• Third South Park Game
    The gaming community loves the games, the South Park fans love the games. South Park is such a legendary show & the games capture all of its glory brilliantly. With the two titles there's so much fun to be had & to have a third title to really cap it off just seems so important.
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    Created by Dan Gurr
  • Save kent street skatepark
    North east lincolnshire council has ignored the action sports community in grimsby for years and their actions speak louder than words. I’ve grown up skateboarding this area and all i’ve seen is more and more facilities taken away from us. Years ago they already stopped taking responsibility for the skatepark, it hasn’t had lights for over 5 years and I can’t ever remember the bins not being broken yet they claim they spend £3000 a year maintaining the site? As of this year we are left with three skateparks in all of grimsby and cleethorpes. The first being trinity road skatepark. The council has long abandoned this site with the lights also not being in working order for 5+ years, it is now privately owned by the boxing centre that took over the old youth club building (which was also abandoned around the same time) The second being the private owned indoors skatepark ‘ghettopark’ which costs £8 for 2 hours use. The third and final is kent street, our last remaining free to use skatepark for the whole area of grimsby and cleethorpes and the council want to demolish it. In a year like 2020 full of so many negatives the one beaming light I’ve witnessed over this year is the amount of youths picking up a skateboard this year and spending more time exercising, it’s so amazing to see. There isn’t a time where these facilities are more desperately needed than now.
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    Created by Jay Beatty
  • Provision of Compensation For Wrongful Imprisonment Of Innocent Individuals
    This petition is important because the actual ramifications, perception and knock on effects for innocent individuals that for whatever reason find themselves held on remand in prison for weeks or months can be quite severe and life-changing. Many lose their jobs, friends, family, access to their children and much more. It is simply just not good enough for the police to be able to imprison individuals, without the appropriate evidence out of malice or lack of skills whilst they conduct their investigations. Only to then rule no further action and the individual is left violated, unfairly punished, subjected to mental and sometimes physical trauma whilst in jail. The criminal justice system must either get better or be fairer. I can confirm that I have personally been through the above for no other reason than that of my colour and the fact that I lived in a middle class part of the UK. Hitherto, I had never even been arrested, but found myself labelled as a criminal and imprisoned with 6 potential offences that were then all proven to be false and/or fabricated. I now am unemployed, spent my birthday and Fathers' Day in jail. My wife served me my divorce papers served to me in jail and restricted access to my two beautiful children. I also lost friends and family contacts.
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    Created by Sylvester Vince-Odozi
  • Protect Vulnerable Refugees in the UK
    This will prevent vulnerable people being left in a state of limbo for prolonged periods of time, will reduce the burden on the taxpayer and allow a small number of asylum seekers to support themselves and their families while contributing to the economy. Those who are allowed to stay in the UK, will find it much easier to become part of British society if they have been given the chance to work.
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    Created by K N
  • Listen to our children
    Children who have gender dysphoria have already fought enough battles without having basic human rights also removed. The self harm and suicide rate is already shockingly high due to bullying and long waits to be seen at Tavistock and I fear it will now increase as children will be forced to go through a puberty that feels alien to them. We want the decision of hormone blockers to be decided by the child, gender clinic, endocrine clinic and the parent/carer, not by a judge that does not know the child and who has limited knowledge of transgender issues.
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    Created by Laura Sinclair
  • Do not let the Home Office deport rough sleepers in Brighton and Hove
    At the start of December, the UK government introduced cruel new rules which mean that people born outside of the UK who experience homelessness could lose their right to live in the UK and face being deported. Many people who moved to the UK have worked and raised families here, but when they fall on hard times their immigration status can mean they have “no recourse to public funds” and are unable to access help with housing or any financial support. In the middle of a pandemic which has left many people out of work and struggling to keep a roof over their head, we should be helping find people safe warm homes, not putting them on deportation flights. For this policy to work, it needs local councils to let the Home Office know details of people experiencing homelessness. Several councils across the UK have committed to not sharing sensitive personal data of rough sleepers with the Home Office to prevent cruel deportations, and make sure people aren’t afraid to turn to councils for help if they need it. Sign the petition now to make sure Brighton and Hove Council makes the same promise.
