• Make retailers responsible for plastic packaging
    The waste is damaging the world and this has to be solved by everyone in the 'waste chain' being responsible for their part. Retailers are major players yet they pass the buck to consumers. Lets make that stop.
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    Created by Anthony Palmer
  • Stop landlords rejecting people with pets
    There is a massive problem with people trying to find private renting properties due to fact of having pets, mainly dogs which is very unfair. A lot of dogs can treat a house more respectfully than children, so why should people with dogs be rejected? Landlords take a deposit at the start of a tenancy so I don't see why we should still be getting rejected. I know it's said that landlords can not discriminate against pet owners but if, say, two people go for a house - one with dogs and the other without - the landlord can still choose the person without dogs as they don't want pet owners in their properties. The estate agent always asks if you have any pets at the start of the application and I don't think this is right. Many people become homeless due to not being able to rent as they have pets. People should join this campaign as I know there are so many people in this situation and something needs to be done about it to make it fair for those struggling to find a rented property
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    Created by Natasha Thraves
  • New Romney Skatepark Needs to be Bigger
    With F51 being built locally in Folkestone the Worlds first multistory skatepark, let alone the Olympic's it's clear that skating popularity is going to continue to grow for many years to come and with New Romney Skatepark already becoming overcrowded its imperative we update it sooner than later to keep up with the needs of our sporting community and ensure a safe place for all to come and enjoy the recreational space available as fully as possible
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    Created by Marc Walmsley
  • Support the development of individual electric transport
    The city's infrastructure, especially the new neighborhoods, needs to be redone. We need to allocate more space for bicycle lanes. These very spaces will be used by individual transportation, such as bicycles, scooters, balance boards, and monocars. Also, some of the money collected from the road tax should be used to subsidize individual transportation. This is especially important to support youth transportation. This is important to keep the ecology of our planet, our country and our city clean. It is important to leave clean air to our children.
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    Created by Daniel Rosen
  • Ban Hikvision
    Chinese state-owned companies Hikvision and Dahua are used to monitor, control and oppress ethnic minorities in China. Their cameras watch over 1 million people held in concentration camps and every corner of the Xinjiang province, with high-tech features such as facial recognition, behavioural analysis and "Uyghur alerts" to flag the province's ethnic minorities to the authorities. And these surveillance companies are not only spying on ethnic minorities in China - almost all of us in the UK are being watched by Hikvision and Dahua CCTV cameras every day. Big Brother Watch's investigation has revealed that Hikvision dominates the UK's CCTV networks - over 60% of public bodies, from schools to councils, are using either Hikvision, or to a lesser degree, Dahua cameras. Their intrusive, advanced surveillance capabilities are being quietly normalised in the UK. That means not only is our privacy and security at risk in an increasingly dystopian surveillance state - but British taxpayers' money is funding companies implicated in genocide and modern slavery in China. The USA has already banned Hikvision and Dahua. With enough public pressure on the Government, the UK can and should ban Hikvision too. Tell Boris Johnson to #BanHikvision and #BanDahua now!
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    Created by Big Brother Watch Picture
  • Ofgem, Ofsted… How about an independent Ofgov?
    It has become evident that some politicians have abused their positions for personal gain or made mistakes without censure. An independent Ofgov body would help to expose these failings and Principles of Public Life would clarify the expectations the public have for their representatives.
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    Created by Marcia Hein
  • No council tax loans; make Energy Giants pay their fair share
    None of us should have to shoulder the financial burden of energy costs, whilst big energy companies are able to quadruple their profits in the last quarter of 2021, to over £4.7 billion. We are all suffering financially. Our wages are of less value due to rapid inflation without meaningful wage increases. Services and products cost us more. If that wasn't enough we are being squeezed further by a 1.5% National Insurance tax increase, all whilst big business continue to evade meaningful taxes. We are told to shoulder the burden instead. The government have failed to help us, providing only a temporary loan 'to get us by'. This will affect 60%, however many more will soon follow. There are no cheaper fixed deals than the price cap available, so those who currently benefit from a fixed deal will soon feel the squeeze too.
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    Created by Liam Jackson
  • KYFC response to Oxford United proposal to move to Stratfield Brake
    We have had initial discussions with OUFC about their proposed move to Stratfield Brake. They have been understanding and supportive of the KYFC vision to have a single football hub for the club with enhanced facilities such as a 4G pitch so that the club can continue to flourish. While these initial discussions have been positive, we recognise that there will be plenty of hurdles to come but this proposal presents a great opportunity for football to be provided for the children of Kidlington and surrounding villages with best-in-class facilities for generations to come. Please sign this petition to show your support in principle for Oxford United to move to Stratfield Brake and relocate the football pitches away from Stratfield Brake.
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    Created by Richard Hague
  • Bring The Mobile Breast Screening Unit back to Fleetwood and Wyre Areas
    Every time we ask or even beg for the return of the screening service we are given a different reason for the units not visiting Wyre. The personal messages I have received from women who's lives have been saved by a routine scan prove how important it is to visit ladies in the Wyre area on a regular basis. It is a 32 mile round trip from Fleetwood to the Lytham screening centre and there is no direct public transport, Palatine is a 20 mile round trip and again no direct transport links. People are losing a days work instead of just nipping for a 10 min appointment. When I started the group to raise awareness of the issues this would cause my main concern (which is sadly being proved correct ) was that ladies wouldn't attend. It is just far too difficult. It's a catch 22 situation. If appointments are kept the authorities will say it is working in its current situation but if ladies can't attend it could be read as Fleetwood ladies aren't interested (another excuse we were given is that too many appointments in Fleetwood were missed). Why can't the van rotate to different areas as it used to? It is after all a "mobile" unit.
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    Created by Carol Dickinson
  • Keep Solihull Moors in Solihull
    Solihull Moors are enjoying their best run of results since their formation in 2007. The Moors are a local club attracting the support of Silhillians from across the borough and should remain in Solihull. Solihull Council's confused and chaotic approach to dealing with the zoning of Damson Park has heaped doubt on the viability of the club staying at their current location. We believe the council should hold immediate talks with the board of Solihull Moors to clarify the position of all parties and keep Solihull Moors FC within the boundaries of Solihull.
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    Created by Samuel Mather Picture
  • Buckinghamshire Council Stop Financing Fossil Fuels!
    CALL ON BUCKINGHAMSHIRE COUNCIL TO STOP INVESTING IN FOSSIL FUELS The British public generally are rightly worried about climate change and biodiversity loss. But do you know that UK pension funds enable more CO2 than the entire UK carbon footprint? Halting the extraction and expansion of fossil fuels is a matter of survival for us all. Our local leaders must act now. They may say they do better to stay invested with fossil fuel companies and challenge them from the inside, to transition into more sustainable activities. But, “shareholder engagement with fossil fuel companies has not, and will not, lead to change on the scale and in the timeframe necessary” . (Quigley et al, 2021)* We call on Buckinghamshire to stop financing fossil fuels. Start financing a sustainable future. *https://www.cam.ac.uk/sites/www.cam.ac.uk/files/sm6_divestment_report.pdf
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    Created by Jenny Cooper
  • Stand Up For Asylum Seekers
    In the UK there has always been a strong tradition of welcoming refugees. Examples from our history are many, including the Hugenots and those fleeing the Nazis. We need to continue this tradition, not let it end with this Bill and ensure that every refugee is met with compassion and protection, regardless of the journey they take to the UK and that there are more safe routes to claim asylum.
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    Created by Celine Barry