• Don’t let Brexit keep child refugees from their families
    The government might close a route for separated child refugees to reach their families after a no-deal Brexit. Sayeed shares his story, and why you should sign the petition: "I am worried for child refugees in Europe who may no longer be able to reunite with family safely as I did. The Government could close this route to safety for child refugees, putting thousands of child refugees at risk. As a result children like me may be forced to jump on the back of lorries or overcrowded dinghies to be with family. I need your help to make sure the Government changes its mind. I need you to sign my petition. When I was 15 I was forced to flee Afghanistan because of civil war that made my life really dangerous. Leaving my Mum and Dad behind, I travelled for months on my own before I reached Calais - I walked, travelled by car, in lorries and on boats all by paying smugglers. Luckily when I reached Calais I found out that there was a legal route for me to be with my sister in the UK, until then most nights I was trying to jump on the back of lorries. But I never made it, I was stopped by police and beaten with a truncheon. It was so painful. Thanks to a route to family reunion I was able to come to the UK on the Eurostar to restart my life. I’ve now got leave to remain and am studying to be an electrician while taking my Maths and English GCSEs. I would feel awful if Brexit stopped other children like me from being with their family. Leaving them to make their own way from France, Greece or Italy is not a solution. Without this route they’ll be encouraged by traffickers to take even more dangerous journeys. Please sign the petition today."
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  • B1 English test should last forever
    Taking more money from people that are already struggling to live well all in the name of immigration status is unfair on people. I see this as exploitation.
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    Created by Abdulganiyu Abolarin
  • Save Elm Avenue
    Our children now and in the future need these spaces to run, play, sit and develop. Once they are gone so will our children’s freedom to run around and play for free!
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    Created by Mandie Elson
  • Campaign for Jesy Nelson’s Documentary to be shown in all High Schools Nationally
    Cyber bullying is a worldwide crisis which needs to be clamped down on. Hopefully seeing the documentary will make people think twice about ever saying just one nasty remark. Cyber Bullying is taking lives daily! It has to stop!
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  • Election reform
    This is important because people are tired of tax year to tax year rhetoric, they need a vision of a future to work towards, and would instill a sense of purpose and hope to tackle the challenges we all face.
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    Created by Carl Stephenson
  • Save Charnwood College Swimming Pool
    The closure would be a disaster for residents and the community. It is the only local pool which provides one to one swimming lessons to disabled children and adults. For many disabled children and adults this is the only activity they do a week. Swimming is such an important life skill for children as they grow up. It has so many benefits https://www.swimming.org/learntoswim/why-your-child-should-learn-to-swim/ The Swim School at Charnwood College has been stopped as a result of the pending closure. How many are going to miss out? Charnwood College Pool offers the ethnic community an ideal place to swim in a private environment where there are no windows so users cannot be seen from anyone outside. The Ladies Asian group for example who have swum at the pool for many years will no longer be able to swim. Swimming is invaluable for mental health and physical well being and the effects of exercise in water is well documented: https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/new-study-says-swimming-benefits-mental-health/ https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/health-and-wellbeing-benefits-of-swimming/ If David Ross Educational Trust go ahead with their plan to close the pool it will be a complete disaster and the sad loss of a well loved and much used pool. So many children and adults will miss out. HELP US SAVE THE POOL. Thank you for adding your support with your signature NOW. We appreciate it. Cllr. Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE Cllr. Paul Boldrin
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  • Personal independent payment (pip)
    Because of the way there health is for number of reasons they should be able to have a choice of being assessed at home or the centre.
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    Created by Neema Miah
  • Do away with Holiday Single supplements
    I have been campainging for years and have been interviewed locally By Hereford and Worcester local radio, had positive responses from Newspapers and contacted Rip Off Britain. I have been asked in the past to pay extra but refuse to do so. Tour operators are just as guilty as they are complicit in allowing this practice to continue.
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    Created by Neil Scott
  • Plastic children's toys, why aren't they recyclable?
    It is the younger generation who appear to be most concerned about the future of our planet, but as parents of even younger children I am constantly shocked by the amount of plastic used in the production of children's toys, which includes plastic fibres, plastic packaging, and plastic that is never going to go away for at least another few hundred years. We have no idea at the moment what all that plastic is doing to our children's health with them playing with the toys, but then to think that those toys will carry on polluting our environment for so many more years to come just doesn't make sense to me. I feel it would be a great opportunity for the toy manufacturers to demonstrate to our future generations that thinking and acting in an environmentally responsible way will enable them and their children to continue enjoying their toys in a safe and ethical way.
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    Created by Keir Fuller
  • Stop CF3 incinerator
    A new incinerator is planned to be built in CF3 on Newlands Road, Wentloog Cardiff. This is in very close proximity to homes & schools. For example it is only 500 meters away from Eastern High School. Many residences and other schools within the CF3 are also well within a 1/2-mile radius of it. The planned incinerator will burn 200,000 tonnes of industrial waste per year and will operate 24/7. It is planned to be built as early as 2020/21. The industrial waste to be burned will be transported to the planned site using 80 lorries everyday each carrying 20 tonnes of waste. The toxic ash generated by the incinerator will also need to be transported away. The size of the planned site is 1.5 rugby pitches in size with the main building being over 40 meters in height and the chimney stack being over 70 meters in height. We believe this incinerator is not what residents of CF3 want in their community. We believe this will generate noise, air pollution, traffic and will not be good for the health of those living in the CF3 community. We only have until the 4th of October to oppose this through consultation. We appreciate you taking the time to do this and help keep CF3 a healthy community everyone wants to live and work in.
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    Created by Amie Lane
  • Locals wants our Fresh Fish counter back in the store
    Buying fresh fish is very popular amoung the local people especially the elderly and ethnic groups. It is the only retail shop that sell fresh fishing the town and we are very upset, shocked and disappointed that MORRISON do not value our need for fresh fish in mitcham town.
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    Created by Margaret HALL
  • Save Kingston's Libraries
    Since 2010/11, decisions made by Kingston council administrations have caused cuts of almost 25% (roughly £700,000 ) to the local library services. Kingston Council plans to cut a further £111,000 from library budgets in the next two years. This raises the possibility of further staff cuts, to the point that libraries may begin to close.
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    Created by Phil Bevin