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  • Serious about climate change then stop expanding airports.
    Every time an airport expands it increase its carbon footprint and increases the flights that come in and out of this country. We already have some of the busiest airports in Europe for the size of the country. How can Boris Johnson be serious about leading the reduction of climate changing emissions if he does not call a halt to all airport development now? All regional airports have been encouraged to submit expansion plans under the green paper Aviation towards 2050. Local authorities must be given the power under localism to object to local airport expansions and achieve a tangible route to stop further global emissions and start to reduce our devastating impact on our planet. Small steps towards zero emissions because no airline can categorically argue that airplanes will be able to transport at the scale they do now without burning more fossil fuels in the next 30 years. Their claims about electric flights are to be welcomed but let’s encourage action on that by stopping airport expansions now until electric transport is the norm not the exception. We will choke on promises which continue to deliver pollution.
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    Created by Donna Robertson
  • Censure Will & Kate for Breaking Covid Travel Rules
    This is absolutely the worst time imaginable for anyone to be embarking on a tour of schools and hospitals. If anyone in their entourage is, or becomes, infected during the tour, then this whole parade could turn into a super spreader event. People could quite possibly die as a result of their stupidity.
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    Created by Andrew Innes
  • Save our local pharmacies
    For months, pharmacy teams across the UK have been working without respite on the NHS frontline, playing a vital role in the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and helping reduce the pressure on GPs and A&Es. But the government hasn't done enough to give community pharmacies the money they need to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. A third of family-owned pharmacies in England are now in deficit and some have closed for good. Many more family-owned pharmacies in England could soon be forced to shut their doors unless the government acts. The first step is to let pharmacies keep the money they were given for the crippling extra costs of staying open during the pandemic. This money was spent by pharmacies to provide vital healthcare and the government must keep its promise to cover these extra costs. Community pharmacies are a local lifeline. They provide vital health and social care in communities across the country, including the most deprived neighbourhoods. Please support our local pharmacies – so they can continue to keep people well and save lives!
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    Created by National Pharmacy Association
  • Give all amazon workers a Christmas bonus
    Amazon workers have worked under dangerous conditions through the Covid pandemic to fulfil all our orders. While the workers get minimum wages they have increased the Amazon owner's wealth by $79 billion in less than one year and Jeff Bezos is now worth nearly $200 billion. Surely his workers need to be properly rewarded and so we are calling on Jeff Bezos to give his workers the recognition they deserve and pay them a Christmas bonus of £5,000. This may sound generous but it is just loose change compared to the wealth they have made for Jeff himself.
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    Created by Juan Baeza
  • Identify Police excessive force larger details
    Occasionally there are officers that use excessive force using batons , tasers on people faces or heads , punching them even kicking people of all ages over the body. We need to be able to identify from a safe distance who these officers are without the need to approach them, and be arrested or caught up in an incident trying to take their details.
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    Created by Gary Charles Ruddock
  • Start a criminal investigation into Sir Phillip Green’s role in 300 million Arcadia pension hole.
    He did with BHS pensions and he is at it again!! A parliamentary investigation into the BHS pension collapse concluded the Green family had systematically plundered BHS pension fund. BUT he walked away scott free! Now the hundreds of thousands of Arcadia Group employees face the same fate of losing their pension because of a 300 million pound hole. This after, the Greens taking a £1.2 Billion dividend from the company. The largest dividend in history taken from any company ever!!!! He and his Arcadia board have a history of disgraceful, bordering on illegal practices. Whilst this Notorious tax dodger has been sunning himself on his £100m superyacht in Monico, British tax payers have been paying for his staff!! Having already availed himself of the taxer Payer funded Furlough scheme they added insult to injury when, the board declared “ We recently implemented a policy for those employees who are working their notice on furlough to receive their furlough pay instead of their full pay.” Sir Phillip Green clearly thinks he is above the law, and he certainly has been treated like he is. I guess it helps to have great friends in high places; David Cameron-who appointed him Jobs Czar and changed the law so we as taxpayers now automatically contribute to a company pension, Tony Blair who made him a Knight. Lets remind him he’s not above the law. Let’s remind him that the law is there for the rich to follow, not just for average people
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    Created by shampa sengupta