• Free period products in NI schools #MenstruationMatters
    Unlike England, Scotland and Wales, NI still does not have a budget or scheme in place for free period products in all school toilets. Yet again, we have been left behind. Schools already provide free toilet roll, hand soap, hand towels and sanitary waste disposal bins in toilets. What makes period products any different? We firmly believe that any toilet that requires toilet roll, requires period products in exactly the same way. In June 2020, a Plan international UK study showed how 3 in 10 UK girls have struggled to afford or access sanitary wear during lockdown, with over half (54%) of these girls having used toilet paper as an alternative. There is no doubt that period poverty has been exacerbated as a result of the current pandemic and the need to maintain good hygiene has never been more important. Due to extensive job losses, an increase in people using food banks, and many other local support services being cut, families have been hard hit and are under more financial pressure than ever. At the Homeless Period Belfast, we have seen an exponential increase in demand and requests for our own period packs. In April – June 2020 we received 3 times the demand than previous years. Now, more than ever, a free period products scheme in schools across NI will relieve the financial pressure on parents and students purchasing these items. It will also alleviate the pressure of school students having to remember to carry period products in their bags when there are many other things to worry about and remember to bring (exams, books, homework, hand sanitiser/masks, bus passes etc.), meaning students can go about their daily lives without getting caught out. Free period products in schools will ensure that every young person can learn and be their very best, without the worry of their next pad or tampon holding them back. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/northern-ireland-behind-as-rest-of-uk-signs-up-for-free-sanitary-products-in-schools-38022610.html
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  • Dr Ian Roberts should be included in the new year's honours list
    Dr Ian Roberts, ran into a fireball to save a driver with open face helmet, with little regard to his own safety, he would have gone even further to extract Romain from the car if required.
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    Created by Colin Boyd
  • Cross walks for Honilands Primary School Enfield
    This has become especially important, as on Friday 27/11/2020 my 9 year old son was knocked over by a vehicle right in front of the school gate, while crossing the road.
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    Created by Chimaroke Iroajanma
  • Full Indepenent Review of Government Contract Awards Relating to Covid19
    Whilst millions have suffered as a result of loss of business, loss of earnings, loss of income, due to restrictions imposed upon the nation. Government ministers have consistently and flagrantly handed many billions of pounds worth of contracts to very questionable associates. The very audacious and spurious granting of such vast amounts of public money. Under the Seven Principles of public life, ministers have knowingly and willfully engaged in fraud, deception, collusion and deceit
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    Created by Andrew Yarwood
  • One Direction to reunite
    Because they were so amazing and an incredible band who everyone misses soooo much and we needed their entertainment and music in lockdown.
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    Created by Isabel Barnett
  • Ban "Virginity Tests" NOW
    So-called virginity tests involve a doctor observing or penetrating the vagina with their fingers to see if the woman has had sex. At least 21 clinics right here in the UK offer these tests, which are intrusive and demeaning. These tests exist for a disturbing reason: because some people place value on women's bodies only when they are 'pure'. No woman should have to prove her virginity, to anyone, ever. Not to a partner, not to their family, and certainly not by paying to be assaulted by a stranger! These 'tests' are unscientific - they cannot even prove virginity! Let's get this shameful practice banned and better protect women: https://inews.co.uk/news/health/virginity-testing-uk-private-clinics-hymen-repair-surgery-investigation-775214 https://www.bbc.com/news/health-51189319
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    Created by George Fleming
  • Say no to austerity.
    As austerity simply hasn't worked and never will work. The last 10 years of cuts to public services has been pointless due to this economic crisis we currently face. What is the point of austerity if we have no idea how long round the corner the next finacial crash is. Hard working people should not have to pay the price and carry the burden of a virus nobody asked for.
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    Created by Jamie Brennan
  • free football pitches in the UK
    because it will keep lots of young people out of trouble and will give lots of children a chance to play football with their friends and have fun excising
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    Created by finlay Hennessy
  • Bring Back Debden Library to the Broadway
    Local people tell us the library is poorly placed for many of the potential users - we support a move to the Broadway where it could be a true library for the community and provide much needed support to that local centre. After a successful campaign involving thousands of Essex residents, Essex County Council (ECC) U-turned on its plans to close a third of its libraries, including Debden Library. However, in its place ECC proposed establishing so-called 'community libraries', where libraries would not just be run by volunteers who would even need to supply the building, with little financial support. This is a closure plan by stealth. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RJgKuJocWd9h6ylE72C0inYmGBLOgM43/view?fbclid=IwAR3mBwFszgO-PDcYWPMPqydTqsDYoRw29arF_bQA8_2CxsZGd8K07wdmoEM). Debden Library is the first confirmed takeover bid for an Essex library, and what happens in Debden will have a huge impact on the future of libraries across the county. The entire process is lacking any transparency. What is there to stop the college deciding in future it would rather use the space for something else? The college already has form in this area, when it previously took over a sports centre it was demolished and the site was developed (https://www.eppingforestguardian.co.uk/news/18817827.concerns-essex-county-council-library-provision-loughton/). Rather than abandoning this responsibility to an organisation that is not elected by local people, and is not accountable to local people, Essex County Council should be led by what the local community wants and continue with its statutory duty to provide a professionally staffed library service on an accessible site. For the future of libraries in the whole of Essex it's vital that Essex County Council's first attempt at outsourcing is stopped. Otherwise it could lead to a domino effect, and the collapse of a publicly run library system in our county. For the College to take over Debden Library they need the support of the community - please sign and share this petition to say we have a more positive vision - a library on the Broadway remaining in the accountable control of the Council.
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    Created by Alan Fricker
  • Stop Unfair Rent Increases
    The UK is still in the middle of a pandemic with many families either still furloughed or struggling to make ends meet. Yet the Wheatley Group still want to increase rent by 2.2%
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    Created by Ross Cochrane
  • Rocky Lane entrance off A23 is an accident waiting to happen.
    Re: jct A23/Rocky Lane The junction of Rocky Lane and the A23 is one big giant accident waiting to happen every single morning. We have to travel it 6 days a week to get to RAA. Rocky Lane is way too narrow for the kind of traffic and the amount of traffic that travel up and down it. You have a primary school near the junction which makes the junction extra busy and you even get kids crossing the street from the bus stop! There are potholes along the side of the entrance which are very bad. Making a right is very difficult on the A23 from Rocky Lane especially with traffic turning in front of you to enter. You end up having a tailback going halfway up Rocky Lane which is just a lot of pollution. It terrifies me to drive it like no other road I’ve experienced. It feels some temporary lights there that work at peak hours or actually move the existing lights back to include Rocky Lane might help. It is unfortunate RAA doesn’t have an additional entrance/exit onto Gatton Park Road. This would make the school so much better and not the cause of such potential danger. It takes me 40 minutes for a school run of 5 miles in total.
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    Created by Mark McKerracher
  • Remaster Under the Knife for its 25 year anniversary (2022)
    Over 20 years since its release and it’s still one of the best albums in hardcore, would love to see the sound quality improved and what it would sound like if it was made with the studio and equipment they have now. (Yes I’m aware that Smash Your Enemies, Not One Truth and Puritan have appeared in higher sound quality on other albums)
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    Created by Charlie Parkman