• Petition to remove no left turn restriction on Withycombe Road and Inner Park Road Southfields SW19
    It doesn't prevent people using this route, it just diverts traffic further down Wimbledon Park Side and into the roads where gas servicing road works are taking place. This is creating gridlocked traffic in residential roads, which were previously quiet, as the roads are mostly single lane due to the resident's parked cars. The knock-on effect of this is causing much heavier traffic along the A3 and routes leading into Wimbledon, Putney and Wandsworth. Due to this, people are now trying to access Wimbledon via earlier A3 exits and this has created gridlocked traffic at Coombe Lane and surrounding residential roads also. Scrap this terrible idea. My children's School is in Southfields. If this goes on longer than the pilot. I will be taking my children out and finding another School.
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    Created by Gemma Mernagh-Klein
  • Make Flaming Hot Monster Munch Vegan
    Hot Wotsits are vegan so why can't monster munch be vegan? I'm not even vegan but vegans deserve spicy feet shaped crisps.
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    Created by Dan Ormston
  • Ban single use plastics in supermarkets in England
    A lot of the plastic you use once ends up in the ocean to stay there damaging marine life.Help put a stop to this.Every year millions of marine creatures are suffering because of the harmful plastics we put into the oceans.The packaging you use once and then throw away often ends up in the ocean to stay there for millions of years damaging creatures that live in the ocean.This is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible before its too late.A huge amount of this plastic is from supermarket packaging and needs to be stopped.Help save the creatures that call our precious oceans home and help make a big difference.It helps address the problem and get a solution by signing.Thank you to everyone that signs.
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    Created by Joel Harrigan Picture
  • People are not pests
    The signatories of this petition wish to register our disgust at Southern Rail treating people begging at stations as pests. These people have slipped through the widening cracks of our society through bad luck and deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion, not as a nuisance. We demand an apology from Southern Rail and the immediate removal of all “Security” notices telling people not to encourage begging by giving money.
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    Created by Simon Brewin
  • Sustainable Confectionery Packaging
    Almost all (if not all) confectionery packaging is not recyclable today adding to the waste sent to landfill. This is crazy considering a lot of the main confectionery products used to be sold in recyclable packaging until recently. For example, Dairy Milk bars (Cadbury), Galaxy bars (Mars), Kit Kats (Nestle) all used to be in foil and paper until relatively recently, which could be recycled. Today all those bars are in plastic, the non-recyclable kind. Please sign the petition so we can show the big confectionery companies that their packaging matters and they actually need to return to their old packaging methods and expend that across their whole ranges.
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    Created by Martin Bannister
  • Call a general election
    This is extremely important because of the amount of people suffering due to the way the conservatives have governed. Businesses are suffering our economy is suffering and our image to the world has been damaged beyond belief. Britain is not acting like a democracy the conservatives are guilty of allowing foreign states to interfere in our rights to a fair vote
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    Created by Mark Lewis Picture
  • Mandatory Carbon emissions labeling
    We are in the mist of a climate emergency. We have little time to act and we have to make it easier for the consumers to make educated decisions on purchases. Currently we are still seeing a lot of businesses confusing or creating doubt about their products. This is not acceptable.
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    Created by Hanna Erikson Picture
  • Stop supporting BP
    The British Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Opera House and The Royal Shakespeare Company are sponsored by the climate-wrecking oil giant BP. The arts are supposed to help us understand and explore important issues like climate change. Instead, these institutions are promoting a company that is making the problem worse. BP is one of the companies most responsible for the climate crisis. It is the 11th biggest corporate source of greenhouse emissions in history. 97% of BP’s business is still in oil and gas extraction, with just 3% of its investments going into renewables. The company spends tens of millions every year lobbying to stop new climate laws and slow down the growth of cleaner energy, and plans to invest £41 billion into new oil projects over the next 10 years. While BP rakes in huge profits, people around the world – especially those least responsible for the crisis in the Global South – are being hit by devastating droughts, floods and storms. BP also has close relationships with repressive governments around the world, who crack down hard on opposition to the company’s operations. By signing a sponsorship deal with BP, these four big arts institutions are helping the oil company get away with this behaviour, giving it a mask of respectability to hide its true actions. It’s time for the arts to stop promoting Big Oil. Learn more and get involved in the campaign: Behindthelogos.org bp-or-not-bp.org artnotoil.org.uk More information Under the current deal, the British Museum puts on a major BP-branded exhibition every year; the National Portrait Gallery holds the globally-famous BP Portrait Awards; the Royal Opera House holds “BP Big Screens” in public squares around the country; and the Royal Shakespeare Company has put BP branding on its discount tickets for 16-25 year olds. These institutions only receive between 0.5% and 1.3% of their annual income from BP. In return, the oil company gets to cover up its real activities and present itself as a normal and respectable part of society, rather than a company that is actively worsening the climate crisis. BP also gets to host swanky events at the venues it sponsors, giving it networking opportunities and helping it to make new business deals. Communities in Argentina, West Papua, Mexico, and Azerbaijan – to name but a few – have faced violence and imprisonment for standing up against BP’s extraction, pollution and corruption. BP continues to work closely with human rights-abusing regimes to gain access to their oil and gas, including jointly sponsoring exhibitions with the Egyptian and Russian governments at the British Museum.
