• Slash the standing charge
    It is important because it's immoral/ unfair the way energy suppliers have applied the added cost.
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    Created by Robert Mckeown
  • Make toxic landfills safe - Support 'Zane's Law'!
    Current UK regulations with regard to toxic waste disposal and the danger to human life, to our environment, and to the planet as a whole, from both historic landfill sites and currently approved landfill sites operating the ‘dry tomb’ principle, are dangerously inadequate. Especially so, in the face of climate breakdown, with rising sea levels, increased rainfall, and widespread flooding. In 2014, 7-year-old Zane Gbangbola died and his father was paralysed with a diagnosis of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) poisoning, during catastrophic flooding in the first UK floods acknowledged to be caused by climate change. Flood water passing through a historic landfill site carried HCN into Zane’s home, detected there at high levels by the Fire and Rescue Services on the night of the tragedy. ‘Zane’s Law’ seeks to address the crisis of contaminated land in the UK, reinstating legislative provisions removed by successive governments from the 1990 Environment Protection Act, and recognising the Human Right to a Healthy Environment, endorsed by the UN General Assembly, in July 2022. ‘Zane’s Law’ proposes that the following measures be vigorously pursued, with no ambiguity in government guidance, to prioritise the protection and safety of people and planet, and the human right to a healthy environment, above all other considerations. 1. Every Local Authority must keep a full, regularly updated Register of Land that may be contaminated within their boundary. 2. The Environment Agency must keep a full, public 'National Register of Contaminated Land' to be regularly updated by information from Local Authorities. 3. All above mentioned Registers of Land must be accessible and available for inspection by the General Public. 4. Relevant Local Authorities must fully inspect any land registered that may be contaminated and must fully remediate or enforce remediation of any land which poses harm to public safety, or which pollutes controlled waters*. 5. Relevant Local Authorities must be responsible for inspecting previously closed landfill sites and fully remediating them, or enforcing their remediation when they pose a risk of significant harm to people or controlled waters. 6. The Government must take full responsibility for providing the necessary funds for Local Authorities to meet these new requirements, following the ‘polluter pays’ principle: to recover costs as appropriate where those responsible for the pollution can be identified. * Controlled waters are groundwater or surface water intended for human consumption.
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    Created by Elizabeth Mansfield
  • Removal of fence to create a walk way between Newman Close and Magnolia Avenue Loughborough.
    To create a safe walking route to school for both primary age at Outwoods Edge and Woodbrook High School. Today there has been a fence erected a face between a walk way Newham Way and Magnolia Close Loughborough. This is a key walkway for children at Outwoods Edge School and Woodbook Vale High School. This walk way provides a safe traffic free route to school and allows the reduction of traffic in the area commuting to and from the schools. This decision to put up the fence was not consulted with residents, the school or local community.
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    Created by Sarah Helmore
  • Help save magnificent Copper Beech Tree
    At Whincroft (2a Upper Colquhoun Street) we have sought to restore the garden and put back features that overtime have been lost within this important Hill House Conservation Area. We have re-established garden paths and planted 19 new trees in total, a mixture of cherry blossom, japenese acers and fruit trees. I hope you will then come to understand the importance of the mature beech tree to the amenity of our garden. It will take many years for the new trees we have planted to come to a level of maturity that they can be fully enjoyed in our garden and be seen from the street and surrounding properties to contribute to Helensburgh as the ‘Garden City of the Clyde’. We have financially supported the Helensburgh Tree Conservation Trust by sponsoring the planting of 3 pink cherry blossoms on the grass verge outside our property. Trees are important to the CA. Helensburgh has the only urban tree collection included in the National Tree Collections of Scotland in which there are only 23 in the whole country worthy of this accolade. Council Officers should have 1. Requested a tree survey from the developers at 4 West Lennox Drive at the outset of the application process reference 23/00652/PP 2. Applied a degree of professional scepticism to the applicant’s vague plans for inadequate tree protection instead of blindly accepting them 3. Considered if the west extension warrants development in the first place when it is so obviously going to damage the beech tree and we now believe possibly a large silver birch tree. 4. Discussing what are the sensible options a developer could take to undertake an extension that does not require the tree roots to be severed and could the drain pipe be re-routed away from the tree roots The value of trees is often difficult to monetise and so often simply ignored by a developer. Some factors that should be considered include: 1. Moderating climates, particularly in urban settings 2. Filtering out pollutants 3. Suppressing noise 4. Providing a feel good factor 5. Providing a key source of shelter and food for wildlife and biodiversity. 