• Wilding Worthing
    In the last 25 years the UK has lost 75% of flying insects and the vast majority of wildflower meadows. Rewilding areas provides habitat and food for insects, pollinators and local wildlife, and offers areas for families and children to learn more about wildflowers and wildlife. Just 8 Dandelion flowers provide enough nectar for 15,000 bee visits a day. https://www.plantlife.org.uk/uk/about-us/news/no-mow-may-how-to-get-ten-times-more-bees-on-your-lockdown-lawn Even small wild areas support declining insect populations. Rewilding also contributes to reaching our zero carbon goals, by taking harmful carbon dioxide from the air and storing it underground. This is a financially prudent environmental move as well, as rewilding saves money on expensive council-funded maintenance costs. Campaign backed by Worthing Climate Action Network and Extinction Rebellion Worthing There is now an update and good news on the area known as Robert's Marine: 'Plan for this space is to let areas of the grass grow long and create a grass maze within it. Have the patch of wild flowers and then some areas of cut grass still because we get quite a few people exercising on that space, dogs running around on it and people picnicking as well. We felt the mix enables all of that to still happen whilst adding a little more wild spaces for nature.'
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    Created by Emma Cameron
  • Exams shouldn't be cancelled next year unless it's absolutely necessary
    Exams being cancelled is heartbreaking for pupils who are now very worried about if they will get fair grades. We have got to do everything to avoid the same scenario in 2021.
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    Created by Archie Halkett
  • Test all UK prisoners for COVID-19
    Prisons provide the ideal setting for contagious diseases to wreak havoc. They are crowded, cramped, often unsanitary institutions, with inadequate healthcare provision for a population often already in poor health. We also have an ageing custodial population, with many prisoners now in the age group at greatest risk of complications from Coronavirus. Many more prisoners will become seriously ill and die.
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    Created by Alistair Milward
  • Address the school traffic issue in Lytchett Matravers
    Lytchett Matravers is a beautiful village with a strong community. There have been concerns for many years now regarding parking in Wareham Roads and the surrounding smaller roads during school run times. Many residents have complained to the council, to the police and to local councillors but no action has been taken. During school runs, many parents travel into the village to collect and pick up their children. Their parking options are very limited and sadly, a minority of parents choose to park without consideration to residents and other road users. It is routine to find school run cars parked over nearby junctions, on the pavements and blocking dropped kerbs. Drivers are unable to see oncoming traffic when driving in and out of Wareham Road putting themselves and pedestrians at risk. The amount of congestion around junctions means that traffic flow is severely restricted. It is not uncommon for it to take 15 minutes or more to navigate past the school on Wareham Road safely. This situation could be easily improved by simply putting double yellow lines around the corners of junctions off Wareham Road in the vicinity of the school. This could be enforced with traffic wardens as and when required. The situation is now so dangerous, we feel it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident in this area. We call on Dorset County Council to take positive action and fulfil their duty of care to the residents, parents and children.
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    Created by Fay Sweeting
  • Zero tolerance for the spread of Covid19!
    Our leaders need to see a strong message that we want a zero tolerance approach to Covid19. I am an NHS GP who sees first hand the damage to patients, colleagues and our economy. I feel strongly we must work harder to protect the general public, healthcare workers and vulnerable patients, who remain extremely exposed. The infection is indiscriminate with unacceptable death rates in all ages and ethnic groups. Every life is precious and this level of risk is unacceptable for people in the modern world. Good protective equipment combined with isolating cases and contacts can keep control. We can ease lockdown with appropriate social distancing and home working depending on evidence of control being maintained. We would then avoid a second wave. There are other benefits from reductions in many other contagious diseases particularly in children. This buys time saving thousands of lives and allowing more business activity while we research treatments and vaccines. Control is successful in other countries that act with zero tolerance. Please sign this petition to show our leaders that we feel strongly that the best way we can protect everyone from this deadly infection is zero tolerance to Covid19!
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    Created by Jeremy Baily Gibson
  • Wearing a helmet made mandatory for all cyclists.
    Because to many people go around without a helmet on if they were to fall for what ever the reason they could end up in A&E, thats an extra person in A&E, if its a serious fall it could and can be life changing injuries, it needs to be law that if we are out cycling we must by law wear a helmet.
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    Created by John Holmes
  • Remove migrant healthcare Surcharge
    Every Thursday we clap for our NHS and for our key workers. Many key workers within the UK are migrants who contribute far more than they take out. To remove the surcharge would be symbolic in recognising that migrants aren't a drain on our society, but are a key part of it. To show our thanks, we need to do more than just clap. We need to change the policies which harshly impact the migrant workers saving lives.
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  • STOP leaving people out of Grants and Furloughs on stupid little loopholes!
    These staff are some of the hardest hit and do not have straight forward work circumstances. The government has not taken into account in these types of circumstances where businesses may have been taken over and there may be other issues. Neither have they responded to ANY emails from frustrated and worried people in these sorts of positions. Ignoring the problem in the hopes it will go away. It will not, and should not, these people are entitled to the SAME help as everyone else and should not be loop holed out of this through a lack of common sense at HMRC and local councils. It is not only morally wrong to let these people suffer and fall through the cracks, but it is a blatant breach of equality and a clear break of their promise that NO ONE WILL STAND ALONE during this crisis.
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    Created by Bev Winterton
  • Gambling promotions from YouTuber's
    Important because the viewer will not see the full advantage of the YouTuber has compared to the average person which will only get the 100% promotion on one occasion. The YouTuber will constantly promote, by way of posting a link in the forum to join the casino through there link..the viewer will noticeably see the YouTuber winning a lot of money during the stream from the YouTuber, however the YouTuber will always have a advantage with all the 100% match deposit & bonuses. Important because of all the vulnerability of potential customers thinking they can do the same as the YouTuber.
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    Created by Michael Thompson
  • Independent Inquiry into Lack of PPE
    To ascertain who was telling the truth, & be held responsible if they were knowingly lying. Be held to account for possibly being partially responsible for deaths that could have been avoided had the correct PPE been provided accordingly. We are talking here about ordinary people, husbands wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, friends of friends, relatives. Who may have been sacrificed by people trying to cover up.
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    Created by Nick Wood
  • Fair pay for people in 12 weeks isolation
    People making life or death decisions because who can afford 6 weeks unpaid leave can’t claim as still employed.. or go to work putting dependents at risk of catching Covid 19 which could lead to death ...
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  • Increase speed limit of e-bikes to 20mph
    Currently, all e-bikes have a restricted speed limit of 15.5mph. This means that, once the user travels at a speed greater than 15.5mph, the electric motor cuts out and ceases to assist the user. We say that increasing the limit to 20mph would have the following positive effects: - journeys (typically for commuting) would be cut shorter - e-bikes would become a more attractive alternative mode of transport (as opposed to using public transport or private vehicles) - the purchasing of e-bikes would be more worthwhile. 20 is plenty. It remains a safe speed to travel and cuts journeys shorter. It would massively aid the e-bike revolution in the UK, as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to increased use of public transport (the cost of which increases every year). Many employers operate Cycle to Work schemes, but several are deterred by the current 15.5mph limit and sheer cost of the bike. Raising the limit by just 4.5mph would make the purchase of such products more attractive and deliver better value for money. Please click on this link to find out more: https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/the-ebike-revolution-needs-speed-to-succeed-a4142851.html Let's make a success of the e-bike revolution. Thank you for considering this petition.
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