• Speak up for Fordingbridge's natural, recreational resources!
    To promote/maintain the mental and physical health and wellbeing of local residents and visitors; To retain the rural nature of this town and its views of importance; To safeguard the tranquility of this particular area for existing and future residents; To protect the wonderful natural landcapes and rich biodiversity of this area; To continue to provide wild open spaces, where local children and adolescents can experience and connect with nature (which is also linked with improved childhood mental health and wellbeing, similarly to adults); For the District Council to take the lead and set new nationwide standards, by truly putting biodiveristy and health & wellbeing, at the heart of their local planning decisions. Can I please suggest that everyone read the plan, spread the word and also make their own individual representations via the official response form on NFDC website: http://www.newforest.gov.uk/localplan2016 Then.email it to: [email protected] Or post it to: Policy and Plans Team, New Forest District Council, Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7PA. By 12/08/2018. This area is used widely by a lot of residents, who may not live directly by the proposed sites and therefore may not have received correspondence from the NFDC about the plans...so please spread the word far and wide so.we can send a united response to the NFDC that calls for some reasonable changes to the proposed Local Plan!
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  • Save Oglet Shore & GreenBelt
    The Oglet Shore, (Anglo Saxon, "oak by the water") runs North West from Dungeon Lane, up to the Airport light gantry and almost to the bund or earth mound that separates Speke Hall from the runway. It is an SSSI, SPA and Ramsar site of international importance for the wetland birds that live there. The fields that lie between the airport runway and the shore are designated Greenbelt and grade one agricultural land and maybe the last truly rural area in Liverpool. Yet this beautiful area, with its woods, ponds and streams, home to bats, owls and many Red list, endangered farmland birds, and a vital habitat in an increasingly built up area, is due to disappear under concrete if the loss making Liverpool airport development goes ahead. Many historic buildings have already been demolished and more are planned. In an area where open land is being rapidly being sold for housing, there are decreasing numbers of places for the community to relax and enjoy the environment. Peel Holdings who own the airport land, have proposed relocating habitats, but with the planned construction of 10,700 new houses between Halebank and Speke, it is difficult to see where this would be. Liverpool Council have pledged to protect our parks and green spaces and also have duty to protect and preserve this important coastal habitat, so why threaten it in the vain hope the airport will become profitable?
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    We must reduce the amount this chemical is used because of the wildlife and nature impact. The bees are unable to live around this chemical and the plants it's used on. Bees are in serious decline and need our support. Tests support it is carcinogenic to humans too, can be linked to cancer, liver and kidney damage, diabetes. There are many other means available online to give ideas for how to replace this chemical and rid the streets from weeds. We managed before this came along and we have a moral duty to manage now, for the bees and insects, and human wellbeing.
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  • The Non Renewal of the Highdown Tearoom’s Tenancy Agreement
    The Highdown Tearooms is a much loved establishment for the people of Worthing in West Sussex and beyond. This dog friendly cafe is a lovely place to meet up with friends, and is popular with dog walkers, walkers, and for those visiting the adjoining Highdown Gardens. It has been there for many years, and is a very popular and thriving business, so it was a shock to hear that their tenancy agreement is not being renewed by the owners. The notice of non renewal says that the premises have to be vacated by the 6th July. Further update today 3rd July. Donna has been advised that the tearoom can now continue trading until the 18th July 2018. Further update today 10th July. From Donna. 29th July 2018 Sadly, the 29th July 2018 will be our last day at the Tearoom. Today is not about me. I feel for our staff who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. I feel for all our customers who have lost somewhere they could sit, chat, relax and hopefully feel valued. I’m sorry but I can’t say much more at the moment, but I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart that has taken time to visit the tearoom to personally wish us all the best, those of you that took the time to sign the petition and to those of you that took time to add such special comments to the Worthing Herald and our Facebook page. I could not have wished for better people to call my friends. A special thank you goes out to our four-legged friends for bringing in their owners each week. We want to make our closing weekend something special. We will all be putting our heads together to come up with some idea’s. All suggestions welcome! We will keep you updated. Donna XX 10th July 2018
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  • No Dog Ban in the Vale of Glamorgan Parks
    Both these parks are well used all year round by Vale residents and their dogs in the pursuit of a healthy, happy and active life. A ban on dogs in these parks would have a wide reaching knock on effect, not just on public health, but also on the income of the associated coffee shop businesses which rely on trade year round from dog walkers. There would also be a drop in the prices of real estate in the local area as green leisure areas for the enjoyment of all is a major selling point. The Vale of Glamorgan has quite rightly set standards regarding dog owners cleaning up after their dogs and keeping our community safe for all. However, in their frustration at having no clear way to enforce or police these standards, they are going in heavy handed. A ban on dogs in these public spaces would be punishing many good and responsible people, rather than just the few who offend. It would be an erosion of our community resources, and would stand in the way of our gentle enjoyment of the amenities. We as dog owners have surrendered our enjoyment of many local beaches during the summer months. Any ban on green spaces based on the actions of a few offenders would be untenable.
