• Sustainable palm oil
    The preservation of the remaining rainforest is vital for the health of the whole planet, for slowing climate change, and to provide habitats for many endangered species. A BBC2 programme on 10 May will show the attempt to save the orangutans of Borneo, where most of the world's palm oil is produced.
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    Created by Penelope Goodare
  • Marston's brewery - stop using plastic straws
    Single use plastic - especially straws are a major contributor to damaging effects on our planet. Pollutting the seas, harming wildlife, generally being s complete menace to nature.
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    Created by Karen Almond
  • Stop Network Rail Felling Millions of Trees
    Network Rail are, without any public consultation, felling trees growing within 60 metres of the track in huge numbers - up to 10 million trees could be at risk of being cut down. The trees are being cut down to prevent potential railway blocking due to fallen tree limbs and leaves. But Network Rail are refusing to make the plans public, and have not consulted over the plans which could see tens of thousands of healthy, mature trees cut down. This destroys habitats for wildlife, and is being done during the nesting season of many bird species, which has been heavily criticised by RSPB. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/apr/29/millions-of-trees-at-risk-in-secretive-network-rail-felling-programme
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    Created by Johnny Kirk
  • Stop using plastic pet food pouches
    In bid for cheaper shipping and customer convenience there has been a broad shift in the past decade from selling pet food in easily recyclable cans to pouches. But, these pouches are almost never recyclable because they are made from a thin layer of aluminium sandwiched between layers of plastic. More than ten billion plastic-aluminium pouches, containing things like pet food and baby food are sold each year in the UK. Shockingly, less than one in 20,000 of these is recycled. The rest end up in landfill sites or they are incinerated. If Mars and Nestlé went took the simple step of going back to selling their pet foods in recyclable tins and aluminium trays this would prevent millions of tonnes of plastic being ploughed into our earth.
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    Created by Gillian Davies
  • Stop the Raven Cull
    The cull has poor scientific foundations, little oversight and no controls. The SCCW is a collection of landowners and gamekeepers in an area with a history of possible raptor persecution. It seems probable that the cull has been established in a driven grouse shooting area for reasons other than the conservation of waterfowl. Follow the web address below for more detail. https://raptorpersecutionscotland.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/snh-issues-licence-for-mass-raven-cull-in-5-year-experiment/
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    Created by Richard Sutcliffe
  • Prevent any selling site allowing animals
    Many animals, particularly dogs and cats, are offered free to good home on these sites. They are often used in dog fighting rings as live bait, in order to train the fighting dogs. Some of these dogs are stolen and they have owners desperately searching for them. Many are sold for little money or given free, by people who want to find a good home for them. They are often duped into handing them over, to what they believe to be the perfect home. Often this is not the case. Selling sites should have a moral obligation to not allow animal to be given or sold on their sites. Sadly this is no the case, we would like the Animal health and welfare board to look at this, then put measures in place so that this can no longer happen. Sites MUST be responsible for what people sell on there, there is even a language code used in order to sell fighting dogs and acquire bait for them. It has to stop
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    Created by Anne Richardson
  • Protect Surrey's Last Amphibian Stronghold from Development
    The area bounded by Madgehole Lane, Woodhill Land and Stroud Lane in Shamley Green, Guildford contains several connected wetland habitats and ponds and is ideal for amphibians. This is likely to be the best site for amphibians in Surrey as it still has a thriving population. 1500+ animals have been recorded in the spring migration of 2018. It is a very important site for toads, which are listed as a priority species in the Biodiversity Action Plan. Great Crested Newt, a protected species, have also been recorded on site in 2017 and 2018. A real estate speculator is now trying to divide up part of the land and auction off the individual parcels for inflated prices, under the pretext that buyers can obtain planning permission for development. Any development in this area would damage this safe haven and be devastating to the toads, Crested Newts and other amphibians. The site is highly significant as a toad habitat and unique for the size of its amphibian population. For this reason we seek to obtain SSSI status for it.
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    Created by Regena Coult
  • End long distance live animal transport
    Every year, live animals from British farms are transported hundreds, or even over a thousand, miles to places where they will be slaughtered or fattened for slaughter. Animals are crammed into vehicles. Some are injured or trampled. They can be in transit for days, suffering extremes of temperature and can go without sufficient food, water or rest. Animals are sentient beings and feel pain and stress just like we do. Animals are often shipped alive only to be slaughtered at journey’s end, sometimes using inhumane methods. Michael Gove the Minister responsible for farming has just opened a government consultation on live animal transport. Currently this trade is governed by EU law, not the UK Government, but once we leave the EU we have the opportunity to ban this inhume trade. If thousands of us sign this petition and hand it in to his consultation, we could see the end of this cruel treatment for animals.
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    Created by Compassion in World Farming
  • Save the trees of Baginton Fields Nature Reserve , Coventry
    Because this area has very many trees and has a large biodiversity and is very important to the environment and peoples mental wellbeing when they visit it . This area is an amenity and we believe that they are under threat of upcoming development , under Government guidelines they should be given preservation orders in such circumstances.
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    Created by Carl Husband Picture
  • Ban shark fin soup and the sale of shark fins in the UK
    Shark populations around the world are in rapid decline. Sharks grow relatively slowly, take many years to mature and produce relatively few young. These characteristics make sharks, like this porbeagle, particularly vulnerable to over-exploitation. This vulnerability is exacerbated by the large and growing demand for shark fins and the general lack of management of shark fishing. Populations simply cannot replenish at the same rate as they are caught and finned to meet market demand. Banning the sale of shark fins and shark fin soup in the UK will be one step in the right direction to protecting all species of shark around the globe. It is cruel to leave sharks to die in the ocean with all of their fins removed from their bodies. Help put an end to the endangerment and cruelty to sharks and make the UK a better place.
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    Created by Daniel Bethell
  • Save chicks in Surrey
    It is important because it is exploitation of voiceless animals for entertainment. There are other ways to have fun at Easter and there are other ways to "educate" children where their food comes from.
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    Created by Louise Simpson
  • Enforce muzzles on hunting hounds when out with local hunts
    Too many pets have been killed in their own gardens by hounds who are allegedly trail-hunting or on a ride out with the hunt, as in the case at Norbury Junction on the 13th March 2018. This episode again revealed that the hunt have little or no control over their hounds once an animal is scented and makes a joke of the current fox hunting ban. Enforcing the use of muzzles may help to prevent other animals experiencing such a barbaric and grotesque death, and should also benefit the hunt by ensuring they remain on the right side of the law. Hunts found to have unmuzzled hounds should have these animals confiscated and prosecuted accordingly. Hunts who are found to have hounds which have killed foxes, pets or livestock should also be prosecuted and the dogs treated in the same way as any other dangerous dog.
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    Created by Steph Lonsdale