• Stay in UK for more than 10 years
    It's important because this will help reduce rates of crime and give people freedom and help take care of their families
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  • Liz Truss should resign after breaking the law selling weapons to Saudi Arabia (twice)
    Having ministers in parliament who don't blatantly flout the laws they themselves debate and bring into law.
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  • Save chill in the community cafe
    The chill in the community cafe is and has been a lifeline to many in York and its closure will leave so many with no where to go Please leave a message as to why you've signed
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  • Save chill in the community cacr
    The chill in the community cafe is and has been a lifeline to many in York and its closure will lea e so many with no where to go
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  • Warning on dirty cars
    Such cars are a major health hazard and should not be plugged in glamorous TV adverts without a major warning being placed in a prominent position on such adverts.
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    Created by Malcolm Scott
  • Stop Genocide in the South Cameroons
    This has claimed over 10,000 lives already in the Southern Cameroons. Sent 500,000 as refugees to Nigeria and rendered 2 million displaced as IDPS in the Southern Cameroons. Adults and children forced out of hospitals, education and work. This needs to be recognised and acted upon by an international criminal courts. Medical and food shortages are now a big problem. Creating a 3 year conflict that needs to end.
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  • Make politicians who change parties accountable
    It’s important that those who voted for politicians are not let down by their mps changing sides. There should always be a fresh election.
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    Created by Rosemary Corner
  • H&F Recycling isn't always going where you think!
    It appears that there isn't enough space and not enough time to take the dust cart back to base, to empty it and start again, so instead bags get mixed up. Such a waste of time recycling! Hammersmith and Fulham is a great council, I am sure this has just slipped through the net, but be great to get it sorted please. So I ask you to sign to politely ask H&F recycling team to: A - organise for there to be 2 distinct dust carts, one for recycling and one for rubbish B - to switch the bigger right side of the current dust carts to be for recycling so there is more space. It's a quick and easy fix, the dust men want it too, but it needs to be authorised from the top. Please don't be complacent about recycling, we can't just do our bit and then forget about where it ends up once it leaves our front door. Please sign. Thanks
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    Created by Louise Hooper
  • top-up cards for the rough sleepers
    This is important because it is part of their human rights to be entitled to food as well as shelter. We are targeting the food side of it because it will make these people feel like their is a bit more hope and it will help them on their way to regaining a normal life. The cards will be funded by either Peterborough City Council or central government and will make a big difference to many rough sleepers' lives. https://www.youthforhumanrights.org/what-are-human-rights/universal-declaration-of-human-rights/articles-16-30.html
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    Created by Haleema rhianne Hussain coldham
  • creating a food bank for homeless
    This is really important because they are human too . They need food but they can't afford the food . also the winter is coming we don't want them to suffer in freezing cold weather .
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    Created by Laiba khanam
  • Ban eating cats and dogs in the UK
    We are a nation of cat and dog lovers and the practice of killing these beautiful animals is totally wrong and unnecessary.
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  • Trauma informed support in family court
    SANE SISTAS want to hold a coercive control impact on mental health event. As part of this event we want to share real life stories of women who have been through the family court process. In order to highlight the impact this is having on mental health. Many victims are undergoing trauma responses due to their past abuse. Many have a diagnosis of PTSD and some undiagnosed due to fear of this being used against them. We propose to host an event in 2020 and we want the law commissioners to attend. Our focus is • Women who have fled coercive abuse • Women who have a mental health diagnosis Why is this important? “Crisis” was the word used by the previous Head of the Family Division, Sir James Munby. His successor Sir Andrew McFarlane has suggested that the word “crisis” may not be helpful, but also he too remains in no doubt that there are serious issues that need to be addressed. There has been much talk in recent times of our criminal justice system being in turmoil, if not crisis. Much of this has been fueled by the cuts made to legal aid provision. How is this impacting? • Greater numbers of defendants having to represent themselves. At hearings. As well as this being perceived as a diminution of the rights of defendants to a fair trial and the disposal of effective justice it can also have a deleterious impact. Cross examination by perpetrators has since been restricted however the impact is still present. Many are actively coerced throughout due the lack of education of coercive control. • Higher numbers of Domestic related applications. In 2017 new cases Domestic abuse was an issue in at least 70% of cases in the family courts. This is not accounting for the cases that are regularly taken back time and time again. • Increase in applications: in the period April to June this year over sixty eight thousand cases started in family courts, a seven percent increase from a similar period last year. • More calls to social services and CAFCAS, increasing pressures. A back log of cases in family court. The victim experience A victim can attend a criminal trial in relation to abuse one week and have extra support, with no direct contact with their perpetrator. However could attend family court the next day and share the same waiting room as them. Why should this be so? To appear in any court as a victim of domestic abuse should require continuing protection and the need to feel safe as it is just as traumatic, potentially, as giving evidence in a criminal trial. Yet as things stand little if anything is available. Cross examination has been stopped, but the trauma that is inflicted has not. In fact I myself spent a whole year unable to access NHS support for my PTSD due to "not being out of the trauma". The impact of which on many occasions sent my PTSD into crisis, in which I had to be visited weekly by a crisis nurse. No one told me I would have to share a room with my perpetrator, attend sometimes for 10 minutes when I had spent months preparing, that I would be drowning in debt, that my abuse or diagnosis could be used as a weapon against me or that I would need more therapy then I needed when I first left. But I am not alone; women all over the UK are having mental health diagnosis used against them in family court, despite the impact of the process being a significant factor in the restrictions of recovery and an abuse free life. Many of these women only have a diagnosis due to the trauma they endured, how and why can this be then used against them? Worse so is, women are not accessing treatment intentionally out of fear their mental health will be held against them. Trauma informed support is long overdue in the family courts. Appearing at family court can be a hugely stressful experience and more support is needed to help navigate through this complex system so survivors can recover. This could not only change the lives of survivors and children but also the court throughput process, easing pressure on services. Until we make this change, more women will take their lives, mental health waiting lists will add up, children will be adversely affected and the future of survivors all over is not safe. Support us by • Sign and share our petition – share with local Cllrs and MPs in your area • Purchase our merchandise and tag us on social media to show your support. Profits support survivor’s meets and campaigns. • Send us your experience’s to add to our case studies. All names will be anonymous but this helps us build evidence of the impact on mental health. We will support you with this if you email • Fill in our survey • Become an ally – Write a 200 word statement as to why this is important to you and share it with your local MPs and councillors. • Add us on our face book page, Instagram and twitter. • Book a speaker or workshop on the impact of coercive control to help fund materials for peer sessions and other campaign materials. • Add our #moresupportinfamilycourt #traumainformedsupportinfamilycourt Join us • To join our support group please drop us a message via our social media or email and we will provide details. • Protests – We have group protests plans for 2020. In the mean time we have activists who will be handing out flyers, chalking and making small statements of solidarity. We are also supporters of the #THECOURTSAID campaign and will attend the protest at parliament square on October 26th. Please join us in solidarity. Our end goal is: -Not to share rooms with our perpetrators. This allow perpetrators to intimidate and coerce further. -To have clear understanding of the court process and the support we can access. -A bursary or funds to access therapy (not 8 weeks of CBT). Not to be denied therapy as "its counter productive" or because perpetrators can access health records. - Health records visible to courts not perpetrators
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