circumstances, we are asking Rokhsana Fiaz (Mayor of Newham), Darren Levy (Director of Housing), and Donna Morelli (Assistant Director of Housing) to use their authority and exercise discretion. The urgency of our situation cannot wait any longer for the regeneration. We need them to facilitate the transfer of all our temporary council tenancies to permanent, secure council tenancies. We need your support to get them to listen. Please show your solidarity by signing this petition and spreading the word. We all deserve a safe and permanent home. #PermanentSafeHomesNow #KeepOurCommunityTogether See full demands here: https://bit.ly/PEACH-demands
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    Created by PEACH E16
    Because the Royal Mail is putting price to cover its own inefficiency and making the public pay for it.
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    Created by Brendan Martin