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    Created by BP or not BP?
  • Save Lionmede Park toilets in Chelmsford
    Chelmsford Council have had to close the public toilets in Lionmede park. They need to repair the underground waste pipes that have become damaged by the roots of nearby trees. But they've told us they won't do this unless they see public support. It is the only park nearby with toilets. It also has a kids play area, tennis courts, benches, picnic tables, goal posts and dog waste bins. Access to clean, hygienic toilets fulfils an important requirement for health and well-being, social inclusion and public decency. So many people locally benefit from those toilets being open including parents and children in the neighbourhood, older people living nearby, local people with a disability or health conditions such as IBS and prostate issues, pregnant ladies, dogwalkers, local childminders and local holiday clubs. The Lionmede park toilets are also used by people on their way into town from further afield if they're on foot or cycling. Knowing there are facilities on the way into town can make people feel more confident about using sustainable travel rather than getting in the car. The toilets at Lionmede Park even have a parking space, which is useful for local taxi drivers, ice cream van drivers and delivery drivers who spend a lot of time in their vehicles and struggle to park in the city centre for a quick break. 6 of the 13 public toilets across Chelmsford have been closed by the Council in the since 2012.
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    Created by Claire Styles
    The Cumbria Wildlife Trust administers the CWS scheme and explains these sites have considerable nature conservation value in natural heritage for habitats and species of national importance. The LDNPA played a role when the CWS panel established the selection guidelines and will possess the landowner's leaflet! The laying of tarmac or any hard surface means it will literally be a case of life or death. Associated plan ref. 7/2019/2017 admits wildlife could be injured or killed! Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Forestry Act 1976 and Charter for Trees 2017 - over 1,000 lost, red squirrel woodland. The photograph shows the countryside where the railway path is hidden in the deep Greta gorge indicated by the line of trees crossing from east to west, just discernible! Keswick is not far to the west. The footpath lies at the bottom of the deep, steep-sided narrow gorge of the River Greta, for miles barely discernible from the A66 above, and tributary to the Derwent catchment area part of the National Trust's Riverlands project that could be compromised. Embodied in the 1995 Environment Act, their duty under the Sandford Principle is to give priority to the environment where there is a conflict with public interest. As an optional 4-5 mile section of the long Coast 2 Coast (C2C) route only since the 1990s, cyclists' interests should not take priority over other users .This is not a road, but primarily a decades-old footpath where cyclists are allowed and not vice versa and aren't cyclists traffic? The LDNPA also has a duty to honour their commitment to the 2 Partnerships of which they are a member: the Cumbria wildlife Sites and the Derwent and South West Catchment Area. The John Muir Trust has a 'Keep it wild' policy that would equally apply here! The UK is already one of the most nature-depleted countries, hence the Government's 25-year Environment Plan and 'biodiversity net gain' - it can only lose with these plans.
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    Created by Carol Smith
  • I call on the British government to condemn the massacre of the Sudanese military regime
    Because the Sudanese regime killing the protesters & not let them express their right to peaceful demonstration .
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    Created by Mohamed Makawi Picture
  • Reinstate year 8 vocational subjects at Stanley Park School
    Children who find academic work challenging now have fewer option choices for vocational subjects which is discriminatory. For children looking to take vocational subjects in year 9, their options are now dance or home cooking. Any children hoping to pursue a career in any technical subject after secondary school, these option are of very little help. Forcing children in to subjects they show little vocation for will be an unwarranted distraction to schooling if the other children on these courses.
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    Created by Yasin Makda