• Road Safety in Oakridge Village
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    Created by Cllr Paul Basham
  • Stop gambling suicides, publish the Gambling Act white paper.
    In April 2021, I lost my husband, Luke, to gambling-related suicide. He was given "free bets" to encourage him to gamble during a global pandemic and at a time when gambling companies had promised to look after their most vulnerable customers. Public Health England estimates there are more than 400 gambling-related suicides in England alone each year – more than one every single day. The Government pledged to review the outdated gambling laws in its 2019 manifesto. The Gambling Act Review "white paper", where the government lays out proposed new laws to solve the problem, was expected at the end of 2020 but delay after delay means it still has not been published. If the gambling laws had changed to make gambling safer sooner – to stop free bets and other inducements, to curb the relentless advertising, to ensure people don't bet more than they can afford, and many other measures – Luke and hundreds of others would be alive today. Every day the white paper is delayed is another life lost, another family, like mine, needlessly shattered. It must be published now.
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    Created by Annie Ashton
    My mum is 70 this year and my dad past away 13 years ago and my mum and dad left Bangladesh to migrate here many years ago in 70's and 70 years queen 👑 it's all history that UK should be proud to never surrender. History is the stories that make us individuals and free us to express alternative endings ☺️♥️🌍🙏
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    Created by Sameen Sikondari
  • Make solar panels Compulsory on all new building in the UK
    This is so important as we are seeing a crisis in energy prices showing how vulnerable the UK is to world market fluctuations. We need to increase our own UK clean energy production capacity to keep people and business supplied at an affordable price and to cut our carbon emissions and fight global warming Win win all round.
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    Created by Steve Albaya
  • Save Tumbling Bay
    Tumbling Bay is a much loved Victorian river swimming pool on a backwater of the River Thames just behind Botley Park in West Oxford. For over 150 years local children have learned to swim in the pool. The north wall is in need of repair and the site has been fenced off for several months. The Council’s current plan is to smash up the existing wall to produce a sloping bank that will erase this valuable piece of local heritage. While no longer an official bathing spot, Tumbling Bay is very much enjoyed by local residents. Hundreds of people swim there in the summer and a small number all year round. It is safer than the river as there are no boats going past. It is also part of our local history.
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    Created by Deborah Hall
  • 2 seat mobility scooter needed
    The Dept of Transport does not have empathy with the disabled person because they have been resisting change ever since the 1970 Act which defined a mobility scooter as a single seater. A mobility scooter should have 2 seats for many different disabilities as explained in https://www.eta.co.uk/2018/09/12/tandem-mobility-scooters/
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    Created by Jim Quinn
    Current cautionary guidance from Food Standards Scotland(FSS) is clear, but requires further updating following new data from the European Food Standards Agency, suggesting the exposure of young people to farmed Scottish salmon needs to be further reduced. The most up to date guidance concerning oily fish consumption can be found on the FSS website. This recognises that these fish can contain low levels of pollutants that can build up in the body. For this reason, there are maximum recommendations for the number of portions some groups should be eating each week. The following people should eat no more than 2 portions of oily fish a week: - girls - women who are planning a pregnancy and women of reproductive age - pregnant and breastfeeding women This is because pollutants found in oily fish may build up in the body and affect the future development of a baby in the womb. Pilgrim House, Old Ford Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5RL www.foodstandards.gov.scot However, a recent study in Europe found that exposure to these chemicals may need to be reduced by up to 75%, for both boys and girls. Meaning that children should be consuming no more than 50gms of farmed salmon per week. https://efsa.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.2903/j.efsa.2018.5333 Current Government policy is to promote increased consumption of farmed Scottish Salmon in schools. Scottish salmon also has a range of very severe environmental impacts on Scotland: - https://archive2021.parliament.scot/S5_Environment/Inquiries/20180305_GD_to_Rec_salmon_farming.pdf - https://www.facebook.com/issf.org.uk/videos/
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    Created by Healthy Scotland
  • Remove derelict scaffolding in High Street, Seaford
    The scaffolding in High Street, Seaford has been left untouched for over five years. Everyone living here considers it an eyesore and it is time something is done to remove it.
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    Created by Keith Smeaton
  • Kit for kit days!
    To help the children at aylesford school
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    Created by Lois Lockley
  • COSTA - Profit before taste and customers with Adez vs Alpro Milk?
    The Adez dairy free alternative milk now used by Costa not only tastes terrible compared to Alpro, (previous supplier to Costa) it also allegedly increases cross contamination risk as it may contain wheat. Costa made the best dairy alternative hot drinks in the UK with Alpro, now they taste dire.
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    Created by Tom Hunt
  • Put seatbelts on all public transport buses
    To make all Buses and coaches how seatbelts and have to wear them by law. On every Bus and coach on the roads it should be law that everyone on them should wear seat belts. They go just as fast as cars and they are the law that you have to wear seat belts so why not buses and coaches? If you are in a bus then the bus driver and passengers should all have to wear seat belts up and down the country as this will stop a lot of bus and coach related deaths on the road.
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    Created by Peter Bishop
  • More investment needed on micro solar and wind power and insulating homes
    We need all the people of the country of the United Kingdom to come together and start an industry urgently to address the energy crisis as set out above. This should be done through government subsidy and is a matter of priority. The government should redirect available funds to meet this energy crisis that is unfolding before our very eyes.
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