• Call for Independent Investigation into GMB General Secretary's Resignation
    GMB Grassroots Left* is launching this petition to demand an investigation into the allegations and events surrounding the General Secretary’s recent resignation. The inept handling and reporting of the allegations testify that the GMB is not capable of conducting an investigation into its own organisation. In order to guarantee the probity of such an investigation, it must be conducted by an independent external agency to ensure no vested interest can influence the necessary action with the central objective of establishing the facts of the allegations, the events surrounding the former General Secretary’s decision and the subsequent actions of the union Executive. The terms of reference of such an investigation must include providing investigating agency with the authority to follow whatever direction it deems necessary to meet the above objectives. Central to the success of the investigation will be to provide staff affected by or privy to knowledge of the events a safe space to come forward and provide input to the investigation without fear of reprisal or victimisation. In order to guarantee transparency and the independence of the investigation, we also demand that any agency or committee to which the investigation reports includes lay membership representation. As an association of lay members, GMB Grassroots Left requests membership of such an agency or committee. The events of this issue call into question credibility and integrity of the GMB. The patent and suspicious mishandling undermines the standing of the whole trade union movement and affects all those activists ad members who adhere to and value the union movement. Therefore, we call on all GMB and trade union members and activists to sign, support and share this petition and support the call for a robust and transparent investigation to : • deliver practical recommendations • identify any wrongdoing that has occurred • acknowledge failures in managing allegations • attribute responsibility • deliver workplace justice and • provide recommendations to mitigate against future undermining of trade union ethics and principles. * GMB Grassroots Left is a rank and file organisation committed to transform the union from being a top-down institution, run like a business, into a member led bottom-up organisation, where members decide and the union apparatus provides the service it is employed to provide.
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  • Add a Food Bank Donate Button to Supermarket Orders
    With Food Banks being so vitally needed at the moment and with the huge increase in online supermarket orders adding a donation field seems a good way to raise loads of money. I used to drop a few items in the food bank baskets when shopping but as I am now not actually going to the supermarket I don’t have this option, I have donated money directly Food Banks but think the Donate button would encourage more people to do so easily.
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    Created by Linda Day
  • Wildflower verges and hedges for Devon
    Devon County Council should issue strong environmental guidance for all towns, parishes and landowners to stop the constant mowing, strimming, flailing and pesticide spraying carried out all over the county in the name of 'tidiness'. Devon County Council should ensure that all Devon hedges, banks and verges are treated as wildlife and wildplant havens and cared for as a precious environmental resource. At first glance, Devon looks green and thriving but the hedges are flailed to extinction, the fields are monocultures of grass, the verges cut indiscriminately. Devon is a largely rural county and has a huge role to play in increasing environmental diversity and preventing the decline and destruction of nature. Most individuals and organisations that own or manage the natural landscape in Devon do so for reasons other than to care for nature. We urgently need strong policy and guidance from the County Council to to prevent the ongoing decline and disappearance of native species. We need strong leadership and sanctions to give nature a chance. The way the natural environment is managed can be so much better, if only we had proper guidance from those who have the power to make this change.
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    Created by Lynn Daniel
  • Scrap Supermarket Home Delivery Charges
    So we won't waste our money on Home Delivery Charges during this Coronavirus Pandemic As most stock is unavailable we need to have more than one Delivery Substitutions are not appropriate for some/most people
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  • COVID-19 NHS MEMORIALS: Waive the 10 Year Principle for Monuments in Westminster
    As it stands over 110 NHS workers have lost their lives to the coronavirus disease, putting themselves in harms way on the front-line to treat sufferers of COVID-19. The war against COVID-19 is primarily fought by the many health workers up and down the country and they should be recognised as soldiers of war under these circumstance. Those NHS workers who have lost their lives to this war on coronavirus must be commemorated and remembered in a Westminster monument before the year 2030.
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    Created by Gracious Alma - GA Events
  • Protect our NHS services
    The NHS can be broken down into different services and those that could make a profit could be sold off, with the buyer having the ability to charge the NHS fees to use those services.
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  • Resource the NHS properly to show our true appreciation
    We need to show TRUE appreciation for the NHS. It isn't enough just to clap and cheer once a week, unless that is backed up by meaningful improvements to resources, pay, working conditions and staffing levels. Imagine if your boss refused you both a pay rise and enough of the right materials and other resources to do your job properly, but said, "Instead, myself and the rest of your colleagues will given you a standing ovation once a week. Some of us might even cheer and whistle." Would that make you feel valued? If it were me, it would feel more like an insult. At best, it would be an empty gesture, with more "good feeling" for my colleagues than for me - like being given a pat on the head and being told I'm good, as if I were a child.
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    Created by David Hazel
  • BA redundancies
    BA has announced plans to lay off up to 12,000 employees, despite already having suspended more than 22,000 under the UK Government's furlough scheme. This affects a huge number of long term staff. Trade unions have described the redundancies as "an act of smash and grab opportunism", "a huge blow" and "irresponsible, dangerous and destructive". If everyone reading this signs the petition then we can show BA that now is not the time to lay off loyal staff or make the remaining ones sign inferior contracts
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    Created by Derek Langfield
  • Write off Tuition fee for healthcare workers
    COVID-19 has revealed the importance of frontline healthcare workers. We have recognised their vital existence in serving our society. We applaud them weekly to acknowledge their services. Many people who want to serve in the healthcare sector, work very hard to succeed in the rigorous selection process to be accepted for their chosen paths. However, a significant dropout cohort is pinned on mental health issues during their time at medical/health sciences schools. During their courses of study, they study alongside worrying for the accumulating interest added loans. Many healthcare students abandon their courses due to stress/depression/anxiety. Major cause of their anxiety is financial issues. Doctors and nurses finish their courses bearing the burden of £50,000 to £80,000 or more. For many, the uncapped interest rate spiralling their loan into a lifetime repayment is unbearable. We need to protect our doctors, nurses and all healthcare workforce. One way of doing this is letting them study without financial worries. We have seen them work tirelessly. It is high time now to let them serve the nation by writing off their ridiculous amounts of loan repayments. Please give them the financial relief that will truly be life saver for them. This is the recognition they deserve.
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    Created by Samina Butt
  • Permananently abolish VAT on PPE for all Health Care Services.
    I was shocked to find VAT was applied to such vital equipment in health care, the 3 month holiday does not go far enough.
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  • Abolish Match Funding for Path Projects
    This requirement can prevent children, pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists and others from being able to move around safely in their local area due to a lack of infrastructure. Essential path upgrades and new paths cannot be constructed as only 50% of the cost is provided by the funder. The remaining 50% must be match funded and has to be found by other means which are often unavailable or don’t exist at all. This is a massive obstacle to enabling sustainable travel in Scotland.
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    this is important because they have had to endure ten years of austerity and now is the prime time we can all see how daunting and horrific this job truly is. The NHS has been under mined and grossly under funded for far far too long. Why the NHS just saved the PM's life and delivered his new child. If it didn't exist it wouldn't have done that. They face death and illness everyday without PPE and vital safe guarding apparel. The very least the government can do is pay these nurses what you would pay anyone else who risks their very lives to keep us safe.
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