6. Adding to the outstanding Hill House conservation area Any building work, renewed service or new service that runs through the root protection area (RPA) of the beech tree is likely to affect the ability of the tree to function or survive - and to allow a property developer to use a narrative that council officers have failed to adequately challenge requires Councillors and the public to protect this special part of Helensburgh and reject the developers plans. Help us save this magnificent Copper Beech Tree for future generations! If you have ever used the post box outside 2a Upper Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh you will be familiar with the sight of the towering copper beech tree in the background which sits over the hedge (to the right of the house Whincroft). This 22m tree is estimated to be 175 years old and predates the house next to it (completed by A N Paterson in 1915). This ancient tree is part of the Helensburgh Hill House Conservation Area and should automatically have protected status. However, we need your help to ensure its continued survival as the tree roots extend into the property next door and developers’ plans to “frame the spectacular views to the south and west of the site…” with a double story extension that could potentially damage the tree roots, and possibly endanger the life of the tree itself. Please help us by showing your support for the Tree Preservation Order we have lodged with Argyll and Bute Council and sign this petition. If you feel as we do that beautiful trees such as this deserve protection, please take action and voice your support for Tree Preservation Order 01/24 to David Logan, Head of Legal and Regulatory Support, Argyll and Bute Council, PA31 8RT
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    Created by Suzanne Hamilton Picture
  • Fair parking rights for the residents and businesses of Church Street, Inverness
    Our businesses and homes are at the mercy of the Highland Council. Even when we can find people who carry our necessary work, they are unwilling to do so due to the unbending policies of the parking enforcement. Personally, this means that the leak in my shower cannot be addressed. Water is directly on two of the supporting beams on for my first floor which are more and more likely to suffer irrepealable damage as time passes. As the council will not agree to let someone be near their work van, I cannot find anyone to repair the damage to my home before the issue gets worse. I'm certain others can share their own plights and I would like to share their stories.
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    Created by Adamo Faccenda
  • Get our lessons back - MU2001 and MU3001 scholarship students
    As some of us are already aware, MU2001+3001 scholarship students are entitled to one hour of lessons free a week - 30 minutes from the funding MU2001+3001 provides, and 30 minutes from our respective vocal/choral/instrumental scholarships. What we are actually provided with is 30 minutes from MU2001+3001 funding, and according to our singing teachers, the funding our scholarship should provide is left in a bank account; untouched and forgotten. This contraction of our lessons was only put into practice last year, where scholarship students would get an hour of lessons a week free. So why should we be the year to lose out? Signing this petition shows that we as a collective are disappointed with the lack of information provided to us when we were applying for our scholarship, and the department's current avoidance of addressing the problem and explaining their decisions to us as a collective of MU2001+MU3001.
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    Created by Vic Priestner Picture
  • It's time for Universal Credit to protect people from going without the essentials
    I’m Mandy, Manager at Pontypridd Foodbank, and I’m supporting the Trussell Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s petition which calls on all UK political party leaders to make sure Universal Credit protects people from going without the essentials. More and more people are coming to our food bank because Universal Credit simply isn’t enough to afford the essentials, and for many, deductions are cutting their income even further. I know what this feels like. Universal Credit is not enough for me and my kids to live off, plus we had to wait five weeks before we got our first payment. When you’re struggling to make ends meet and need support, you don’t have savings to cover five weeks! The knock-on effect of treading water every day also makes you feel helpless and depressed. But this can change. Universal Credit must keep up with the actual cost of essentials, with deductions not pushing people deeper into poverty. This would drastically reduce the number of people who need my food bank’s support and give hope to people in the same situation I was in. Please add your name now.
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    Created by Amanda Haydon-Hall
  • Save Penarth's Gym!
