• Justice for Belly Mujinga
    Because Belly Mujinga was only doing her job working in public transport in London in this COVID-19 situation. She has family, friends who are devastated of her death. Her family deserve justice. The police have decided to drop the case but this needs to be reinvestigated. There was a man using London transport knowing that he had COVID-19, so he purposely spat on Belly Mujinga. She then died two weeks later. The man spat on two of the railway staff, and the other transport member also got sick, as well as Belly Mujinga who sadly died.
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    Created by Ashley Hanson
  • New start ups and self employed
    People who are prepared to strive to set up their own business. Paid taxes for many years, perhaps never claimed anything during their life should be given the same consideration and support as other workers. They should not be left with no support to pay loans and other living expenses taken to start their business. My son is shielded (heart transplant) he and his partner had to move in with us before lockdown and has had no support other than using all of our savings - oh yes (Universal Credit - £73 a week) which is still not forthcoming. As pensioners it should not be solely the responsibility of us as parents to use all of our hard earned savings when millions of others are receiving government support!!!
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    The Arts & Culture sector has already been eroded by years of austerity. But Culture will play a crucial part in helping people to recover from the crisis. Museums, galleries and the arts are also responsible for a significant contribution to the economy and will be important in signaling when it is safe for people to enjoy culture and travel again. We are concerned that DCMS might plan instead to cut funding for arts organisations to pay for the costs of Coronavirus crisis. We believe that this would be a serious mistake. This would be likely to threaten the very staff, often the lowest paid, who continued working in museums and galleries during the shutdown to keep the nations treasures safe. Financial guarantees now would also remove the pressure on institutions to reopen before it is safe to do so.
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  • Keep democracy alive in the UK
    The Speaker of the House of Commons has announced that Government has decided to shut down the online Parliament and that a maximum of 50 MPs will be allowed to be present and participate in person. At the last election, we elected 650 MPs. If they are not able to be in the Chamber, they cannot represent us properly. This also means that if your MP has to shield, or is still in lockdown, they cannot attend and they cannot represent you, which would not be the case if the online Parliament were to continue. Ministers could oppose this by refusing to table the necessary Standing Orders, and MPs should not support the move to stop any virtual parliament. Sign the petition if you agree.
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    Created by Lucy Matheson
  • Open Wantage and Grove station now
    With the area building over 6000 new houses in a decade the transport links need to be updated asap. The business case is there, the roads into the station are still there, so build the platforms and infrastructure so that the residents can start using it and take the pressure off the roads please
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  • Drivers should stop once they hit a cat
    Because the cats have a family lt maybe a family with young children or for elderly or people with problems to keep them company and for them to get the news that their cat has been hit is very heartbreaking, if it was another drivers cat that got ran over by someone else they e be upset so I don't think it is right at all to have it that you don't have to stop. I really think drivers should stop and alert somebody or take them to the nearest vets
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  • Get Painter and decorators a pay rise!!
    Painters and decorators are pillars of society! What would we do without them providing picturesque aesthetics? Lets pull together to get them the payrise they deserve!
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    Created by Connor Larkin
  • Speed on Queens Park Road, Brighton.
    Lots of traffic now use the road as a rat run, since the new layout at Valley Gardens and speeding cars are very evident.
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  • Support Hull Trains
    Hull Trains has been the main provider of direct train services between Hull and London since 2000, gradually expanding its services and recently investing £60m in new, more reliable rolling stock. Open Access rail operators such as Hull Trains rely solely on ticket revenues in order to run services. Social distancing restrictions on passenger numbers means that restarting services is not viable without the financial support that has allowed franchised rail operators to recommence their services. Open access rail operators still incur costs when their trains are not running. However, they cannot remain commercially viable without running trains. If Hull Trains ceased trading, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire would regress 20 years to having only one daily direct rail service to London. 130 jobs would be lost. Supporting Hull Trains in these exceptional circumstances would help restore capacity and competition to East Coast rail services and aid the economy’s gradual return to normality through the period of social distancing. With Transport for London being provided with at least £1.6bn of Government funding, making it possible to reinstate open access rail services that existed before the COVID-19 lockdown should be a more urgent priority for a Government committed to the Northern Powerhouse than longer term infrastructure plans.
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    So that cyclists can alert pedestrians that someone on a bike is approaching them from behind. Pedestrians have no way of knowing that they are being overtaken until the cyclist is upon them, then it’s too late.A simple ‘ring ring’ would make almost 100% aware that someone is approaching them.Then they would step to one side and allow the impatient biker to pass. It must be made compulsory.
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  • Introduce pop up cycle lanes on Cumbernauld Road
    Glasgow is getting millions of pounds to introduce pop up cycle lanes in response to the Coronavirus lockdown. OnBikes were delighted to work with the council for a pop-up cycle lane on Langdale Street and are calling for the North East to now be included in the next phase of projects. Based on local discussion we would like to Space for Distancing on Cumbernauld Road. During the lockdown we have seen people of all ages and abilities cycling in our communities, enjoying the safety of quieter roads. We need to make sure that this is still possible once traffic starts getting back to normal. Cumbernauld Road is one of the key roads linking communities in the North East, as well as connecting it with the City Centre where many people work. It is the main way to get to parks such as Alexandra Park and the Seven Lochs Wetland Park, places that are proving essential for mental health as people are stuck at home. In August it will also be crucial that children, young people and teachers can cycle safely to school, with Smithycroft and Parkhill Secondaries and Carntyne and St Thomas’ Primaries all nearby. It is a wide four lane road but most of the time only the central lanes are actually used by traffic, with part of the outer two lanes used at various points for parking. By adding pop up cycles lanes to just half a lane on either side, this could be made safer for people cycling without losing any space that is currently used for traffic or parking. The feeling of a narrower road would have the added benefit of stopping some of the speeding which takes place and which is particularly dangerous near to the schools. Glasgow has some of the lowest levels of car ownership in the country. According to the last census, in North East and East Centre wards 55% of households have no car while in Dennistoun ward this is 64%. Despite this there is very little cycle infrastructure in this part of the city, with most being built in the West and the South of the city. This needs to change and introducing Space for Distancing on Cumbernauld Road can be the start of that.
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  • Conduct Independent Inquiry into Bristol Energy
    Bristol Energy is an energy company owned by Bristol City Council. Following huge losses, the Council has decided to sell the company. At least £35m of public money has been put into the company, but it is unclear exactly how much mismanagement of Bristol Energy has cost Bristol residents. A well supported petition is needed to demonstrate to Councillors that there is a public demand for this inquiry, and that we as Bristol residents expect an explanation for the expensive failure of the energy company we collectively own. News coverage: BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-52822862 Bristol 24/7: https://www.bristol247.com/news-and-features/news/call-for-independent-inquiry-into-bristol-energy-voted-down/ Bristol Post: https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/call-independent-inquiry-bristol-energy-4168284?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar Original Council motion here (see Item 5): https://democracy.bristol.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=142&MId=8430 Watch how the motion was debated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZWSRrV-tlo&t=2541s
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