• Support The Climate And Ecological Emergency Bill
    The dangers of climate change and loss of natural habitat are happening across the whole world. People are losing livelihoods and homes and many are dying. Species extinction is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Worldwide, governments are not taking enough action. Whilst our own government does have long term targets, sadly we are way off track in meeting them. Our Government appointed Committee on Climate Change gave this key message in June 2021 "This defining year for the UK’s climate credentials has been marred by uncertainty and delay to a host of new climate strategies. Those that have emerged have too often missed the mark. With every month of inaction, it is harder for the UK to get on track." The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee stated in June 2021 "Of all G7 countries, the UK has the lowest level of biodiversity left. 15% of our species are now threatened with extinction. It is not too late to change course. Experts say that this downward trend can be reversed, but only through urgent transformative change." The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says it is now “Code Red for Humanity.” and warns that immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed to keep alive any hope of keeping to the goal, established in 2015 as a threshold for avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. The CEE Bill becoming an Act will mean: A legal commitment to follow the scientific advice to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C. A legal commitment to restore and protect nature. Annual legally-binding targets to keep us on track, whichever party is in government. Ordinary citizens informed and consulted via a Climate & Nature Assembly. Support from across ALL political parties. Many Councils and MPs already support the Bill. Here in Plymouth and Devon we all need to join them. South Hams Council are already supporting the bill along with many others in Devon, including Devon County Council.
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  • Provide Paid leave for those who lose a baby prior to 24 weeks gestation
    Did you know that your female employees who lose a baby under 24 weeks are not entitled to paid leave? Well. You might argue that they are entitled to SSP. Is that really comparable to their wages? How many employees could afford to be off work with the first 3 days unpaid and then live off £96.35 per week? Not many I bet. This is what is happening across the U.K. - employees are grieving, they are suffering physically, mentally & financially. I lost my daughter at 23 weeks And whilst 2 weeks was not enough, it is better than the nothing being offered currently.
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    Created by Taylor Moss
  • Save Abdul Ali and Family from Taliban Torture now!
    Adbul Ali did everything possible re documentation, application only to be denied safe passage by not fulfilling criteria. He risked his - and his family's lives - to assist in trying to give a life free from tyranny and torture to the population of Afghanistan by assisting our forces. Now these forces are gone and these friends have been deserted and left to fend for themselves against the terror of the Taliban, ISIS and others.
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    Created by Mark Brown
  • Bus cuts
    Disabled people should be able to easily access central London and move around the city
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    Created by Alex Chung
    First Time Buyers cannot get on the property ladder. Young people are forced with the prospect of having a lifetime of renting. Their rentals are often poor quality, particularly down the lower end and do not meet basic standards now required for helping the environment. High deposits and a high income to get even the basic of homes is now out of reach of most young people. They are paying rents which are much higher than what they would pay on a mortgage. Now Lloyds Bank is entering the rental market by buying up new build housing thus depriving first time buyers the chance to buy and they will land up paying a rent at least twice as much as the mortgage. Prospective homebuyers do support this. You are paying a high price to line other peoples' pockets with your rent and no prospect to buy. Parents - you want to see your children settled in their own home. We don't all have a money tree as the government likes to think - the bank of Mum and Dad (you're busy saving for your retirement and many of you will be still paying a mortgage!) All of us want first time buyers to have a realistic chance of owning their own home. It's good for them and good for the country - Buy to let has got out of control. Rental homes should not be a source of income for big business especially those like banks who should be helping people to get a mortgage not depriving them of one! I'm a much older person who got my own home on a low deposit, and the mortgage was given much more easily. Today, house prices have risen much higher than wages and will be made worse by big banks and others who see this as a source to boost their funds. I want young people to be able to buy a home more easily. Read more on Lloyd's plans to move into the UK rental market: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/aug/19/lloyds-plans-big-move-into-uk-rental-market-with-50000-homes https://www.ft.com/content/0f4f74dc-7e32-448d-9eb0-9fb264a3c8c7 https://www.independent.co.uk/business/lloyds-bank-aims-to-be-uk-s-biggest-private-landlord-by-2025-b1905081.html
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    Created by Jennifer Toal
  • #SaveRuchillCommunity centre and golf course
    It’s vital working classes join together to save all our closed communities, libraries and green spaces. This is more important than ever since lockdown 2020 due to covid-19.