    Our mental health and physical fitness relies on this gym. It's an integral part of our daily life, our routine and our happiness. It's more than a gym, it's a community. Rydym ni, yr aelodau a chefnogwyr AnytimeFitness Penarth wedi arwyddo’r isod, gan ein bod yn poeni’n arw gyda’r syniad o gau ein gampfa, a’r cynnig o newid defnydd y gampfa i fangre manwerthu. Mae’r newyddion bod efallai Majestic Wines yn mynd i gymryd y brydles drosodd yn achosi gofid mawr ymhlith ein cymuned, ac rydym yn gofyn i chi feddwl am yr effaith y byddai hyn yn cael ar ein tref a’n cymuned. Nid dim ond gampfa yw Anytime Fitness Penarth. Mae’n fangre diogel gyda chymuned llewyrchus i’w aelodau. Tu hwnt i’r sesiynau corfforol, mae’n fangre lle mae’r cymuned yn cael cefnogaeth, ac yn teimlo eu bod yn perthyn. Mae yna cysylltaidau ystyrlon sy’n creu cymuned sydd yn trosgynnu’r profiadau arferol o fod mewn gampfa. Mae’r aelodau yn dibynnu ar y gampfa am fwy na dim ond y ffitrwydd corfforol. Mae’n le hanfodol am eu lles meddyliol ac emosiynnol. Mae’r awyrgylch yn un croesawgar a gyda ffrindiau a wnaed trwy waith y staff a phresenoldeb yr aelodau, mae Anytime Fitness Penarth yn adnodd anhepgor i rai sydd yn edrych i wella pob agwedd o’u hiechyd. Byddai cau y gampfa a chwalu’r gymuned yma yn effeithio’n fawr ar fywydau’r aelodau. Mae Anytime Fintess Penarth yn wahanol i gampfeudd traddodiadol. Yn wreiddiol pan gaeth yr adeilad caniatad cynllunio, roedd dan y dealldwriaeth y byddai’r gampfa yn gwella lles y gymuned. Byddai caniatau’r newid o’r defnydd i fangre manwerthu yn mynd yn erbyn y pwrpas cynllunio gwreiddiol, ond hefyd yn bygwth bywoliaethau’r staff sydd wedi cyfrannu’n sylweddol at les ein cymuned arbennig. Mae yna Majestic Wines yn barod dim ond i chi yrru 6 munud lawr y ffordd o Anytime Fitness Penarth. Byddai caniatau ail siop mor agos i’r llall yn bygwth siop gwin annibynol The Bottle Siop, ac hefyd nifer o archfarchnadau sydd yn cynnig gwin ac alcohol yn barod. Mae gampfeudd, ar y llaw arall, yn brynn, a’u heffaith bositif ar iechyd yn hanfodol. Rydym hefyd yn credu bod rhoi siop gwin mewn lle y gampfa yn mynd yn erbyn y Ddeddf Lles y Dyfodol, y mae’r Cyngor wedi ei rwymo’n gyfreithiol i. Mae’r gampfa gyda bron 1000 o aelodau, yn le diogel i bob math o bobl o’r gymuned. Mae’r dosbarthiadau ar agor i bobl sydd ddim yn aelodau, fel bod modd iddynt gael y cyfle i ymuno, ac mae’n dod a phobl gyda’i gilydd i ymarfer eu cyrff. Mae’r staff annogol yn Anytime Fitness wedi creu awyrgylch croesawgar, a chefnogol, ac hefyd yn rhan hanfodol o greu’r gymuned. Mae’r dewis o ddosbarthiadau sydd ar gael yn helpu iechyd meddwl yr aelodau a’r rhai sydd yn dod i’r gampfa sydd ddim yn aelodau hefyd, Rydym yn credu’n gryf bod y gampfa, gyda’i effaith bositif ar iechyd corfforol a meddyliol, yn ased gwerthfawr i’n cymuned. Un yn fwy na siop gwin. Dylai iechyd preswylwyr Penarth fod yn fwy bwysig nac ystryriaethau ariannol. Mae’r gampfa yn maethu ffordd o fyw sy’n fwy iach, ac mae’r bygythiad o gau’r gampfa yn fygythiad i les ein cymuned. Rydym yn gofyn i chi i ailystyried y cais i newid defnydd y fangre o gampfa i fangre manwerthu, a’r effaith y bydd yn cael ar iechyd, bywoliaeth a chymuned yma ym Mhenarth. Mae cadw ac amddiffyn Anytime Fitness yn cadw ac yn amddiffyn ein lles.
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    Created by Ann Davis
  • Stop the pension age going up
    I want people to join my campaign as we all have health issues as we grow older. We all have family or friends who could not work to the age they want to up the retirement age . It needs to stop now.
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    Created by Vicki Jackson
  • Stop California Crossroads Works!
    Because we're going to suffer for 8 months only to receive disaster in exchange. We talking about scheme negatively opinionated by traffic safety bodies.
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    Created by Michał Fita
  • Create a pedestrian crossing on St Matthews Street
    This is a local community issue that forms part of wider actions such as the street closure on Norfolk street during school drop off and pickup times. Outside of these times the zebra crossing is likely to have a limited impact on drivers or the flow of traffic as the street is less heavily used by pedestrians outside of these hours
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    Created by Ben Cijffers
  • Fund the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice
    The hospice is a local charity that provides specialist palliative care for more than 350 babies, children, and their families each year. It's the only facility of it's kind in Northern Ireland. Extremely sick children and their families depend on the Hospice. This funding must be restored immediately. Dáithí uses the hospice four times a year and we would be lost without it. The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice is such a magical place and the hospice and the people who work there make the impossible possible.
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    Created by Nicola Browne