• Rescue Skeletal elephant From Sri Lankan Parade
    “Sri Lankan authorities must stop allowing such atrocious cruelty and send this poor elephant to a reputable sanctuary where she can be assessed by veterinarians and, if treatment is viable, live out her remaining years in peace,” she said. "No one sees the tears in her eyes, injured by the bright lights that decorate her mask, no one sees her difficulty to step as her legs are short shackled while she walks. "For a ceremony, all have the right to belief as long as that belief does not disturb or harm another. How can we call this a blessing, or something holy, if we make other lives to suffer?"
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    Created by Richard Poppleton
  • More stringent building regulations for eco friendly new homes
    In the age of an official climate emergency, it is vital that we address the carbon emissions from our homes now, this minute, not in 50 years' time because it is less disruptive to the building industry. A big part of our individual emissions comes from burning gas for heating and hot water. This has long been successfully addressed in the housing designs of "Passivhaus" which combine a draft free exterior with a stable indoor temperature all year round, virtually without any heating. This is achieved by a clever circulation system, using the residual heat from the exhaust air. No more turning up the gas fired heating to counter cold drafts coming in. This technology has been known for many years, yet it seems there is a reluctance to take it up by the wider construction industry. This is where the Council needs to step in to pass new building regulations and enforce eco friendly new building developments, otherwise nothing will ever change. We need to look beyond short-term monetary profit to doing what is best for our planet if we want to pass it on to our children and children's children.
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    Created by Ina Laversuch
  • Stop Ipswich Northern Bypass
    Suffolk County Council have declared a Climate Emergency and an intention to make Suffolk the 'Greenest County'. Yet they have joined Ipswich Borough Council in a plan to build a dual carriageway through some of Suffolk's most beautiful countryside, including the lovely Fynn Valley, where critically endangered Turtle Doves can still be heard. They plan to pay for this road by building 20,000 new homes, concreting over yet more countryside. There is not work for anything like that many people in the area. This will result in tens of thousands more car journeys as people commute long distances to work and result in an environmental catastrophe for the county and the country as a whole. Please stop this madness.
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    Created by Susan Herbert
  • NHS Surcharge Fees
    It is important so applicants that have family in the UK don't go into debt and are not able to feed their family whenever they extend their stay because the renewal fees is almost 2 months worth of their wages.
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    Created by Eniola Oladunjoye
  • Ban all single use Plastic by 2021
    To clean the country of Rubbish from plastic waste and protect the Oceans.
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    Created by Phillip Paisley Picture
    This is important because it is ruining the biggest and the best sport in the world. It is ruining it because fans don’t even know when to celebrate. For example, Manchester City vs Tottenham. In the UCL, where tensions are the highest, no one realised that the player was offside which is the referees fault for not realising and the players fault for not calling it. I know it makes the game more fair but it also slows the game down tremendously which is unfair for people who buy the ticket just to go watch referees decide whether that was a penalty or not. Also, it takes away the atmosphere factor in the game as it slows the game down so much. For example, there were more penalties in the 2018 World Cup than any other World Cup, which resulted it in being more boring as it took too much time out of the game looking at VAR. Right now, football is trying to counter that by not listening to every VAR call which is very unfair. For example, Tottenham VS Manchester City, the referee didn’t review the city player being fouled in the box but reviewed the slight handball later on. If You want football to return the way it was sign this petition. If you have PASSION and If you have LOVE for the game then you would sign this petition to remove VAR or make it better. Thank you for reading through this
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    Created by Saqer Dathan
  • Save Pembridge Hospice
    The 13 hospice beds at the In Patient Palliative Care Unit, St Charles Hospital, Ladbroke Grove are used by people with a life limiting illness for respite, symptom control and care in the last days of life. They’ve been closed “temporarily” because of staff shortages but now policy makers are claiming they are unnecessary and that beds can be found elsewhere. However alternative hospices are under pressure themselves and difficult for many to access. At the end of their lives people and their loved ones need care that’s familiar and easily reached.The Pembridge is well regarded and well used – its beds should be saved.
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    Created by Agnes Seecoomar
  • Financial Fairness to Disabled Adults living in tenancy agreement supported living placements.
