• Dangerous School Crossing on Mersea road, Langenhoe
    To ensure the safety of young children, parents and locals who use the crossing
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    Created by Abi Tidbury
  • Removal of P&O operators licence
    Companies, especially those owned by unscrupulous foreign holding companies, cannot and must not be allowed to show such a flagrant disregard for UK employment law and has no place in the economy of a country that still attempts to hold some semblence of workers rights. In addition, I call upon all British citizens to boycott all P&O services until these staff are reinstated.
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    Created by Paul Astbury
  • 19 January International Kashmir Genocide Memorial Day
    While we all know about the Holocaust (when millions of Jews were killed by Hitler), World is ignorant of genocide of Hindus people who is a large faith community worldwide and has greatly contributed positively and still contributing in all areas of life worldwide. So it is very imperative that the pain of Hindus (of lost one’s and their survivors) of this genocide residing worldwide is acknowledged by way of a Memorial Day just as there is a Holocaust Day for the Jews (when millions of Jews were killed by Hitler). This petition is to urge you to launch a Memorial Day for all those who were killed in the Kashmir genocide on behalf of all the Hindus who were made victims of this genocide. Because we exist. Hindus exist !
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    Created by Mayura Patel
    The Grassroots repair movement is not here to be used as window dressing for the contested sustainability ambitions of major fast fashion corporations. This is not the first time a Big Fashion brand has co-opted an important sustainability event for its own ends. We know from bitter experience that the wrong sponsorship can destroy an important movement. It distracts from the deep work that needs doing and ultimately reinforces a status quo that creates more stuff, more waste, and more emissions. Founding Signatories: The Restart Project; Lucy Siegle, journalist; Tansy Hoskins, journalist, Aja Barber, author; Livia Firth, sustainable fashion campaigner; Eco Age; Ealing Repair Cafe; Repair What You Wear; Hackney Fixers; Sustainable Hackney; Emma Mathews, Socko; Ros Studd, Repair What You Wear; Sophie Benson, journalist; West London Restarters, Hillingdon Friends of the Earth, Transition Tooting; Zack Polanski, Green Party London Assembly Member; Olivia Pinnock, journalist; No Sweat, & Brett Staniland, model and sustainable fashion editor. (More founders welcome!)
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    Created by Repair Week Take Back
  • Boycott P&O Ferries
    Be United And Stand Up To P&O Ferries
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    Created by Richard Waite
  • Stop Thanet District Council Selling all our Historic buildings
    Just look back at what Thanet District has already sold off. At this rate three will be none of our historic buildings left Enough is Enough
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    Created by JOHN FINNEGAN
  • Change prepaid utility meter rates
    The poorest in our society are being penalised for paying in advance, this is outragous
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    Created by elizabeth Paterson
  • Help get Black and ethnic minority people to safety from Ukrainian borders
    People have a right to safety and signing this petition could help effect real change in many lives.
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    Created by Norrisa Gayle
  • Reduce Fuel Tax and Duty to Counteract the Rising Cost of Living
    We need to unite and fight to be heard as one given that we are all now being streched to unreasonable levels, particularly where assistance to ease the pain (tax and duty) exist.
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    Created by Marios Michaelides
    It is impossible to pay this sort of increase, a lot of rural dwellers are older people on pensions. Mine and most people's pensions are not being increased. This will mean a lot of cold pensioners having to choose between eating or heating!
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    Created by David Wilson
  • Supporting UK hospitality and Ukraine Refugees
    Support in numbers attracts attention and reaches the required threshold to be considered by the UK government.
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    Created by Lea Gee
  • Allow Split domiciliary social care between two houses as part of care packages
    Domiciliary social care is restricted to one main property and does not allow the care package to be shared between two carers so only one person can look after elderly or disabled person in their home rather than two carers sharing the responsibility, stress, pressure that comes with caring.
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    Created by Debra Waghorn