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  • Petition to protect Scalpcliff Hill Nature Reserve
    Scalpcliff Hill is a Designated Nature Reserve and area of Ancient Woodland with the trees and habitat supporting a number of protected species. The area has been further designated a Site of Biological Importance (SBI) within Staffordshire. The Nature Reserve is a designated Nature Reserve and the wildlife and habitat protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.
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  • No new road through Pendoylan conservation village
    The Ely Valley is a very important SSSI serving the Vale and Cardiff. There is a wealth of protected plants, animals and birds here. There are many ancient woodlands on the route of the proposed new road. All of these could be lost for ever if the road is approved. It is crucial that our Council works with adjoining councils to reduce traffic travelling around the Vale and Cardiff. There is already a parallel road serving this route just two miles away which should be improved to resolve traffic issues. We can’t just keep building roads at the expense of our green fields. 72,000 cars drive in to Cardiff daily and a new road will attract even more cars to this area, creating even more congestion where the new road joins the M4 and A48. We believe that sustainable alternatives should be sought to reduce car dependency. The levels of air pollution in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan are now causing more deaths than alcohol or obesity with a rising figure of over 225 deaths a year. Please join us in valuing our countryside and all that it offers for future generations.
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  • #freefonzi
    Because he was seized for no reason at all he’s been taken from us caused us extreme distress
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  • Let our dog's back on the beaches!
    Most dog owners ALWAYS pick up their mess, and as local beach walkers we notice just how much mess HUMANS leave on the beach. We've found everything from needles to nappies. So this mass blaming of dogs as a reason to exclude them from our beaches is nonsense. And as for 'harmful diseases' - kids with dogs have better immune systems than those who don't! Or take a gander at your local water quality and see what's REALLY bringing it down... If you are a dog owners, you'll know that the beach is the best place for your dog. It's the one place they can run for miles, play with other friends, go for a dip in the sea and just be DOG! While your dog is cooped up indoors, their ONLY thought is "when do we go outside again?". As humans we find this strange, but remember, you and your 'walkies' are the only thing that little dude or dudette has in this world. Just think about that for a second. Now, let them run free!!
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  • Stop the proposed £50 a kill badger cull.
    Badgers are a key species in our British ecosystem and one of the most recognisable and best loved mammals in the English countryside. Native to this land, they have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. More recent intensive farming practices have placed enormous pressure on local wildlife, including badgers who are consistently solely blamed for the spread of bovine TB. Offering a bounty for the culling of these animals, infected or not, will have a massive impact on their numbers and put at even greater risk the fragile balance of our environment. A scientific study from 2010 suggests that "badger culling is unlikely to contribute effectively to the control of cattle TB in Britain".
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  • Hands off Porthkerry... protect our park for wildlife and people!
    Development of this much loved Country Park could lead to more parking, roads, paths and buildings and an inevitable increase in visitors, sewage and litter,in what is a very sensitive ecological Area. The idea of leasing these areas to private companies could lead to local residents being excluded from large sections of the park. We believe that the Vale of Glamorgan Council have not considered the impact these development plans would have on the local wildlife. Porthkerry supports many vulnerable wildlife species such as adders, bats, bull finches and a number of rare tree and plant species (venomous snakes and people in tents do not mix). Even more concerning is the fact that the Vale of Glamorgan Council has completely ignored the findings of the ground breaking "State of Nature" report. This report clearly stated that the UK has lost 40per cent of it's wildlife since the 1950's and that e everyone has a duty, including all levels of government, to do their utmost to help protect the UK's remaining wildlife. Instead of looking for development opportunities the Council should be looking at extending these parks and helping to protect our biodiversity.
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  • Save Daisy Bank Woods
    We treasure its calm, shelter and value the essential amenity as we walk to and from town for work and leisure. The trees provide a wildlife corridor, for animals including bats, black foxes, tawny owls, woodpeckers and jays.   Of particular concern is the preservation of existing trees before they can be fully protected as Local Greenspace by Calderdale's draft Local Plan. This woodland is next to the proposed English Heritage site, The Cat Steps and Skircoat Conservation area.  We would like its amenity and its wildlife to be protected for future generations. We believe this issue should be discussed holistically by the Council's Scrutiny Committee.
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