• Give Staffordshire University students the Adobe suite to use at home for free
    The whole Adobe suite is a crucial part of the toolkit for any creative students. Whether it be after effects or premiere Pro for media students, photoshop and light room for photography students or illustrator and indesign for graphic design students these programmes are baked into the whole creative gambit of course and the majority of students simply cannot afford to pay the monthly subscription to be able to utilise these softwares at home. I am petitioning to the higher ups at Staffordshire University to grant access to all students including ones outside of the creative courses the ability to use the aforementioned software at home. It is a small price to pay for your students education and development. By signing this petition you will be showing the bosses at the University what having this software readily avaliable 24/7 will mean to you.
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  • Airport Expansion Opposition - Southampton
    Expansion of Southampton International Airport will lead to: - More noise pollution (5600 local people are already living with levels of noise that are double those recommended by the WHO for airport emissions) - Increased air pollution (from both flights and associated traffic increases) - Worse road congestion - Increased greenhouse gas emissions (inconsistent with achieving zero net carbon by 2050 - flight numbers need to be cut, not increased, to prevent climate breakdown) - Few, if any, benefits for Southampton residents (we get a worse quality of life to enable more flights) In addition: - The promise of low-paid jobs is not enough to cover the cost to us, as council tax payers, of all the above - Flights from Southampton are decreasing anyway, and if Heathrow is expanded regional airports will lose traffic, making expansion of Southampton unnecessary - More flights will undermine Southampton City Council's own Green City Charter and make a mockery of the Council's efforts to achieve a low carbon future for our city aXoSOU@gmail.com
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  • Pedestrianise Union Street
    if Union Street does not back on the car free then shops will become empty apart from the big brands
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  • Put Still Game Live 3 on DVD
    As it's the last ever live show.
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  • Stop the Whopper in the West End of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
    The proposal to build a drive-through burger king has a number of key elements which should mean that the proposal is rejected out of hand in favour of consideration of how to manage the development of the site to promote the greater good and prosperity of the residents of the west end of Newcastle. Working with the developer to provide a commercially viable alternative which benefits the wider community in a positive way. Specifically : • Increased traffic and flow disruption on the already congested Westgate road. o Bentinck Rd. and Dunholme Rd. have not been considered in the traffic survey and are already subject to traffic calming measures and a fatality occurred last year on Bentinck Road. o Increase air pollution from idling traffic at the site exacerbating the already problematic air quality in Newcastle. • Long operating hours o 6 am-12 am hour opening means that the site will be busy throughout morning, noon and night o Delivery service and waste collection will inevitable be scheduled early in the morning and late in the evening • Increased Noise o The development proposes the removal of the west wing of the Police Station which will increase the exposure of noise to the residents of the existing traffic on the west road PLUS the additional contribution of the drive-through. This has not been considered in the noise assessment. • Increased litter o It is widely seen that Junk food retailers create large amounts of litter due to poor handling of wrappers off-premise. o Vermin are already a significant problem in the back allies – more food waste and discarded and dropped food will only add to this. Generally : • The exploitation of a deprived area o A number of studies have shown that the number of Junk food takeaways is correlated with deprivation in an area. o Obesity and deprivation are also shown to be strongly correlated o Type 2 diabetes is currently the largest burden on the NHS • Community Health Concerns o The key concerns of the Hot Food Takeaway Supplementary Planning policy have not been considered in the application ( https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/sites/default/files/2019-01/hot_food_takeaway_spd_-_october_2016_-_final_0.pdf)
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  • Glastonbury: Introduce a Ballot
    The current system is skewed towards those who can afford faster broadband, own several devices and live in locations where internet speeds are higher. Thousands of people reported site crashes on SeeTickets.com whilst inputting their registration or payment information. Glastonbury Festival was created as a way of bringing people together to share the joy of music and enjoy an atmosphere of unity and love. But with the demand for tickets increasing every year, it has simply become yet another money-making enterprise that skews in favour of the privileged few - including celebrities (from A list down to Z-list) who always get free tickets, and corporate tickets. A ballot system would enable a fairer distribution of tickets based on luck rather than internet speeds.
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  • No More Plastic Packaging in JW Mag
    This magazine always comes in a plastic bag with at least one more plastic bag inside it. The free gifts that come with it are also packaged in plastic, even when they are things that do not need to be protected from being damaged in the post. For example some hairbands came wrapped around a polystyrene ball and in a clear plastic case. Other magazines have switched to compostable packaging. Jacqueline Wilson is a role model for young girls who see, through her magazine’s packaging, that she does not seem to care about the environment.
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    The new BBC Sounds app is appalling: clunky, badly designed, poorly laid out and missing several important features that made iPlayer a pleasure to use. We didn’t ask for it and we don’t want it! Reinstate BBC iPlayer for radio now!