    My son, Rune, is a 19 year old disabled adult. He has recently moved into a supported living placement. It is named as a Supported living Placement but this is not the truth. It is a Care Home. The residents are NOT independent. They are not encouraged to do their own washing, cook their own meals or clean their own rooms. The staff do everything for them. However, in the guise of 'Supported living', this means the disabled adults have to hold a tenancy agreement and because of this arrangement, this allows the Government to take back an around figure of 40% of the income awarded to the disabled adult. For example. This includes, when all is told, their PIP, Universal Credit and LCWRA award. My son, after everything is taken from him and all his basic outgoings are considered, he will be left with £20 -30 p/w. This is unacceptable. Rune is doubly incontinent, he doesn't have any mates, he'll never experience the beauty of falling in love or being a part of a loving partnership. He can't see half the time because he can only wear his glasses in certain situations. He needs help showering to ensure his not missed any areas, ( can you imagine how personally degrading that is, at 19 years old, to need help from your mum to stand there and remind you to wash your freaking balls)? He cannot cross a road on his own, cook a meal of his own or be left on his own. Rune needs are acute and reminding of a thousand things a day in order to live any type of life remotely related to 'independence' is needed on a daily basis. Rune doesn't want a lot in life. He doesn't want the latest trainers and he isn't looking to go clubbing in Ibiza with his mates anytime soon. He simply likes to pop along to CEX, or Game to browse and to pick up a game or DVD occasionally, or to attend the cinema or bowling. Merlin passes to Chessington are a thing of the past. if Rune could work - he would! But he can't and, currently, he's not even on the level of being able to stack shelves in a supermarket. If he was a regular guy and going to work, he would be earning a lot more than what our Government is allowing him to live on per month right now. Apparently, this government do not deem some of the most vulnerable and needy members of our society, ie,disabled adults, and whom hold tennacy's in supported living placements, the right to be allowed to 'live a life' and 'access some activities and free spends' money. I currently refuse to apply for his LCWRA award on the grounds that it is a nonsensical waste of time to do so. Through my recent navigating through this process it has become apparent that to do so would be a pointless waste of time. With their right hand, this Government are handing Rune disability money through the channels of Universal Credit and disability premium and his PIP and with their left hand, and in the same week each month, they are taking 40% of all of that away through the channels of the social services. Rune is being left with £20 per week. for clothing, activities and leisure spends.
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    Created by Heidi Hawkins
  • Sustainable Grass and Hedgerow Cutting on Highways
    Conservation of British wildlife whether it is birds, bees and butterflies or badgers, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs will be lost if the hedgerow cutters do not care. There are more hedgehogs in urban Cheriton, Folkestone that in Lyminge a country village.
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    Created by susan Chitty
  • Save the Erasmus Programme
    Students from all over Europe can benefit by studying abroad for a year through the Erasmus Programme. For UK students this hugely beneficial programme will end in 2020 as a result of the UK leaving the European Union. The benefits of Erasmus are many, but one of the great achievements of the programme is to have brought Europeans closer together, exchanging ideas and lifestyles. British students will lose out to their European counterparts after the funding for this programme ends next year. If ever there was an action that showed how Britain is raising the drawbridge and keeping out our European neighbours this symbol of unity among people being unceremoniously dropped is a symbol of our isolation. We must let future generations benefit from this great programme and help UK students share in this fabulous programme.
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    Created by Nick Savvides Picture
  • Ban fox hunting/trail hunting from public land.
    Despite annual correspondence to the three hunts in Co Durham saying no hunting allowed on public land to the three fox hunts in Co Durham hunting continues. On public land and footpath nature reserves , even blocking the entrance to a car park with 4x4’ s. I have witnessed a woman pushing a pushchair with a child in it , through the riders as they waited for hounds to search a small wood for any foxes lurking there. Hunting is a dangerous sport, not just to the hunted animal but to the pedestrian who gets in their way. Hounds have been seen crossing a railway line. Last season a hunt entered Wingate Nature reserve despite a large orange notice saying dogs must be under control so not to disturb nesting birds.
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    Created by Marjorie Embling
  • Bring Abiodun Juba home
    Your signature will hopefully bring Abiodun home and reflect how institutional wreckless and inhumane the idea of an out of country appeal really is. Give this young man a chance to be active in the most important decision to shape the outcome of his life and pivotal moments in his families. Abioduns case represents the miscarriage of justice faced by British people, that have been made to feel unwelcome in there own country due to there colour of there skin. Bring Abioden home.
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    Created by James Ward Picture