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    Created by Karen Love
  • Coal Produces More Earthquakes than Fracking, So Lets Talk About Sellafield and the Mine
    UNIQUELY DANGEROUS COAL MINE This deep coal mine is unlike any other coal mine. It is just five miles from the world’s riskiest nuclear waste site. We urge the Planning Inspector to put earthquake risk and expected subsidence clearly front and centre. It is no accident that it was nuclear safety campaigners, Radiation Free Lakeland who first alerted the nonchalant world in 2017 to the dangers posed by this coal mine. CUMBRIAN MUD PATCH ON THE IRISH SEA BED In addition to induced earthquake risks the mine would be directly below Sellafield’s decades of nuclear waste which have been discharged down pipelines into the Irish Sea and are now largely (but not completely) held in the Cumbrian Mud Patch. Adding vicious insult to injury the CEO of the coal mine, Mark Kirkbride, has been appointed to “Deliver” a deep nuclear dump for the UK government and has already provided preliminary costings of £1.7 Billion just to dig the hole. 1000 METRES DEEP Exploratory boreholes (allowed by County Council under “Permitted Development”) for the coal mine extend to 1000 metres, well below the known coal deposits, through geological faults. The ‘exploratory boreholes’ have already accidentally hit a methane gas pocket in the Irish Sea near Sellafield. MAN MADE EARTHQUAKES It is accepted that coal mining is far worse than fracking for causing earthquakes and man-made earthquakes in former coal mining regions including Cumbria have substantially declined since the stopping of deep coal mining. SECRETIVE NEW LICENCE APPLICATIONS The developers West Cumbria Mining have applied for new licence applications. The public and we presume the Planning Inspector are being denied sight of the new plans. We wonder how the planning inquiry can be at all valid without sight of these new licence applications? PLANNING INQUIRY INTO A DECISION THAT THE COUNCIL WILL NOT DEFEND - IS THIS A FIRST? We are also confused about the rationale for the Inquiry given that the Planning Inspector is looking into a decision by Cumbria County Council, a decision that has since been effectively withdrawn i.e. the Council are not defending their approval of the coal mine and have effectively withdrawn approval. PUT EARTHQUAKE AND SUBSIDENCE FRONT AND CENTRE. Please ensure that earthquake risk is put front and centre of this planning inquiry. Coal mining is far worse than fracking for induced seismicity and Sellafield is just five miles away. To not put earthquake and subsidence front and centre would be to allow the Secretary of State to turn a blind eye to arguably the most damning and dangerous aspects of this coal mine. WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY? The environmental impacts of disturbing the radioactive settlement in the Cumbrian Mud Patch by the "expected subsidence" (West Cumbria Mining) cannot be understated. Who would take the responsibility of cleaning-up the Irish Sea the beaches and 10 miles inland in the worst case scenario which would see the resuspension of several decades of radioactive wastes. Who would take responsibility for induced seismicity resulting from this new coal mine? West Cumbria Mining? The County Council? Sellafield? Induced seismicity could include: *liquefaction of the Sellafield site *widening of undetected cracks in the Magnox Swarf Silos on the Sellafield site "Current leak rates are circa 1.5 – 2.5 m3/d. It is desirable to reduce these as much as possible. At present, it is not possible to determine with certainty the precise location of the leak, or indeed the silo or silos (of the 6) that is leaking." * loss of coolant for high level wastes could impact the whole of Europe. *localised flooding exacerbating corrosion of existing and planned nuclear storage sites at Drigg and the Port of Workington. Anthropomorphic Earthquakes in the UK https://www.researchgate.net/publication/283186824_Anthropogenic_earthquakes_in_the_UK_A_national_baseline_prior_to_shale_exploitation Sellafield's Magnox Swarf Silos' Leaking https://www.gamechangers.technology/challenge/Leak_prevention_or_minimisation Sellafield Radioactive Discharge on the Irish Sea Bed directly beneath the coal mine plan and question of 'Who is Responsible for Safety of the Discharged Nuclear Wastes?' is subject to complaint being dealt with by the Information Commissioner https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/responsibility_for_discharged_ra Coal Authority Licences https://keepcumbriancoalinthehole.wordpress.com/2021/01/18/do-not-rubber-stamp-new-coal-authority-licenses-for-cumbria/ 6th Climate Budget https://www.theccc.org.uk/publication/sixth-carbon-budget/ note the Climate Change Committee is appointed by BEIS who have also appointed the Coal Boss, Mark Kirkbride to advise Government (CoRWM) on the 'Delivery of a Geological Disposal Facility" (or more than one). British Geological Society Lack of Testing in West Cumbria https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/west_cumbria_mining_abstraction#incoming-1625582 Who is Responsible for Radioactive Waste on the Irish Sea Bed – Call from Nuclear Free Local Authorities https://www.nuclearpolicy.info/news/nfla-troubled-uk-communities-minister-not-calling-in-decision-deep-underground-coal-mine-west-cumbria/ https://issuu.com/wildart/docs/west_cumbria_mining_-_radiological_implications_of
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  • Stop singling out single carers!
