These geese are social creatures who have been used to living alongside people and other waterfowl companions. The Council have not confirmed where they have been placed & we are unable to determine that it is an appropriate & safe place.
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    Created by Elizabeth Haynes
  • More support for autistic adults
    If this petition is successful, then the health authorities will have to sit up and listen to us. We we could change the face of Autism forever for future autistic and Asperger's people, as Maria Pankhurst of the suffragettes said 'Deeds, not words'. Lets get out there and fight for our rights.
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    Created by Louise Topp
  • Protect Vicary's Mills and Leat
    We have lost huge amounts of history over the last several decades. It is a thriving market town with 800 years of market history. The Mills are a substantial part of this, and employed hundreds of people during the Industrial Revolution. We must protect what is left, what makes our town unique. Change of use is one thing, but demolition and the loss of history forever is shameful and unnecessary.
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    Created by Newton Abbot & District Civic Society
  • Stop Mary Ball’s Death Mask and Coventry police exhibits being lost to Birmingham.
    These exhibits need to be put on display in the city they relate too. These belong to the city and not the county. Should they be moved away from coventry they will likely never return as a whole.
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    Created by Peter Garbett
  • Save the No 7 bus route for Hoath and surrounding villages - Save the school bus to Spires Academy
    Please sign this petition if you are affected by the loss of the No 7 bus service and the Spires School Service and let Matthew Arnold at Stagecoach Kent know why he needs to reinstate these bus routes. This decision affects residents in Beltinge, Reculver, Hillborough, Castle Chase, Maypole, Knaves Ash, Hoath, Sturry and Broad Oak. We may only be small communities but our need for this bus route is vital to the health and wellbeing of all residents.
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    Created by Karen Johncock
  • Speed preventions on Cooper Street Springhead
    Let’s try to get some measures in place on this Street to keep our families and community safer.
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    Created by Rachel Cunnane
  • Save Sully’s Glebe Field
    The Glebe Fields are one of the last areas in Sully with unrestricted access for residents to use at all times. If the Glebe Fields are not maintained as such and Registered as a Village Green, there is a very great probability that the land will be developed in order to locate an access road to a new multi-million pound Gypsy and Traveller site by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.
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    Created by Michael Garland
  • Stop the privatisation of Channel 4
    As a government owned entity, they have a clear remit to produce real TV programs that you won't find on the other channels, if it is privatised we will lose that, so i think it is something worth fighting for.
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    Created by Martin Veal
  • Stop the closure of Budhmor Residential Home in Portree, Isle of Skye
    Isle of Skye does not have a lot of spaces available for old people to be cared for. At the moment Home Farm has 17 residents and if the 15 residents from Budhmor are homed there it will leave only space for 3 more residents from the whole island. The staff are being made redundant at a time when the economy on the island is at an all time low.
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    Created by Cameron Gauld
  • Create a safe north-to-south cycling, walking and scooting route across Nottingham
    This is an ambitious step towards making Nottingham an easier and more pleasant place to move around by bicycle, scooter, or on foot. Creating a safe route, physically separated from motor traffic using barriers, bollards and planters, will mean that active travel is an option for all residents including children, older people and those who are less confident on roads. Active travel has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, it needs to be accessible for everyone. Implementation of the active travelway, will significantly help both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council reach ambitious carbon goals as it will enable more people to move away from using motorised transport. Air quality will be improved as the number of cars on our roads decreases. The active travelway will be a huge step towards creating an active travel network that the city can be proud of. The active travelway will connect neighbourhoods, shopping centres, employers and educational and sporting institutions, as well as providing an easier link to Nottingham rail station. It will benefit a wide range of organisations across the city.
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    Created by NorthSouth ActiveTravelway
  • Unpaid carers need to get free lateral flow tests
    Paid carers , health workers etc can still receive free lateral flow tests . Unpaid carers often spend hours a week with people for whom Covid would be very dangerous, in some cases fatal. We want to keep our loved ones safe. Unpaid carers are often not acknowledged, yet there is a whole army of us who give unconditional love, care,and support, are on call 24/7 in many cases at a detriment to our own physical and mental health. The majority of unpaid carers are financially challenged, whilst caring out of love , respect, or need, have their lives on hold. We ask the government to acknowledge us and allow us free lateral flow tests the same as paid carers , professional staff, and some volunteers. £2 does not sound a lot . But multiple that by the number of tests we are obliged to take a month it’s a huge amount .
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    Created by Rachelle Silver
  • Give emergency visa's stop the 10-15 day holdup do biometrics later or at airport!!
    The UK need to let the Ukrainians over let them settle and do biometrics in the UK and give a emergency visa not a 10 to 15 day wait!! tests once here and settled. They are currently struggling with the process and need the UK public to stand up for their human rights, against the British government. Ofcourse many have had to flee and not all have passports or utility bills. I vote to let them over and put them with their match. Then the goverment can do biometrics in due time with understanding the extream circumstances they have been though and due to this the suffering. The reason not many are applying is due to the system being too hard and fear the 10 to 15 day wait for a visa when they should be able to move freely to the UK checks can be done at the airports too and ease their process. Stop this cruel treatment and sign be part of something and make briton great again, show compation
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    Created by Martyn Knezevic