• Close down Hardware and DIY only Stores during Tier 4 Lockdown
    Keeping more stores open is increasing the risk of infection rates and allowing this new, higher-risk mutation of COVID-19 to spread quicker. Hardware stores were never classed as essential during the March lockdown and thus should remain that way. I am pretty sure the public can survive the Coronavirus without Christmas Lights, Dinner Plates or Bathroom Mirrors. Food however is your main concern and should be limited to these stores only. Unless of course, the government is willing to put money situations over people's lives.
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    Created by Brandon Thompson
  • Scrap Summer Time
    Daylight saving time is unnatural and has shown to have more unintentional negatives than intentional positives, particularly for health reasons because an artificial alteration of time, even by a single hour, is shown to be harmful and detrimental, especially to those with mental health issues - furthermore, due to this body clock disruption, the body's functionality and potential is limited and cannot reach its full potential. Natural solar time (IE: GMT) also matters on a practical level - for eons, man has been in sync with the Earth's rotation, and disrupting this carefully concocted balance also disrupts the natural lunar calendar of the year as well as the now-standard Gregorian calendar, giving the summer season an unfair advantage (8 months of daylight saving time versus 4 months of natural solar time - the goal here is to make it 50/50, as it should be). From personal experience, I have found it extremely jarring to lose (or gain) an additional hour biannually. As someone with inconsistent sleep patterns and issues with anxiety and a disability (AS), I find this pointless changing back-and-forth more than irritating and counterproductive. This biannual tendency has been standard practice in much of the West since the 1960s and it serves no practical or logical purpose, so why is it still in effect?
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    Created by Stefano Pavone
  • Keep schools closed after Christmas
    We have gone into Tier 4 in the South East and many parts of the country due to a new strain of covid which is a far more virulent strain. We have seen an exponential rise covid cases and have been told to stay at home, do not travel, do not go out except for emergencies. Except for our children. They are not being protected or safeguarded against this awful virus. We will see far more infection cases and far more unnecessary deaths if schools remain open. We must safeguard our children which in turn will safeguard our elderly and our overly stretched NHS. Greenwich Council, quite rightly,closed schools to safeguard their pupils. Gavin Williamson, knowing that the young were the most susceptible age group to the new strain of covid, threatened the council with legal action if they weren't re-opened. This resulted in a huge rise of 10 to 19 year old children being infected in the South East, mainly London, which in turn has led to an exponential rise in hospital admissions and, yet more unnecessary deaths. Oh and, on a side note, Christmas being cancelled! Australia and New Zealand have eradicated this virus with a lockdown that included all schools closing. Education continue remotely. We could do the same, eradicate the virus whilst still educating our children remotely. Every school in England has the facilities and capability of teaching children remotely, the curriculum can still be followed but at the same time, we could finally ensure we protect our community, our elderly and our NHS. Children MUST be safeguarded, they are being terribly let down. Please safeguard our children, close the schools, let them learn safely, let them learn remotely.
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    Created by Kathryn Bhola
  • Homeless
    Its important because there's elderly and vulnerable people live here were all going to be homeless.
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    Created by Angela Booth
  • Increase The Chargeback Time Frame
    Many people either don't report scams or don't report them straight away because they are embarrassed about what's happened to them, people that have been scammed by a romance scammer are even less likely to talk report it immediately. In cases concerning APP Fruad & Product Received Not As Provided" that occurs when a company or a seller sends out an item that doesn't match what was advertised, we have seen several incidents where the scammer deliberately slows down & drags out conversations for months to avoid people being able to request a chargeback. Scammers will deliberately communicate with you on a very low lever with fake promises of a refund, this is to prevent you from speaking to your bank. These are the reasons thag we are camping for the alotted time frame to be extended to 120 from the date of the transaction, this will give people a greater chance of recovering any lost funds.
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    Created by Robbie Mitchell
  • Allow families with babies under 1 to form a support bubble in Scotland
    Mental health services are already hard to access and during the pandemic this has only become worse. We need to protect the mental health of new parents both for the welfare of parents and their babies. Parental leave can be very lonely if isolated and with tier 4 restrictions coming in across the country there are fewer and fewer places available to have any contact with other adults. This is so vital in preventing postpartum anxiety and depression. Having the opportunity to form a support bubble would provide a lifeline to some new parents.
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    Created by Alison Drennan
  • Remove Kemi Badenoch from her post as Equalities Minister
    The role requires an experienced person, one who understands equalities issues and is seeking justice for those who are being discriminated against rather than continuing the current agenda which undermines Black African, Caribbean people, Asian and other minority ethnic groups. She is not fit for her role and is a reflection of a system that is wilfully trying to uphold a discriminatory agenda by using a person of colour to deliver a smokescreen of rhetoric that prevents the issue of racial inequality being dealt with effectively.
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    Created by Beatrice Joseph
  • Save Our Boats
    Bridgwater Docks is a unique environment and the boating community brings life and purpose to the docks which is hugely valued by everyone within the town. If this listed site is abandoned and left to decay will eventually become unsafe and an eyesore in the area and for the community. We, the undersigned, therefore feel strongly that the boats must remain in Bridgwater Docks and ask that Somerset County Council instruct Canal and Rivers Trust to rescind their notice to boat owners to move their boats by 31st January 2021. Until all other avenues have been exhausted.
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    Created by Tim Gilbert Picture
  • Body balance class
    This class has helped many members stay healthy, energised and positive in the past and particularly through this difficult year. Angeliki brings an energy and passion that makes this class unique and valuable to each member in a different way. We as members wish to continue with body balance on the timetable.
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    Created by varuschka nagesar
  • Protect Individuals in the Public Eye
    Year after year people are suffering with their mental health and people that are in the public eye, i.e. influencers, singers, writers and tv hosts are subject to some of the most hate any one person should receive. There needs to be stricter rules and guideline in place to protect people. When receiving hate comments and messages it effects mental health and they don't have support in place from others to help and social media platforms allow the trolling to continue. The time has come for change, laws need to be in place to stop trolling, homophobic and racist comments.
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    Created by Connor Southern
  • Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill
    We are at a unique stage in our history. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us" - David Attenborough Why do we need this bill? We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis and the UK government simply isn’t doing enough. This is an emergency, the next 10 years are critical to keeping global temperatures at a safe level, and we want the government to take immediate and appropriate action. The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill has been written by scientists, lawyers and activists; it has been proposed in parliament by Caroline Lucas MP and is gathering support from a broad range of campaign groups, businesses, charities and individuals. The key points contained in the bill are: 1. Ensure the UK reduces greenhouse gas emissions in line with its legal obligations to limit global heating to 1.5°C 2. Protect and restore woodlands, wetlands and the wider natural world 3. Set up an assembly to involve people from all parts of the UK to develop a strategy to deal with the climate emergency. We need the support of as many MPs as possible from all political parties. Please sign this petition asking Sarah Dines MP to support and vote for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill when it returns to the House of Commons on 12th March 2021. More info and/or join the campaign https://www.ceebill.uk/ The Climate and Ecology Bill https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-01/0172/200172.pdf Contact our MP on this issue - https://members.parliament.uk/member/4816/contact
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    Created by Wendy Bullar
  • Save Our Kids Free Meals in Newham
    The Eat For Free scheme provides a free hot meal during school term time. It brings both educational and health benefits and this has been validated by a study from the University of Essex. A family with two children save around £700 per year using the scheme. Newham has high rates of poverty and deprivation. We have suffered disproportionately during Covid and many of our families have lost their jobs. How can a Labour Council take food from the mouths of its children?
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    Created by Carel Buxton