    I’m a single carer for my disabled son. My son now being over 18yrs is now classed as a none dependent. A dependent is someone who is unable to care for themselves or live alone unsupported age does not matter or come into the equation. My status is not single as I do not live alone I have a dependent living with me. I should be classed as a single carer not a single person. I live on Universal Credit my carers Allowance is classed as a wage of £67.60 so deductible from my UC I’m paid the same as a single person? Single categorically not as I do not live alone I have a dependent! We are a silent army of carers not workers. To be classed as a carer the law states care needs to be in excess 36hrs a week to qualify most carers care 24/7. We are providing a very important role with the cuts to Adult service’s we should be valued not reduced to living on the property line. STOP this injustice help carers to keep the Carers Allowance. It should not effect any income they receive! It should be separated from carers earnings not recognised as a wage but an Allowance no longer a means tested benefit. By signing this petition you are given us the recognition we so badly need. Support all carers we need 100,000 signatures to make a difference! 🤝 We are counting on YOU ! You must know of someone who is a carer and realise what a delicate group of people they are in their local community putting others first but now we need you to support us, so please make a difference. This would have a fundamental impact on so many carers lives.
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    Created by Jayne Steer
    Mobile testers work at the sharp end of the NHS Test and Trace service. Rain or shine, we expose ourselves to symptomatic members of the public, doing our best to curb the transmission of COVID-19. G4S's decision to reduce our pay is a cynical cost-cutting exercise. Please support our demands for a fair day's pay.
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    Created by Toni Melechi
  • Preserve Bourne to Saxby Line
    The Bourne to Saxby line in Lincolnshire was the first complete railway system to be dismantled in the UK making the line and all the structures upon the line historically unique. The line and its railway structures has national significance to the railway history of England, and as such we ask Historic England to list the line and its affiliated structures to protect its historical value, so that future generations can learn, enjoy and experience this part of our English heritage. By signing this petition we will be demonstrating to Historic England how important this line and its affiliated structures are to us.
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    Created by Steven Giullari
  • Afghan refugees must be sent to York
    York has a long history of accepting refugees, and York will continue to do so with pride. This chance has a significant impact on the lives of poor Afghans in need of home and safety. We shall extend a northern welcome to these Afghans and work to demonstrate that a different future is possible in the days and years ahead, one free of war and one of peace.
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    Created by William Gomes
  • Could YOU afford to lose £86 a month?
    Despite Brexit and COVID-19, we still live in one of the richest countries in the world. So, it is truly disgraceful that an increasing number of people are being forced to choose between paying energy bills and food. Food banks are not the solution! While they have done an enormous amount of good work feeding those who need it the most, their existence cannot be justified as long as the government is happy to spend tax payers' money on £300,000 flat refurbishments and 'vanity projects' like HS2, a project which even traditional Conservative voters don't want! Moreover, there are sufficient funds in National Insurance contributions to pay for this much-needed increase in Universal Credit. Many of those claiming Universal Credit contributed to that fund. So, why is it not being used to fund the very things National Insurance was designed to prevent?
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    Created by Kerry McDaid