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    Barnet has already lost one nursery provider very recently due to funding cuts. Other nurseries are trying everything to stay open. There are a number of schools and nurseries which are struggling to keep their gates open due to the strain of budget cuts. It has forced many schools to make difficult decisions like cutting numbers of teaching assistants , SEND support staff, some have been forced to close early, asking parents for donations and relying on parents to volunteer in the classroom for interventions. Parents, teachers, headteachers and governors have created a grassroots campaign to organise against school and nursery cuts. Find out more by following @BarnetStop on Twitter.
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  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority buy FirstBus and Arriva
    Up until the 1980s buses in England were mainly run by local councils and transport authorities. Then deregulation meant that buses had to be sold off to private companies. In London Transport for London were allowed to move to a franchised system where routes, fares and standards for vehicles were set and private companies bid to run each route. Users need not care who runs their bus as their tickets will work on any bus but can expect a constant experience. However in the rest of England we have a patchwork of private operators. They get to decide what routes to run and their frequency. They set the prices and usually won't accept tickets from other operators. While in London Bus usage has gone up in the rest of the country it has declined. We want West Yorkshire Combined Authority to take control of our buses for the benefit of everyone in West Yorkshire. Creating a proper network of reliable buses built around the needs of the region. More profitable routes can be used to cross fund less profitable but vital routes. Currently bus companies can make profits from busy routes and then get additional public money to run the vital services subsidised by councils. There is now legislation to let this happen, the Bus Services Act 2017 [5] finally allows Combined Authorities to move to a franchised system like London's. Only last week Greater Manchester CA announced their plans to proceed with these new powers [6]. WYCA can't currently do this as we have no elected mayor because of a dispute with central government around how devolution should work in Yorkshire. Once this is sorted out we want WYCA (or any Yorkshire-wide Authority that replaces it) to move to a franchised system as soon as possible. However before then there is an opportunity. FirstBus and Arriva's parent companies are about to put their West Yorkshire operations up for sale. Together they represent more than 80% of bus services in West Yorkshire [4]. We are calling on the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to take action to buy these operations. This will make it much easier to move to franchising in the future but will allow some of the benefits of this to be realised now. There will be a cost to this now but this money should be recouped when the buses are sold to companies biding for the franchises in the future. We are also calling for action to be taken to prevent FirstBus splitting up their operations to make them more attractive to potential buyers. This has happened in Greater Manchester and has resulted in route between areas being cut back and less profitable routes cut. This has had an immediate impact on people who rely on these services but also could make it harder for GM to implement its franchising plans. The current system of multiple operators is fragmented enough. Please share this petition if you care about our bus services; if you are a passenger, a potential passenger or see the congestion-reduction, environmental and social benefits of more people using them. References and further reading: 1 - https://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/all-news-and-blogs/west-yorkshire-combined-authority-to-consider-role-in-sale-of-bus-services/ 2 - https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/politics/bus-services-could-be-brought-back-under-public-control-combined-authority-claims-1-9866367 3 - https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/politics/bus-privatisation-attacked-as-transport-chief-hints-at-changes-for-first-and-arriva-bus-networks-1-9851619 4 - https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/local-news/first-bus-yorkshire-sale-could-17027301 5 - https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/558349/the-bus-services-bill-an-overview.pdf 6 - https://tfgm.com/future-travel/bus-reform Image credits: Licensed under Creative Commons from Stefan Baguette. For license and image information see https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Volvo_B7TL_First_West_Yorkshire.jpg
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  • Save the Usurp Art Gallery & Studios
    Please sign this petition, and share everywhere. You can donate to our charity for our future via paypal: https://www.paypal.me/usurpartcharity Our charity started the first gallery and affordable studios in the borough 10 years ago led by diverse local residents and volunteers. We are an arts hub for learning, meeting and organising, and the only secular, artist-led space in the area. We work locally, nationally and internationally, bringing in knowledge, skills and resources to help communities thrive. 100s of artists, writers, performers and musicians have been supported. Tens of 1000s of people have participated in our contemporary arts and cultural activities, and over 200 people have found work / gone on to study thanks to our award winning learning and mentoring programmes. Unique to Harrow, we support LGBTQ+ people in shared creativity and introduced Arts Award to the borough, training 12 Arts Award Advisers. We are applying for funds to find another space and need your help. You can donate to our charity for our future via paypal: https://www.paypal.me/usurpartcharity #isupportUSURP www.usurp.org.uk Charity no: 1183720
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  • Warning on TV ads for new cars.
    The glossy TV ads give no indication of the harm that cars do every day. Only electric cars are tolerable.
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