• Expand the support for young homeless people.
    Raising the age important because they are still young and with their lives ahead of them, we shouldn't be turning our backs on them we should be supporting them now so that they can have better lives later on. Abolishing the 'under 21 and having been in care' criteria is important because, whilst these former children of care are incredibly vulnerable and need extensive support, so do all young homeless people. Each case is different with some young people experience abusive and violent home environments that cause homelessness, yet it was never reported and thus care support was never received.
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    Created by Simon Howard
  • Give Skem Men-Aces Recognition On One Of Our Many Roundabouts
    Skem Men-Aces is one of the most highly decorated disability football teams in the country and deserves some recognition within it's hometown by way of a permanent sign on one of our many roundabouts. Most advertising signs, on our roundabouts, are empty and it would be great to see one turned permanently into a "Home of The Skem Men-Aces" sign. Skem Men-Aces is a real jewel in the crown of the wonderful things this town has to offer and it would be a fitting tribute to such an incredible club that has even won the Queens Award for voluntary services.
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    Created by James Upjohn
  • 'Please don't let our loved ones die alone'
    This is a matter concerning us all. No one wants to let their loved ones go without the chance of a proper physical goodbye. Signing this petition will highlight the matter to the higher and concerned authorities. Losing someone close without being informed can only make this depressing situation even more lonely. We don't want that. Let's all be in this together.
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    Created by Meojanur Rahman Nijam
  • Supporting the Homeless to gain human rights
    This is extremely important, especially during a pandemic because we have been asked to self-isolate, to stay inside, to protect ourselves and others. So it would only be right while there is multiple accommodation around the country free from public use, to put it to good use - for someone in need.
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    Created by Emily Hales Picture
  • Teach the UK’s involvement in the slave trade in UK schools
    Because black lives matter and the UK’s eyes need to be opened
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    Created by Verity Power
  • Extending the 28 day 'move on' period for Refugees
    Reduce rates of homelessness among refugees and reduce rates of mental heath problems among refugees
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    Created by Evan Devine
  • Defend children’s rights in care – withdraw Statutory Instrument 445
    On 24 April 2020, Statutory Instrument 445* removed and weakened legal protections from children in care (and children who could come into care) in England. There was no public consultation or Parliamentary debate. The changes were brought in overnight. Councils in England are now allowed to reduce social worker visits to children in care (which can be by phone, video or other electronic means). Even a six-weekly telephone call is no longer mandatory. The duty to have an independent six-monthly review for each child has been removed. Pre-court scrutiny and other vital safeguards in adoption have been lost. Legal timescales for children's homes inspections have been removed, and independent scrutiny of children's homes diluted. Safeguards for children placed out of their home area with people who are not connected to them have been removed. Safeguards in relation to short breaks have been removed. This particularly affects disabled children. Even duties on fostering services to notify Ofsted of criminal convictions and infectious disease have been reduced. These changes weaken vital safeguards for vulnerable children built up over 70 years. The government says the changes are temporary until 25 September 2020 “unless extended”. But some of the changes extend beyond the expiry date. Moreover, the government has a track record of trying to remove and dilute councils’ duties. In 2016/17, Ministers tried to get a law through Parliament which would have allowed councils to opt out of their children’s social care duties for up to six years – as an experiment for removing them altogether. Children’s rights campaigners and charities have consistently stood together to successfully defend children’s legal protections. Please join us in pressing to urgently reinstate children’s rights in care. *Its full title is The Adoption and Children (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2020.
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    Created by Jacki Rothwell
  • Emergency services Bank Holiday
    I believe it is important to recognise and reward their unwavering dedication, hard work and professionalism when faced with incredible odds.
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    Created by Robert Cleary Picture
  • Cross party administration for Covid crisis
    It is increasingly apparent and possibly crucial that the current administrators would benefit from a wider field of expertise to maximize our county's potential to reduce the harm of Covid 19. A cross party coalition in WW2 arguably harnessed all available strengths and created the turn in history that led to Britain's survival.
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    Created by Barrie Scott Picture
  • Pension robbery
    Because being a 1950's woman myself I know the harm stress worry and the impact it has had on my life and the mental issues it has caused me
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    Created by Rita Maskill Picture
  • Additional Study Spaces at University of Bristol for 2020/21
    As the university has asserted that study spaces and libraries will remain open for the 2020/21 academic years, while "implementing social distancing measures" with "one-way systems, queues and distance markers", there will likely be restrictions on entry numbers to these facilities. Lots of students cannot effectively work from their university accommodation and houses, so restricted accessibility will disadvantage many who typically study elsewhere. The purpose of this petition, therefore, is to ensure that adequate study spaces are available to students while existing university facilities are restricted. The university can provide this by utilising university buildings and sports facilities, and/or through outsourcing.
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    Created by Darcy Wilson
  • Keep Clarence Embankment Safe
    Over the years there has been significant growth of the planted and wild trees and growth along Clarence Embankment. There are many factors to now seriously consider:- 1. The high winds often experienced along Clarence Embankment due to the infrastructure of the street and river often create branch breakages and debris in the road which may be dangerous or hazardous. 2. The roots lifting the pavements create hazards for walkers and children going to school. 3. The street has experienced sewer problems which may also be due to tree root growth and age of sewers in the area able to cope with this growth. 4. The street experiences movement in the houses creating new cracks regularly which may be affected by the growth of the trees. 5. The trees are now overcrowded not allowing for healthy trees and growth. 6. The river bank is overcrowded with weeds and trees which gather rubbish and debris potentially endangering the birds and wildlife. 7. The significant size of the trees affect the natural light into the houses on Clarence Embankment 8. Every Autumn there is significant amount of leaf loss which creates drain blockages and slippery pavements (which were not cleaned for 6 months after the fall last year). 9. The street is used regularly by locals and visitors for walking and cycling as part of the Taff Trail and therefore presents further danger due to high usage. 10. The falling debris onto the road creates further potential risk of road traffic accidents. Overall, the street is becoming unsightly with the excessive plant and tree growth on the street and riverside for residents and regular users of Clarence Embankment this should be a street for Cardiff to be proud of and ensure it is safe and beautiful for all to enjoy!
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    Created by Helen McCarthy