• Restore our Gaywood River chalk stream to full health and beauty
    We are proud, as local people, to be responsible stewards of this local rare chalk stream, but we need the proper authorities to do their part in giving the community back its healthy and flourishing river full of life again.
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  • Totnes MIU to reopen
    Myself and many other local people have had to use the ambulance service where, prior to the closure of Totnes Hospital MIU, we would have gone there. Totnes Hospital urgently needs the MIU to be reopened. We've not had it for over 18 months now and it's causing huge problems, especially for those without access to transport.
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    Created by Yvette Yates
  • Scholar bus for Mortimer Children
    Children need to be able to get to school safely and on time. The school run is currently unacceptable. Too many children from a small area are trying to get on the bus at once, along with those who are travelling to work and taking small children to school. We need a scholar bus to assist the children to make it to school on time and safely. Mortimer Community College needs to provide a bus for their students which runs from Jarrow to Brokley Whinns to Boldon Lane and ending at Stanhope Road.
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    Created by Danielle Armstrong
  • Give us back our GP surgery
    The situation in our village Surgery REDBOURN Health Centre has become a massive problem since amalgamating with other surgeries in St Albans - The Lodge Surgery. The outcome has been appalling, with less than average service. There are waiting times of up to 18 days for a telephone appointment and people are unable to speak to their regular GP who knows their health history.
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    Created by Linda Trowbridge
  • Say no to the removal of Rugby's last ambulance
    West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) wishes to remove the last ambulance station in Rugby. Rugby is a rapidly expanding town and my family has direct experience of long waiting times in an emergency for the ambulance to arrive. With the removal of that ambulance the waiting times for people in this town will get worse and the risk is someone will needlessly lose their life while waiting for an ambulance. In addition Rugby is close to the M6 M1 A14 and A45 - all known for a high number of RTCs. We want the WMAS to stop this plan and think again. We want to be consulted on changes because we, the residents of the town, pay for this service through our taxes. We want to ensure there is adequate healthcare for the residents of our town. Our public services are being relentlessly degraded at a time the population is growing. Enough is enough.
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    Created by Alison Livesey
  • Help to Buy Cap
    We need to campaign for change because not all first time buyers require a small property.
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    Created by Rebecca Richards
  • Stop the demolition of Droylsden Library planned for this month!
    This campaign is urgent as the council have now granted permission for the building to be demolished, this campaign is now the last effort to halt plans to wipe out one of Droylsden's only landmarks and heritage assets.
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    Created by Niza Nyimbili
  • Improve Mental Health Services in North Wales
    Many people are left to suffer in silence or tire of having to work to get the help they need to the point where they relent and stop asking for support this in turn could ultimately lead to further problems. Mental health problems are at an all time high as are suicide rates, so many lives which could be saved with the correct support.
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    Created by Jo Crow
  • Save the Tennant Canal
    The canal is an important reminder of the area's industrial heritage. It is also an environmental asset to the community giving residents easy access to an active travel route and a section is also part of the Wales Coastal Path. The canal at Jersey Marine is also one of the few places in the UK which is home to the rare fen raft spider and connects to two National Nature Reserves.
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    Created by Ann Swindale
  • Urgent Paramedic support
    A lot of Health Care Professions are short of staff. They require a degree level of education, and all the professions are greatly enhanced by having a mix of school leavers and mature students undertaking the training. Since 2017/18, mature students have been encouraged to apply, by offering those that already have a degree, a 2nd student loan. I emphasise this is a loan, involving the student taking on a debt of £27,750 over the 3 year course. Since January 2020 there has been further encouragement to attract people into the Health Care Professions, including those undertaking their 1st degree and those undertaking their 2nd degree. This encouragement is in the form of a non-repayable ‘Learning Support Fund (LSF)’ to the tune of £5,000 p/a. Both the 2nd student loan and the LSF are available to those undertaking training in Nursing, Midwifery and many of the Allied Health Professions (AHP’s), including Radiography, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Podiatry and Speech and Language therapists. The one glaring omission are the Paramedics in England. The group that during the height of the Pandemic has been described by UCAS as the ‘Firefighters of Healthcare’. To be clear, a 1st degree application onto a Paramedical Science degree is entitled to both a student loan and the LSF. But unlike Nursing, Midwifery and most AHP’s, a 2nd degree application to study Paramedical Science is not entitled to either a 2nd student loan or the support of the LSF. In other words, if a mature student with a previous degree wishes to undertake training to become a Paramedic, they have to fund everything themselves. Therefore, this petition is not asking for special treatment, it is simply asking for Parity with those professions already mentioned. From this September 2021 the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) have made it mandatory that all new Paramedics have to have a BSc qualification. This is a Profession that we all rely on, it is a Profession that has staff shortages. It does not pay huge salaries and relies on attracting the right calibre of person that genuinely cares and wants to make a difference. The type of person that this petition concerns has been in the workplace, has built up some life skills and experiences and has decided that they want to contribute to society. They should be encouraged, not dissuaded by the huge financial burden. For the future well being of both the service and society, please sign this petition and please share this petition.
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    Created by Gary Watts
  • To Reinstate The Snooker Tables And Activities At St Margaret Mary’s Parochial Centre
    As a community we need to keep these much needed activities going in our community for the health and well being of everyone
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    Created by Julie Rutherford-Smith
  • End the Secrecy: Full Transparency for all HHGE Service Charges
    (1) Over the last 10 years over £3 million+ been spent on the upkeep of the common parts of the Hanger Hill Garden Estate Flats Hanger whilst the fabric of the buildings and the gardens has steadily deteriorated. (2) We want to know where the money was spent by whom and on what ?
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    Created by quentin phillipps